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Hammer Drills are equipped with a masonry bit and are usually designed to drill into concrete, stone, brick or mortar. During its operation, the hammer drill rotates normally like a drill and at the same time has a forward and backward hammering action. Hammer drills are available in both corded and cordless form. The rotary hammer is a very specialized kind of a hammer drill which is dedicated and is considered a specialty tool.

It is required only when there is a lot of masonry work to be done. related drilling. For a DIYer, however, this would be too much expense and redundant capability. The regular Cordless Hammer drill should be fine for him/her. In case, there is an electrical outlet present whenever work needs to be done, a corded drill with a hammer option is usually enough. However, when work needs to take place at locations away from the electrical outlets, a cordless hammer drill is the best option available.

Hammer Drills


The cordless hammer drill action is currently found on a plethora of drills.  In the beginning, when the hammer action was added to cordless drills, the movement of the hammer did not carry sufficient power and thus, it was not the kind of feature that could be relied upon.  However, with time, as the power cell technology has made significant improvements and cordless batteries are now getting more popular than ever and gaining esteem as well.

Therefore, while it is true that traditionally, people were more prone to purchase corded drills,however, the popularity of cordless drills has now overtaken the one for the corded ones.

excellent value cordless hammer drills

Best Overall


The XRH06ZB from Makita is in a class of its own in 18V LXT® sub-compact tools. This tool provides the users with 12 V handling while the performance of the tool matches that of an 18 CV tool. It is also compatible with the 18 V cordless tool systems.

The 18V LXT sub-compact Brushless 11/16” rotary hammer which accepts SDS-Plus bits is the right tool when it is required that the operator works in very tight specs as well as in overhead conditions. The tool boasts a vibration absorbing handle that is independent of the hammer mechanism and the motor and provides a high level of comfort to the user.

The Makita 18V LXT® batteries allow for very quick changing times. The operator is thus able to focus better on his/her work. Star protection Computer controls™ ensures over-discharging, overloading, etc. as well as the exchange of data.

Hammer Drills


Included Components
Depth Guage
Side Handle
Tool Only (battery and charger not included)

Speed and Runtime

The XRH06ZB is equipped with a Makita BL™ Brushless motor.  This motor provides up to 50% more runtime. This helps increase the life of this tool and enables a higher level of both power and speed.  The tool boasts 2 operational modes which are: rotation only and hammering with rotation modes.  The speeds available in this tool are 0-680 RPM and 800 RPM provide 1.1 joules of impact energy. This allows for a very fast and deficient drilling operation. 

The easy to handle and easy to grip tool due to its size which is 3.8 x 13.8 x 8.7 inches along with a weight of only 4.2 lbs leads to less user fatigue and provides comfort while working. The variable speed trigger along with one-touch sliding chuck and the LED light enables fast bit changes.

Best Overall


The DCD796D2  from DEWALT boasts XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge which indicates the level of the battery charge is instrumental in providing at least 33% more capacity as compared to standard packs of such drills available in the market.  The unit is quite small and has a compact size of 16.2 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches.

The front to back length is just 7.5 inches and its weight is very low at only 3.6 lbs. This makes this DEWALT tool extremely handy and easy to maneuver and use even in confined or constricted spaces. The tool also boasts a 3-mode LED bright light which enables the operator to use the tool in dark places as well as constricted spaces where more light would be required for proper visibility. The LED light has a spotlight mode as well.

cordless hammer drill

Speed and Runtime

The DCD796D2 from DEWALT has been engineered to include a DEWALT brushless motor which has got the capacity to deliver up to 57% more runtime as compared to brushed motors. The tool is capable of enabling a very high-speed transmission with two different speed settings.  IT has dual speed option with 0-550 and 0-2,000 RPM enabling the operator to choose from a range of speeds depending on the application at hand as well as the type of material which is being drilled. various material and application combinations would require different types of speeds for perfect drilling and the tool enables all the applicable ranges of speed.

