Best Multimeters

Best Multimeters have been used in so many applications for many years now.

Some of you may be wondering what those hand-held devices electricians use when troubleshooting wiring systems in your homes and offices are. They are called  best multimeters…Manufacturers, over the years have developed and redesigned multimeters, adding more features and innovating this device for convenience and versatility. Multimeters are undoubtedly necessary for any type of electrical work- from installing an exhaust fan to changing a circuit panel, multimeters can determine if wires are hot or no.

What are Best Multimeters?

A multimeter, also known as a Volt-Ohm meter is a diagnostic tool used by technicians in both electronic and electrical industry. A multimeter, as the name implies, measures current, voltage, resistance and continuity. There are various applications that multimeters are used for, mainly involving electrical engineering design, diagnostic testing and other applications.

These handy, hand-held devices are handy and useful to troubleshoot electrical problems regarding wiring systems, appliances, circuit, motor controls, power supplies, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, Ham radio applications, mobile repairing,and a lot more.Multimeters are very useful pieces of equipment especially when you know how to use it properly and how to utilize its capabilities, it can distinguish the cause and solve almost all electrical problems, and you can keep your family and your environment safe from electrical hazards.

Best Multimeters in 2021

Fluke 179/EDA2 6 Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Best Overall
Fluke 116/323 HVACBest Overall-Combo Kit
Fluke 87-V Best Overall-Safety Rating
Fluke 115Best for electrical tests
Fluke 115  True RMSBest for electrical-electronic tests
 EEVblog Brymen BM235Best for Technicians 
Fluke 101 Best for HVAC technicians
Mastech MS8229 Best Budget
INNOVA 3320Best for auto technicians
AstroAI Digital MultimeterBest for DIY
Tacklife (DM07)Best Budget
Klein Tools MM600Best for electricians
Etekcity MSR-R500Best Budget
Klein Tools MM400Best for DIY
AstroAI AM33DBest Budget

1. Fluke 179/EDA2

Best Overall

The Fluke 179 is the top of the line model of the Fluke 170 series. This model brings you the accuracy plus extra functions with the 6-piece combo kit.

Design and Build

The Fluke 179 is capable of manual and automatic ranging. You can measure obscure waveforms accurately with less than 10% discrepancy. The Fluke comes with a smoothing mode that is unaffected by noisy signals. There is a minimum and maximum mode to record changing values.

The auto-ranging feature responds quickly to display results. You can switch to manual ranging and the choose the range of readings. It has a touch hold and manual hold features and comes in a closed case that is easy to calibrate.

It has a sharp 6000 count display with and an excellent backlight. Underneath it is a 33-segment bar graph that renews 40 times per second. Thus, the erratic signals can be observed real-time. There are icons to indicate the range, low battery and voltage. The facade has an easy-to-operate recessed dial. There is an integrated protective holster covering the Fluke.

 Fluke 179/EDA2


This Fluke kit assists your field service, bench repair and maintenance. It finds HVAC and other electrical problems. This simple-to-use model comes with significant improvements to find frequency, capacitance, true root mean square (RMS), minimum/maximum record and temperature.


The Fluke measures a voltage up to 1000 volts and current up to 10 amperes. The least count can be obtained in milliamperes and millivolts. It measures frequency and capacitance. There is a built-in thermometer that measures up to 752°F or400°C.

Additional Features

The Fluke comes 6 pieces – AC280 SureGrip Hook Clips, TL910 Electronic Test Probes, TL224 SureGrip Insulated Test Leads, TPAK ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanger, 80BK-A Integrated DMM Temperature Probe and an Installed 9V battery. There are a user manual and a lifetime warranty.


  • Category 3 up to 1000V and Category 4 up to 600V of IEC safety rating
  • Full featured DMM with advanced electronic troubleshooting functions plus probes
  • Can withstand 8kV transients like lightning strikes and surges from large motors
  • Protected with high rupture-type fuses (440mA and 11A)
  • Has a probe lead alert system in case you plug into the wrong input
  • 09% accuracy
  • A capacitance of 1nF


  • No microamperes displayed

2. Fluke 116/323 HVAC

Best Overall-Combo Kit

If you want to do a job right, it’s essential to have the required tools. When you have specialized tools, the results are even better. Perhaps, many HVAC technicians and electricians use a wide variety of multimeters. Out of all, the Fluke 116/323 combo kit gives you a versatile solution for troubleshooting. If you’re in search of a decent HVAC multimeter, dive into this review. Hopefully, it will help you learn more about the pros and cons of this formidable combo.

