10 Best Jigsaws for 2022

Rounding Up The Best Jigsaws Available on the Market.

 Whether you are a serious professional or an avid DIY hobbyist, you should invest in a good jigsaw.Best Jigsaws are a versatile cutting tool which allow you to cut straight lines, curves or different angles with precision.

They can cut through several materials such as wood, ceramic, board, etc. With the jigsaw, you can make more accurate cuts that look good.

However, there are a lot of jigsaws available on the market so, it can be difficult for an average person to determine the best jigsaw for his needs.In this blog post, we’ll go through the best jigsaws available on the market in as much detail as possible. Let’s get started!

How Best Jigsaws Work ?

Best Jigsaws are relatively new and were invented in the 1940s to imitate the function of the sewing machine. The reason they gained popularity is that they are versatile. The function of the jigsaw is rather simple as they’re a variant of tradition saws.

The electric motor is connected to an eccentric gear which changes the motion of the motor from circular to up-and-down. The blade is inserted into the blade carrier, and that’s it! (we have written extensively for rotary hammers and best-reciprocating-saws)

Best Jigsaws have a handle attached to a trigger as well as a fan that helps in keeping the motor cool.

It is the baseplate that supports the blade and motor mechanism which enables one to lead the saw to the surface being cut. The base can be adjusted for angled cuts. The blade can also be used to cut curves without any jagged movements.


Best Jigsaws in 2021

When you take a quick look at this jigsaw’s specs, you’ll think it’s the same as the DCS334 model. Indeed, there are lots of similarities. After all, they both come from DEWALT. They are both cordless and are from the most recent 20V MAX XR series. Of course, there are some other striking similarities, but there are also some differences.

Perhaps, one of the most notable ones is that the DCS334P1 comes with a battery. That’s a significant upgrade since that usually means extra costs on your behalf. Of course, this jigsaw is considerably bulkier, which may add to the stability of the unit.

Other than that, you get the standard top-notch keyless blade clamp and shoe bevel. Also, you can adjust your knife speed from 0 to 3,200 SPM for optimal versatility. If you plan on using the gadget for heavy-duty cuts, you can use one of the four orbital settings for aggressive cuts.

Also, don’t worry about the durability of this jigsaw. The brushless design will ensure long motor life and extended runtime. Also, let’s not forget about the flexible air blower and LED light. They can be handy in certain situations. Most of all, they really work.

Arguably, the experts at DEWALT have taken their time to perfect this machine. The proof is the removable shoe cover that helps protect the surface from scratches. That’s how you know the manufacturer cares about its customers.



  • Durable and Powerful Machine

Even if it’s a cordless jigsaw, this tool manages to deliver efficient performance for longer runtime. Perhaps, the brushless design on the DCS334P1 will ensure extended motor life.

  • Versatile

There’s a lot to say about this item’s versatility. Perhaps, you get a convenient set of bright LED light and an air blower for perfect results. Moreover, you can easily switch between batteries when your current one runs out of energy. Just like its cousin, this model is compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX batteries and chargers.

  • Lever-action Blade Clamp

Luckily, you’ll get the updated all-metal tool-free blade clamp. Just pull the lever, and you’ll be able to change your T-shank blades.

  • Keyless Shoe Bevel

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the keyless shoe bevel. You can adjust the angle to a definite stop of 45 degrees. That way, you’ll surely cut through anything.

  • Comes with a Lithium-ion Battery

Unlike the DCS331B model, this one comes with a lithium-ion battery in the package. That’s a considerable advantage since you won’t have to pay extra money on a battery. Still, you may have to get a charger for it, though.


  • Heavy

At first, it may look like some kind of mistake, but this tool weighs the whopping 11 pounds. That’s considerably higher than any other cordless tool. Perhaps, even its fellow DEWALT models weigh 6 pounds at most.


2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS334B)

Arguably, DEWALT has been dominating the power tool market for quite some time. Recently, they released their brushless version of the DSC334 jigsaw. It offers everything you needed and much more. Three orbital settings make this cordless machine suitable for all types of materials.

First, the DCS334B comes with a variable-speed dial. You can find it on top of the handle for easy reach with one hand. When it comes to accuracy, you won’t have the chance to use a cutline indicator. Still, looking at the blade itself will do the trick. Luckily, you can easily see the knife without exposing yourself to danger.

One of the bad things on this jigsaw is that it has no AC port. Worst of all, this DEWALT jigsaw doesn’t have a lock-on switch either. Of course, it’s not a breaker, but most high-end models have these features.

In terms of ergonomics, DEWALT performs well with a curved design with rubber over-mold. Perhaps, this jigsaw’s handles are just as comfortable as its most recent counterparts. There are a few switches that you can use, including a rocker switch, a one-finger variable-speed trigger, and speed adjustment.

