Best Angle Grinders in 2021

Best Angle Grinders: 2021 Top Picks and Buying Guide

An angle grinder is one of the most versatile tools to have. Whether you are a new DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, it is a handy equipment with multiple uses. Whether it is for buffing, sanding, polishing, and grinding, an angle grinder does the job.

From versatility to ease of use, an angle grinder has a long list of benefits. Even as a novice, most of them are easy to control, so you won’t have any problem. Not to mention, many have state-of-the-art safety features and delivers top-notch performance. If you are clueless about what to pick, read on and learn from some of our recommendations in this buying guide.

How to Choose the Best Angle Grinder

Choosing a grinder tool isn’t easy. The plethora of the options available makes it difficult to decide. As you list down some of the top picks, below are the most important considerations.


The type of the angle grinder largely impacts its functionality. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most common types that you will find in the market:

  • Corded Angle Grinder: You need a socket where you can plug this angle grinder for it to work. It is often the most powerful, but some people do not like its mobility limitation. The length of the wire can be restrictive, and you cannot use it anywhere.
  • Cordless Angle Grinder: If you are looking for a more portable angle grinder, go for a cordless model. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which means that you can use it even in places with no electricity as long as it is charged.
  • Pneumatic Angle Grinder: Working with metal is easier when you have this angle grinder. It connects to an air compressor unit. It uses pressure to function. This is also one of the cheapest options you will find in the market.


An angle grinder has different components, but one of the most important is the disc size. If you have a powerful motor that is designed for heavy-duty tasks, then you will need a bigger disc, which makes it more capable. The most common sizes are 115mm and 230mm. Take note of the work that you intend to accomplish, so you can choose the size of the disc that works best for your needs.


It is crucial to consider power as it is indicative of the overall performance. If you will use the angle grinder for light tasks and if you are a newbie, then go for one with lower power. The more powerful it is, the more expensive the unit can be. More so, as you evaluate power, the most important technical spec to look at is the wattage. A higher wattage is more suitable for difficult tasks.


To determine the speed of the best angle grinder, you should look at the rotations per minute or RPM. Some will have a single speed. Nonetheless, if you want the tool to be versatile, you should choose one with a variable speed. This way, its speed is customizable depending on what is more suitable for the job. Most will have a speed range of 6,000 to 8,000 RPM.


Consider the features that will be highly influential of your comfort. For instance, it must come with a lightweight body, which makes it easy to hold. This will minimize the strain on your wrist, especially for working at an extended time. It is also vital to have an ergonomic handle, so holding the unit will not be a burden


One of the most common safety features is slow start, which prevents the twisting of the motor by starting slowly instead of quickly going into a full blast. Anti-kickback is also a great feature, which automatically sops the wheel upon binding. Some will also have a paddle switch, which promotes safe operations by starting the motor only when the unit is held by two hands.

Buying guide for Angle Grinders

Best Overall

Dewalt DCG413B 20V Max Brushless Cutoff Grinder

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor and a lightweight battery, this is a high-performing angle grinder while being lightweight and compact.

From the brand name itself, it is already compelling to choose this product. It has a robust construction, superior performance, and unrivaled comfort, among other things.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Many features make it stand out. For instance, it has a kick-back brake, which engages only once you are ready. The switch protection is also notable, which is another great safety feature.  Plus, it has a two-stage trigger, which requires two actions for tool activation.

What We Like

Aside from the reputation of the manufacturer, this Dewalt grinder DCG413B also a notable product because of its top-notch performance. It has a brushless motor, which is not only powerful but also requires minimal maintenance. We also like how it is battery-operated, making it portable. Plus, we love how it has good safety features for your peace of mind.

What We Do Not Like

However, you will also encounter some problems in this cordless angle grinder. For instance, there are complaints of how it is prone to overheating. Not to mention, the battery can easily drain.

What are the Alternatives?

If you are worried that it will run out of battery while you are using the unit, then it is better to opt for a corded tool instead. In this case, some of the alternatives worth considering are the Dewalt DWE402K and Milwaukee Electric Tools M18 Angle Grinder.


Best for Professionals

Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 Angle Grinder

It is a battery-operated tool with a three-position handle, paddle switch, overload protection, and four-pole motor.

For professionals who often handle demanding applications, this Dewalt angle grinder is one of the most powerful options on this list.Aside from having a case that makes it easy to carry the tool, it is also notable because of its user-friendly design and durable construction.

What Makes It Stand Out?

This cordless grinder is a stand out because of the performance that is well-loved even by the pros. Its cutting speed is up to 35% faster. It also has paddle-switch design and overload protection. More so, you can choose from the three positions of the handle for your comfort.

cordless angle grinder

What We Like

You have a lot of reasons to like this Milwaukee angle grinder. It has a four-pole motor for optimal performance. This means that it can cut and grind even tough materials, making it perfect for challenging applications. It is also a good thing that it is cordless and battery-powered, so you can take it anywhere work needs to be done.

