Best Knife Sharpener

So here’s a brief buyer’s guide before we present you the best knife sharpeners on the market

Dull knives have always been the trickiest item to have in every kitchen. Over time, they become dangerous and can quickly slip and injure their user. That’s why many people resort to using knife sharpeners. These compact widgets often solve most if not all problems in the kitchen. They ensure you get the most out of your knives by sharpening them and keeping them ready for work. Ultimately, you get your job done a lot more efficiently and safely.

Indeed, having a knife sharpener at home can significantly improve your cutting and chopping experience. However, these machines come in a wide range of types, sizes, prices, and brand models. That’s why having some basic knowledge is crucial before you order the first knife sharpener you see. The goal is to find the best knife sharpener for your needs without wasting time, effort, and money.

For this reason, you should make your choice carefully. Always look to strike a balance between price and value, as that’s what will serve you in the long run.

Best Knife Sharpeners List

Best Overall

Chef’s Choice 130

“If you’re looking for an all-rounder, the Chef’s Choice 130 knife sharpener will deliver everything you’ve ever needed.”

If you’re looking for a full-blown knife sharpener for your kitchen countertop, the Chef’s Choice M130 will do wonders. The 3-stage sharpening system is a high-end solution for dull knives of all types. This unit can bring back the glory of straight-edged, serrated, Asian-style, and even pocket knives.

Typically, the first stage has 100% diamond abrasives suitable for regrinding very dull knives. You don’t need to have any extra skills to sharpen your blade.

The second and third stages come with honing steel and stropping discs that will make your knife razor-sharp. After you’ve finished the procedure, you’ll safely use your tool for quite some time.


Best Knife Sharpener


Apart from the high-end abrasives, the model comes with a broad and sturdy platform. This knife sharpener’s draw-through style is quick and easy to use, barely making any noise. The built-in precision angle guides will ensure you eliminate any guesswork for optimal sharpening. Moreover, the tool’s compact size relieves you of the duty of constantly keeping it around. It can easily be stored away and retrieved when needed. Even if the M130 fails, its 3-year limited warranty will guarantee the unit’s longevity.


Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

“The Trizor XV EdgeSelect will return even the dullest knives to life with its razor-sharp precision of edge sharpening.”

Another high-end 3-stage knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice is the 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect. The difference here is this machine’s ability to transform any angle blade into a 15-degree edge. So while the first step applies to the angle at 25 degrees, the second stage exercises a 22-degree tip and the third one – a 15-degree angle.

In other words, this unit will ensure your knives remain razor-sharp for a long time. What’s more, it maintains an even angle throughout all stages, making the item quick and easy to use. Apart from the 3-stage system, the model features flexible abrasives and spring guides to optimize the precision during honing.


Best Knife Sharpener


Of course, let’s not forget this tool’s size. While it’s relatively bulkier than other models, it’s still suitable for most kitchen countertops. Besides, its 5 pounds of weight will quickly compensate for the larger storage space the Trizor XV takes. If there’s ever any issue with the item, you can make use of the 3-year limited warranty. Either way, you’ll have an effortless experience with a wide range of blades.

Best Value

Presto 08810 

“If you’re looking to get value for your bucks, the Presto 08810 will meet expectations at a reasonable price.”

If there’s something that can make the Presto 08810 stand out from its predecessor, the 08800, it’s the stages. The newer version has a lot more to show than a standard 3-stage sharpening system. The best thing about it is that it has everything you’ll ever need at the perfect price.

Perhaps, the most significant advantage here is the interchangeable blade guides that allow for different angles. Of course, this unit may not be ideal for hunting or Japanese-style blades, but it’s still perfect for kitchen and serrated knives. The quiet motor is undoubtedly a level-up from the previous model. The best thing is that even a novice will achieve satisfactory results with this machine.

Best Knife Sharpener

If you ever think about storing it away, the Presto 08810 will fit in almost any kitchen cabinet. It measures 12 x 5 x 4 inches and weighs merely 5.1 pounds. These features make it compact and portable enough to keep on the countertop, too. Overall, this model is the ideal choice for low to mid-level sharpening and cutlery.

Best Beginner’s

Presto EverSharp

“Thanks to the Presto EverSharp, even the beginners can make their kitchen knives cut like brand new again.”

