VALUE FOR MONEY : 15 Bench Grinders

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Best Bench Grinders in 2022

Compared to other industry grade tools, best bench grinders are cheaper and can be easily fitted in most home workshops and garages.Hence cutting the extra costs involved with replacing them.Most of the time best bench grinders often get shadowed because of the flashier tools found in a garage.

Best Overall

1. Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder


If you are looking for a heavy-duty industry grade bench grinder then the Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder is a great option to consider. At 3570rpm, the bench grinder is built to provide more speed hence making material removal easy and fast.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Durable and long lasting

One of the best features of the Metabo DS 200 is that it is extremely low maintenance and comes with exclusive features that ensure its longevity. For instance, there are robust die cast aluminum protective covers installed to ensure longevity and the user’s safety as well. Moreover, the induction motor is completely maintenance free. Also, there is aluminum casting all over the motor which increases its efficiency.

Protective features

When it comes to ensuring the users protection, the manufacturers at the Metabo DS 200  have added several different features like the dust protected stop switch that is designed to make the machine automatically stop during emergencies. It also comes with a protective cover bayonet lock that makes it easy o change discs. Furthermore, there is a spark deflector and protective eye shield covers also given to prevent sparks and other fragments from encountering the user’s skin.

Heavy duty motor

The Metabo DS 200 8-Inch comes with one of the most heavy-duty motors in the bench grinder series. The 8-inch bench grinders pack in more amps than the 6-inch ones with over 3400rpm speed. These are built for extensive professional work and don’t require too many wheel changes. Furthermore, it produces less vibrations and less noise during usage. Also, it is very less maintenance and works well in home and professional work places.

Pros & Cons

  • The Metabo DS 200 comes with a simple dual colored on and off switch that allows for easy and convenient functioning of the machine.
  • At 3570 rpm, the bench grinder can get done with most industrial grade heavy duty jobs.
  • Users commented on the bench grinders balance and no wobble capabilities which make functioning easy.
  • The manufacturers have given less attention to the tool rest which can make it difficult to adjust the machine.


Best for heavy duty jobs

2. JET 577102 JBG-8A

An 8-inch industrial grade bench grinder, the JET 577102  is made to provide enough power to get almost all jobs done effectively and in prime time. The bench grinder is also built to last which means that it will be around for a long time to come.

Adjustable spark guards and eye shields

To account for safety, the makers of the JET 577102 JBG have added adjustable spark guards and eye shields. The one-piece spark guard covers the machine to make sure that the sparks don’t get deflected around it which could bring harm to the individual. Similarly, the eye shields are transparent for better line of sight, but they also help keep sparks and other external entities away from the user.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders


Plenty of power

One of the best features of the JET 577102 JBG is that it comes packed with plenty of power to get industrial grade projects done fast and effectively. At 3450rpm, the bench grinder will make sure that getting material off is the least of your worries and that too done effectively and efficiently!

Cast iron wheel guards

The JET 577102 JBG-8A comes with cast iron wheel guards that help keep the wheels of the bench grinder in place. The cast iron material is extremely sturdy and long lasting which means that it has a better chance of making sure that the rotating wheels don’t split or crack at any point.

Pros & Cons

  • • The pre-lubricated ball bearings make sure that the motor shaft stays clear of external entities that could damage the motor.
  • Two different 8-inch wheels make this bench grinder versatile and allow users to undertake different projects.
  • It also includes rubber feet that can be bolted down depending on the users’ preferences but in all help reduce vibrations.
  • Does not come with an adjustable knob for controlling speed..


Best value of money

3. JET 577101

The JET 577101 6-Inch Industrial Bench Grinder is a versatile bench grinder built to get most jobs done without require additional professional help. The 6-inch machine is well suited for home workshops and comes with 36 grit and 60 grit wheels that help remove material from a variety of different tools.

Sturdy motor

At 3450rpm, the JET 577101 comes with a strong and fast motor that have Pre-lubricated ball bearings that help with smooth running of the wheels. The lubricated ball bearings also help protect the motor and ensure its longevity especially when the machine is under due duress with overload. There are also cast-iron wheel guards and dust vents given in the motor to cool it down and help it run for longer durations.