Best Overall



The Makita XRH01Z  boasts the unique Makita BL Brushless Motor Technology which allows the cordless hammer drill to achieve a 50% higher runtime. In fact, this cordless hammer drill is the first in the industry to have a first 1″ capacity rotor hammer technology. The weight of the tool is only 7.1 pounds and it is designed ergonomically so that the grip on the equipment while its working is very strong.

 The tool is 12-7/8″ long and it is extremely handy to grip and handle for the operator. The Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT is extremely easy to use as well. Its efficiency related features include a 3-mode operation which is rotation only operation, hammering with rotation operation and hammer only operation. 

The trigger is quite large and 2 fingers are used to work it and this feature provides a higher level of convenience as well as the great level of comfort. The tool also provides a tool adjustment guide which is useful for increasing drilling accuracy. The product dimensions are 4 x 10 x 5 in and it has been designed to be light and handy.


cordless hammer drill

Speed and Runtime

The XRH01Z is equipped with an extremely powerful and efficient BL Brushless Motor which has variable speeds. This motor is designed to deliver 0 to 950 Revolutions per minute (RPM), 4,700 RPM speeds as well as 2 joules of energy.  The runtime of this motor is 50% better as compared to other currently available Makita 18V LXT rotary hammers.

The BL Brushless Motor does not require any carbon brushes and this way, the motor is able to run more efficiently and even cooler as compared to a brushed motor. This ensures a longer life for the motor as well. (we have written a guide for choosing the best dual fuel generators)


The cordless hammer drill is extremely powerful and highly efficient. Its motor is capable of delivering 535 watts of maximum power. This type of power output provides premium performance which is crucial for fastening and drilling applications. The tool also contains an LED light which has got a 20-second delay once the trigger of the tool has been released.

The ratcheting chuck in this tool is 2 1/2 inch and made of a heavy metal and it has got carbide inserts. It is equipped with patented technology as well as many innovative features. The tool is ideal for residential as well as commercial builders and is equally good for carpenters, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters,and woodworkers, etc.

It is extremely durable and provides high-quality performance with maximum comfort. It is extremely flexible as well and can be used for a variety of different type of applications. The flexibility increase is true for all speeds, torques, and power levels.

cordless hammer drill

Speed and Runtime

The DCD985B from DEWALT is equipped with a new electronic design built into its switch and this enables a very long life for this tool as well as batteries when the tool is being used.  Thebatteries which are 20 V lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 35% more runtime as compared to any existing 19 V Latium ion battery technology.

The cordless hammer drill’s transmission which composed of metal is capable of 3 different speeds of 0-600 RPM, 0-1250 RPM. and 0-2000 RPM.  The operator is, therefore, able to choose the appropriate speed applicable to the task at hand.  This is very useful especially in the case of those special applications that are not possible at very high speeds as the torque requirements become very high in such cases. The DEWALT 20-volt max lithium-ion premium 3.0 Ah hammer drill has a medium speed setting which is at least twice as fast as compared to many other drills which need to be set at slower speeds for tasks related to larger ship auger bits.

Best Heavy-Duty


This DCD996B from DEWALT and 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, 2-Pack is equipped with a very high powered and efficient brushless motor which has the capacity to deliver up to 75% more run time when compared to an 18 V NiCad brushed motor. The tool contains a chuck which is made of 1/2 inch of ratcheting nitro-carburized metal. It has got carbide inserts which allow for a superior level of strength required to grip the bit properly. 

The equipment also boasts a 3-mode LED which provides bright light in dark areas or at night so that work can take anywhere in any type of lighting conditions. The cordless nature of the hammer drill along with the bright LED light to allow the user to take the drill literally anywhere at any time and perform the required tasks.