Perhaps, you’re a first-time buyer of such a product. But, if you’re a newbie using knife sharpeners, the Presto EverSharp is a good starting point.This 2-stage system is unpretentious and will quickly do its job. It’s suitable for most non-serrated edges and has handy guides to help you position your knife.

The unit’s first stage employs sapphire grinding wheels to provide high-quality results with an immediately noticeable difference.Unlike many high-end models, this one is quite affordable but will still meet your expectations. Just make a couple of runs through the sharpener to make your blade brand new again.


Best Knife Sharpener

As expected, the unit can be a bit louder than other models. Still, the quick results and bargain price will make up for it. Besides, its compact size and weight of mere 2.85 pounds make it one of the most portable market models. You get all this with a 1-year limited warranty that will guarantee you’re buying a flawless item from the shop.

Best Budget Pick

KitchenIQ Edge Grip

“The KitchenIQ Edge Grip will deliver high-quality sharpening service barely costing you any money at all.”

If you’re looking for the cheapest unit on the market, the KitchenIQ Edge Grip will undoubtedly fall into the category. Indeed, this model is the best you can get for just under ten bucks. Best of all, it will make your dull knives pretty sharp.

Put your tool through the carbide-blade coarse setting. Then, you can polish your knife using ceramic rods. The non-slip base will ensure the knife sharpener doesn’t move during the honing for easy control.

Best Knife Sharpener

Perhaps, the most significant advantage of this widget is its compact size. The dimensions of 4.34 x 2.09 x 5.93 inches make the KitchenIQ Edge Grip ideal for any kitchen. Besides, 0.5-ounce weight makes it effortless to transport.

How to Buy a Knife Sharpener

Buying a knife sharpener isn’t as easy as it may look. There are plenty of brands and product lines of different styles, purposes, and sizes. Unfortunately, the abundance of options makes the process of choosing such an item quite daunting. Therefore, we’ve outlined the essential aspects to consider when buying a knife sharpener.

Manual or Electric Knife Sharpener

Undoubtedly, the most crucial factor to consider when buying such a machine is its working mechanism. Depending on your expectations and preferences, you may want to buy a manual or electric unit.

While both types work similarly, the electrically-powered ones will make the entire process effortless. What’s more, electric knife sharpeners will produce much more reliable results. The only disadvantage is that these machines are far more expensive. Therefore, you should carefully set your budget and look for the best bang for your bucks.

Knife Sharpener Style

Another crucial factor is the style of the unit. The idea behind different models is to deliver optimal efficiency and meet the user’s expectations. But, of course, each model has its unique way of achieving the task. That’s why it’s vital to choose the style that will best suit your needs.

Sharpening rods

Usually, sharpening rods are either ceramic or diamond. Such a tool can represent a handle with a single rod or two rods within a base. The main advantage of sharpening rods is that they are compact and portable. Moreover, they’re generally cheaper than other models on the market. However, they may work well only with already sharp blades. Thus, if you’re looking to sharpen an entirely dulled knife, a sharpening rod may not be the best solution.

How to Buy a Knife Sharpener


Honing steels

Much like sharpening rods, honing steels feature a handle with a long steel rod. The sharpening surface is usually smooth, ridged, or diamond coated. While the first type is flexible, it’s not efficient enough for high-quality sharpening. On the other hand, ridged and diamond-coated honing steels are more effective but still lack the power of pull-through units.

Pull-through sharpener

Arguably, pull-through sharpeners are the most common style you’ll find on the market. The reason behind this is the clear advantage they offer in terms of honing and polishing capabilities. On top of that, they’re easy to use and deliver fast results.

Typically, conventional models of this style utilize two-angled pieces of metal. They work by simply pulling the blade across the meeting point. In this regard, many modern models have implemented rotating wheels instead of metal pieces. As a result, this innovation dramatically increases the sharpening precision. The user-friendly mechanism involves going through the different stages until the tool polishes the blade accordingly.

Belt knife sharpener

The main downside of V-shaped sharpeners is the lack of control over the grits you can use. You can quickly fix this problem with the belt knife sharpener. It allows for a quick swap of belts with the grit of choice. The best thing about grit belts is that they’re cheap to replace. Ultimately, you can exert higher control with a belt grinder without spending a fortune on maintenance.

