15 Reliable Crimping Tools

A crimping tool joins two materials. It presses the components or creates a seal.

Best Crimping Tools: 2022 Top Picks

It is used in multiple applications, one of the most popular of which is attaching connectors in an electrical cable. The tool creates a cold-weld joint that links two materials, which should ideally have similar mechanical and electrical properties.

Are you looking for the best crimping tools? We got you covered. Keep on reading and we’ll help you decide what to pick. 

Best Overall


With a versatile design and durable body, this is strong enough to withstand different applications. It is also ergonomic, guaranteeing user comfort.

Our favorite crimping tool, this tool kit is designed for both residential and commercial applications. It is built with the needs of discerning users in mind. From versatility to durability, we are confident to say that this is an unmatched product.

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It comes with a convenient case that holds everything. It has 3/8, ½, ¾, and one-inch PEX rings, which means that it accommodates wires of different sizes, making it ideal for different tasks. With its high-leverage construction, you will be exerting 50% less effort compared to a traditional crimper. It also has a comfortable grip, so you won’t feel tired even after extended use.

In terms of construction, there are countless compelling reasons to choose this product. It has a solid steel body, allowing it to withstand the test of time. It is also factory-calibrated, so it is ready once you take it out of the packaging.

Best Pneumatic Crimping Tool

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool 9477 

This crimping tool comes with six die attachments, making it perfect for a wide array of crimping tasks.

A tool built for professionals, we love this crimper because of its versatility. One set is already inclusive of interchangeable tips. From automotive repair to electrical wiring, this has been a preferred tool. There is also a customizable ratcheting tension so that you can customize the fit depending on what a job requires.

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As it is common with other crimpers, the handle is also made of solid steel wrapped with ergonomic rubber. Whether you are left or right-handed, expect that this tool is comfortable to hold. We also love that it comes with a convenient case, which makes it easy to keep everything in a single place. Not to mention, it protects against dirt and dust.

Best for Comfort

3. IWISS F1807 

An 8-piece tool kit, it has interchangeable jaws for versatility and sturdy carbon steel construction to ensure long-term functionality.

Another option from a trusted manufacturer, we love how it has an interchangeable jaw, which will allow you to complete different tasks with a simple kit. It also comes with eight tools you will need, including a hex spanner, copper ring removal tool, and Pex cutter.

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The reliability of this crimping tool is another reason why it is included on our list. It has polished jaws, which will provide excellent compression. The handles are also properly calibrated, which will make it easy to use even after several years. With the carbon steel used in the construction of the crimping tool, expect this to last more than ten years.

Best for Ease of Use

4. HYCLAT HWC007000

If you are looking for a user-friendly crimping tool, this product is one of the top options worth considering.

With 9 dies, this is a great choice if versatility is an important consideration for you. All dies are made of hardened chrome with a polished finish. They are protected against external elements, such as rust and corrosion.

Ease of use is another good thing about this product. It has an on and off control, which makes the operations a breeze. We also love how it has a C-style head, which will allow you to conveniently attach a die from the side.

Best for Corrosion Resistance

5. Titan Tools 11950 

The carbon steel construction of this crimping tool set allows it to withstand corrosion, making it durable.

Made of carbon steel, this crimping tool is corrosion-resistant. Even with exposure to external elements, it is not easily damaged. It also comes with an adjustable compression wheel. More so, there is a comfortable handle, so you can grip it without exerting too much effort.

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As it is common with the other products that are included on our list, it also comes with interchangeable dies. There are six dies in one set. The jaw is design in such a way that changing die is quick and effortless without requiring the use of any tool.

Best Bang for the Buck

6. IWS-30J 

This economical crimping tool is designed with emphasis on human engineering, so you don’t have to worry of your comfort.

On a budget? Then this is one option that should be on the top of your list. Even if this is an economical product, it does not mean that quality and performance are compromised. Whether you are working on an insulated or non-insulated material, this crimping tool promises dependability.

Designed with human engineering in mind, you will not need full effort when crimping. This makes it more comfortable to use. Even after extended use, you won’t easily complain of fatigue.

Best for Customer Satisfaction

7. Hiija EZ RJ45

Buying this crimping tool makes you eligible for an 18-month warranty, which also includes an unconditional refund if you are unhappy with how it works.

The best thing about this crimping tool is the worry-free warranty from the manufacturer. It is covered against defects within 18 months. Best of all, if you are unsatisfied, return it to the manufacturer and you will receive a refund without being asked any question.

This is also great if you want value for money since it is inclusive of a network wire stripper, plug connector cover, and ethernet connectors.

Another reason why we love this product is the changeable blade. This makes it easy to retain sharpness and peak performance, even after using the tool for a long time.

Best for Wire Rope

8. IWISS IWS-1608S

From its alloy steel construction to ergonomic rubber grip, there are many reasons why we love this crimping tool.

If you need a crimping tool that you can use in wire ropes, then it is hard to go wrong with this model. From railing to decking, it has multiple applications.

More than its versatility, this is also well-loved by many because of its sturdy construction. The main material used is alloy steel. It is also worth noting that it is rust-proof.

Plus, it has a distinct mechanical design, so you can operate it without the need to exert a lot of force. The anti-slip rubber grip is also notable, making it comfortable to hold.

