Best Makita Combo Kit

Makita is a brand that has made a name in the manufacture of the best combo kits as it has been in operation since 1915

This makes it one of the oldest power tool manufacturers. The company has a huge selection of units that are a great choice all. Besides, their tools balances performance, price and ergonomic, giving them an edge over the competition. Whether you are a DIY yourself enthusiast, a handyman or a general contractor, you can benefit from the Makita combo kit. This is because the kits contain most of the tools you will ever need.

Today, Makita boasts of over 100 cordless tools running on a highly efficient 18 V lithium-ion battery. Each Makita combo kit has been designed to complete a set of tasks. From the cordless combi drill sets to the strimmers, the tools have been designed to enhance your convenience and versatility. Whether you need a metal working or wood working power tool, Makita has something for you. And another thing that sets their tools apart is that they keep on improving them with the latest innovations and technology.

But with the wide range of combo kits from the Makita brand, you may end up confused on the right up to pick. Fortunately, we have created a list of the 10 best Makita combo kit for your consideration.


Makita CT320R 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 3-Pc. Combo Kit (2.0Ah)


best combo kit from Makita

Best Makita combo kits
Makita XT1501Best Overall
Makita XT613X1Best for contractor's 
Makita XT610Best for heavy duty jobs
Makita XT611PT Best Value for Money
Makita XT268T Best for repairmen 
Makita CX200RB Best for Electricians
Makita XT333X1 Best for professionals
Makita CX300RBBest for installers and handymen 
Makita XT255TBest for framing and drywall applications
Makita CT320R Best for DIYers

Best Overall

1. Makita XT1501 3.0Ah 18V LXT Combo Kit

If you are a professional searching for a versatile combo kit for driving, drilling, cutting, fastening and grinding, you should choose the Makita XT 1501 combo kit. This is the biggest combo kit from the company. It features a 18 V Lithium-ion battery that charges fast. The combo kit consist of a metal cutting saw with a speed of 3600 RPM, an impact wrench with a maximum torque of 325 ft lbs, and a half hammer driver-drill with a maximum torque of 480 in.lbs.

The combo kit also comes with a wide range of accessories such as a flashlight/lantern consisting of 3 L.E.D lighting modes, a four-position flashlight that comes with a Xenon bulb, and a radio cordless blower that enables cleanup after completing a job. The Makita xt 1501 also comes with four 18 V lithium-ion batteries and two chargers. The batteries are only 3ah but this shouldn’t be a problem with the angle grinder.

Makita XT1501 3.0Ah 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (15 Piece)


• Half speed hammer driver-drill
• 6.5” circular saw
• Impact driver(with variable speed)
• Impact wrench
Reciprocating saw
• Brushless 4.5” angle grinder
• 3/8” angle drill
• Drywall screwdriver
• 5 3/8” metal cutting saw
• Star protection computer control
• Rotary hammer(7/8″ SDS-PLUS)
• Flashlight/lantern
• Radio
• Warranty of 3 years

The Star protection computer control is another revolutionary feature from Makita that is meant to ensure top performance and an extended battery life. This technology protects tools equipped with it from overloading, overheating, and over-discharging.


• Compact
• Wide range of tools
• Sturdily-made
• Powerful


• Battery drains fast

This power tool kit with definitely serve you well for all your general works. The manufacturer would have made it better by including a nailer, job saw, or sander. But since it comes with two impacts, it will still serve you well. The tool is a proof that Makita is the leader when it comes to creating tools that balances power and weight. All in all, this is a great combo kit that is worth considering.

Best for contractor’s

2. Makita XT613X1 18V LXT Combo Kit

The Makita XT613X1 is another combo kit that has been made for the professional users who need a wide range of driving, fastening, cutting, and lighting applications. It comes with a 2-speed brushless drill-driver, impact driver, a 6.5-inch circular saw, flashlight, and a Bluetooth speaker. Included in the Makita combo kit are two 18 V batteries, a bag, and a charger. The kit features the Makita brushless motor, enabling the tool to deliver increased speed and power, longer run time, and durability.

