Best Air Hose Reel

Best Air Hose Reel

An air compressor is one of the must-have in garages and workshops. It is a pneumatic device with plenty of DIY, commercial, and industrial applications. When using an air compressor, you will need a hose. This is what delivers air from the source to where you intend to use it. The problem with hoses is that they are heavy, messy, and difficult to store. Not to mention, it is. a tripping hazard. To keep your workplace organized, you need the best air hose reel.

In a nutshell, an air hose reel stores the air hose. It is hand-cranked, motor-driven, or retractable, among other designs. Many are in a fixed position while others are portable, making it easy to move.

If you are looking for the best air hose reel, we got you covered! Keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share in this short buying guide.

What are the Benefits of Using an Air Hose Reel?

Need more compelling reasons to invest in a hose reel? Below are some of the benefits to convince you that it is a great investment.

  • Minimize Safety Hazards: From slips to trips, it is easy to prevent the most common injuries in the workshop when you have a hose reel. It rolls and stores hoses neatly instead of leaving it in the open where it can be a safety risk.
  • Improve Productivity: With a safer workplace, it is easier to work, and you will become more productive. It is easy to release air from the hose, even when you are working far from the air compressor.
  • Extend Lifespan of the Hose: A reel also helps minimize wear and tear to the air hose. It resists bending, abrasions, and other common problems. Plus, when it isn’t rolled, it is exposed to dirt that can speed up damage.

Best Air Hose Reel

Types of Air Hose Reels

As you decide what to buy, one of the most important considerations is the type of air hose reel to choose. They differ in terms of design and ease of use, among other things. Below are the most common types available.

  • Manual Air Hose: This is the cheapest option you will find on the market. As the name implies, you will retract it manually, often in the form of a hand crank. There is a lever that you will need to rotate.
  • Spring Retractable Air Hose: It is the most common type of hose reel in many garages and workshops. There is a spring that automatically retracts the hose once you are done using it.
  • Motor-Driven Air Hose: For industrial applications, this is a great option. It is quite expensive, and it is the most advanced. It needs a supply of power for the motor to work.

How to Choose the Best Air Hose Reel

The options are plenty, but not all of them can deliver the same benefits. To help you decide, below some of the most important considerations.


This is indicative of the price, durability, and performance, among other things. Most of the cheap options are made of PVC and plastic. They are good for domestic uses, especially if you are a hobbyist. For industrial applications, on the other hand, steel is a better option. It can handle heavier hoses and is also more durable.

Ease of Use

It is frustrating to have an air hose reel that is too complicated to use. So, choose one with a user-friendly design. The best thing that you can do is to read the reviews and learn from the real-life experiences of other people. For ease of use, the reel should have automatic rewind and retract, eliminating the need to so do manually. It is also good if it is maintenance-free.


In most instances, you are buying not just the reel, but it already comes with the hose. The quality of the hose is another important consideration. Pay attention to its length. Especially if you have a large workshop, you will benefit from having a longer hose. At the minimum, aim for a length of 50 feet. Look at the material of the hose as well to ensure its durability. It must withstand high temperatures and should remain flexible regardless of the power of the air that passes through the hose. The hose should be thick but flexible. It should not easily fray. Otherwise, you will end up compromising structural integrity.

Best Air Hose Reel


As you evaluate the overall construction of the air hose reel, don’t forget to look at the bearings. They are important for the smooth retraction of the hose. Ball bearings are the best since they will allow the hose to spool smoothly. It gets rid of friction or tension that can damage the hose.

Pressure Rating

This is one of the most important technical specifications to consider. The internal pressure that the hose can handle is expressed in psi or pound per square inch. If it is for home use, the minimum that you should be looking at is 300 psi. If you will use the air hose reel for industrial applications, then you will need a higher-pressure rating.

Mounting Options

Choose an air hose reel that offers several mounting options. In the case of most products, you can mount them on the wall, ceiling, and floor. It is also good if there is a double-arm, which will keep it in a secure position. See to it that the mounts are as durable as the rest of the body to ensure longevity.


Before rounding up some of the top products available on the market, allow us to answer a few questions that you might have about air hose reels.


Best Air Hose Reel

Where should I install an air hose reel?

This depends on your personal preferences. For small workshops, a good place is the ceiling, which will leave you more floor space to enjoy. You can also install it on the wall for a fixed position. If you have a mobile air hose reel, on the other hand, it is best to position it on the floor, making it easy to move around.

How does an air hose reel work?

The mechanism at which the air hose reel works depends on its design. In a nutshell, it must retract the hose so that it isn’t lying around the workshop. You can do it manually by turning a hand crank. As an alternative, some will have a spring mechanism while others come with a built-in motor.

