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Nowadays, the broad availability of products online has increased the number of DIY enthusiasts. Perhaps, this method can save you a lot of money. However, you’ll need the right instruments for the job. Fortunately, you don’t need help from an expert to mix cement, gravel, sand, or other substance. This task is simple enough to do at home. Just make sure you have the right machine at hand. Generally, there are plenty of handheld concrete mixer units online. They come in different price ranges, features, and power.

Of course, everybody wants to buy a premium-quality tool. Since these units suffer casual wear and tear, your handheld concrete mixer must be durable. What’s more, getting the job done requires lots of power. If you find the entire research process overwhelming, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the top five best concrete mixers. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide for you to evaluate. Read on to get a more in-depth insight into the best handheld mixer picks.


Best Concrete Mixers


1. CtopoGo Portable Electric Concrete Mixer

Over the past few years, CtopoGo has accumulated a considerable selection of products. The company specializes in a variety of fields, from power tools to household equipment. One of its most prominent items is the CtopoGo 1600W portable electric concrete mixer.

Whether you’re looking for a mixer for DIY projects or professional use, this gadget will amaze you with power. The 1600-watt motor is powerful enough to mix materials such as plastic, glue, paint, cement, and others. Besides, it has a comfortable maximum speed of 930 RPM with an adjustment dial with six different levels. That way, you’ll be able to run the cement mixer according to the type of mixture

In terms of features, the CtopoGo handheld mixer comes with several safety measures. For example, the item has a thumb trigger mechanism that prevents accidental power-on. Along with the essential equipment, there’s a mortar mixer, a mortar mixer shaft, helical blade, wrenches, and a carbon brush. Overall, the machine weighs merely 9.74 pounds, which makes it very lightweight. Along with the ergonomic design, it’s ideal for beginner and intermediate users.


  • Durable and Lightweight

When you take a first glance at this product’s reviews, you’ll notice the positive comments about its durability. This concrete mixer is easy to move around the house. Most of all, it can take huge loads of work without any problem.

  • Variable Motor Speed

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant perks of the CtopoGo 1600W mixer is the speed control. This feature makes it extremely versatile, as users can mix paint, thin-set mortar, and cement.

  • Plenty of Safety Features

Of course, we can’t help but mention the impressive set of safety features. The tool comes with a finger lock and thumb trigger that protects the instrument from turning on accidentally. As for the motor, it has a copper wire for an increased heat transfer capacity. This characteristic helps it resist heat buildup, so it cools down quicker and lasts longer.

If you plan to use the concrete mixer for an extensive period, you can use the locking button. This feature will relieve the need to hold the trigger all the time. There’s also a heat radiator that improves the air circulation while working. Finally, the product uses durable die-cast aluminum that’s impact-resistant.


  • No Warranty

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide information about the warranty. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the product comes without any warranty period at all.

2. F2C Pro 1600W Handheld Concrete Cement Mixer

At first, you’d think that F2C is just another cheap brand to sell power tools. However, it won’t take much to evaluate the quality of their products. Of course, F2C offers heavy-duty power tools, including a 1600-watt cement mixer.

As a start, the handheld gadget comes with the standard 1600-watt motor that runs on 110-volt input. Similar to its counterparts, the device has a speed rating of 700 RPM. The difference here is that this concrete mixer has a seven-speed controller dial. Thanks to it, users can adjust the speed range using the dual gear adjustment.

In terms of the design, the F2C handheld mixer has a body made out of stainless steel. Overall, the machine weighs 12 pounds. As it’s more substantial than the CtopoGo tool, the F2C device still beats most options on the list. What’s more, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty period. Last but not least, there is a mixer shaft, a helical blade, wrenches, and a carbon brush included, too.


  • Affordable and Versatile

Perhaps, one of the best characteristics to seek in concrete mixers is the versatility. Combined with the low price tag, this mixer offers excellent value for the money. You can use either of the seven speeds to tackle a wide variety of materials.

