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Best Laser levels use a focus beam of light aka laser that is released from a device called a diode. The diodes are known as LEDs and are found in many devices we use in our household’s today such as clocks, infrared thermometers or even remote controls.

When choosing a leveling tool for your next project, make sure to give a line laser a try. They are handy whether you work for construction or are looking for a fun DIY project. Best  Laser levels have existed conceptually since the ‘70’s but the line level and original spinning mirror design was first patented in the late 1980’s. The Best laser line level manufactured today was patented in the late 1990’s.

Before we get into how a laser works, we should have a look at what the acronym stands for i.e. Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This essentially means that when certain electrons are stimulated they give off light. Mirrors or prisms collect this light and concentrate it in one direction which is referred to as a laser beam.

Laser levels add accuracy

Laser levels add accuracy to your work by leveling objects horizontally and vertically. They emit a beam of light that serves as a visual aid when you require a straight and level reference point. The size of the diode determines the size of the beam of light. A smaller beam of light is more precise while a wider beam could be located anywhere within the circumference of the beam.

When they were initially manufactured they were only used indoors as the light was not bright enough to be seen outdoors. Now the laser levels are powerful enough to be used indoors and outdoors. Most lasers emit a red light but now some manufacturers give the option of green beams as well that are up to 400 percent brighter than the red ones, making them more visible for indoor applications. However, because it requires more power, the battery runs out much faster and red lasers are more reliable over a range of temperatures.

Laser levels use low intensity diodes which are powered through rechargeable batteries. Since laser can be harmful for the eyes, it is advisable to wear safety goggles and to not direct the light of the laser level at another person.(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the finish and brad nailers ).

Uses of  Best Laser Levels

Best Laser levels can be used for large scale industrial projects or even home based ones.

A point-type laser level can come in handy to lay out light fixture locations. It makes it easy to measure and the laser can then be used to transfer them to the ceiling. This is especially handy for sloped ceilings.

Even remodeling projects require square lay out lines. This is where a laser level square is convenient. This laser can be used to create perpendicular lines which create an efficient lay out with utmost precision. It’s also great for actually setting the tile.

Almost all laser levels have a threaded hole at the bottom which is meant for a standard tripod mount. In case your laser level doesn’t come with one you should buy it because it helps adjust the laser to the optimum height.

Best Laser levels can project plumb lines and once you have located studs and marked the locations, it is very easy to align the vertical beam and install any cabinets and shelves you need in your kitchen. With a laser you can project a wall beam and build walls in to existing spaces. All you need to do is line up the laser where your wall should be and it’ll create lines on the ceiling and the floor. It is also easy to locate the high or low spots in a floor using a laser level.

Best Laser levels have been used for a long time on construction sites but now their uses have increased with instruments that define plum, level and square reference points and can also be used to establish horizontal and vertical planes. The narrow beam used in lasers does carry some risk but as with all electrical appliances there are pros and cons.

Advantages of Best Laser Levels

  • Laser measure accurately sure to the beam.
  • Measurements are marked twice as fast as usual.
  • They have a wide range of application and the most basic one’s have horizontal and vertical direction projections.
  • Are easy to use.
  • Can projects on multiple walls.
  • Provides hand free leveling.

Below is a list of just some of our favorite choices:

1.Bosch GLL 55 LaserBest Overall-Visibility
2. DEWALT DW088K Best Commercial
3.Johnson Level and Tool 40-0912 Laser Level Best Budget
4.Black & Decker BDL190SBest Point Line
5.Tacklife SC-L01Runner Up, Best Overall
6.Bosch GLL 1PBest 360-Degree
7.STANLEY STHT77340Best for DIY
8.Hammerhead HLCL01Best for DIY
9.SKIL MT 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line LaserBest Value for money
10. Craftsman 2-beam9-48250Best Budget
11.Ryobi ELL1002for DIY project
12.Stanley STHT77148 Manual Wall LaserBest Value for money
 13. Black & Decker BDL220Sfor DIY project
14. MICMI A80Best Budget

Best Overall – Visibility

1. Bosch GLL 55 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser

Design & Build

The Bosch’s Visimax technology allows it to have maximum line visibility in a standard working condition. Its laser set up is easy and can project vertical, horizontal and cross lines with an accuracy of +/- 1.8 inch at 33 feet. Its range can extend up to 50 feet.