Can I use an air hose reel for water?

Yes, there are air hose reels that are versatile enough so that you can use them even for water. Pay attention to the specifications from the manufacturer to be sure.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Air Hose Reel

Clueless about what to buy? Below are some of the top products that should be on your radar! We’ll also talk about their most notable features.

1. Flexzilla Open Face Air Hose Reel

It might be expensive, but the price should not discourage you from choosing this product. From its all-steel construction to versatile mount, there are many reasons why you should choose this reel despite being one of the most expensive on our list.

High-Strength Design for Longevity

One reason why the cost is justifiable is the all-steel construction of its housing. This is better compared to cheaper alternatives with a plastic body. From the reel to the bracket, the strength is unmatched. Plus, it is powder-coated, which improves its corrosion resistance. Even in outdoor applications, we like how long-lasting it is.

Multi-Directional Rollers for Ease of Use

Aside from its durability, we are also impressed with the user-friendly design of this product. You don’t have to struggle when you are pulling the hose from the reel. With the four-way directional rollers, the hose is smooth. It also allows it to retract easily. The rollers eliminate friction, and in turn, will also minimize the possibility of wear. Plus, it has self-locking fasteners, making it effortless to ensure that the hose stays in its desired length.

Versatile Mounting Options

Regardless of the way you will mount this air hose reel, you will be happy to know that it stays secure in its position. There is a flat base, so you can rest it on a level surface. Even as you pull the hose, it will rest on the ground. You can also mount it on the wall or ceiling. Regardless of how you install the reel, you will enjoy the product’s exceptional performance.

Best Air Hose Reel

Brackets Locks in Multiple Position

This is another reason why the reel offers exceptional versatility. With the seven-position locking bracket, you have the freedom to control the position of the hose. You can lock it in place in its locking brace. Alternatively, you can also mount it at up to 135 degrees depending on what is most suitable for your needs.


  • Smooth rolling mechanism for ease of use
  • Multi-position locking bracket
  • High-quality hybrid polymer hose


  • Bolt holes for mounting are difficult to access

2.  Cyclone Pneumatic CP3690 Air Hose Reel

This German-made hose reel is one of the best you will find in the market, making the price justifiable. We also love how it is one of the longest on our list. At a length of 100 feet, this is a far cry from the conventional hose reels that are only 50 feet.

Sturdy Construction for Many Years of Functionality

Like many of the products on our list, durability is unquestionable. Even if it is expensive,we are happy with the fact that it will last many years. The housing is made of 100% heavy-duty steel. Plus, there is a powder coating to resist corrosion and other external elements that can result in visible damages. The rubber hose handles pressure of up to 300 psi, which is standard. The sturdy pedestal base is also a plus, making sure that the reel remains stable.

Extra-Large Diameter to Prevent Binding

The extra-large diameter is also a good thing. This means that there is more room for the hose as it reels. As a result, there is no binding. In reels with a smaller diameter, the hose ends up binding because of the limited space where it spools. This is dangerous because it can cause friction on the hose, and in turn, will sacrifice its structural integrity.

Tightly Sealed to Prevent Air Leaks

When you connect an air compressor to a hose, one of the potential problems is leak. When there is an air leak, you will not only be inefficient, but the workplace can also be potentially unsafe. The reel comes with double o-ring seals, which will keep the fittings tight. You will not waste air from the compressor because of the tight connection.

Best Air Hose Reel

Automatic Rewin for Ease of Use

There is nothing special about this feature since it is common in high-quality hose reels. Nonetheless, we feel that this is one thing worth mentioning because it makes the product user-friendly. Whether the hose pulls or retracts, such will be done automatically. You do not need to apply too much force. Plus, because of the well-lubricated components, spooling is effortless to minimize hose damage.


  • Automatic rewind for ease of use
  • Extra-large diameter to minimize binding
  • Built-in stopper for safer retracting


  • Outer layer of the hose is prone to bubbling

3. 3260 Pentagon Tools  Air Hose & Reel Professional

This is another expensive product, which might make it raise eyebrows. Nonetheless, the cost is justifiable. From its durable construction to mounting flexibility, there are plenty of reasons why this is amongst our favorite hose reels!

Built to Withstand the Test of Time

Among others, one thing that makes it worth the price is its durability. While others have poor plastic construction, this is all steel. From the base to the mount, it will last through the years. The brass fittings are also notable. The powder-coated body is also a plus, which makes it corrosion-resistant. Even with outdoor applications, you will be happy with the longevity that the reel offers. As for the hose itself, it is made of real rubber and has a length of 100 feet. This is longer than what you will find in most of its competitors.