What’s in the Kit?

The Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

As previously mentioned, the combo kit includes the Fluke 116 multimeter and Fluke 323 clamp meter. Since the 116 multimeter specializes in HVAC applications, it has a Fluke 80BK-A integrated DMM temperature probe. Thanks to this feature, you’ll no longer need a separate thermometer.
Besides, you get some advanced features like AutoV/LoZ, which prevents ghost voltage readings. You get to read all the information on a large white LED backlight display. All in all, this HVAC multimeter can take various measurements – temperature, frequency, voltage, current, and many more.

The Fluke 323 Clamp Meter

As for the Fluke 323, you may not be getting the best from the brand. Still, the device delivers excellent reliability and accuracy. Similar to other Fluke products, this one focuses on the basics, making it quite easy to use. That’s why it’s suitable for general-purpose troubleshooting.
In terms of specs, the clamp meter can measure AC of up to 400A AC. Moreover, you can measure AC and DC voltages of up to 600V. Thanks to the True RMS, you’ll get relatively accurate readings. The resistance ranges to up to four kiloohms and includes an audible continuity indicator suitable for hard-to-reach spots. Last but not least, the meter has a CAT IV 300V and CAT III 600V safety ratings.

Best Multimeters in 2021

What are the Pros of the 116 HVAC Multimeter?

  • Excellent Interface

Arguably, the first thing that impresses right from the start is the exceptional interface. The 116 HVAC multimeter includes a large 6000-count display with a responsive bar graph. Along with that, the bright LED backlight allows for seamless work in a dark environment. Contrary to popular belief, this display doesn’t lose much contrast under an angle.

  • Premium-Quality Performance at an Affordable Price

Just like all Fluke multimeters, the 116 offers a top-notch performance at an affordable price. Also, there’s a sleep mode that kicks in after non-use for twenty minutes. Perhaps, the most satisfying feature is the dial switch. You can move it one-handedly with your thumb.
Just like anything else, the row of straightforward buttons contributes to optimal functionality. Of course, let’s not forget about the tons of useful features. For example, the HVAC multimeter has a data hold function, a built-in thermometer, plus a manual and auto-ranging. Thanks to the True RMS, the gadget offers accurate and precise data readings.

  • Durable and Compact Design

When it comes to quality, Fluke never disappoints. Perhaps, the 116 HVAC multimeter offers exceptional durability along with ergonomic design. The 42 IP on the solid case means it can readily sustain drops and splashes without any problem. If you plan on using the meter every day, you’d love the smoothness of the rotary switch.

  • Safety and Protection

Last but not least, Fluke’s 116 might be cheaper than most, but the input protection is at a premium. Thanks to the CAT III 600V protection, you can safely measure single and three-phase installations. Moreover, the meter’s leads have a rating of CAT IV 1000V. They have finger guards, probe-end caps, and shrouded plugs.

What are the Cons of the 116 HVAC Multimeter?

  • Bad Display Contrast

Unfortunately, every great product has its downsides. In this regard, one annoying drawback with the Fluke 116 is the loss of contrast on display. Even though it’s relatively comfortable, the screen loses contrast under a certain angle. This disadvantage can become quite an issue, especially if you start experiencing it more frequently. In such cases, you should tilt the HVAC multimeter until you find the optimal angle.

  • Inaccurate Readings

In some cases, customers have complained about issues with the thermocouple. At times, the unit shows inaccurate temperature readings. Although this is not frequent, there’s a considerable number of people that have reported on the case.


What are the Pros of the 323 Clamp Meter?

  • Straightforward Operation

Firstly, it’s essential to know that this clamp meter is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. In other words, the Fluke 323 provides a straightforward mechanism without unnecessary fanciness.

  • Measures AC and DC Voltage

Furthermore, this piece allows for AC and DC voltage measuring on separate dial positions. Thanks to the True RMS, you can get reliable accuracy of AC-variable drive outputs.