This is a Class II A laser product with less than 1 mW power output. Bosch’s smart pendulum system allows the tools to self-level and also indicate an out of level condition. The laser transport is secure and once it is switched off, the pendulum locks. The set includes a magnetic mounting bracket, a laser target plate  and one hard carry case.


Uses & Capabilities

The Bosch is designed to survive tough site conditions, and is designed for water and dust protection. The magnetic L mount had strong magnets to attach it to steel studs and it comes with a free standing mode with retractable feet which make it easy to use.

The VisiMax technology gives off maximum light in job conditions and creates very visible lines while protecting the diode from overheating. Its professional cross liner can project lines together and even independently.

Its manual mode allows the cross-line to lock making it possible to use it at any angle. Such benefits allow the users to be productive and efficient as it increases their precision. Get ready to work smarter.

Additional Features

The Bosch’s smart pendulum system self-levels and also indicates out of level positions so that the layout is precise. It also locks the laser post usage so that it can be transported securely. The magnetic L mound has magnets that can attach to steel studs and can be attached to a free-standing mode.

The covering case adds to its protection and mobility. Its keypad operation also allows you to select different layout modes.

Best Commercial

2. read Full review  DEWALT DW088K 

Best Budget

3. Johnson Level and Tool 40-0912


Design & Build

The Johnson is a self-leveling cross line laser that is multipurpose. It consists of horizontal and vertical lines. The unit includes a laser, three AAA alkaline batteries, a carrying case and a manual with a one year warranty.

This Class III A laser has a maximum power output of up to 5 mW with an accuracy of +/- 0.6 mm/m with up to +/ – 6 degrees and an interior range of up to 100 feet (up to 30m) depending on light situations, making it perfect for DIY projects at home as well as construction projects. Its visual out of level indicator enables the user to identify mistakes in planning beforehand. The locking mechanism also protects the pendulum during transportation, making it convenient to carry.

Uses & Capabilities

It is rightfully one of the bestselling lasers of the Johnson line due to its attractive features as well as usability. Its 360 degrees graduated base allows users to maneuver it on any angle required. It has a self-leveling indicator and the visual and audible indicator preempt any errors in planning. Its mount type is tripod and can apply to any tripod in the market.

Its on/off switch works to switch the laser beam on and off as well as to lock and release the inner pendulum. This provides ease of use and transportation. If you are a DIY fanatic, or a contractor looking for a reasonably priced laser set up – this is an idea choice. Although it does not have all the accessories that elaborate lasers have – it is a handy tool that can fit many purposes.


Additional Features

The 3 year warranty makes it more competitive compared to contemporaries. It has a 12 hour battery life which is ideal for a full working day. It is compact with a single dial on the side which makes it user friendly. The cross laser line is operated with the pendulum that swings and projects a cross line (X and Y).

Best Point Line

4. Black & Decker BDL190S

Design & Build

The BDL190S is an auto-leveling line laser with a stud sensor. It is a Class 3R laser with a power output of up to 5 mW and is used for test and measurement levels. It has a fan angle of 40 degrees and can project up to 20 feet making it ideal for household based projects indoors.

Its integrated laser level will help with operability and is perfect for hanging a picture or a new shelf on the wall. Its built in laser level is auto-aligned for five seconds.

Uses & Capabilities

This Chinese manufactured product can detect wood, metal stuffs and live A/C wires. Its easy to read LCD display make it perfect to measure and identify locations and will let you know when a stud is detected. Although it does not have many of the basic features that other laser levels possess, because of its added ability to identify studs and wires – it offers multiple tools in one.

Additional Features

Its patented auto-level technology helps self-correct measurement issues. It also comes with special felt strips that work as well as a strap on Velcro and help leveling the lasers.

Runner Up, Best Overall

5. Tacklife SC-L01

The SC L01 comes with a carrying case that provides a protective layer and makes it easy to transport. Its flexible mounting device also comes with a thread to add to versatility. This also allows it to be attached easily to any tripod (which does not come with this unit).

The Class II laser can create a power output of less than 1 mW output. Its working distance is up to 65 feet, almost twice as much as most of its competitors and has a compensation range of up to 4 degrees. Its working distance is 164 feet.

The package includes one cross laser level, one laser target card, one pivoting base.