Adjustable Guide Arm for Mounting Flexibility

Speaking of its construction, another reason why this is an exceptional product is the fully-adjustable guide arm. It offers customization, giving you the freedom to decide how you will install the reel. You can mount it in nine ways. Whether on the floor, wall, or ceiling, among other places, it is easy to secure the hose in a stable position.

Enclosed Spring for Smooth Retracting Mechanism

We have used several air hose reels in the past, and one of the most common problems is that they are quite stubborn. Some have problems in reeling, but that isn’t the case when you are using this product. We love how it has a fully-enclosed spring. It protects against dust and debris, which can cause friction and affect the smooth retracting mechanism. It is also lubricated. By eliminating friction, it prevents premature wear on the hose.

Best Air Hose Reel

Convenient Hose Stop for Different Requirements

As it is common with many of the top-notch air hose reels, it comes with an adjustable stop. The latter means that you can pull the hose at any length depending on what the job requires. Stop pulling and the hose locks in its position. Give it a quick pull and the hose instantly unlocks so that you can increase its length.


  • Flexible hose that does not kink
  • Heavy-duty all-steel construction
  • Versatile guide arm


  • Potential problems with the return ratchet mechanism

4. Goodyear Air Hose Reel 

Like the two products above, this is another option from a trusted brand. The biggest drawback of this model is its price. Nonetheless, considering the features and benefits of this air hose reel, it’s safe to say that it is worth every dollar. If you would like to emphasize quality, then it is hard to go wrong with this hose reel from Goodyear.

High-end Specs in a Premium Product

As earlier noted, this is not for people on a budget. It is expensive, but there’s a reason for such. Aside from the reputation of the manufacturer, one more thing that justifies its price is the length. It is 65 feet, making it longer than most of its competitors, which are only 50 feet. It has a diameter of 3/8-inch, which is the standard. Meanwhile, the working pressure is 300 psi, which is also pretty much what you will find in many other air hose reels.

Lightweight but Durable Polypropylene Construction

Polypropylene does not have a good reputation because people think that it cracks easily, and hence, compromising durability. Luckily, that is not the case with this product from Goodyear. The lightweight plastic construction demonstrates incredible structural integrity. It is impact-resistant, so you can be confident that it will last through the years.

Versatile for Different Applications

The versatility of this product is one more thing that justifies its price. You can use it in multiple applications and expect the same quality. It is great for both indoor andoutdoor use. Whether in DIY use of industrial applications, the performance is hard to match. Plus, it works with both water and air-based fluids. Although, take note that it is not meant to be used with petroleum and biofuels.

Best Air Hose Reel

Hybrid Polymer Hose with Superior Functionality

The hose that comes as a part of the reel is also notable. It is made of hybrid polymer, assuring its quality. It has a superior bend radius and remarkable flexibility, making it user-friendly. It does not have kinks to keep the hose straight and prevent damages. More so, it can withstand even high temperatures without worrying that the material disintegrates. It has a temperature resistance range of -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Longer than most of its competitors
  • Lays flat on the ground
  • Mounting arm has a 90-degree swivel


  • Expensive

5. TEKTON 46875 Air Hose Reel

The price of this product is one of its best assets. It is a great budget-friendly alternative without compromisingperformance. It demonstrates exceptional construction and offers several mounting optionsdepending on what you prefer.

Premium Rubber Construction for Flexibility

It comes with a premium rubber hose, which is also one of its best assets. The thick rubber makes sure that it is not easily prone to wear. Despite the thickness, we love how flexible the hose is. This means that there is no problem as it spools, making sure of the smooth mechanism. Although, the hose only handles a maximum of 250 psi, which is lower than those that are mentioned in this buying guide. Most of its competitors withstand a temperature of up to 300 psi.

Threaded Tape to Prevent Air Leaks

As mentioned in the products earlier reviewed in this guide, air leak is a potential problem. This is not the case with this product. The threaded tape creates a secure connection, which prevents air from escaping as it travels from the compressor through the hose. We also love how the package is inclusive of replacement O-rings to ensure a snug connection.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame

Aside from the premium hose, one more thing that makes it incredible is the design of the frame. It has a solid construction, which will allow the reel to withstand many years of use. It resists twisting and straining, even with the toughest applications. Even better, it is maintenance-free. No need to exert a lot of effort in making sure that the hose stays in its peak condition.

Best Air Hose Reel

Dual-arm Design for Stability

Speaking of its frame, we also love how it comes with a dual-arm design. This is useful when mounting the reel and ensuring its stability. In some products with a single arm, the stability can be compromised, which can also be a significant safety threat, especially when it is installed on the ceiling. When it isn’t secure in its position, the bolts will easily loosen.