Also, the 6 pounds on this jigsaw with a 5.0 Ah battery aren’t too much compared to other models. Let’s not forget the tool is cordless. Still, it manages to showcase a blade speed of 3200 SPM. What’s more, the lower rates will give out barely significant vibration. What’s more, the DEWALT moves the entire blade mechanism, stabilizing your cut additionally.



  • Cordless

Perhaps, the cordless configuration on this tool makes it quite portable. You can safely use it with a 5.0 Ah battery without worrying about a power source.

  • Tool-free Blade Changes And Bevel Adjustment

Similar to most high-end jigsaw pieces, this one has an all-metal quick and easy lever-action blade clamp. This tool-free feature is suitable for T-shank knives. Moreover, you can adjust the angle at either 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

  • Durable and Comfortable Build

As expected, DEWALT delivers a high-quality construction with decent ergonomics. The unit comes with a few handy amenities like LED light and a removable shoe cover. If you want to keep your worksite clean, you can use the integrated air compressor.

  • Low Vibration at Low Speeds

While you can’t expect much from a jigsaw unit, the DCS334B is surprisingly accurate. What’s more, you will barely get any vibrations at its lows. Therefore, you can safely make intricate cuts and still get amazing results.


  • A Bit Pricy

While it’s not the most pricy unit on the market, this jigsaw is still in the top half of the list. Therefore, it may not be suitable for beginners or professionals looking for bargains.

  • Not That Powerful

Arguably, this jigsaw shows formidable power with its 20-Volt output and 3,200 of SPM. Still, you may want to pick up the barrel grip version for a more accurate and more robust platform. If you’re up for some heavy-duty work, you’d better rely on a corded version.

  • Missing Essential Features

Perhaps, this seems a little unexpected, but DEWALT may have omitted some essential features from their jigsaw. The most crucial is an AC port and a lock-on button. While they don’t make or break the model, their absence can be quite annoying, especially for this price.

3. Bosch JS572EBK Jig Saw Kit


The Bosch JS572EBK is an updated version of the popular and loved Bosch JS470EB and is considered the best jigsaw in its segment.

This jigsaw requires a 120V power sources and features a 7.2 Amp motor. The saw weighs only 4.9lbs and is easy to carry.The Bosch JS572EBK features the Precision Control II Double-Roller System which places an additional roller to add some lateral stability to the blade which enables it to cut tighter curves with a perpendicular face.


The Bosch JS572EBK is of good quality as well as durable. Bosch tools are known to be of a solid build and last a long time. The footplate of this jigsaw is made of Die-cast Magnesium which provides a strong and stable base. In fact, even the 13-inch power cord is made of high-quality rubber.

Dust Collector

This jigsaw comes with a dust extraction kit that contains a dust shroud as well as a swiveling dust port. With both of these devices attached, the jigsaw efficiently collects the dust. However, the shroud doesn’t work when cutting bevels.


The Bosch JS572EBK jigsaw features a 7.2 Amp motor, which is the largest in its category. The power helps cut wood efficiently and make complicated tasks such as cutting bevels look easy.

LED Lights

This jigsaw features LED lights that switch on or off even if the motor or trigger aren’t engaged. This helps in low light areas.

Other Key Features

The Bosch JS572EBK features 4-orbital action settings which can easily handle both curved and trim cuts with the least amount of effort. It also features a constant response system that maintains the desired speed regardless of the resistance.

This jigsaw also a low-vibration design that ensures smooth operation and enhances accuracy.

It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.



All in all, the Bosch JS572EBK is a compact yet powerful that provides more stability to make precision cuts. This is a good choice for professionals given its ample power and durability.


cordless jigsaw which features a 3 Amp hour battery which helps increase productivity at the worksite. This is an excellent choice for DIY projects.

This jigsaw features enough power to cut through metal, as well as sheet and the adjustable features, allow versatile uses. The blade is easy to change as it features a keyless blade change.

Speed and Power


The Dewalt DCS331B comes with a 0-3000 SPM power which can cut through materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, etc. The jigsaw features a trigger that controls the speed on its handle. By pressing the trigger hard, the speed and performance will increase.

4 Position Orbital Settings

The four precision orbital settings on the Dewalt DCS331B allow you to make various as well as quality cuts.

This jigsaw enables orbital drives that help in making curve cuts.

Versatile Use

The Dewalt DCS331B features a keyless shoe bevel which has dents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees which makes locking and unlocking easier. The ability to be used on different materials and ake various cuts makes it versatile to use.


The cordless feature makes the jigsaw more accessible as there is no need for a continuous supply of power. The anti-slip grip is comfortable to hold, and the dust blower is a useful feature as well.

It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.