  • High-Quality and Compact Design

As expected, Fluke doesn’t miss with the build quality. Perhaps, the combination of a severe case and sturdy, slim jaw mechanism allows for great flexibility. The clamp meter’s fine form is ideal for tight spaces.

  • Display Hold

Also, don’t forget to try the hold button. It will allow you to record your last reading. Along with the audible indicator for continuity, this meter makes measuring in challenging conditions effortlessly.

  • Safety

Of course, the Fluke 323 offers reliability, too. The machine provides electronic input protection and voltage category ratings of CAT III and CAT IV. They range to 600V and 300V respectively.

What are the Cons of the 323 Clamp Meter?

  • No backlight

Perhaps, one of the grandest downsides of the 323 clamp meter is the lack of a backlight. In other words, the gadget makes little or no use in low light conditions. If you work in a predominantly dark environment, consider buying a clamp meter with backlight.

The Verdict

Finally, the HVAC multimeter and clamp meter kit allows for an effortless reading of all types of stuff. Prepare yourself for a lot of dropping and dragging through crawl spaces as both devices are durable. As always, Fluke delivers premium-quality products suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
Of course, every measuring and testing gadget has its downsides. Still, Fluke’s 116/323 HVAC multimeter and clamp meter combo kit deliver trustworthy quality at an affordable price

3. Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Best Overall-Safety Rating

Fluke tools keep the businesses around the world running in top condition during maintenance and service or electronic installation  is preferred by engineers, meteorologists, medical device manufacturers, etc. due to its ruggedness, portability, safety and ease of use.

Design and Build

This Volt-Ohm meter measures voltage, current and resistance. It is designed to identify signal problems fast and accurately. This multimeter is precise even at high altitudes, loud and high energy locations. Due to the low pass filter designed by Fluke you get the accurate frequency and voltage measurements on noisy equipment and adjustable speed drives.

The built-in thermometer means one less tool on the belt. The multimeter captures a peak minimum and maximum of intermittent as quick as 250ms. The digital display is large with a dual level backlight. It has a resolution of 6000 – 20000 counts so you don’t miss even the smallest changes in the display. You can take true root mean square (RMS) AC voltage and current measurement of non-linear signals. There are selectable filters for accurate frequency and voltage measurements.

There is a relative mode to remove test lead interference from low ohm measurements. The unit has a manual and auto ranging and a touch hold to capture stable readings. The display also shows fast changing and unstable signals on an analogue bar graph. An input alert offers an audible warning at wrong entries. There is an access door for battery change without breaking the calibration seal. It has a classic design with a removable holster that has a built-in test lead and probe storage.


The Fluke 87 finds application in industrial troubleshooting. It takes accurate current, voltage and frequency readings. You can measure frequency up to 200 kHz and percent duty cycle. It measures resistance via the continuity and diode test and a capacitance range of up to 10,000 µF on motor caps and other components. The Fluke detects spikes as short as 250 ms and irregular signals.


The Fluke 87-V measure up to 1000 Volts of AC and DC. It has a selectable filter for accurate voltage measurement up to 0.05% accuracy of DC. It measures current up to 10 – 20 A for about 30 seconds. A built-in thermometer with a TC probe means one less tool to carry.

Design and Construction/Materials and Durability

The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is guaranteed to survive extreme drop and with stand humidity as it is constructed from only the highest-quality material to ensure durability and long life.

Features/Accessories IncludedFluke 87-V Digital Multimeter-6

The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is ideal for industrial troubleshooting.

This multimeter allows you to take precise voltage, current and frequency measurements at either the drive itself or at the motor terminalson the output side of the drive when working on VSDs/VFDs and enables you to troubleshoot in-plant automation, power distribution, electromechanical equipment and motor drive problems accurately. Checking power quality such as glitches and spikes and identifying irregular signals made easy with Fluke 87V.

The Fluke 87V enables the user to take precise frequency measurements on ASD (adjustable speed drives). It features a dual display resolution – 6000 or 20,000 counts and can measure up to 1000 VAC and DC. This multimeter is rated CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V safe and has the following useful factors: it can measure up to 10 a, 20 a for up to 30 seconds, it has a selectable filter for accurate voltage, an auto and manual ranging for utmost flexibility. Another highlight is its ability to provide an audible input alert warning if you accidentally plug incorrect jacks. Additionally, it has an Analog bar graph for rapid changing or unsteady signals, it can also measure up to 10 A, 20 A for up to 30 seconds.