Safety and security ensured

One of the best features of the JET 577101 is that there are large eye shields and adjustable spark guard given to ensure the user’s overall safety. The spark guard is a one-piece feature that surrounds the wheel and ensures that no sparks fly around to and encounter the user. Moreover, it also makes sure that the users belongings like fingers and thumbs are at a safe distance from the fast-moving wheel.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Long life

The JET 577101 is built out of cast iron which makes it extremely sturdy and robust. The base is also made from cast iron which ensure smooth and steady functioning. The user has more control over the task at hand which ensures precision and accuracy. Moreover, the machine has rubber foot that help keep it stable over any surface and reduce vibrations. Users also have the option of bolting down the machine to ensure more stability and further cut down vibrations.

Pros & Cons

  • The large eye shields help give the user a line of sight and protect against any flying sparks that could hit the user’s face.
  • The JET 577101 comes with a comprehensive manual that helps set up the bench grinder as well as help with its working.
  • The 36 and 60 grit wheels are built to provide adequate smoothness to the surface in questions.
  • Some users complained that the tool rests are only adjustable to a certain level and may not suit everyone.


Best Variable Speed

4. Delta Power Tools 23-197


With a sturdy motor that allows users to change the speed according to the task at hand  the Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder is built to outperform its contemporaries!

Powerful motor

At 5amps, the Delta Power Tools 23-197 features a robust motor that can produce variable speed levels ranging between 2000 and 3400 rpm! The machine comes with a speed dial that allows the user to set the preferred speed depending on the task at hand. This kind of control makes it easy to work with the 36 and 60 grit wheels at variable speeds.

Safety ensured

One of the best features of the Delta Power Tools 23-197  is that it comes with safety shields that help keep fragmentation and sparks away from the user’s body during usage. These are transparent to help have a clear line of work without being in harm’s way. There is also a spark deflector given that covers the remaining machine and makes sure that sparks and other fragmentation don’t come out of it.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Stable base

The Delta Power Tools 23-197  comes with a cast iron base which accounts for a stable operation. It also helps reduce vibrations, so the user’s limbs are not unnecessarily under stress. Furthermore, the base also comes with a water tray to help keep the machine cool throughout usage. There are also two-piece tool rests given that are individually adjustable to allow for better control as the users sets them to preferred angle.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturers of the Delta Power Tools 23-197 have added a work light to the machine that comes with a goose neck for better line of sight during usage.
  • The variable speed dial can be adjusted while the machine is running.
  • The built-in water tray allows the machine to cool down faster hence making it easy to work for longer.
  • Some users complained that the top of the working headlight is too heavy to keep it in one position for long


Best for Professional


If you are looking for a bench grinder that can effectively deal with grinding larger tools, then the DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder is a great option to consider! With an aluminum tool rest and a sturdy 4.2-amp motor, the bench grinder will will help grind tools effectively and with great precision.

Powerful motor

The DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder features a powerful 4.2-amp motor with a 3600-rpm speed! The motor is an industrial grade one and its high speed allows for fast material removal. The 36 and 60 grit wheels included is for a medium finish when grinding. Furthermore, the rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards allow for a much smoother function by protecting the machine from overheating. Furthermore, the 12 ½ inch distance between the wheels allows for grinding larger tools.

Robust construction

The manufacturers of the DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder have added specific features that ensure a long life for the machine. There is a rugged iron base given with motor housing that protect the machine. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-year warranty by the manufacturer that covers defects and faulty parts replacement. The rugged iron base is industrial grade and ideal for any kind of operation.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Safe usage

When it comes to getting tools, its always important to consider safety features. Manufacturers of the DEWALT DW758  have included eye shields and spark deflectors in the making of this grinder to ensure the users safety always. The spark deflectors cover about 75% of the whole wheel and prevent the sparks from flying towards the user. even when grinding wood, some pieces are sure to fly towards the user however, the spark deflectors protect against skin contact.