  • Dual-arm design for better flexibility
  • Maintenance-free spring retract
  • Versatile installation in different locations


  • Low pressure rating

6. DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Air Hose Reel

Like the product above, this air hose reel is also from DeWalt, so you can be confident of its exceptional quality. It is bulky, so make sure that you have enough space in the workshop before buying this product.

Automatic Spring Drive for Fast Retraction

The main purpose of an air hose reel is to spool the hose once you are done with its use. With this product, doing so does not have to happen manually. It has a spring drive mechanism, making sure that it retracts the hose automatically and quickly. As a result, you will be more productive on the job. It is also worth noting that it has an anti-kink feature, making sure that the hose remains straight. This makes it easier to pull and retract the hose.

Self-Leveling System to Keep the Hose Balanced

In the case of many inferior air hose reels, a common problem is that the hose does not balance properly in the housing once it is spooled. Concentrating weight only on one portion of the reel can be a bad thing. Luckily, with this product from DeWalt, you will enjoy an innovative self-leveling system. As soon as the hose retracts, there is a system in place, making sure of even weight distribution.

Hose Locks at Any Length

One more feature that we love in this air hose reel is the Stop-Anywhere locking mechanism. While the maximum length of the hose is 50 feet, it is a good thing that you can lock it at any point. Regardless of the length of the hose that you need for a specific task, once it is pulled, it locks in its position. Pull it one more time and the hose automatically retracts. Aside from the locking mechanism, it also rotates at 180 degrees for versatility.

Best Air Hose Reel

Made of Plastic Housing

Another important thing to note about this product is that it comes with a bulky plastic housing. Some of you might be worried about its durability since plastic can crack. Others have also expressed concerns that since it is plastic, you cannot weld the material during its installation. Despite the doubts of many, the manufacturer notes that it is made using high-grade plastic to ensure its longevity.


  • Easy to mount and use
  • Automatically swivels to the direction of use
  • Eliminates kinks


  • Bulky

7. DeWalt DXCM024-0348 3 Air Hose Reel 

The mere fact that this air hose reel is made by DeWalt is already a compelling reason to choose this over many of its competitors. For sure, you won’t have regrets! From its durable construction to user-friendly mechanism, there are endless reasons to pick this product!

Designed to be User-Friendly

Aside from being made by one of the most reputable companies in the global market for power tools, we also love how user-friendly it is. The reel effortless to mount, even if you have no experience. There is a quick-release pin, which means that you can quickly release it from your workbench or wall. It ensures that your hose is tucked in a safe place while keeping your workshop clean and organized.

Exceptional Construction for Versatile Applications

As we would expect from any product made by DeWalt, the quality is second to none. The rubber hose has a diameter of 3/8-inch and a length of 50 feet. It is long enough for most users, even for industrial applications. Operating at a maximum pressure rating of 300 psi, it is compatible with different models of  air compressors, assuring the same exceptional performance.

Best Air Hose Reel

Flexible Even when it is Cold

One of the most common problems in air hoses is that they become stiff when it is cold. Luckily, that is not one thing that you will experience when you have this air hose reel. We love how it remains flexible, even as the temperature drops to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important to ensure ease of use regardless of the conditions of the environment.

Maintains Its Shape Through Time

This is another factor indicative of the durability of the air hose reel. We love how it is kink and oil-resistant, assuring its optimal functionality even through the years. Plus, there is also a bend restrictor, which prevents the hose from losing its shape. Even with frequent and heavy use, you will be happy with how durable this product is.


  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Comes with a built-in feature to restrict bend
  • Remains flexible even in cold weather


  • Can be prone to air leaks

8. UTOOL Air Hose Reel 

On a budget? If you are looking for an affordable air hose reel, this is a great alternative! Despite its price, we are happy to know that it does not compromise performance. The hose has a standard 50-feet length with 3/8-inch diameter. It is spring-powered, allowing the hose to retract easily.

Industrial-Grade Construction for the Toughest Conditions

Despite being an affordable air hose reel, we love its industrial-grade construction. From the looks of it, we can say that it will last many years. The housing has an all-steel construction, making it extremely tough. Even the stainless steel screws are durable. As for the hose itself, it is made of soft and flexible rubber, so you can pull it without friction and it also retracts quickly. The hose is wear-resistant and can withstand a maximum pressure of 300 psi.