The two speed brushless ½ driver-dill has a maximum speed of 500 RPM when on the first gear and a maximum speed of 1900 RPM on the second gear. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of fastening and drilling applications. The driver drill can produce a maximum torque of 440 inch pound. With a length of 6.5 inches, it allows you to set the speed and torque to meet your cutting needs. The drill has an ergonomic design weighing 3.6 pounds, making it a good choice for working for long hours.


• Brushless ½’’ driver-drill
• 6 ½ inch circular saw
• Impact driver
• Multi tool
• Bluetooth speaker
• Two batteries
• Flashlight

Best Makita Combo Kit

The kit comes with a powerful circular saw that delivers 5000 RPM, ensuring faster cutting. The saw has a bigger cutting capacity of 2.225 inches at an angle of 90 degrees. It features electric brakes and adjustable torque and cutting speed for an optimum performance. The saw has a magnesium blade and an aluminum blade, making it quite durable.

The kit also features a multitool that can be used for scraping, cutting, sanding, and grout removal. It comes with a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed to between 6,000 and 20,000 oscillation per minute. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of applications.

Besides, the tool features an adapter that fit many accessories, making it a good choice for use in plaster, wood, sheetrock, PVC, and much more. When the battery is low, the battery capacity warning will turn on the indicator light and the motor will stop when you need to charge the battery


• Sturdily-made
• Powerful tools
• Easy to change the circular saw blade
• Ergonomic design
• Ability to adjust the torque and speed to meet your need
• Low battery warning


• Price is on the higher side

Another great addition in the Makita combo kit is the bluetooth speaker as it comes with a woofer and a tweeter. The kit also features a flashlight that has a rubberized soft grip, ensuring increased comfort. Overall, this is a great combo kit that is worth the money.

Best for heavy duty jobs

3. Makita XT610 Combo Kit (

The Makita XT610 consist of 6 Lithium-Ion cordless tools that can be used for driving, drilling, cutting, fastening, grinding, demolition and much more. It consists of a ½ inch hammer drill with a maximum torque of 480 in.lbs and an impact driver with a maximum torque of 1460 in.lbs. Another key tool is the circular saw with a length of 6.5 inches. The 6.5 inch circular saw has a cutting speed of 3,700 rpm ensuring that it cuts through different materials fast. The saw weighs 7.3 lbs (with battery). The saw can cut at 45 degrees providing you with a good view of the material you are cutting. The kit also comes with a recipro saw that has variable speed of 0-2800 spm and features a tool-less blade change. It has a weight of 8.1(with the battery).

Another tool that comes with the kit is the brushless angle grinder that has a length of 4.5 inches and an rpm of 8500. The angle grinder has an automatic speed change technology that changes the torque and speed during operation, ensuring optimal performance.


• Impact driver
• Reciprocating saw
• Angle grinder
• Impact wrench
• Circular saw
• Hammer drill
• Flashlight
• 2 LXT batteries(included)
• Quick charger
• Tool bag
• 3 years warranty

The kit also comes with a rechargeable flashlight, a beautiful tool bag, a charger, and 2 18 V LXT 3.0 ah batteries. The tools that come with the kit have a variable speed, making them a good choice for a wide range of applications. The 6.5 inch circular saw has a cutting speed of 3,700 rpm ensuring that it cuts through different materials fast. The saw weighs 7.3 lbs (with battery).

Makita XT610 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)


• Easy to adjust the torque and speed
• Powerful tools
• Wide range of tools
• Fast charging battery
• Tool-less blade change


• No light for the circular saw
• A bit heavy

The Makita XT610 kit has a total weight of 42 pounds. With this kit, you will have all the tools you need for your everyday use. The tools are cordless, making them a good choice for areas without power. The fact that you can customize tHe speed and torque to meet your need make the kit user-friendly. Therefore, this is a good combo kit tht is worth the money.