The Fluke 87V includes the following accessories: TheFluke C35 Soft Carrying case- ideal to use for a variety of Fluke handheld test devices and accessories, its top opens laterally to let you use test tools without removing it from the case, the Velcro strap ensures that the test tools are fastened securely. It also has AC175 Alligator Clips, a holster, 9V Battery (Installed), 80BK Temperature Probe and a Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera and Multimer.

Additional Features

The box has AC175 Alligator clips, a holster, TL75 test leads,an 80BK temperature probe and a soft carrying case. The 9V battery is already installed. All Flukes come with a lifetime warranty.

best multimeter


  • Top opens laterally this allows use of all test tools
  • Captures peak min/max at 250 ms
  • CAT III and IV safety rating
  • Sleep mode to prolong battery life
  • Built-in thermometer allows temperature measurements without a separate thermometer
  • Peak Min/Max allows capture of intermittents as fast 250 µS
  • Accurate frequency measurements on adjustable speed drives (ASD) due to Fluke-designed low-pass filter


  • It is the most expensive in the market

4. Fluke 115

Best for electrical tests

Fluke brings you this 115 multimeter to measure true RMS. It is simple to operate and a perfect solution for general purpose electronics and electrical tests.

Design and Build

It has a compact ergonomic design for easy grip, operation and readability. The Fluke 115 shows true RMS current and voltage readings in real-time. It has a 600-count resolution, capacitance and continuity. There is a diode tester. This makes it a perfect tool for quick verifications and uses in the field due to the auto-ranging feature.  It has a large white LED screen with backlight making it a perfect tool when working in poorly lit conditions. The unit comes with a kick-out stand for a hands-free operation.


The Fluke 115 tests resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance. It measures true RMS and minimum/maximum/average recording. It is safety rated to CAT III 600 volts.


The Fluke 115 measures AC and DC current up till 10 amperes and overloads up till 20 amperes for 30 seconds. It also measures AC and DC voltage uptlo 600 volts. It measures resistance up to 40MΩ, Capacitance up to 1000µF, frequency to 50kHz. While its frequency bandwidth goes beyond 50kHz though it may not be accurate.

Additional Features

The polyester carrying case is soft and designed to carry a range of testing tools. The top opens laterally this allows you to use the tools without removing the Fluke from the case. There are Velcro straps to secure the tools. There are 4 mm silicone probe leads, holster, 9V battery, user manual and a lifetime warranty.


  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Durable and accurate upto + or – 0.5%
  • Large LED screen
  • Auto ranging
  • True RMS
  • Auto power off
  • Tracks signal fluctuations
  • A smooth bar graph
  • Excellent continuity tester


  • Should have a dedicated milliamp/microamp range
  • Lacks the touch hold mode

5. Fluke 115  True RMS

Best for electrical-electronic tests

The Fluke 115  is a part of the 110 series. This is an economy series of multimeters that feature auto ranging, true RMS, non-contact voltage detection and auto V/LoZ function.

Design and Build

This compact and ergonomically designed meter weighs 590 grams or 1.3 pounds. The handhelds dimensions are 6.6 inches in length, 3.3 inches in width and 1.8 inches in thickness. It measures frequency, continuity, capacitance, resistance, voltage and current. The Flukes in this series have LoZ or low input impedance test.

The large backlit LED display is easy to read. All the Flukes are CATIII rated up to 600V. It tests amperage up to 10 amperes. It may max out at 20 amperes for 30 seconds. The VoltAlert™ detector allows for a quick voltage check. The minimum, maximum and average mode record fluctuating signals while the volt alert detects the non-contact voltage.

The Extech TL809 Electronic Test Lead Kit has two alligator clips with removable insulators and two modular 4-inch test probe handles which have a 0.16-inch banana plug tip. There are two plunger minihooks and a pair of shrouded banana plugs at the two ends. Lastly, there is a pair of 42-inch PVC lead extensions.fluke


The Fluke 115 is best suited for general electricians, service technicians in the field, DIY projects, light industry, schools, hospitals and trainees.