Number of sharpening stages

Perhaps, the first feature you’ll notice in an electric knife sharpener is the number of sharpening stages. While most inexpensive models have at least 2 of them, more high-end ones can have 3-stage sharpening systems. Typically, more stages mean superiorblade polishing and honing, ensuring the best results when refining knife sharpness.

Still, a 2-stage model is efficient enough for regular sharpening. If you have serrated knives or just looking for more refined polishing, a 3-stage system will do wonders. Just make sure each stage has left and right slots. The guides in them will guarantee precision angle sharpening for optimal results.

How to Buy a Knife Sharpener


Sharpening angle

Another important consideration is the angle at which the unit can sharpen knives. Typically, different types of blades come with unique bevel angles. For example, European-style products have a 20-degree bevel angle while Japanese-style models have 15-degree sides.

In other words, a 20-degree sharpening angle on a sharpener will only work for standard European-style knives. You should apply the same logic for Japanese Santoku models. That’s why it’s crucial to check whether your knife’s bevel angle matches the sharpening angle of the electric knife sharpener.

Luckily, there are lots of knife sharpeners that come with adjustable angles. This feature allows the use of different types of blades without limiting the machine’s capabilities.

Sharpening abrasives

As you can expect, there’s a wide range of abrasives that brands use in their products. However, depending on their quality and durability, you may distinguish between three primary abrasive materials – diamonds, ceramic, and sapphire.

Diamond abrasives

This material is the hardest naturally occurring material and is easily the best at removing metal fast. The downside of diamonds is that they’re expensive. Still, they’re the perfect solution for coarse to medium-fine grinding and quick blade sharpening. Diamonds are also ideal for ceramic knives, making the abrasive common in the first two stages of most high-quality units.

Ceramic abrasives

The main advantage of ceramics is that they are more rigid than steel. Therefore, these abrasives make ideal use in the final third stage of polishing and honing.

Sapphire abrasives

Sapphire is another hard substance that works efficiently for sharpening knives. While it’s not that common as other materials, sapphire is a common alternative to ceramics. Arguably, it’s one of the abrasives that remove steel fast and efficiently.

Best Knife Sharpener


Depending on your needs and preferences, portability may also play a significant role in your choice. Usually, you’ll find two types of knife sharpeners – countertop and handheld. While most multi-stage models are countertop, some are pretty portable. Still, they’re generally bulkier and are suitable for static use in the kitchen.

On the other hand, portable electric knife sharpeners allow for freedom of direction and movement. Their main advantage is that you can use them both on a flat surface, too. Moreover, they’re a perfect match for any place you can think of – the garage, garden, or backyard.


Surprisingly, many people tend to neglect this part of the deal. When you’re looking for quality, the warranty will always give you a sign if a product is worth it. In the case of knife sharpeners, the most common warranty period is one year.

Luckily, some more high-end models come with more than the standard one-year warranty. This option is significantly indicative of the difference in quality. Therefore, it’s likely a good sign if a knife sharpener has more than a year of life guaranteed.

Price and value

Finally, you should make sure you’re not wasting your money. Of course, everybody wants to purchase the model that gives the best bang for the bucks, so buying an expensive model isn’t very budget-friendly. Moreover, paying cash for some features you don’t need in the first place isn’t a good idea either.

The Verdict for Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Choosing the perfect knife sharpener is a difficult task, especially if you do not know all the ins and outs of these products. But when you learn some of the basics, you’ll quickly see what will work best for your needs. Of course, your available budget can significantly determine the quality of your purchase. Still, some picks won’t cost you a fortune.

For example, the Presto 08810 is one of the knife sharpeners that will hold value for the money you spend. The unit will deliver a decent level of cutlery with a 3-stage system at an affordable price for the average homeowner. If you’re a newbie, the Presto EverSharp will do the trick until you gain some experience in knife sharpening.

Still, you’d come to the point that it’s the best or nothing for your knives. In such cases, you may want to choose between Chef’s Choice 130 or 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect. While there’s barely any difference between these two models, both knife sharpeners have their unique features. Either way, you’d want to find the balance between budget, preferences, and needs. That way, you’ll get a product you’ll use for years to come.

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