Best Value for money

4. Makita XT611PT Combo Kit

The brushless motor technology delivers higher speed, more power, and enhanced run time. If you are searching for a rock solid and powerful 6-piece combo kit that uses the brushless motor technology, you should consider the Makita XT611PT combo kit. The electronically controlled brushless motor eradicate carbon brushes, enabling the motor to run cooler and efficiently. The motor enables you to adjust the speed and torque to suit your job.

The tool has been made for the professional users who are searching for a Makita combo kit for driving, drilling, cutting, fastening, grinding, and lighting. Some of the tools that comes with the Makita XT 611 PT includes a hammer driver-drill that delivers a maximum torque of 1,080 lbs, a three speed impact driver with a maximum torque of 1550 lbs, a circular saw with a cutting power of 5,000 RPM, a reciprocating saw with 2 speed settings and a stroke length of 1 ¼ “. Other tools include an angle grinder with a speed of 8500 RPM and electric brakes that increases productivity.

Makita XT611PT 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 6-pc. Combo Kit (5.0Ah)


• 18V brushless hammer driver-drill
• 3-speed impact wrench
• reciprocating saw
• Circular saw
Angle grinder
• Flashlight
• Two lithium-Ion battery
• Dual port charger

Some of the accessories that come with the Makita XT611PT include a 200 lumens LED flashlight, 2 18 V LXT 5.0 Ah batteries, and a storage bag. The battery will reach full charge in 45 minutes. The carry bag comes with a retractable handle and wheels that make it easy to roll the bag while on the go.


• Ergonomically designed
• Full brushless combo kit
• Powerful tools
• Adjustable speed and torque
• Long battery life


• Short warranty period
• Blade guard isn’t manually retractable

The Makita XT611PT combo kit features high quality tool that will perform above your expectations. After using the tools, you will be amazed by their power and battery life. One of the most powerful tools in the set is the circular saw. With a tool-free blade change, the reciprocating saw is also a great addition. The grinder works perfectly well while the driver/drill/hammer drill is also great. The flashlight can prove helpful when working in dimly lit areas. Overall, this is one of the best combo kit that is worth the money.


Best for repairmen

5. Makita XT268T Combo Kit 


When it comes to the brushless motor technology, Makita is without doubt the market leader. If you want a combo kit that features a brushless motor and will help you in drilling, driving, and fastening, you should consider the Makita XT268T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (5.0Ah). All the tools that come with the unit features an electronically-controlled brushless motor ensuring a longer run time, a higher speed and power, and extended life of the unit.

Included in the Makita combo kit is a sledge driver-drill with a max torque of 1090 inches per pound. The drill is very powerful and can drill two in hole saw bit through a 3/8 steel plate. Its high power makes it the perfect choice for handling all your wood, metal, and stone work. . It is also sturdily-made and will work fine when dropped for several times.

To enhance performance and extend battery life, the unit features the Star Protection Computer Controls. This feature allows tools to exchange information and regularly check conditions such as overheating, over-burdening, and over-releasing. To increase the flexibility of the tool kit, it can be controlled using a Makita 18 V LXT and 2 lithium-ion batteries.


• Brushless motor
• Two-speed rotary hammer
• Three-speed impact wrench
• Impact driver
• Charge level indicator
• Quick-shift mode
• T-mode

The 3-speed impact wrench is lightweight as it weighs 1.5 kgs. The 2-speed setting ensures that you can adjust the speed to suit a wide range of fastening needs such as cabinet screws, lag bolts, and more. The drill is also sturdily made. The only downside is that it’s a bit heavy. If you don’t need much power, you may want to choose a lighter model in this list. The two-speed rotary hammer delivers a max torque of 2.8 cm.