Moreover, there is a dual-control motor speed ranging from 180 to 380 RPM and from 300 to 700 RPM. Consequently, you should be able to mix materials with different stickiness without a problem.

  • Lightweight and Durable

Even though it’s not the most lightweight item possible, the F2C concrete mixer is undoubtedly on the list. Its stainless steel casing makes for a durable and sturdy solution to everyday wear and tear.


  • Lacks Speed

Undoubtedly, the biggest downside of the F2C concrete mixer is its speed. Although it has a seven-speed controller dial, the mere 700 RPM is just not enough.

  • Sketchy Quality

Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, there have been some reports of products with bad quality. Some people have complained about faulty buttons or speed dials. Others have had issues with their mixers malfunctioning. Luckily, there’s a warranty period that can solve your problem within the first year of purchase.

3. Goplus Electric Mortar Handheld Mixer

Even though it’s a relatively new brand, Goplus has managed to gain a decent reputation in the power tools industry. Most of all, the company has produced a wide selection of products, including its concrete mixer. The 1600-watt motor runs on a 110-volt current to deliver the classic, heavy-duty machine.

Perhaps, the high-rated gadget produces a formidable power that can mix any solution. Moreover, it works at 700 RPM that allows for seven-speed adjustment. Similar to other mixers, this one has a high and low gear setup, too. Still, some unique features give this handheld device an edge.


Handheld Cement Mixer – A Buyer’s Guide



Firstly, there’s a locking button that keeps the machine running during prolonged use. Also, the body of the handheld mixer is resistant to impacts. Thanks to its sturdy design, users will have less trouble operating the gadget. Overall, the Goplus concrete mixer weighs 13.12 pounds but has a pretty ergonomic design.


  • Durable Design and Easy Operation

As previously mentioned, the Goplus mixer has an impact-resistant and lightweight motor housing. That way, you’ll ensure longevity for your machine without compromising on the workload. Furthermore, you can enjoy a continuous operation thanks to the locking button.

  • Speed Adjustment

Similar to other concrete mixers, this one also has a seven-speed adjustment dial. Identical to the F2C tool, this concrete mixer’s gears range from 180 to 380 RPM and from 300 to 700 RPM. Ultimately, you can use this machine for various tasks at home or job sites.


  • A Bit Heavy

Unfortunately, one of the noticeable disadvantages of this concrete mixer is its weight. Compared to its counterparts, this gadget somehow fails at portability. Of course, 13 pounds isn’t that much. Still, it could have been better.

  • No Warranty

As with most mixers, this product comes without any warranty at all. In other words, you won’t be able to have it repaired or file a complaint in case of a faulty product.

  • Expensive

Although it’s not the most expensive tool on the market, this one certainly isn’t in the top half either. Perhaps, the Goplus could have been a little cheaper. That way, it could have offered more value for the money.

Best for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. 

4. C.S. Unitec Eibenstock EHR 20.1 R Concrete Mixer

If you insist on getting the best product on the market, you should check out C.S. Unitec Eibenstock’s concrete mixer. This lightweight and portable machine a heavy-duty 1300-watt motor. Since the product comes from a German manufacturer, buyers can choose between a 110 and 220-volt input. Wherever you are, you’ll love to have such a high-quality power tool at your disposal.

Indeed, the company is one of the best in its category when it comes to the quality of components. Undergoing a set of strict manufacturing standards, the brand produces an 11.5-pound wonder that delivers a load of speed. The machine works at 250 to 580 RPM and a free speed of 900 RPM.

In terms of features, the concrete mixer comes with an MG 140 paddle. Of course, there are plenty of additional paddles available. Besides, you can enjoy the durable, ergonomic design with optimized height and robust H-frame. Ultimately, you get a variable velocity motor with a constant speed that allows the user to tackle all kinds of materials. As a result, the EHR 20.1 R set is suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. 




