3 Metabo Tools for Woodworking and Carpentry

Metabo tools has been a favorite for both hobbyists and professionals alike

Nowadays, there are plenty of power tool brands and products on the market. Of course, the competition is tough, so homeowners often resort to brand names they know. In their aim to become more appealing, even some of the older brands have fallen short of their old standards. While they reduce their products’ prices, the drop in quality may be a bit frustrating.

Fortunately, that doesn’t count for Metabo tools. The power tool company has been a favorite for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Instead of reaching out to the mass, the power tool brand has maintained high-quality control over the last decades.

What’s more, Metabo HPT has continuously upgraded its power tool roster. In other words, all their tools are up to par with modern technological advancements. As a result, you get high-quality power tools packed with useful features.

A Brief History of Metabo HPT and Metabo tools

Firstly, Metabo HPT may sound like a random brand. Actually, the name is part of the rebranding of the well-reputed Hitachi Power Tools power tool company. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of history behind this brand.

Now, the new moniker features the “HPT” abbreviation at the end. In some sense, the reputation of the Hitachi brand has transferred to the freshly introduced Metabo tools.

If you look at the company’s history, you’ll quickly see why Metabo HPT deserves its reputation. The original Hitachi company dates back to the early 1910s. First, it started producing engines for mining operations.

Over time, the brand has outgrown its boundaries. Soon, it started developing consumer electronics and power tools. In 2018, the company decided to switch its brand name in the US. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s a change in the underlying technology the brand uses.

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Metabo HPT EC710S Pancake Air Compressor & NT65MA4 Angled Finish Nailer

When it comes to fastening, construction, and binding, having a finish nailer at hand is an indispensable power tool. Indeed, it gives you freedom when fastening. Moreover, you can use it for constructing furniture or cabinets where you need binding strength.

Of course, the best perk of using a nailer is that you don’t have to drive larger nails. In this respect, the Metabo HPT NT65MA4 15-gauge finish nailer will do a perfect job. Thanks to its featherweight design and premium operation, this power tool will ensure maneuverability and durability.

However, you can’t use a nailer without an air compressor and nails. Luckily, the Metabo HPT showcases the EC710S pancake air compressor with the finish nailer in a combo kit. The 6-gallon tank of this unit will be more than enough to provide consistent air pressure. Just make sure you grab a few boxes of the 2-1/2-inch 24206SHPT finish nails, and you’re ready to go.

Design and Build

When you mention Hitachi, the moniker exudes quality and reliability. Metabo HPT is no stranger to class because the durability of the NT65MA4 finish nailer and EC710S air compressor doesn’t need elaboration. Perhaps, the first thing that will impress you is the sturdy aluminum body on the nailer. Undoubtedly, the aluminum alloy will withstand casual wear and tear. The same goes for the pancake air compressor – it comes with a sturdy steel roll cage.

Surprisingly, the nailing machine is very featherweight. The mere 4.2 pounds of this power tool will give you much-needed comfort during prolonged use. Besides, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the elastomer grip. There’s a fitting pointed upwards, so you keep the hose out the way while driving nails.

Another great advantage is the clear nose, which comes with an easy-to-open latch. Generally, it will allow for quick nail extraction if there’s a jam during use. Best of all, you won’t need anything to clear it. In turn, this feature will save you time and effort.
When it comes to the air compressor, the unit has a rubber grip protection of its parts. Moreover, it provides valuable comfort during carrying. The 36.5 pounds of this power tool may not be the most featherweight. Still, the unit is weightless enough to move around quickly.

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Typically, a finish nailer helps you fasten components during woodworking. That’s why you’ll appreciate this finish nailer’s tool-free depth of drive adjustment. Apparently, the NT65MA4 has a convenient dial knob located under the start button. It allows the user to modify the flush nails when working with different materials. Ultimately, you’ll have better control for perfect results.

What’s more, you’ll be able to flip the selective actuation with a simple switch. You can modify the fastening mode from single to contact by pressing a button upward or downward. All these features make the power tool user-friendly. Even if you’re new to using such machines, you’ll easily control this nailer without using other devices.

At the top of its head, the Metabo HPT nailer has a fully-adjustable 360-degree air outlet. As you can imagine, you’ll have plenty of oil and dirt. Luckily, this air portal will allow you to redirect everything away from you.If you look at other Metabo tools, you’ll see that all deliver optional functionality. The EC710S pancake air compressor is no stranger to this because it comes with a 1-HP oil-free motor. The industrial regulator and gauges will allow you to easily adjust the PSI to the desired level.


In terms of work output, the Metabo HPT NT65MA4 finish nailer shoots 15-gauge nails. Unlike its predecessor, which used 16-gauge finish nails, this machine allows for a secure and accessible fastening. That’s because the 15-gauge finish nails are more massive and have a higher holding capacity. As a result, fastening a sizeable 1-1/4-inch-thick baseboard or a trim will be much more reliable.




Of course, you can do more demanding woodworking tasks. For example, you can nail door jams or stairs, cabinets, moldings, and even exterior trimming. Simply use the actuation function for 1-1/4-inch 34-degree angled nails at 70 PSI into any soft lumber. If you need to fasten hardwood, you can flush 2-1/2-inch pins at 120 PSI without effort. Thanks to the angled magazine, you can easily reach every tight corner.