Pros & Cons

  • The spark deflectors also work as a protective measure to keep the user’s fingers and other others from entering the grinding wheel.
  • The eye shields are a secondary line of protection and make sure that none of the bits and pieces encounter the user’s body.
  • There is an adjustable aluminum tool rest given for the user to accurately position their work to ensure precision.
  • The machine doesn’t come with a light to help ensure precision when working.


Best for your home workshop

6. Neiko 10210A


Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

At 3400 rpm, the Neiko 10210A 6″ Professional Grade Bench Grinder with Flexible Light is the perfect bench grinder to install in your home workshop. The 6 inch bench grinder has a quiet functioning and sturdy steel ball bearings that support the motor shaft especially during high intensity operations.

User friendly

One of the best features of the Neiko 10210A 6″ is that it is very user friendly and makes sure that the user is comfortable and well-adjusted before getting down to work. There is an adjustable tool rest given that helps the user adjust the machine according to personal preferences so that they have more control. Furthermore, there is also a flexible work light given that helps illuminate the area and make line of sight clearer.

Steady functioning

When it comes to keeping the machine steady when in use, the manufacturers have included a heavy iron base with rubber feet along with hole to help install the bench grinder in different places. When screwed in place, the machine stays stable and helps reduce vibrations as well. Furthermore, it increases the user’s overall precision as it provides more control when in use.

Safety measures included

The Neiko 10210A comes with protective eye shields and a n adjustable spark guard to keep the user safe during usage. The spark deflector protects the upper and lower parts of the wheel when in use and keeps the sparks from flying towards the user or in other directs. Similarly, the eye shield allows users to be able to have a clear line of sight when working as well as keeping the sparks and other fragmentation from flying towards the user.

Pros & Cons

  • The steel ball bearings come part of the motor and help increase its overall lifespan.
  • The heavy iron base of the bench grinder helps keep the machine stable when in work and reduces overall vibrations.
  • The high speed of the Neiko 10210A ensures fast and effective material removal.
  • Some users complained that the grinder doesn’t come with an instruction manual that makes it difficult to put it together


Best for a variety of applications

7. Palmgren

Featuring a capacitor motor, the Palmgren 6″ 1/3HP 115/230V grinder, no dust collection is built to adequately support heavy duty industrial grade tasks. The motor makes sure that the speed of the motor remains uniform throughout every job.

Heavy duty capacitor motor

Perhaps the best feature of the Palmgren 6″ grinder, no dust collection is the heavy-duty capacitor motor installed in the bench grinder. This motor provides the extra kick needed during start up and when the job in cumbersome. The capacitor motor ensures that the speed is not compromised at any time by providing extra current for smooth running of the motor.


Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Safety ensured

The manufacturers of the Palmgren 6″ grinder, no dust collection have added eye shields and a spark deflector to the bench grinder to allow for added safety measures. The adjustable eye shields protect the user’s face from sparks and other fragmentation which would be in direct line with the running machine. Similarly, the spark deflector makes sure that sparks don’t fly around from the sides.

Balanced rotors and sealed bearings

The Palmgren 6″  grinder, no dust collection features balanced rotors with pre-lubricated sealed bearings that make sure to reduce the overall vibrations produced which would otherwise put undue stress on the users’ limbs. With reduced vibrations, the bench grinder runs smoothly and effectively making sure that the user has enough control to allow for accuracy.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is overall very durable as it employs some very robust material like steel and chrome plated steel screws.
  • The capacitor motor ensures that every job’s pace remains uniform throughout the task.
  • The eye shields can be positioned according to the user’s personal preferences and line of sight.
  • Some users complained that the heavy-duty motor produced some very strong vibrations

Best aluminum grit wheels

8. RIKON Power Tools 80-805

If you are looking to cut some solid steel, then investing in the RIKON Power Tools 80-805  is a brilliant idea! The bench grinder features white aluminum oxide wheels that are built for withstanding high resistant jobs!