All in all, the Dewalt DCS331B іѕ a good choice for соntrасtоrѕ that cut and install various mаtеrіаlѕ such as flooring іnѕtаllеrѕ, remodelers, kitchen fitters, fіnіѕh саrреntеrѕ, аnd furnіturе mаkеrѕ. This is also a good choice for DIYers.

5. Bosch JS470EB

If you’re familiar with power tools, you’ll know why Bosch is one of the best in the category. Perhaps, the JS470E jigsaw isn’t far from the truth. Bosch has managed to pull off a top-notch machine with smooth and accurate operation. What’s more, there are some fantastic features that you’ll find handy.

Arguably, the most notable feature of this tool is the tool-free blade change system. As the manufacturer claims, you won’t find it hard ejecting the blade. Ultimately, you’ll eliminate the need to touch the burning hot saw blade.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the four orbital action tool settings. They will allow you to find the balance between speed and precision. As a result, you’ll be able to preset the jigsaw’s work, depending on the material.

When it comes to accuracy, the JS470E is clearly one of the best in the game. This 7-Amp variable-speed unit can cut through nearly everything. You can work with wood, steel, and many other materials. For example, you can easily cut 6-inch thick wood and a little less than a ½ inch steel.



  • Tool-free Blade Release

Needless to say, this jigsaw features a very convenient tool-less blade ejection lever. With it, you’ll never have to touch hot blades again. Just pull the bar when it’s time for a blade change, and you’re ready to go.

  • Durable and High-quality Build

As you can imagine, Bosch rarely disappoints when it comes to quality. The JS470E features a robust cast-aluminum footplate. Moreover, it has a steel insert and on-board bevel wrench.  The multidirectional blade clamp on the machine delivers a firm grip of T-shank blades. Overall, the industrial design on this jigsaw is sturdy enough to withstand the harshest conditions.

  • Precise and Accurate

When you start this machine, you’ll be amazed at its low level of vibration. This jigsaw is clearly the epitome of accuracy and smooth operation. The power tool has a Constant Response Circuitry that will ensure you get consistent cuts. What’s more, it comes with an ambidextrous lock-on switch ideal for prolonged use. There’s a small air hose that will help you keep your worksite clean for optimal precision.

  • Powerful Output

If you’re looking for power, JS470E has it all. The jigsaw comes with a whopping 7-Amp motor. Furthermore, the no-load SMP ranges from 500 to 3,100. It has up to 60 Hz and cutting properties on the wood of up to 5-7/8 inches. If you need to cut metals, you can cut up to 7/8-inch thick aluminum and 3/8-inch thick mild steel.

  • Orbital-action Settings and Bevel Cuts

Arguably, the power on this tool would be of no use without the orbital-action settings. You can choose between four levels for either smooth or aggressive cuts. If you need to make bevel cuts, you can bend the jigsaw to up to 45 degrees on both sides.


  • Not Really for Beginners

Even though Bosch claims their unit to be suitable for beginners, many customers don’t think so. While this jigsaw is easy to use, it’s still not the best option for enthusiasts who are just starting.

  • Somewhat Pricier than Other Models

As you can expect, Bosch and DEWALT are regular winners in the category for the highest price. If you’re up for a deal, the JS470E won’t fit your pocket.

  • Doesn’t Have a Locking Option at Slow Speeds

Unfortunately, the lock-on button on this machine doesn’t work at low speeds. While this may not be quite a disadvantage, it can be annoying, especially when you’re doing precision work.

6. Makita 4351FCT

The Makita 4351  features a design and technology that provides high accuracy, versatility, and control.

The corded jigsaw comes with an industrial-strength 6.3 Amp motor which effortlessly cuts through all sorts of materials.

This jigsaw comes with a tool-less blade change system and features a die-cast aluminum base. The ergonomic design helps make precise cuts.

3 Position Orbital Settings

The Makita 4351FCT features three orbital settings for precision while cutting which makes handling curves and trims an easy job. The soft-start feature makes startups smoother.

Electronic Speed Control

This jigsaw features a variable speed control of 800-2,800 is engineered to maintain consistent speeds throughout the process of cutting, regardless of the resistance it faces. So, the results are superior.

Low Vibration and Noise

The Makita 4351FCT jigsaw makes 40% lower noise as well as vibrations than comparative models which helps make straight and precise cuts.

Ergonomic Design

This jigsaw features an ergonomic design and a rubberized barrel-grip which provides you with precision cutting and extra maneuverability while handling tight curves.

It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.



Makita 4351FCT jigsaw is a precise cutting tool that features a powerful 6.3 Amp motor which makes cutting through materials such as wood, board, granite, etc. easy. This device is an excellent choice for professionals and DIYers.

7. Bosch JS365 Jigsaw

top-handle jigsaw powered by a 6.5 Amp motor for light to medium work.