The LED light is at least 20 X brighter than the one that had been made available in the previous models. With a 3-mode switch, the brightness can always be adjusted to the desired level. It also features a 20-minute shutoff function which enables the bright LED light supported hammer drill to be used for longer duration in dark or highly confined spaces. (we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

Speed and Run Time

The This DCD996B from DEWALT and 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, 2-Pack has got a very high-performance transmission capability so that it is ideal for applications that require speed. The runtime of this model has been improved as compared to older models. The brushless motor which is highly efficient is capable of delivering 57% more run time as compared to brushed motors. The rating related to Blows per minute (BPM) for this DEWALT tool 250 BPM. This gives a very fast drilling in masonry materials. This tool is also compatible with all other 20 VMAX tools from DEWALT.

Included Components
‎DCD996 - 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammerdrill
Belt hook
360° side handle

Best Heavy-Duty


The PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill from PORTER-CABLE is a hammer drill   has got a 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck that is made out of metal which enables the tool to minimize bit slippage in the chuck. IT has got a total of 23 chuck settings.  The tool also prominently boasts a battery level indicator which shows the remaining charge to make sure that the operator times his/her work and makes the tool available for charging at just the right time to enable it to charge up for more work after the charging time.

The tool also boasts an LED work light that makes it easy for the operator to use the tool in places which are either very dark or constricted. The bright light enables clear visibility. This tool is normally used for drilling into concrete or masonry and it is very useful for drilling into metals as well as wood. The tool weighs only 3.6 lbs. and is ideal for confined spaces for this reason. It has dimensions of 9.4 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches enabling the user to grip it firmly and handle it easily while drilling and fastening.

Included components
Battery fuel gauge
belt hook
LED light
(2) magnets for bit storage

cordless hammer drill

Speed and Runtime

The PCC620B Hammer Drill from PORTER-CABLE is a hammer drill that exhibits superior performance and is capable of delivering up to 27,200 Blows per minute (BPM). The tool exhibits dual speeds and has a 2-speed gearbox. The speeds that are possible with this tool are 0-400 and 0-1600 RPMs.

These are variable spies that allow the operator to choose the right speed for the right application regardless of whether the application is related to drilling or fastening. The speeds and the power of the motor are sufficient enough to carry out both large as well as small applications.

Runner-Up, Best Overall

7.  Bosch HDS183-02

The HDS183-02 18V EC Brushless Compact Tough 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Kit from Bosch boasts a Bosch integrated acceleration sensor and kickback control which are instrumental in automatically shutting down the tool if a rotational torque reaction which could be potentially dangerous occurs in the case of a bind-up scenario. 

This helps to greatly reduce the risk a sudden reaction of the tool in a binding condition.  This tool has been designed with a heavy duty and recently upgraded all-metal chuck that gives the tool the enhanced robustness that is the hallmark of its quality and performance.  It allows for a greater torque transfer as well.  The impact rate of this tool is 28,500 BPM for all the masonry applications and boasts a 20+1 Clutch setting for reducing the damage to fasteners.

The drill is able to handle very tough materials as well. The tool enables a very strong grip due to its ergonomic design and is equipped with Bosch electronic motor protection as well as electronic cell protection. These two characteristics are necessary to protect both the tool and the batteries from overheating as well as overload

cordless hammer drill
@HDS183-02 Bosch

Speed and Runtime

The tool contains a highly efficient BC Brushless motor and is thus able to provide a very long-life tom the tool besides giving it a longer run time. It is a typical tough design from Bosch and has extremely lightweight besides having a short head-length. However, it is still extremely robust and powerful and is able to deliver a very powerful performance.  It applies 531 inch-lbs of torque and has two different drilling speeds which are 0-600 RPM for high torque and 0-1900 RPM for high speed respectively. The dual speed feature along with a longer runtime enable the tool to be classified as a high-performance tool.

What's in the box
(1) HDS183 18-Volt EC Brushless Compact Tough 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Driver
(2) Lithium-Ion SlimPack Batteries
(1) Charger
(1) Magnetic Bit Holder
(1) 4x Bit Holder
(4) Bit Tips
(1) Belt Clip
(1) Carrying Bag

The Hammer Action

With the help of hammer action, the worker is able to drill holes into stone as well as any other kind of masonry type of material fairly easily. While the drill is rotating, the drill bit, as well as the chuck, is pushed in the forward direction by a spring. This spring sits on the eccentric flange inside the gearbox of the cordless drill. 