The Fluke measures AC and DC voltage up to 600 volts. It measures AC and DC current up to 10 amperes. It measures resistance from 6MΩ to 40MΩ and capacitance from 1000nF to 1000μF.


  • A bright backlight digital screen that is easy to read
  • Auto shut down saves battery
  • Ergonomic design for easy use and longevity
  • non-contact voltage detection to test voltage without leads


  • Display loses contrast at certain angles

6.  EEVblog Brymen BM235

Best for Technicians

This Brymen BM235 is endorsed by the EEVblog. A Taiwanese DMM firm and electronics expert Dave Jones have collaborated to bring this tool for your use.

Design and BuildEEVblog Brymen BM235 Multimeter

The unit is ergonomically designed and enhanced with a non-contact voltage detection feature.  This UL lister boasts a good LED screen and fast continuity. The model has flame sensors for use with oil and gas HVAC systems that measure the microamperes function with a least count of 0.1µA.It has an EF voltage sensor (10V to 500V) that detects low and high sensitivity cables and live conductors in the walls via a signal probe.

The AutoV setting picks AC/DC voltage with low impedance (LoZ) dissipating ghost voltages. The model had five modes – the default “auto” mode, the min/max/avg recording modes that read high, low and median values for a given signal. And the relative mode that gives you the comparative values while zeroing out the test lead resistance.


This is an easy to operate the unit for HAM radio users, trainees of electronics, electricians, etc.


This versatile little box can measure AC and DC voltage between 6V to 1000V at 50-60Hz and AC and DC millivolts between 60mV to 600mV at 10-500Hz. It detects AC and DC current between 60mA to 10A at 50-400Hz and AC and DC microamperes between 600µA to 6000µAat 50-400Hz.It can also measure the resistance between 600Ω to 60MΩ at 600Ω-6kΩ. This DMM measures capacitance from 20nF to 10mF. It measures frequency between 10Hz to 50kHz, the temperature in Fahrenheit (-40°F to 752°F) or in Degree Celsius (-40°C to 400°C). It can be used for a diode test up to 3 volts.


  • A CAT-IV (300V) rating
  • Reads microamperes
  • Features autoV and low impedance
  • Good input protection


  • No bar graphs

7. Fluke 101

Best for HVAC technicians

The Fluke 101 is marketed as a pocket DMM, it can substitute as a travellers DMM too. The unit still promises all the accuracy and toughness that’s a signature of Fluke. It is small and lightweight but performs like the professional grade multimeters by the company.

Design and Build

This unit is small and lightweight but rugged and durable in design. It is only 160 grams in weight and 5.1 inches in length, 2.6 inches in width and 1.1 inches in thickness. The auto-ranging feature has a limited range of voltage, frequency, resistance and duty cycle. It has a built-in diode and continuity tester with a buzzer and also holds data and has an auto switch off mode – safety rated at CATIII 600V making it suitable for testing load-side single and triple phase installations. The facade has a 6000-count resolution with all relevant icons and low battery indicator. The dial selector as off, AC volts, DC volts, AC millivolts, resistance, capacitance and frequency. The yellow button alters ranges and the hold button manually locks the reading.


The Fluke 101 is perfect to measure the standards such as voltage, resistance and continuity. It can measure frequency and capacitance. And fine for use by anyone who requires a light pocket device within its ranges. It could be electricians and HVAC technicians.


The Fluke 101 can measure AC and DC voltage up to 600Vand AC/DC in millivolts up to 600mV. It measures resistance up to 40MΩ, capacitance up to 1000μF and frequency up to 100kHz. It measures a duty cycle of up to 1% to 99% and can be used for a diode test for up till 2V.

Best Multimeters in 2021


  • Tests most ranges
  • Hold function
  • Safety rate CATIII 600 V
  • Automatic shutdown, Battery is easy to replace
  • Diode and continuity test with buzzer, Rugged, durable design.


  • No amperes and milliamperes range
  • No backlight display
  • Auto ranging a bit slow

8. Mastech MS8229

Best Budget

Mastech MS8229 is a made in China budget multimeter. This five – in – one measures light, humidity, temperature, sound and light. It is a ruggedly built consistent and accurate performer.