  • Heavy-Duty and High-Quality Build

Undoubtedly, this concrete mixer has hands-down the most robust construction out of all models in the list. C.S. Unitec Eibenstock is a German brand that relies explicitly on premium-quality parts and manufacturing standards. Compared to most cheaper alternatives, this machine can readily withstand bulks of workload without a hassle.

  • Portable and Lightweight Design

Furthermore, all this quality comes within the mere 11.5 pounds. The design of this handheld device aims at providing seamless and natural operation. For example, there are ergonomic handles with a hand safety trigger. Moreover, a robust H-frame has an optimized height for minimal fatigue.

  • Fast and Variable Speed

Arguably, one of the best characteristics of this unit is its variable speed. Even though it doesn’t impress with much versatility, the HER 20.1 R can reach 900 RPM at a free rate. Other than that, its variable speed ranges from 250 to 580 RPM.

  • Warranty Available

Unlike many brands that offer such tools, C.S. Unitec provides a one-year warranty period. This feature is a serious advantage, as power tools are more prone to breakdowns. Therefore, this warranty might be a huge relief in case of a malfunction within the period.


  • Weak Motor Output

On the downside, the manufacturer delivers just 1300 watts of motor power. While it’s more than enough for regular tasks, this motor can find a hard time mixing compounds with higher viscosity.

  • Pricy

Finally, the worst part of getting this product is its price. When you make a price comparison, this mixer has triple the average price tag of other units on the market. Of course, quality costs money. But if you’re on a budget, that won’t be a priority anymore.

5. ApexOne AC 1800W Handheld  Electric Mixer

Finally, you might want to get your hands on something more potent than usual. Therefore, the ApexOne handheld electric concrete mixer might be ideal for you. The gadget has the standard features along with an ergonomic and lightweight design. All in all, you get a simplistic but practical solution to your problems.

In terms of power, the motor exceeds all expectations with its 1800 watts of output. Just like its counterparts, this gadget runs on a 110-volt input, too. The result is a seamless and satisfying work with all solutions of low and mid-viscosity levels.




With a peaking speed at 800 RPM, this motor comes with a switch lock for continuous work. You can safely use the six-speed adjustable speed dial to alter the mixing paddle rotation speed. Perhaps, this machine is one of the easiest to assemble. Last but not least, you get two additional carbon brushes in your package.


  • Powerful Motor

Surprisingly, the best part of this concrete mixer is its motor. When you compare it to its rivals, the ApexOne beats the odds with the 1800-watt powerhouse.

  • Portable and Lightweight

Furthermore, you get a premium-quality product in just 11.5 pounds of weight. The design of this handheld device aims at providing seamless and natural operation. For example, there are ergonomic handles with a hand safety trigger. Moreover, there’s a robust H-frame with an optimized height for minimal fatigue.

  • Affordable

Compared to other products, this concrete mixer is one of the most affordable. Therefore, it’s a natural choice over some rather expensive picks on the list.


  • Can’t Mix Concrete and Thick Cement

Contrary to popular belief, this handheld mixer cannot mix concrete and thick substrates like cement, or sand. Typically, you’ll find a statement from the manufacturer that warns buyers about this disadvantage.

  • Doesn’t Have a Soft Start

Unlike most units in the same category, the ApexOne handheld mixer lacks some standard amenities. One of the most significant downsides is the lack of a soft start feature. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise if you feel exhausted after prolonged use of the concrete mixer.

  • Missing Parts and Damaged Items

Most of all, there has been a considerable number of complaints about missing parts and damaged items. According to some customers, they have received products with visible signs of use – scratches, scuffs, and others. Fortunately, you can return the product and get a refund if it comes damaged.


What is a handheld concrete mixer?

Typically, the concrete mixer is a piece of equipment that mixes substances like cement, gravel, and sand. The mixture is suitable for both construction and maintenance use. Such mixers can be handheld or barrow. Either way, they provide a more efficient alternative to mixing concrete manually.

