How to use angle grinders safely

One of the most versatile tools you need in a toolbox is the angle grinder. This tool uses a spinning blade with high velocity to cut, grind, and remove any excess material. It’s a good choice for cutting concrete, steel, rebar, metal, and brick.  This means that with an angle grinder, you can complete tasks quickly.  To stay safe, here are tips on using the angle grinder safely.

Wear the right protective clothing

However, angle grinders also produce a lot of sparks and dust. When using the tool, you will come across lots of flying debris. If you don’t put on the right protective clothing, this will increase your risk of injury. Avoid wearing loose clothing when using the tool as these can get caught on various materials.

Ensure a safe work environment

Make sure you have de-cluttered your workspace. Ensure that there aren’t any combustible materials that can be ignited by flying sparks. You should provide enough ventilation that can allow dust to move from the room and therefore, reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.


Check the tool

Take time to check the angle grinder, particularly the wheel. If the grinder wheel is damaged, it can cause injuries or death. You should unplug the grinder when checking the wheel. Check also the blade to ensure that it’s not damaged.

Handling an angle grinder safely

It’s always good to maintain a stronghold of the top-rated angle grinders. In case you notice the tool slipping, you should turn it off immediately before readjusting. You should only work on workpieces that are properly secured or clamped, instead of holding them in your hands.

Avoid pushing too hard when using the angle grinder. With its power, the tool will handle any job without any strain.  Over pushing can also put you at risk of injury.

Common causes of angle grinder accidents

The majority of angle grinder accidents can be a result of metallic particles and flying abrasives. Here are the 3 main angle grinder accidents:

  • Contacting the wheel

If an angle grinder can cut tough materials like concrete, stone, and metal, it means they can also easily cut through your flesh and bones. If you get into contact with the wheel when in operation, this can cause a very serious accident.

Such an accident can result from inadequate guarding. This is why you need to ensure that safety is in place.  Always be alert and concentrate when using the angle grinder.

How to use angle grinders safely

  • Wheel breakage

There is always a risk of the wheel breaking. To reduce this risk, always check the disc, mount in the right way, and observe all the other angle grinder safety measures we discussed earlier. You should only use a disc that is in good condition. Ensure that you observe the speed limitation and the expiry date. Abrasive wheels should be mounted well on the tool that they are supposed to be used. A common cause of the accident is due to mounting the wheel in the wrong position.

  • Contact the projectiles

When the wheel bursts, this can result in projectiles. While projectiles aren’t completely preventable, using the right wheel, tool and setting can help reduce the risk. To reduce the chances of projectiles, you should wear the right protective clothing.

  • Kickbacks

This is one of the major causes of serious accidents. Using a blunt or incorrect set wheel can also increase the risk of kickbacks. You should ensure that you are knowledgeable on wheel mounting and only change the wheel if it is worn out.

Final thoughts

You now understand how to use an angle grinder safely.

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