Safety features included

To ensure safety, manufacturers of the RIKON Power Tools 80-805 have included spark resisters and eye shields to the bench grinder to control the distribution of sparks and fragmentation. The eye shields help keeps them away from the user’s face along with providing a steady line of sight. The spark resisters surround the machine to make sure they don’t fly in all directions.

Sturdy base

One of the best features of the RIKON Power Tools 80-805  is that it comes with a cast iron base which helps keep the machine stable throughout operation. There are also rubber feet given that help reduce vibrations and make operation smoother. Moreover, the manufacturers have also added a mechanism within the machine to help reduce heat accumulation, so you can use the machine for longer.


Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

High quality wheels

The RIKON Power Tools 80-805 comes with two 8-inch white aluminum grit wheels of varying sizes. The white aluminum grit wheels are used on harder steel because it needs a cooler cutting action so burns can be avoided. However, since these are generally expensive, having them part of the bench grinder only makes them more valuable!

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with high quality white aluminum grit wheels that make working with tough materials easy.
  • The machine runs at a steady 1750 rpm to allow for better results.
  • The eye shields are adjustable allowing the user more precision in their work.
  • The bench machine does not come with an adjustable speed knob.

Best for DIYers


If you are looking for a heavy duty home friendly bench grinder then the DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder is a great option to consider. The bench grinder comes with all the amazing features of an industrial grade bench grinder however, it 6 inch status allows home-workers to have it in their workshops without space constraints or weight issues.

Durable machine

With a cast iron base and all-round motor housing, the DEWALT DW756 is built to last a lifetime. The cast iron base help reduces vibrations by holding the machine steady while in use. Furthermore, the motor housing makes sure that external objects don’t enter the motor area to damage it. Consequently, the tool rests are made from aluminum which is corrosion resistant and extremely lightweight.

Heavy-duty motor

Built with 5/8 horse power induction motor, the DEWALT DW756  features a sturdy speed at 3450rpm! The induction motor significantly reduces the costs associated with motor maintenance. Furthermore, the 3450rpm speed allows for efficient and effective material removal without taking too much time. User can adjust the tool rests according to personal preferences to ensure that the high speed is adequately utilized with control and precision.

Safety measures included

The DEWALT DW756 comes with proper operating instructions, eyes shield and spark deflectors. The instruction manual helps users use the machine in an adequate manner without putting them in any harms way. The eye shields protect the user’s face from any fragments or sparks that may hit them while working. At the same time, it is transparent and allows for a clear sight of vision for precision. The spark deflectors cover the whole machine by limiting the way the sparks may get deflected and come in contact with the user’s body parts.

Pros & Cons

  • Rear exhaust ports given in the wheel guards that provide smooth and long operation without the machine overheating.
  • Aluminum tool rests allow for better precision as the user can easily adjust them according to personal preferences.
  • Machine comes with a three-year warranty from the company which includes replacing faulty parts.
  • Some users complained about the machine shaking violently when in use making it difficult to get in precision in the job at hand.


Best for factory and industry level tasks

10. SKIL 3380-01

Despite being a 6-inch bench grinder, the SKIL 3380-01  is built to get most of the factory and industry level tasks done smoothly and in an optimum time frame due to its sturdy and robust 2.1amp motor.

Robust motor

The 2.1-amp motor of the SKIL 3380-01 can produce a speed of 3450rpm which is adequate for fast removal of material from a variety of different surfaces. Furthermore, the motor comes with ball bearings that help with longer and smoother functioning of the machine especially when it is in use for longer durations. Although the machine s a 6-inch bench grinder but with the sturdy motor, it can be easily used in industries and factories.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Safety feature

The makers of the SKIL 3380-01 have included some safety features to protect the user against any unforeseen circumstances. There is a one-piece spark deflector and eye shields given to help keep the sparks and other material fragments from flying towards the user when the machine is being used. There is also a solid cast iron base given which makes mounting the machine on a bench top easy and increases stability.

