Best Dewalt Drills in 2019

Best Dewalt Drills Established in 1922 by Raymond DeWalt, the company started producing electric universal woodworking machines in 1924 which was termed as the Dewalt ‘Wonder-Worker’ and was configurable in 9 different ways. In the ensuing 20 years, the company expanded to meet the demands for US Government orders which were related to national defense as well as the requirements that arose during the World war II. In 1947, the company was reincorporated as Dewalt Inc. and in 1948, it got acquired by American Machine Foundry (AMF). Its first across…

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Top 15 Best Track Saws in 2019

Best  track saws, or a plunge saw is a power tool similar to the circular saw. The difference is that this saw moves along a track or a rail. These rails are usually made of PVC or aluminium. The rail can be clamped to the workpiece or table or it has a rubberised track on the underside that grips the work surface. This is of great benefit as the grips absorb vibrations while the saw cuts the piece and lends stability to the saw. This brings accuracy to the work.…

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Top 15 Best Jump Starters in 2019

A Best  jump starter or a boost is a device that helps start a vehicle that has a dead or discharged battery. The jump starter is a marvel of technology that makes the difference between being stranded on a deserted road in the dead of winter and reaching your destination safely. The design of the jump starter is very simple. At its core is a battery incorporated with a handle. There are a charging port and a couple of alligator cables. These cables are attached to the battery terminals or…

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Top 15 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches in 2019


The best cordless impact wrenches are also known are impact  guns, air wrenches, rattle guns, impactors, windy guns, etc. The socket wrench has a socket at the end that is used to turn a fastener such as nuts and bolts. The torque to fasten or unfasten a nut or a bolt may be delivered by power. Thus an impactor is a power tool designed to deliver a high torque to reduce the exertion for the user. It stores energy within a rotating mass and delivers it via an output shaft.…

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Top 15 Best Miter Saws in 2019

best miter saws

Any workshop is incomplete without a best miter saws.The best miter  saw allows to make accurate miters and crosscuts in the wood by pulling a backsaw or a mounted circular saw down onto a board. The abrasive cut off saw and miter saw are commonly called chop saw or drop saw. The best miter saw’s blade is mounted on a swing arm that pivots up, down, left and right. You can make quick, clean and efficient cuts to make window casings, door frames, crown mouldings, picture frames, etc. In the…

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