Best Makita Combo Kit


• Sturdily-made
• Long battery life
• Powerful tools
• Fast charging time


• Driver is a bit heavy
• Speed control doesn’t work well with the gloves on

The T-mode feature ensures the fast fastening of the self-driving screws and is made to protect the screws from getting damaged. The quick-shift mode is an automatic electronic mode that minimizes rotation and speed of the impact before the screw is driven in place. This has been engineered to reduce breakages, screw thread stripping, and damage to your work. The unit comes with a case that you can use to store everything. All in all, the Makita XT268T is a sturdily-made combo kit that will tackle every job around your home.

Best for Electricians

6. Makita CX200RB  Combo Kit 


When searching for a combo kit, one of the key tools to look out for is a drill. This will help you to make a holes different sizes. One of the reasons why you should consider the Makita CX200RB combo kit is that it is one of the most lightweight but powerful kits. The combo kit consists of two cordless tools for driving, drilling, and fastening.

Ergonomically designed and weighing 1.8 kgs (with battery), the drill-driver has been designed to enable you work with it the whole day without feeling fatigue. It also features two variable speeds to ensure that you can use it for a wide range of drilling needs. The 18 V drill is smaller, lighter, and portable making it the right choice for working in tight spaces. While the unit has the weight and size of the lower voltage tools, it has the power, compactability, and performance of the 18 volt tools.

The 2 speed impact driver also has a weight of 1.2 kgs and features a battery that ensures minimal operational fatigue. To make the fastening more efficient, the impact driver comes with an assist mode that delivers a low speed before you start fastening. This helps to eradicate “cross threading” and “screw cam-out”. The built-in light will come on immediately you press the trigger.

Makita CX200RB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (2.0Ah), Black


• Driver and drill
• 2-vairable speeds
• Brushless motor
• Impact wrench
• Star Protection computer control
• Charger
• Built-in light
• Carry case

The two-speed brushless motors of the kit is powerful and smooth delivering a maximum torque of 889 kgs. You will not experience any wobble in the chucks. The variable speed ensures that you don’t overdo your job and damage it. The kit comes with a fast charging 18 V LXTLithium-Ion batteries. The star protection feature of the unit ensures that there is no overloading, over-heating, and over-discharging.


• Fast charging and long-lasting battery
• Ergonomic handle
• Powerful
• Durable


• LED light goes off quickly

Both tools come with a lot of features. There is a light that remains on for 10 seconds after you have released the trigger. The variable speed and sensitive trigger make the kit to be suitable for both small and big jobs. Besides, the kit is smaller, lighter and can work well in tight corners. It’s also ergonomically made, making it well balanced in your hands and causing less fatigue. Therefore, the Makita CX200RB is a combo kit with outstanding features.

Best for professionals

7. Makita XT333X1 Combo Kit

If you are searching for a mid range Makita combo set that is the perfect choice for home owners, DIY enthusiasts or professionals, you should consider Makita XT33X1 combo kit. The set is well-made with has a lot of torque. The set comes with three brushless tools that you can use for driving, drilling, cutting, and fastening. One of the tools is a 2 speed ½’ hammer driver-drill that have a max torque of 530 in. lbs.
It also features a well-made circular saw with a nice blade and lots of power. It delivers 5000 rpm, ensuring faster cutting and tearing. The saw is lightweight and easy to pack with no cords to drag along. The blade of the saw is located on the left to enable you see the cutting spot. The hammer drill bit comes with two variable speeds and delivers max torque of 530 inches. The impact wrench has a variable speed and delivers a maximum of 530 inches of torque. The only downside is that it has one speed, which is a bit disappointing.


• Hammer drill bit
• Impact wrench
• Circular saw
• 2 batteries( 2.0 ah and 4.0 ah)
• Charger
• Carrying case
• Extreme protection technology(XPT)
• ¼’ hex chuck
• Dual LED light

The set weighs 3.3 lbs (with the batteries on) making it lightweight and portable. The batteries that come with the kit are a bit small. Makita would have made the kit better by including a 5 AH battery so that you can use them on the tools that require more power. However, the batteries will work well for the tools in this kit.