Wheels with tool rests

The SKIL 3380-01 features a coarse 36 grit wheel and a medium 60 grit wheel which makes this a versatile machine. The different wheels are given to ensure that the user gets their preferred level of smoothness during material removal. Furthermore, there are different tool rests given for each wheel for make using the machine easy and convenient.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine comes with an in-house work light that allows for better precision in complex jobs.
  • There is rubber padding given on the base to make sure that the sure can work easily without any excessive vibrations.
  • The adjustable tool rest accounts for personal preferences and makes sure the user can have the high level of precision in all their projects.
  • Some users complained that despite the rubber base and the holes to mount the machine, the SKIL 3380-01 still creates a lot of vibrations.


Best for DIYers

11. WEN 4276

Quiet and smooth, the WEN 4276  is built to provide users with a smooth and steady base to allow for better precision and control when in use.

Quiet motor

The 2.1-amp, sturdy motor with a 3450rpm power the WEN 4276  is built for quiet and smooth running with fast and easy startups. The 6-inch bench grinder packs in enough power to make material removal easy and convenient in most home-based tool workshops. The motor adequately supports two-wheel grits for varying functions of material removal and grinding.

Sturdy and adjustable tool base

The heavy duty cast iron base of the WEN 4276 reduces vibrations and wobbling for the user to be able to work more effectively. There are holes given in the base so that users can screw in the machine one different bases. Moreover, it is fully adjustable which means that the users blades, and bits are accurately aligned according to personal preferences to ensure accuracy.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Protective features

The WEN 4276  comes with a one-piece spark deflector surrounding the wheels of the machine along with eye shields for better line of sight as well as protection against flying sparks. The spark deflector also makes sure that the users finder and thumbs are at a safe distance from the moving wheel t ensure extra safety.

Pros & Cons

  • The WEN 4276  with Flexible Work Light comes with a flexible work light that provides maximum visibility and enhances the user’s precision.
  • Compatible with the Cast iron bench grinder stand which can be bought separately to help enhance the working base of the machine.
  • There is a working light given to illuminate the task at hand and allow for better line of sight.
  • Some users complained that the lack of side vents made the machine really hot after only a couple of minutes of use.

12. Baldor 662R

If you are looking for a sturdy industrial grade bench grinder then you ought to consider the Baldor .This machine comes with all the essential safety features as well as a sturdy base to provide a stable operation.

Safety features included

To ensure the users safety, the makers of the Baldor 662R have included spark breakers and eye shields that help keep fragments and sparks off the user’s body. The spark breaker covers the main machine area and prevents sparks from flying in all directions. On the other hand the transparent eye shields provide users with a good line of sight but at the same time make sure to keep the user’s face protected as well.

Powerful motor

The 1/3 Baldor split phase motor of the Baldor 662R  features 3600 rpm speed for fast removing of material from different things. The 6-inch bench grinder can be easily kept in home garages and workshops yet features a powerful motor with high speed of an industrial grade bench grinder.

Adjustable tool rests and sturdy base

The Baldor 662R comes with adjustable stamp steel tool rests that allow for more precision and control. The tool rest can be adjusted according to personal preferences so that the user can get accurate angles when working with different material. Furthermore, the base of the bench grinder comes with rubber feet that help reduce vibrations and allow for better control over the task at hand.

Pros & Cons

  • The bench grinder features an overall slim design that makes it convenient and easy to grinder odd shaped pieces.
  • The tool rests can be tilted in several different angles depending on the need of the task at hand.
  • Exhaust near the wheel guards helps cool down the machine while working.
  • There is no knob given to control the speed of the bench grinder according to personal preferences.


Best Variable Speed

13. Porter-Cable PCB575BG Grinder

Control and precision make the Porter-Cable PCB575BG irresistible to the common handy man! The bench grinder features a knob that allows for controlling the speed depending on the task at hand.

Variable speed control

The manufacturers of the Porter-Cable PCB575BG 8″ understand that users may want to have a variation in speed levels when using the bench grinder for different jobs. Hence, they have added a knob that allows the user to choose their preferred speed varying between 2000 and 34000 rpm.