Uses & Capabilities

Perfect for indoor usage, the SC-L01 is a multipurpose unit which also comes with a multifunction mode. It has a button which makes it easy to switch between cross line, horizontal and vertical modes and the  accuracy of up to +/- 1/13 inch at 33 feet and its smart pendulum system self-locks when not in use and can be transported easily also can self-level when within 4 degrees of a level and the lock line adjusts at any angle when you press the button for more than two seconds.

Again, a simple button press can help switch between three projection modes – horizontal, vertical and crossline.

Additional Features

The strong magnetic L mount can attach itself to any steel or studded surfaces and comes with mounts that can fit any tripod. The laser target card acts as a reference for positions and the nylon pouch protects the unit from any impact or scratching. This is further reinforced by the rubber on all sides which makes it shock and wear resistant.

The low battery alarm is perfect as it blinks only when the battery life is low.

It comes with a manual that makes it easy to understand and a 24 month warranty.

Best 360-Degree

6. Bosch GLL 1P

Design & Build

The GLL 1P is a single laser line which is easy to use over a multitude of applications. It is compact in size and can be used for horizontal, vertical and angular applications. Its easy grip handle comes with a battery compartment and the Class II A laser product has up to 1 mW power output.

The unit is inclusive of a mounting plate, an adhesive mounting strip, two thumb nail mounts and two AAA batteries.

The hand level comes with an aluminum base comes with a quick and easy alignment and leveling. It comes equipped with mounting accessories that adds versatility to its applications and can mount to walls or tripods with approximately 0.4 inch thread.

Uses & Capabilities

Its two built in bubble vials provides accurate leveling and can also be used as a spirit level. The Bosch has strong built in magnetic base which can be used on various angles. This laser level is ideal for short range jobs as it has a range point of up to 65 feet and has accuracy of up to +/3/16 inches at around 33 feet.

This laser technology allows users to be more productive and precise on the job. Its laser projection is equipped with a turning dial. Its portable design has manual leveling and the mount options allow it to be used on flat surfaces.

Additional Features

The Bosch comes equipped with line lasers, laser measures, point lasers, digital levels, optical levels and measuring tool accessories. Through these features, Bosch can offer a variety of applications – lesser time and more productivity is guaranteed.

The combination of the laser projection and the point laser increase the unit’s versatility in leveling as well as alignment application. Its built in vial and strong magnet make horizontal and vertical leveling easy.

Best for DIY


Design & Build

The STANLEY STHT77340 can project horizontal, vertical and cross lines and comes with a quick link bracket and mounting system. Its range accuracy is up to 50’ and has an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm/n. It can project up to 10 m with its Class 1 Laser and is suitable for most common leveling and alignment applications.Its 15 hour battery life makes it useful for a full working day and the locking pendulum can set angled lines, preventing damage to components.The bracket and mounting system is versatile and can be used for different mounting slots and can be clamped to multiple surfaces.

Uses & Capabilities

By projecting light to up to 50 feet, the laser projects more than most other lasers that are used for large scale projects. Not only does the beam project horizontal and vertical lines, it can also emit a side beam which can be used to create an extra line for precision on a side wall. In fact, the 90 degree line is perfect for tile or flooring installation and can be used to create partition walls.

Additional Features

The STANLEY STHT77340 comes with over-molded grips that increase the comfort and the control. It comes with different indicator lights than most other lasers as rather than just blinking when the beams aren’t leveled, the beams just disappear but the lock allows you to set the beams at angles without them going off.

The self-leveling pendulum sets the laser lines straight and can be level within three and a half seconds of setting up the tool, making it far quicker and consequently handier than a conventional bubble level. Its mount options makes it a better fit than most other laser levels because it allows you to adjust them to fit your requirement.

Best for DIY

8. Hammerhead HLCL01G01

Design & Build

The Hammerhead comes with one compact self-leveling cross line laser, one adjustable mounting clamp and two AA batteries. It can project bright lines horizontally, vertically and cross lines with an accuracy of 0.25 inches and at a range of up to 30 feet, which makes it perfect for household projects.

It can be used on level, plumb, or cross line levels and also comes with a self-leveling capability of up to four degrees. Its Class II laser product, has an output of less than 1 mW. The adjustable mounting clamp – Can be attached to a variety of surfaces and its batteries lifespan provide continual use for a full working day.