While barrow cement mixers are bulky and fit for more significant construction works, handheld machines are lightweight and portable. They are easy to maneuver and are a preferable choice for small construction projects. Indeed, they are attractive for both professionals and DIY fans looking for a sturdy and portable concrete mixer. Perhaps, you can easily use such a device for your building pavements, house, or other similar tasks.

Handheld Cement Mixer – A Buyer’s Guide

Handheld Cement Mixer – A Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a handheld cement mixer, you need to take its pros and cons into consideration. Apart from that, every product must focus on a few particular specs. After you read the buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to pick the handheld mixer that best suits your needs.

  • Capacity

Undoubtedly, the motor capacity is the first and most essential aspect. Every electric handheld cement mixer should have a motor that can mix dense solutions efficiently. Otherwise, it will fail when the cement mixture starts getting denser during the mixing process.

Usually, any concrete mixer with capacity from 1300 watts to 1600 watts is good enough. Of course, you can scale the output to the amount of work you plan to do. Indeed, smaller mixture quantities would require lower-capacity motors. On a side note, a more robust concrete mixer can be handy in both home and commercial projects. In such cases, investing in a high-capacity machine may be a wiser choice.

  • Durability

Apart from output capacity, durability is a must-have feature for any power tool. Therefore, you should search for a machine that can withstand heavy loads of work regularly. Preferably, you’d want to go for products with at least one year warranty period. That way, you’ll know the concrete mixer manufacturer guarantees quality.

  • Weight

Since you’re going for a portable mixer, weight should be one of the critical factors. By far, you should understand the point of handheld equipment. Generally, a decent handheld concrete mixer requires easy maneuverability. In other words, it should be as lightweight as possible. However, more lightweight machines usually have less power. That’s why it’s good to bear this fact in mind.

  • Speed

Arguably, one of the most looked-after advantages of mixers is their speed. Of course, any concrete mixer will get the task done faster and better than manual work. Still, it’ll be a smart idea to consider the speed of operation of the gadget.

As a general rule of thumb, most decent handheld devices have motors with 550RPM to 850RPM. At first, you would think that the fastest one would be your best shot. However, some tasks require controlled RPM for ultimate results. That’s why you should go for a handheld mixer that allows for manual speed adjustment.

  • Voltage

Finally, don’t forget to check out the voltage rating on your cement mixer of choice. Usually, this rating indicates the input requirement of the motor. It will tell you whether you can use the machine at home or only at workshops and job sites. Sometimes, professional tools allow use only in places with high voltage outlets.

Handheld Cement Mixer – A Buyer’s Guide

Final Recommendations

Of course, we can make some quick recommendations. For example, the F2C concrete mixer is ideal for those looking for a bargain. If you’re low on money, then this model will do the trick. Perhaps, the 1600-watt motor will serve you well for a cost-friendly option. Moreover, it has a seven-speed adjustable dial.

In case you want to emphasize on speed, then you can pick up the CtopoGo 1600-watt handheld mixer. Its speed peaks at 930 RPM, making it extremely efficient when tackling high-density materials. As usual, you’ll get the standard six-speed dial for higher precision.(we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

Finally, you may want to bet on quality. Then, don’t waste any time and grab the C.S. Unitec Eibenstock’s concrete mixer. No doubt, you’ll have to splash out a considerable sum of money to get your hands on this masterpiece. However, you’ll be amazed at the premium quality on this gadget.

At first, the HER 20.1 R may seem no different than any other handheld mixer. Soon, you’ll find out the 1300-watt motor excels in power and performance. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tool, this item is the perfect one for you. It comes with a variable speed of 250 to 580 RPM and a maximum free velocity of 900 RPM. Besides, you can choose either a 110V or 220V input.

The Verdict

All in all, these useful mixers are a must-have tool for every home or professional equipment. Without a doubt, a concrete mixer has a lot of applications. Mostly, it’s perfect for mixing cement, paint, gravel, and other dense materials. Needless to say, there’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to handheld mixers. Therefore, you can safely make a consideration based on your needs and preferences.

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