Prolong usage

One of the best features of the Porter-Cable PCB575BG 8″  is that the manufacturers have employed the user of sturdy materials to make the bench grinder that ensures longevity. For instance, there is a water tray given under the cast iron base that allow the machine to cool down faster hence allowing for usage for longer duration without overheating the machine.

Buying Guide for Bench Grinders

Adjustable tool rests

The Porter-Cable PCB575BG  comes with two tool rests that can be adjusted by the user according to personal preferences to get better accuracy. The wheel wear and accurate angles allow for better precision and more control over the material that the user needs to work on with the bench grinder. Furthermore, the left-hand tool rest comes with pre-cast grooves that allow for bit sharpening with precision.

Pros & Cons

  • The bench grinder comes with a cast iron base and rubber feet that reduce vibrations for better precision.
  • The grinder comes with a wheel dresser that allow for cleaning and reshaping the 36 and 60 grit wheels.
  • Some users complained that the machine would overheat despite the inclusion of the quench water tray.


Best budget-priced grinder

14.  Craftsman Professional Variable Speed

If you are looking for a bench grinder that provides you with enough control and precision to help you get done with your task with the best outcomes, then you ought to try the Craftsman  Bench Grinder (21162).

Easy wheel guard changing

The Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8″ Bench Grinder (21162) features an easy to change wheel guard which helps make changing the wheels easy and convenient. The wheel guard helps protect the wheel from splintering or cracking hence it is essential that you look for a bench grinder with a sturdy wheel guard which mounts the wheel in place adequately.

Reduced vibrations

To ensure a safe and steady operation, there is a cast iron base with rubber feet given in the Craftsman Bench Grinder (21162). These helps reduce vibrations making it easy for the user to work with more precision and control on the project at hand. The rubber feet help holds the machine in place when in use.

Safety first

The manufacturers of the understand the value of safety, hence have added eye shields and spark guards to protect the users from fragmentation and sparks that could come in contact with body parts and cause harm. The eye shield protects the user’s face while the spark guards protect other parts of the body and make sure that sparks are not flying in every direction.

Pros & Cons

  • Features an adjustable work light to illuminate your working space and allow for more accuracy in your work.
  • The spark resisters help keeps the users’ fingers and thumbs away from the main working of the machine along with keeping the sparks from flying in all directions.
  • The bench grinder cannot be bolted down.


Best budget-priced grinder

15. Porter-Cable PCB525BG

The Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8″ Bench Grinder (21162) is the epitome of versatility! The bench grinder provides users with various supporting features that help get the job done effectively and efficiently.
Wheels with wheel dresser
The Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8″ Bench Grinder (21162) is a versatile bench grinder featuring two different kinds of wheels used for separate functions. The medium and coarse wheels help make the job easier. There is also a wheel dresser given to help reshape the grinder wheel during different kinds of application. The dresser can be easily clipped at the back when not in use.

Sturdy base

To hold the machine steady, the Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8″ Bench Grinder (21162) comes with a cast iron base that features rubber feet. These also help reduce vibrations spread on to the environment. The user can work comfortably for longer durations because of the quench tray given at the bottom of the machine which helps it cool down through prolong jobs.

Variable speed control

The Craftsman Professional Variable Speed 8″ Bench Grinder (21162) features a 2.5-amp ball bearing induction motor which helps keep speed constant throughout the task. The motor can provide users with speed ranging between 2000 and 3400 rpm which is adjustable through a separate knob given so that users can work with more control.

Pros & Cons

  • Bench grinder features variable speed between 2000 and 34000 rpm to allow the user to adjust the speed according to the task at hand.
  • Die cast iron tool rests help cut and shape different materials with consistency.
  • Some users complained that the machine would get too hot after continuous work especially during overload.

Depending on the users’ personal preferences, the 6-inch or 8-inch bench grinder can work in any capacity. Majority of the 6-inch bench grinders today come with industrial grade features that help get done with most jobs effectively without needing to invest in a large grinder that would be difficult to place as well.