 Makita XT333X1 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3-Pc. Combo Kit (4.0Ah) (2.0Ah)


• ergonomic
• Fast charging and long lasting battery
• Security feature makes it safe to use
• Sturdily-made


• Impact driver has one mode only
• Small batteries

The kit features extreme protection technology that ensures better protection from water and dust when working in areas with a lot of dust. The brushless motor is electronically controlled to ensure efficient use of energy to suit the RPM and torque of your job. The ¼ hex chuck enables the fast changing of bits. While other Makita combo kits have a bigger collection of tools, this unit is a good choice for the most basic tasks around the home. This is particularly when you consider that you are getting more than just the three combo kits.

Best for installers and handymen

8. Makita CX300RB  Combo Kit

The Makita CX300RB combo kit is a powerful and lightweight combo set that is made up of three 18V tools for drilling, driving, cutting, and fastening. The set consist of a two-speed driver-drill with a weight of 2.8 lbs. The drill driver works finely well and has everything you need. While it’s compact enough, you need to note that it isn’t a hammer drill and should, therefore, not be used on brick or concrete.
The Makita combo set also comes with a 2-speed impact driver that weighs 2.6 lbs. The impact wrench weighs 2.6 kgs, ensuring that all the three pieces are very lightweight and produce a lot of power. With the speed setting, you can control the amount of power you need in the impact and drill to suits your job.

The impact driver is great and comes with a long battery life. To make your fastening more efficient, the impact driver comes with an assist mode that enables it to drive at low speed before the tightening can start. The reciprocator saw is also compact enough will all the power you need. Its only downside is that it drains the battery fast.


• Driver-drill
• Brushless recip saw
• Impact driver
• 2 lithium-ion batteries(included)
• Charger

The battery that comes with the kit will reach full charge in 25 minutes when on a rapid optimum charger. To add to your convenience, the battery features a charge level indicator that will show you the charging level reached. To enhance the performance of the tool, it features the Star protection computer controls. This technology allows tools and batteries with the Star protection to communicate between one another and exchange data, therefore, protecting the tool from over-discharging, overloading, and overheating.

Best Makita Combo Kit


• Good speed control
• Fast charging
• Powerful
• Ergonomic design


• Reciprocating saw drains power fast
• Chuck of the impact driver doesn’t accept the majority of impact bits

The tools that come with the Makita CX300RB combo kit are of a comfortable size and have plenty of power. While the battery life of the recipro saw isn’t so good, this shouldn’t worry you much as you can buy a larger AmpHour rated battery. Overall, this is a great kit that is we recommend.

Best for framing and drywall applications

9. Makita XT255T  Combo Kit

The Makita XT255T combo set is another kit that can be used for a wide range of framing and drywall applications. It comes with a drywall screwdriver that has a variable speed of 0-4,000 RPM, making it a good choice for a wide range of framing and drywall applications. It also features an 18V cut-out tool and a slim-body design . To ensure fast cutting itg delivers 30,000 RPM. The set also come with 2 18 V LXT 5.0 AH batteries that charge within 45 minutes. This ensures you spend more time working and less time charging the kit. It features an electronically-controlled BL motor that enhances energy consumption and ensures a 50% longer runtime.

The kit is safe to use as it comes with a safe mode feature that allows you to set the screwdriver in a lockmode. This prevents the motor from starting after engaging the motor, ensuring that you have a quiet work environment. This will also help to save on battery in the long run. The tool comes with an Extreme Protection feature that enhances water and dust resistance when working in harsh conditions.

Makita XT255T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (5.0Ah)


• Drywall screwdriver
• Cut-out tool
• Extreme Protection Technology
• Brushless motor

The kit comes with a brushless motor that get rid of carbon brushes. This makes the BL motor to be more efficient, cooler, and with a longer lifespan. You can control this motor electronically to save on energy consumption and enjoy a 50% longer runtime for every charge. To add to your convenience, the batteries come with an on-board LED indicator that shows the charge level.