What We Do Not Like

The price of this product is one thing that might make some people hesitant. Nonetheless, it is expensive for a reason, which you will understand better after seeing how it performs.

What are the Alternatives?

For those who prefer a cheaper alternative, then you might want to consider Craftsman CMEG100 and Metabo HPT Angle Grinder. They are affordable but have decent features.


Best for Portability

Makita 9557PBX1  Angle Grinder

With the carrying bag that comes with this angle grinder, you can easily bring the tool and its accessories anywhere work needs to be done.

What Makes It Stand Out?

With a 7.5-amp motor, it can deliver a maximum speed of up to 11,000 RPM. It also has a labyrinth construction, which protects the motor and bearings, making them longer-lasting.

What We Like

One of the best things about this Makita grinder 9557PBX1 is the included carrying case, which also protects the tool against external elements that can speed up wear. Another pro is the large paddle switch, which makes it easy to operate, even for a newbie. Plus, it weighs less than 4.5 pounds, which is crucial for your comfort.

makita grinder

What We Do Not Like

If there is one thing that you might not like in the Makita angle grinder, it would be the small motor. This may not be the perfect choice for more demanding applications, especially for professionals.

What are the Alternatives?

For a more powerful alternative, it might be worth looking at Dewalt DWE402K. It has an 11-amp motor, which makes it better for difficult tasks.


Best for Durability

Dewalt DWE402K Angle Grinder Tool

With its tough construction, powerful motor, and effective dust management system, this is another angle grinder that deserves your attention.

Looking for an angle grinder that will withstand many years of use? This model from Dewalt 402k  is probably what you need.

What Makes It Stand Out?

While it has a long list of benefits, the best thing is perhaps its durable construction. Once you touch this tool, you will feel how solid it is, which is reflective of many years of incredible performance.


What We Like

One thing that welike the most is the powerful 11-amp motor, which is perfect even for demanding jobs. The Dust Ejection System is also notable, which ejects damaging particles that can clog the air vents and negatively impact functionality. More so, it has a quick- change wheel release, which will let you do so without the need for any tool.

What We Do Not Like

Some of you might not like how it is corded. This ie because you will need a plug for the angle grinder to function. Not to mention, the length of the wire can also be a limitation.

What are the Alternatives?

For those who would rather be using a wireless tool, two of the best alternatives to consider are the Dewalt DCG413B and Milwaukee M18 Angle Grinder.


Best for People on a Budget

Craftsman CMEG100 Angle Grinder

This affordable angle grinder has a six-amp motor with a speed of up to 12,000 RPM. It also comes with a three-position handle to ensure your comfort.

Most people associate being affordable with inferior quality. This product, however, proves that despite being economical, the performance does not have to suffer.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The price of this product Craftsman is one of the reasons why it stands out. It is amongst the cheapest you will find while making sure that the performance and quality are second to none.

Best Angle Grinders in 2021

What We Like

We also love this angle grinder because of its speed of up to 12,000 RPM, which is pretty impressive for its price. Additionally, its handle is adjustable in three positions, so you can find one you are most comfortable with. It also allows easy wheel changes without requiring any tool.

What We Do Not Like

As it is common with many of the affordable angle grinders, it is best for small jobs and DIY tasks. The six-amp motor is impressive, but for heavy-duty applications, it might not be enough.

What are the Alternatives?

If you are looking for one model that is suitable even for tough jobs, then you should consider Dewalt DWE402K. It has an 11-amp motor, so it can deliver top-notch performance.


Best for Beginners

Metabo G12SR4 Angle Grinder

From its lightweight construction to the strategically-positioned handle that improves control and comfort, this is another notable option for an angle grinder.

If you are looking for a user-friendly and affordable angle grinder, then this is one product Metabo that should be on your radar.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Ease of use is one thing that makes it standout. It has a simple and user-friendly design, which makes it the perfect option for novices.

angle grinder

What We Like

We like this angle grinder because it comes as a set, which includes the tool itself, as well as a carrying case and five grinding wheels. It also has a forward-canted and removable side handle making it comfortable and easy to control. Plus, it is only four pounds, so it is lightweight.

What We Do Not Like

It isn’t for demanding jobs. While it is good that it has a 6.2-amp motor with a maximum output of 980 watts, this may not be enough for challenging tasks.

What are the Alternatives?

If the motor of this angle grinder is not enough for your needs, yoy might want to look at Dewalt DWE402K, which comes with an 11-amp motor.

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