Tight Connections to Prevent Air Leaks

This is another reason why it is perfect even for industrial applications. We have used several air hose reels in the past and a common problem is a potential for an air leak. This can result in inefficiency as the air escapes even before it travels to the hose. This product is designed with an air inlet and outlet that provides an air-tight seal. The brass fittings demonstrate better corrosion resistance compared to what you can expect in zinc or aluminum.

Reliable Spring-Powered Mechanism

Anyone using an air reel hose will agree on how frustrating it is when there is no spring mechanism. With the spring that is attached to this reel, friction is a thing of the past. Pulling the hose is effortless. After retracting the hose, wait until you hear three clicks and it will lock in its position. There is also a bumper stop to prevent the hose from reeling more than it should.

Best Air Hose Reel

Comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Unhappy with how the hose works? If the quality does not meet your expectations, no need to worry! You can return it to the manufacturer, and you will receive an unconditional refund. This means that you can purchase without any risk. We doubt that you will need to return the hose as it is reflective of exceptional quality.


  • Durable but flexible
  • Easy to use and install
  • Offers different adjustments for customized mounting


  • Air line can be prone to ballooning

9. Giraffe Retractable Air Hose Reel 

This is a great option if you are looking for a cheap hose reel without compromising quality and performance. Although, it is only suitable for low-duty applications. If you are a professional looking for a reel suitable for heavy-duty applications, we recommend that you consider other products.

All-Steel Construction for the Durability

At its price point, we understand how some of you have qualms about its durability. You have nothing to worry about as it comes with an all-steel construction. A lot of the affordable hose reels are designed with plastic housing, but this has a steel body, making it durable. The powder-coated finish resists corrosion, which is a testament to its ability to withstand external elements that can speed up wear.

Top-notch Connectors for Unrivaled Performance

Aside from the all-steel construction, this is also a notable product because of the connectors that come with the package. There is an elongated brass connector, which also has an exclusive adhesion process. It allows the brass fitting to crimp to the hose tightly, and in turn, will prevent air from escaping.

Passed Strict Tests to Ensure Quality

It is also good to know that the product has been subjected to numerous tests before it is released in the market. This is done to ensure optimal quality once you receive the reel. It even has ISO 9001 certification. It has also been cull quality tested and approved for your peace of mind. If these tests are not enough to convince you that it is a great product, another compelling reason to buy this product is the two-year warranty that the manufacturer offers.

Built Even for Low Temperatures

If you live in an area where it gets extremely cold, you have another good reason to choose this product. According to the technical specifications from the manufacturer, it withstands temperature that is as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be happy to know that the hose will not freeze. It is still smooth and easy to pull and retract even as it gets cold.

Best Air Hose Reel


  • A great budget-friendly option
  • Quality controlled and tested to ensure quality
  • Withstands even low temperatures


  • Not suited for more demanding applications

10. MaxWorks 80720 Air Hose Reel

Wrapping up our review of the best air hose reel is a great option for people on a budget. With its price, however, we suggest that you keep your expectations low. Among others, one of the potential drawbacks is the quality of the hose. The material could be thicker. Luckily, you can replace it with an after-market hose if you aren’t happy with its quality.

Smooth Rolling Mechanism Reduces Friction

One of the best things about this reel is the presence of four non-snag rollers. This is the golden standard as it allows minimal friction. As a result, pulling and retracting the hose will prevent surface damages. If the bearings aren’t smooth, there is a high likelihood that the hose will easily fray, which also compromises its structural integrity.

Hose Stop for Length Configuration

Another good thing about this product is the presence of a convenient stopper. The latter will allow you to configure the desired length of the hose. The stopper prevents the hose from retracting when you are not yet ready to spool it.

Solid Fittings Demonstrate Exceptional Quality

A lot of people buying air hose reels fail to look at the quality of the fittings. It is important that you consider the latter as it affects the overall functionality. In this product, the brass fittings are notable because they create a tightseal. In turn, this will minimize air leaks from the compressor, resulting in better efficiency and safety.

Best Air Hose Reel

Versatile Options for Mounting

Similar to the other products above, you can also enjoy mounting versatility. Whether on the ceiling or wall, you can mount the unit without any problem. It can even be installed on the floor if you have the luxury of space in the workshop. Regardless of the mounting preference, make sure to tighten the screws so that the reel will be more stable even after several pulls.


  • Affordable
  • Non-snag rollers reduce hose wear
  • Easy installation


  • Hose quality can be better


In sum, the best air hose reel is a great investment for a safer and more organized workshop. Regardless if you are a DIYer or a professional, a hose reel makes work more efficient. It removes the messy sight of hoses, which can also be a safety hazard. Invest in one of the products reviewed above and enjoy the many benefits of an air hose reel!