Main Types of Bench Grinders

When choosing a bench grinder, it is important to keep in mind the features that they offer. Best bench grinders  models don’t just vary based on 6-inch and 8-inch variations but instead also consider different features that one has to offer. The most commonly available  best bench grinders online are:

  • Bench grinders with aluminum grit wheels

While aluminum grit wheels are the most common type of wheels found in bench grinders, their application can vary according to their color. However, the colors of the wheels can affect the costs as well and don’t just focus on toughness. The gray and brown ones are the cheapest ones in the series while pink and white ones are the most expensive ones as they can work well with harder metals without causing excessive burns.

  • Bench grinder with a cooling mechanism

While majority of the bench grinders require users to invest in coolants and rolling pans to address the issue of excessive heating due to friction, there are some that come with a quench tray installed at the bottom of the machine to help cool the machine which in use. These allow users to work on their projects for longer durations without the machine overheating.

  • Automotive bench grinders

Compared to woodworking bench grinders, these are more effective and versatile in nature especially when it comes to working with metals. These are extremely stable in their application and don’t require too many adjustments often hence making them easier to use for prolonged durations.

Key advantages of getting bench grinders

While best bench grinders are known for being extremely versatile in nature, they are also known for their ability to provide more accuracy and control during the job at a minute level. Here are some of the advantages of investing in best bench grinders:

A bench grinder can get done with most tasks because majority come with at least three different tools that make it a versatile machine not just built for grinding and polishing.
Compared to other grinders, the bench grinder offers more control and accuracy in jobs at a minute level.
A bench tool doesn’t come with complicated features that would make it difficult for the user to understand how to use and subsequently make maintenance difficult.

Key features of the best bench grinders

The application of best bench grinder significantly gets effected by the tools and features that any of them incorporate. Therefore, it is important to consider the minute details and features that each model has to offer to help you make the right decision. Here are some of the features that one should consider when investing in a bench grinder (we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the finish and brad nailers ).

• Eye shields

With any tools it is important to make sure that all the safety measures are well accounted for. Having eye shields in a bench grinder help protect the users face from sparks and fragments that could otherwise be harmful. Similarly, it is a good idea to look for a machine that comes with adjustable eye shields that make it easier for the user to adjust their line of sight accordingly.

• Spark resisters

Having adequate spark resisters is important for the user’s personal safety. This is because the spark resisters make sure that fragments and sparks don’t fly in all directions and eventually cause harm to the user. Moreover, they help provide a safe distance between the user’s fingers and thumbs and the working wheels.

• Variable speeds knob

Different jobs require different speeds which means that having a bench grinder that makes sure you can easily adjust the speed with a knob during application makes it more versatile than its contemporaries. A machine that allows variable speed also provides more control and lets the user address the needs of different projects more effectively.

• Wheel dresser

Wheel majority of the bench grinders don’t come with a wheel dresser, it is always a good idea to invest in one separately or look for a bench grinder that includes this in their packaging. This is because it helps clean and reshape the wheel when in use to make application smoother and ensure accuracy and control. (we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

• Sturdy base

It is important to ensure that the bench grade comes with a sturdy base. This is because it helps hold the bench grinder steady throughout application and with the given rubber feet also reduce vibrations which could otherwise make application difficult and reduce accuracy in the job. Most of the times the base is made from cast iron which is a sturdy and robust material and can be bolted down into surfaces hence providing more control.

• Cooling tray

Most of the time users complain that the bench grinder heats up hence making application difficult especially if you are looking to use it for long durations. However, with a quench tray or cooling tray given at the bottom of the machine, users can comfortably use the machine for longer durations and even through overload work without worrying about it overheating.

• Adjustable tool rests

One of the most important features of a best bench grinder is a tool rest. This smooth surface is given right outside the rotation area and makes it easy to adjust materials that will meet the rotating wheels. Without a sturdy tool rest, cuts and shapes would be difficult to obtain as the materials may not be places accurately. (we have written a guide for choosing the best dual fuel generators)

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