Thankfully, the 6-tank EC710S pancake air compressor will ensure reliable and rugged performance. Thanks to its oil-free motor, you’ll be able to start the unit even in cold weather. Best of all, the 150 PSI of max working pressure is enough to power another nailer if needed.

Additional Features

One thing that makes this nailer stand out from the crowd is its air duster. Since every nailer does mostly sensitive works, it’s a good idea to have some protection. Therefore, Metabo HPT has added a no-mar tip to its nailer. That way, you’ll protect the work surface from potential damage. Of course, you can always remove it and store it for future use.


1. Durable and featherweight designs

Thanks to its high-quality aluminum body, this nailer is one of the staple Metabo tools. Besides, it weighs merely 4.2 pounds, which makes the nailer comfortable and maneuverable.

As for the pancake air compressor, customers get a unit with a steel roll cage and a rubber grip. Ultimately, it will protect all critical components while providing comfort during transport. Let’s not forget about the 1-HP oil-free motor.

It’s safe to say that both Metabo tools focus on build quality and durability.

2. Easy to use

Furthermore, this product will quickly impress you with its easiness of use. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll have no trouble using the selective actuation switch. Moreover, you can adjust the depth of nailing without the need for additional tools.
Also, let’s not forget the easy rear-loading angled nail magazine. You’ll not only save time and effort reloading it, but you’ll also get quick access in tight corners.

3. Integrated air duster and adjustable exhaust portal

Of course, every power tool needs a feature or two to stand out from the competition.These additions will significantly improve your work experience, as you won’t have trouble with cleaning anymore. Besides, you’ll never have to deal with air blowing at you during work.

4. The nailer comes in a hard case

Surprisingly, Metabo HPT offers a case that comes with the NT65MA4 nailer. As expected, this container will provide durable storage for your machine. Besides, you can always use it to carry your device securely.

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5. The pancake air compressor boasts tremendous working pressure

Compared to the nailer’s needs, the air compressor has way more to showcase. While the NT65MA4 may use 120 PSI, the 150 max PSI on the EC710S is more than enough. In other words, it can run multiple nailers when it operates at 90 PSI.


1. The finish nailer isn’t oil-free

Another minor drawback is that the nailer needs oil to run continuously.

2. The pancake air compressor is a bit loud

Unfortunately, the air compressor isn’t among the quietest Metabo tools. While the manufacturer claims that the unit has a loudness level of 73 dB, some customers have measured 78 dB. While it’s not a breaker, this disadvantage may be a bit of a letdown.

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How to Use a Finish Nailer for Woodworking

Typically, the main advantage of a nailer over a hammer is the speed of work. As you can imagine, a finish nailer will make any carpenter or woodworker far more productive. What’s more, you can use it with one hand, freeing up the other to hold the trim or molding in place. Here are some valuable tips on how to use a finish nailer for woodworking.

General Characteristics

Usually, the most powerful tools in this category use nails in the 15 to 18-gauge range. Moreover, the style of the nailer is either straight or angled. The Metabo HPT NT65MA4 nailer is angled and uses nails that come in strips of 100. The 2-1/2-inch 24206SHPT finish nails come in boxes of 1000 and are perfect for this nailer model.

Safety and Operation

In terms of safety, nailers come with a safety nose. Before you can pull the trigger, you must depress the nose. The NT65MA4 unit includes a no-mar tip that you can slip over the end of the nose.
Before you start using the finish nail, make sure you correctly position the tip on the trim board. Typically, the cylinder and tip line up perpendicular to the face of the board. Consequently, you’ll drive the nails squarely into the board.

However, in the case of the NT65MA4 angled finish nailer, you may need to adjust your unit’s angle accordingly. Doing this will allow you to catch fine wood behind the trim or molding. Once you align the nailer properly, you can push the nailer gently toward the wood. Then, you can pull down the safety nose and start nailing.

Ultimately, you should be able to drive the nail at the desired angle.Finally, don’t forget to wear safety equipment. Typically, you’d want to use the safety glasses that come with the Metabo HPT finish nailer. However, you may need some hearing protection and appropriate clothing. After all, you’re working with a power tool.



Additional Tips

Typically, you’d want the head of the nail to be just below the surface of the trim board or molding. That way, the result will be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, you’ll have to drive them using a hammer and a nail set, which is extra work you want to avoid.
Thanks to the Metabo HPT pancake compressor, you’ll have enough pressure to achieve smooth results. This feature will ensure you have no problems working with softwood and hardwood surfaces.

Another problem is when there’s a jam in the head of the nailer. Of course, all modern nailers have an easy-to-open latch. Similarly, the NT65MA4 finish nailer will allow for quick nail extraction when there’s a jam. Make sure you disconnect the nailer from the air compressor before opening the latch.

Final Verdict on the Metabo Tools

All in all, Metabo HPT comes with a great set of products suitable for woodworking and carpentry. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you’ll love the excellency of the NT65MA4 15-gauge angled nailer. Along with other Metabo tools like the EC710S air compressor and the 24206SHPT finish nails, you’ll do wonders.

Thanks to the outstanding precision and durability, even the beginner will feel like a professional. Moreover, you’ll love the high-end features, including the selective actuation, tool-free drive dial, and flexible exhaust. Besides, you’ll no longer have trouble with messy spaces. Just grab a few boxes of the 24206SHPT finish nails and connect the pancake air compressor to your nailer. What better way to celebrate the excellence of the Metabo tools?

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