This, in turn, produces a ‘forward and backward’ kind of movement which is the equivalent of a hammer action. When a hammer action takes place in a drill, the drill bit spins around and punches up and down very fast into the material as well. The bit does not move much. perhaps a fraction of an inch,however, the short but fast blows end up increasing the force and therefore, it becomes possible to drill even in extremely hard materials such as masonry.

The Cordless Feature

The cordless feature of the hammer drill stems from the fact that there has been a great enhancement in the technology related to power cells in the last so many years. Moreover, the batteries for such equipment are now very popular and people usually prefer cordless devices which can be charged to corded ones which cannot be taken too far away from an electrical outlet despite the high level of power output capability they have. This dreams that the cordless hammer drill can be taken to where the work needs to be done rather than forcing the work done to come near to the tool as in the case of a corded tool.


The cordless drills can be used in a variety of different ways.  These drills are able to easily drill holes up to 1/2″ which are small holes in a variety of different type of masonry materials.  The greatest advantage is that the workers do not need to acquire a separate corded hammer drill for boring only a few holes at a site. The cordless hammer drill comes in handy and is more than good enough for this kind of job.

The user needs to be cautious,however, about a few factors that are important when it comes to the use of the cordless hammer drills. As far as the design of the cordless hammer drill is concerned, the chuck gets to be pushed in the forward and backward directions thereby producing the hammer action. This movement which is additional to the chuck of a cordless hammer drill ends up giving a larger run-out or wobble. 

This can, in some cases at least, lead to a dropin precision for the cordless hammer drill as a power tool. The addition of a hammer action to the cordless drill also leads to an increase in the overall weight and the length of the power drill which might not be the desired feature for many people,however, for those who really require hammer action as a part of their cordless drill, this is indeed a great feature despite the increase in weight and length of the tool as they would usually require this action for their routine jobs.

(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Laser Levels).

Cordless Hammer Drill and the Cordless Pneumatic Hammer Drill

Some people have a preference for the cordless pneumatic Hammer drill. The cordless pneumatic Hammer drill uses mechanical action to push the drill bit forward by utilizing a mechanical piston. However, such drills are only required if a very force is required to bore very large or deep holes in materials such as concrete and other stone types of materials as such equipment utilize the pneumatic movement to do so. The professional cordless pneumatic hammer drills range from 18 V to 24 V and all the way to 36 Volts. On the other hand, the rotary hammers allow both drill bits and chisel to be used in them.

Hammer Drill


Ways to rate the Cordless Hammer Drills

There are many ways to rate the cordless hammer drills. The torque produced by these drills is a good criterion. Other criteria can include the battery power vs. the performance exhibited by these drills especially when they are subjected to tough jobs like requiring to drill holes in concrete.  Moreover, the drills can also be rated in terms of the ergonomic nature of their design which enables the user to grip these with ease while the drill is working.

The cordless drills can handle very tough jobs as well.

Most of the operators do require drilling in concrete beside drilling in much softer materials like wood or drywall which could even be accomplished with a drill/driver, etc. Concrete drilling can test how many holes the hammer drill is able to do and the time taken to drill these. Normally, it has been observed that the brushless hammer drills have a long battery life however, this decreases if concrete drilling is carried out.

Not to be used for screws

The Hammer setting on the cordless hammer drills is not supposed to be used for drilling screws. An impact driver is required to do that. The impact driver uses an impact type of action to give a boost to the rotational drive. Rotational impact drivers are used for driving in screws, nuts, and boots, lags but do not do the drilling work. For drilling Impact, drivers should never be used.

The right tool to use is a corded or cordless hammer drill. If the drill work has to be performed at places where the electrical outlets are either not available or far, the cordless hammer drill would be the right tool to choose. The cordless hammer drill,therefore, is the right choice for a large number of people who carry out drilling tasks at different locations.

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