Best for Warranty

9. Eacker 406001

Backed by a lifetime warranty, it is easy to understand why this is one product that stands out.

If we can only state one reason why we love this product, it would be that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, within three years of use, you will be eligible for a refund if it does not meet your needs.

From precision to adjustability, this tool-only crimper is promising. The star wheel lets you adjust the crimp strength, making sure of your highest level of comfort. It has a labor-saving design.

As for its construction, vanadium steel is the main material used. To make it even better, it is black-oxidized, which protects against rust and corrosion.

Best Self-Adjustable Tool


This user-friendly crimping tool will automatically adjust depending on the size of the terminal that you will cut.

One of the best things about this product is that it is self-adjustable. This means that you no longer need to customize the tool depending on the size of the wire. It adjusts itself, making it user-friendly.

The engineered-plastic grip is another reason why this is a notable product. It might not be as good as rubber, but we love how comfortable it is. It is also anti-skid, so expect that your hands will never slip.

Best for Practicing

11. MG SN-28B

If you are a novice, this is a notable option as it comes with many ratchets and pins that you can use for practicing.

New to crimping tools? Things can be overwhelming, so you need to practice. We love this product because it is inclusive of rehearsal pins. It won’t take long before you can do things like a pro.

The construction of this crimping tool is one more thing we would like to highlight. The body is made of carbon steel and the dies are chromium steel. They ensure long-term functionality, even with frequent use.

Best for Simplicity

12. Channellock 909

With a laser-treated edge, you can expect that this tool will stay sharp even after long-term use.

This 9.5-inch crimper is built for electricians who value simplicity. It works for both insulated and non-insulated materials.

Despite the simplicity of this crimping tool, it is well-loved by many because of its impressive construction. It is affordable, but the manufacturer does not skimp on quality. It is made of forged-carbon steel while the edges are heat-treated. The latter makes sure that it stays sharp even after long time of use.

Best for Non-Insulated Receptacles

13. Fryic VSN-03B 

From the powder-injected die to the carbon steel plate, this product is reflective of exceptional construction.

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With a crimping capacity of 21-9 AWG, this is one of the top options if you are looking for one ideal for non-insulated materials. The carbon steel plate guarantees longevity. It is even made better by the powder-injected pressing die, which will guarantee precision in crimping.

The handle is made of TPR plastic, which is also known for being comfortable. It won’t easily slip, and in return, you can enjoy better control of the tool.

Best for Safety

14. Solsop EZ RJ45 

This reliable product has a blade guard that reduces the possibility of an injury, making it a great option for your safety.

The intelligent design of this crimping tool makes sure that you will stay safe as you work. One thing responsible for this is the presence of a blade guard. It prevents accidental cuts, minimizing the possibility of an injury. This is one thing that most novices are sure to appreciate.

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We also like this product because of its impressive construction. It comes with carbon steel dies to guarantee accuracy and a steel body to ensure durability.

Best for the Pros

15. WGGE WG-015

One of the most affordable crimping tools, it is designed for professional use. It has threaded shears, so you can adjust depending on the size of the material.

If you are a professional, then this is one product that should be on your radar. It looks more complicated than the products mentioned above, basically because it is for more experienced users. It also delivers multiple functionalities, making it versatile. Despite being for the pros, it is affordable.

It comes with heat-treated blades, which will ensure sharpness in crimping different materials. Plus, it is a threaded shears, so you can change the size depending on what is applicable for a specific situation.

How to Choose a Crimping Tool

With limitless brands and models of crimping tools, deciding what to pick isn’t a straightforward task. To make the right choice, this section lists down some of the factors to consider.

Type of Crimping Tool

The design and functionalities of crimping tools are different. Choose one suitable for your intended application. Below are the most common choices:

  • Handheld Crimping Tool: This is the most basic option, often used for small tasks. It looks like traditional pliers. When crimped, the connector and wire are pinched. We highly recommend this if you are after portability, simplicity, and affordability.
  • Electrical Crimping Tool: For a crimping tool that requires minimal effort, this is a great option. It is battery-operated, making it easy to bring anywhere. It is good to have a spare battery so that you can operate the tool for an extended time.
  • Pneumatic Crimping Tool: A more complicated type of crimping device, it uses compressed air to operate. This is a great alternative if you want a tool perfect for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool: As the name implies, the power of this tool comes from the hydraulic fluid. A lot of people prefer this because it is effortless to operate. With plenty of power, this is ideal for industrial applications.
  • Benchtop Crimping Tool: For a crimping tool with a high capacity, this is a good choice. The only problem is that it is heavy and bulky, which is why it is commonly used only for permanent installations.

Ease of Use

Whether you are a novice or a pro, the crimping tool should be ergonomic, making it user-friendly. Pick one with well-balanced body, making it easy to hold. You must be comfortable with how it weighs. It should also not easily slip off your hand.

Wire Gauge

This will indicate the size of the crimping tool to choose, which will depend on the wire gauge that it can crimp. If you are working on larger wires, then you will also need a larger crimp tool. If the wire is thick, then you will need to choose a more powerful crimper so that you can complete the job without exerting too much effort.

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