Uses & Capabilities

The Hammerhead can project bright lines that make it perfect for many handy projects around the house e.g. tile alignment, wall studding, doors, or even windows. In fact, its adjustable mount clamp makes it perfect for a variety of uses.

The LED indicator comes in handy to indicate any out-of-level positions. It indicates red when it’s positioned outside the self-leveling range. The unit is easy to carry as it is 1.6 pounds and measures 2.2 x 3 x 3.4 inches. In the manual mode, the laser can also project lines that aren’t plumb or level, increasing its versatility.

Additional Features

This is a great tool that can be used in a variety of situations and the manual that comes with it makes its standard use easier to understand. Its self-leveling makes it perfect to create lines without spending as much time having to do it.

Its internal pendulum can adjust a different of up to four degrees. Once you set up the laser, it takes approximately five seconds to set up. In case the laser is set up outside the four degree range, the LED light flashes repeatedly to draw attention to it.

The AA batteries give it up to 15 hours of working time and the tripod threading makes it perfect for many different types of tripods. Its three year warranty is longer than can be found in most laser line levels.

Best Value for the money

9. SKIL MT 8201

Design & Build

The Skil 8201-CL includes a laser, tripod, laser target, three AA batteries and a carrying case. It has four mode projections i.e. horizontal, vertical, laser cross-line and manual. The horizontal laser line has up to a 120 degree fan angle.

It also has a manual mode to account for versatility. Its automatic out of level sensing help with precision. Its cutting-edge features such as the self-leveling pendulum and level indicators makes it a quality product even though it excludes a swiveling mount.

Uses & Capabilities

The laser line level makes it easier than using a bubble level as it takes only up to three seconds to set straight lines. The laser beams and LED indicators flash red when the line is not level. It also has multiple settings for laser projections.

The laser can be set to project horizontal or vertical lines one at a time or even cross line lasers that incorporate both horizontal and vertical projections. It can also be set to angle lines which means that it can be tilted without setting off the indicators. For larger projects this comes in handy as the laser can be used to project on multiple corners as opposed to have to be moved around the whole room for accuracy.

The Skil is easy to use and it comes with a warranty making it a handy addition to your construction work.

Additional Features

The laser level projects accurately to a quarter inch at a distance of as much as 30 feet. This is enough to be handy for household jobs which require at most that much distance to measure with precision.

The base has a hole where the tripod can be attached and the buttons make it easy to set up laser beams. The tripod helps extend the height but cannot mount it at every angle. This can be tackled by purchasing another mount clamp to help rotate and support at different angles.

Its manual provides details for standard use and its user friendly no matter what the experience level.

10. Craftsman 2-beam9-48250

Design & Build

The Crafstman comes with an accuracy of up to +/- ¼ inches at up to 30 feet. Its actual capacity is up to 100 feet plus laser projection. The unit comes with a precision leveling base, laser enhancing glasses and a protective covering case making it easy to use and convenient to transport.

It is ideal for horizontal, vertical and cross beams and can be set up easily no matter what the location. Its bright single laser can be used for a variety of versatile applications, even angular ones. Its aluminum base comes with a hand level that makes it easy to level and align.

Uses & Capabilities

The 428250 is a laser with a great mounting base which comes with many layers of usability especially because it allows you to dial on to a specific height and can be attached to a wall or a tripod in a variety of ways, creating different angular possibilities and thus increasing the purposes it can serve.

If the unit is positioned within four degrees of level, it can self-level so you do not have to waste time trying to find the perfect level line. If the user levels the laser line it takes approximately five seconds for the laser to adjust itself. Its out of level indicator audibly corrects you in case there is a mistake leveling and the laser beam lines can be projected separately or together. It can project up to 110 degrees making it ideal for household projects.

The easy grip handle has an easy access to the battery compartment, plus the Craftsman warranty makes this an even better choice.

Additional Features

The beam is precise as you can use vertical, horizontal or simultaneous beams that can be used on one or more surfaces. It has easy to use soft touch which allows the laser beam to be changed and the integrated sound mechanism alerts when the user is out of level. The rubber over-molds make it easy to hold during usage.

Best for DIY project

11. Ryobi ELL1002

Design & Build

The Ryobi is an ideal unit for projects around the house. It has a vacuum suction since the AAA air compressor can seal walls without having to use any adhesives that harm the walls.