The jigsaw features the speed range of 500 to 3,100 SPM and comes with a speed adjusting dial.The jigsaw features a precision-machined mechanism which enhances the accuracy and smoothens the operation. The ergonomic top handle is easy to grip, and the two-finger trigger provides comfortable and versatile use.

Variable Speed

Adjusted with speed dial, the Bosch JS365 jigsaw has a variable speed setting with a range of 500 to 3,100 SPM which offers increased flexibility and makes cutting through different surfaces easier.

4 Position Orbital Settings

The Bosch JS365 jigsaw enables orbital as well as straight cutting options useful when cutting through various materials. Cutting curves of the desired radius is easier with this setting.

Design and Dust Blower

This jigsaw designed to be user-friendly and features a top handle with a two-finger trigger and a lock on the bottom or steady and log cuts. The adjustable dust blower helps cut clear lines.

Fast Blade Change

The Bosch JS365 jigsaw comes with a multi-directional blade clamp which allows a superior grip to the T-shank blades. The tool-less blade change system enables quick removal and installation of blades.It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.



All in all, the Bosch JS365  jigsaw is a good choice for DIY hobbyists or someone who needs a tool for light to heavy-duty jobs. The jigsaw is low on vibrations and high on precision.


high-quality and high-performance jigsaw.

The cordless jigsaw has a good design and can cut cleanly through metal, wood, or pipe without any problems.This beautifully designed jigsaw runs on a Lithium-ion battery and features a variable speed trigger which provides clean cuts and delivers as much power as required.


The Porter-cable PCC650B jigsaw comes with a 20-Volt Lithium-ion battery with a 0-2,500 variable cutting speed which provides more precision and control while cutting. The lock-off safety button prevents the saw from cutting when depressed.


Ergonomic Designed

The jigsaw is designed ergonomically and is light in weight and very well balanced for easy and efficient use.

Tool-free Blade Change System

This jigsaw features a tool-free blade change system which makes ejecting and inserting a blade easier.

3 Orbital Speed Settings

The three orbital speed settings on the Porter-cable PCC650B makes it easier to cut in various shapes and materials.It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.

All in all, the Porter-cable PCE345 jigsaw is a versatile one and an excellent choice for those looking for a light-duty cordless solution.

9. Makita 4329K Jig Saw

The Makita 4329K is a top-handle jigsaw powered by a 3.9 Amp motor for light work.

The jigsaw features the speed range of 500 to 3,100 SPM and comes with a speed adjusting dial.The three orbital action setting helps deal with different materials and features an ergonomically-designed rubber grip for the comfort of the user.

 Variable Speed

Adjusted with a speed dial, the Makita 4329K jigsaw has six-speed settings with a speed range of 500 to 3,100 SPM which offers the users a lot of flexibility and makes cutting through a lot of surfaces easier.

3 Position Orbital Settings

The Matika 4329K jigsaw enables straight as well as orbital cutting options to choose from which are small, medium, and large. This feature is useful when cutting through various materials.

Bevel Cuts

This jigsaw is capable of making bevel cuts between 0 to 45 degrees and has positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees. For adjustments, a hex wrench is provided as well.

Low Vibrations

The Matika 4329K features a rubberized grip that has been designed ergonomically which added to the counterweight balancing system reduces the vibrations as well as fatigue for enhanced precision.It is always important to weigh a product’s the pros against the cons to make an informed decision about your purchase.

jig saw

All in all, the Matika 4329K jigsaw is a good choice for DIY hobbyists or someone who doesn’t need it for heavy-duty jobs. This top-handle jigsaw makes easy bevel cuts and features a sturdy die-cast aluminum base.

10. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

The Porter-cable PCE345 is a high-performance as well as a high-quality jigsaw.

The corded jigsaw features good design and is sturdy and durable. This tool provides versatility and clean cuts.This sturdy jigsaw is made to withstand a light as well as industrial use. The oversized front and the top handle improve the grip strength while reducing the fatigue for prolonged use.


The Porter-cable PCE345 features a 6 Amp motor with a 0-3,200 cutting speed which is variable and provides more control and precision while cutting. The harder the trigger on the handle is pressed, the faster the cutting speed is.

LED Lights

The jigsaw comes with built-in LED lights that illuminate the workspace in low light conditions providing precision cutting as well as more efficient.

4 Bevel Angles

The Porter-cable PCE345 jigsaw comes with four bevel adjustment angles, that is, 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° which provides more range to DIYers.

4 Orbital Speed Settings

The four position orbital speed settings on the Porter-cable PCE345 allows making various quality cuts. This jigsaw features orbital drive that helps in making curve cuts.



All in all, the Porter-cable PCE345 jigsaw is a versatile and high-performance tool which a good option for those looking for a tool for personal or for some heavy-duty work as well.

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