• Fast charging battery
• Great tool performance
• Lockdown feature adds to your safety
• Protection from water and dust enhances durability
• Long battery runtime


• Lacks many useful tools in the home

You can power the kit with a Makita 18 V LXT Lithium-ion battery enhancing its versatility. With the Makita XT255T combo kit, hanging will be easier and faster. You can cut out boxes using the cut out tool and drive screws using the screwdriver. This unit comes with batteries that last for hours. While, it lacks key tools like the driver-drill and saw, it does what it says it will do. Again, the screw gun works better than an impact. Therefore, it can come in handy for tasks like hanging pictures on the wall.

Best for DIYers

10. Makita CT320R  Combo Kit

If you searching for one of the best 18 V combo kit for driving, drilling, and fastening, you should consider the Makita CT320R combo kit. The compact 3-piece kit comes with an impact driver, 1/2 inch driver-drill, and a Xenon flashlight. The driver-drill has a weight of 3.3 lbs (with 2.0 ah batteries) and a length of 7 ¼ inches minimizing operational fatigue. It has two-speed controls (0-600 & 0-1,900 RPM) delivering a maximum torque of 480 in.lbs.

The impact driver has a weight of 2.8 lbs (with 2.0 ah batteries) and has two-speed control (0 -2900 RPM & 0 -3500 IPM) torque of 1460 in.lbs. The kit also comes with a Xenox flashlight that produces a brightness of 4500-lux.


• Driver-drill
• Impact wrench
• Built-in LED light
• Xenon flashlight
• Lithium-Ion battery
• 4-position head pivots
• Rapid optimum charger
• Tool bag
• 3-year warranty

Makita CT320R 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 3-Pc. Combo Kit (2.0Ah)

Like the many other Makita cordless tools, it is powered by an 18 V LXT Lithium-ion batteries. The battery with a slide-style have a fast charge time in their category, meaning you will spend more time working and less time charging. The rapid optimum charger exchanges information with a built-in chip of the battery increasing the battery life and controlling the current, temperature, and voltage. It also comes with a fan that helps to cool the battery and increase the lifetime. The battery is compactable with any Makita 18 V lithium-ion battery as long as it has a Star Symbol. However, you need to ensure that you are only using the genuine batteries and charger form Makita.


• Versatile
• Ergonomic design increases comfort
• Long battery life
• Soft grip for increased comfort
• Powerful


• Flashlight keeps turning off

The kit features well designed handles that come with a rubberized soft grip for increased comfort. The built-in LED light will help to illuminate your work place. The four-position pivots add to the versatility of the kit. Charge level indicator ensures your work isn’t interrupted by low battery. Even in cold weather the Makita CT320R combo kit has a good battery life and has a lot of torque. Therefore, this is a great combo kit that is worth considering.

Benefits of buying a Best Makita combo kit

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a best Makita Combo kit. These include:

• Economy

When you buy several tools in one Makita combo kit, you will spend less as compared to buying several tools separately. If you can afford one, a combo kit is a great way of getting all the tools you need at an affordable price.

• Versatility

With a Makita combo kit, you will get more than just tools. You will get other accessories such as a flashlight for lighting up your work space and a carry bag.

• Instant storage

Having a collection of tools will demand that you have enough storage space. If your workspace is not well organized, you will feel demotivated to work on a project. The Makita combo kits we have reviewed come with a storage bag that helps to keep your tools organized.

Factors to consider when choosing a Best Makita combo kit

Before you decide which of the above best Makita combo kit to buy, there are several factors you will need to consider. These include:

• Ease of use

When purchasing a cordless combo kit, you will need to consider how easy to assemble and use it is. This way you will get the tools that can handle well for all your home projects.