Its Air Grip laser can be attached to a wall and the beam can cut perfect perpendicular lines. With a projection capacity of 20 feet, it is ideal to set up shelving units around rooms as well as wall cabinets.

The laser can be mounted on a tripod which make it handy for a number of professional as well as home based projects.

Uses & Capabilities

With an accuracy of up to 1/8 of an inch up to 30 feet, you can use the Ryobi for indoor and outdoor projects. Its vacuum sealing miniature air compressor makes it perfect to attach to any smooth surfaces without damaging them. The laser can make the users work easier by properly positioning itself and with bubble levels, it helps measure any unit.

This compact device is ideal to use in case you are looking to renovate, looking to change your home’s interior decoration or are a general contractor starting off with small time projects. Its perpendicular lines make it perfect for angled shelving units or other wall hangings.

Additional Features

The Air Grip Compact line laser allows you to attach the level at any surface with a small vacuum and a suction cup. All you need is to place the level to a surface and then push a button on the tool. Once you do, the vacuum creates a hold on the wall and then projects a line. Once you turn the level off, it takes up to five seconds before it falls so ensure that you remove it from the surface post usage.

Best Budget

12. Stanley STHT77148

Design & Build

The Stanley is a manual wall laser that is great specifically for wall leveling during household jobs. This includes hanging paintings, preparing a shelving cabinet etc. It comes equipped with rubber vials that allow you to accurately draw horizontal and vertical lines for your installation needs. With its 360 degree rotating wall attachment, it is a handy unit that can measure up to a distance of 10 feet.

The unit includes a wall laser and two AA batteries. This is a Class II laser product with a power output of up to 1.5 mW.

Uses & Capabilities

This is a handy tool for any project that requires a leveling plane. Whether you need it for shelving and cabinets or to level floors, its projection works well and its wall mount allows you to focus on other tasks during installation.

Additional Features

With up to a two year warranty, the Stanley is a welcome addition to any toolbox. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, unlike many of its competitor products.

Best Budget

13. Black & Decker BDL220S

Design & Build

The BDL220S comes with a 360 degree rotating wall attachment, allowing user to project lasers at any angle. It includes two AA batteries and has two extra-large bubble vials for accuracy and precision as it has increased visibility. It is a class 3R laser with a power output of up to 5 mW.

Uses & Capabilities

This is an ideal unit for domestic use. The 360 degree rotation provide great angular precision and its compact size make it convenient for transportation.

Additional Features

The batteries are convenient to replace and in case you haven’t used the unit for a while, you

can always replace them with your TV controls batteries.

Best Budget

14. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Design & Build

The Qoolteck comes equipped with a laser light and an on/off power switch. The unit includes a screwdriver, a beam adjusted tool, a level laser and a backup battery (3 X AG 13 button cells). The Class III A laser operates at up to 3.5 mW power output and is accurate up to +/- 2 mm at 10 m and 25 m.

It comes equipped with an 8 foot measuring tape that has imperial and metric line measures and a graduation down to 1.32 inches and 1 mm. The unit can draw horizontal and vertical lines, and once it reaches either level the beam should not be adjusted.

Uses & Capabilities

The Qooltech has a three pronged approach, combining a tape measure, a triple positioned leveling bubble and a new laser level. It is ideal for many domestic projects such as hanging pictures, installing shelves, floor layering etc.

The tool is black in color and designed simply which makes it convenient to use and carry. The bottom has an aluminum base which adds to its sturdiness and the laser can measure accurately up to 20 feet away.

Additional Features

The Qooltech comes with 3 x AG 13 button cells battery to ensure maximum productivity. This unit is also perfect for any job that requires straight lines measurements.

Best Budget

15. MICMI A80

Design & Build

The MICMI is a laser with an on/off power switch. Its power output less than 0.5 mW. The package contains a level laser and 3 x AG 13 button cells. It can project light up to 10 feet and has an error up to +/- 2mm at 10m and 25 m.

The multipurpose laser tape 8 feet with standard and metric rules with a graduation down to 1/32 inches and 1mm. The laser level has great accuracy due to its multipronged measurements technology.

Uses & Capabilities

It has a three pronged approach which combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple positioned leveling bubble and a laser level to ensure fast results.

This multipurpose level is especially handy for hanging pictures, installing shelves, layering floors and hanging wall papers.

Additional Features

It comes equipped with additional batteries.

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