• Battery

What is the power capacity of the Makita combo kit? You will realize that the majority of the Makita cordless tools we have reviewed are cordless. When you choose a cordless tool, it will work without the need to directly connect it to a power supply. Therefore, It’s advisable to consider the lifespan o the battery if you will have your peace of mind when working away from the home. Consider also if the battery is readily available when you want to do a replacement.

• Price

Since combo kits don’t come cheap, you will want to choose a kit that is within your budget. Take time to research and compare prices so that you can find a tool that is within your budget.

• Two-speed power

Choose a kit that allows you to use two speeds with the same power. This way you adjust the speed to suit your job.

Best Makita Combo Kit

• Cordless

You will have the choice to choose between a wired or wireless Makita combo kit. To determine the right option for you, you should consider if you will be working in an area with a power source. A cordless combo kit will mean you will not need to keep charging and is therefore, a good choice for working in areas without power.

• Number of tools

The Makita combo kits come with as little as two tools and as many as seven tools. Depending on the task at hand and your future need, you will need to consider the tools you need for all your jobs around the home. Remember that when you choose a kit with more tools, you will not need to invest in another kit in future.

• Accessories

The Makita power kits come with a wide range of accessories such as LED light, screwdrivers; carry bag, and much more. Consider the accessories you need in a combo kit before making a buying decision. For instance, if you will be working in the dark, you will want to consider a combo kit with a flashlight.

• Engine

It’s advisable to choose a Makita combo kit with a brushless motor as its usually green and will offer you 50% more runtime as compared to a brushed motor. The brushless motor also helps to prevent the internal parts from coming into contact with one another. This helps to prevent friction and energy wastage. However, combo kits that come with a brushless motor are usually more expensive.

Makita combo kits

FAQs on the best Makita combo kits

Here are some of the commonly asked questions on the best Makita combo kits.

• How can I determine if I need to change my battery or charger?

The simplest way of determining that is by plugging an AC charger into a unit for about 30 minutes. When you touch the charger and find it warm, it’s an indication that there is a current moving into the unit and you need to change the battery. If there is no change in charger temperature, you will need to replace the charger.

• If there is a red green light flashing on your rapid optimum charger, is the problem with the battery or charger?

In this case, the problem is most likely with the battery. You can search for a Makita service center on their website. You can also call the Makita call center in Buford, Georgia on (800)4-MAKITA to get help.

• Will overcharging destroy my battery?

Yes. When you realize that your Makita combo kit has slowed down and is no longer working as it used to be, you will need to change the battery. If you continue using the tool at power that is below the recommended level, you may damage the battery and reduce its cycle life and run time.

• Is it possible for the Makita Lithium-ion battery to overcharge?

No. This is because the Makita chargers are made in a way that they will not overcharge the lithium-Ion battery. For instance, the Makita Rapid Optimum Charger (DC18RC) can communicate with the Makita 18v Lithium-ion battery to determine the charge level. When it gets to the full charge, the charger will get into maintenance and will check the battery charge level to keep it on charged.

Best Makita Combo Kit

• How can I dispose my Makita batteries?

To dispose your Makita battery, get in touch with their service center or your local recycling factory.

• How long should I charge my Makita battery for the initial charging?

You should simply charge your new battery until its full charged.

• Can I interchange my battery between different Makita products?

If your kit uses the LXT 18 V battery, it can be interchanged with all other LXT Solutions with a Star Protection technology. There are over 150 Makita products that use this technology.


Whether you need a set of tool for your home projects or you want to try your hands into the handyman business, the Makita combo kit is the right tool to get started. This is because their tools are of exceptional quality. No matter how heavy you use them, the tools will hardly malfunction. With tools such as the Makita XT 613M combo kit, there is hardly any job you will not do. If you are on a budget and need a simple combo kit with a driver/drill and impact driver, you can choose a tools such as the Makita XT255T. With these tools you will never go wrong

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