Design and Build

The Mastech MS8229 has warning lights, a backlit screen and a manual ranging option. Its range extends to milli- and micro-amperes. There is no millivolt input though it is covered in the voltage settings. All the positions on the dial have ranges that can be selected via the manual ranging button. Though the capacitance takes a higher range.

This Mastech comes with the relative mode that allows one to compare values with previously stored values. This can be done by zeroing the meter and watching the displacement. This feature is also useful in testing delicate circuits as you can zero out the natural resistance in the leads. The other features of the Mastech MS8229 are a 4000-count backlit display, a diode checker, a continuity buzzer and auto power-off.


The Mastech MS8229 is perfect for home electrics and electronics besides DIY work.


The Mastech measures AC voltage from 400mV to 750V and DC voltage from 400mV to 1000V. It reads AC and DC current between 400µA – 10A and resistance between 400Ω to 40MΩ. The frequency readings can range from 10Hz to 200kHz while capacitance, between 40nF to 100µF. The duty cycle ranges from0.1% to 99.9% and the diode test can range up to 1.5V.

Temperature can be measured in Fahrenheit(-4°F to 1832°F)and in Centigrade (-20°C to 1000°C). The other special ranges the Mastech can measure are humidity between 20 – 95%, sound,  between 35 – 100 decibels and luminosity,  between 4000-40000lux.


  • It is safety rated CAT-III (600V) and CAT-II (1000V)
  • Built-in temperature & humidity sensors show you the environmental temperature and humidity
  • Accurate on volts, resistance, frequency and temperature
  • Clear display
  • 20%-95% RH 40-100 dB 40000 Lux -4-1832f 0-200 kHz 0-100 UF


  • Slow auto ranging
  • Could be improved, overall

9. INNOVA 3320

Best for auto technicians

The 3320 comes from the Innova Electronic Corporation that designs, manufactures and markets diagnostic tools for the automotive aftermarket. They are the industry leaders due to their state-of-the-art testing facilities with economic and environmental issues optimizing their efforts.

Design and Build

This auto-ranging DMM eliminates the need for tuning into the correct range while taking measurements.

It comes with a 10 MegOhm impedance making it safe to use with automotive parts. The Innova has a large and clear digital display screen. There is a single setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage.

The 3320 comes with a colour coded battery check where ‘green’ means good to go, ‘yellow’ indicates weak and ‘red’ light means’replace the battery’. The digital multimeter is protected with rubber corner-guards. There are attachable leads, holders and a stand. The auto-shutdown feature turns the DMM off after 15 minutes of idle time saving the battery.



This economically priced auto-ranging multimeter is meant for auto technicians can use it for testing vehicle battery & charging systems, breakers, wiring, circuits, and other electrical components. Around the household, it can test batteries, outlets, fuses, wiring, and DIY hobbies.


The Innova 3320 measures DC voltage up to 5 ranges (200mV-600V) at a resolution of 100mV at 200V. And AC voltage up to 4 ranges (2V / 600V) at a resolution of 10mV at 20V. It measures DC current up to 4 ranges (20mA / 10A) at a resolution of 100µA at 200mA. And AC current up to 2 ranges (20mA / 200mA) at a resolution of 10µA at 20mA. The DMM measures resistance up to 6 ranges (200Ω / 20MΩ) at a resolution of 10Ω at 20kΩ. The diode test can measure up to 2V     at a resolution of 1mV. The battery test is up to 5% accurate.


  • UL certified
  • Auto-ranging
  • Battery testing
  • A kickstand
  • Elastic cord as a wrist strap


  • It cannot test AC power circuits
  • No capacitance ranges
  • The digital display isn’t backlit

10. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

The Astro is easy and safe to use, and the advanced features make it worth every penny.

The AstroAI bring you smart tools for work and home. The company makes pressure gauges, DMMs, HDMI splitters, Bluetooth diagnostic scanners, digital voice recorders, etc.

Design and Build

To take the continuity test put the leads to the points on the circuit being tested. The built-in, explosion proof ceramic fuse tubes with an anti-burn offer double protection from overload over all ranges.There is a backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas. The data-hold function freezes the data on the display. The sampling speed is two times per second. The multifunction socket can be used for transistors and capacitors.The hanging magnet and built-in kickstand allow for hands-free to take readings and measurements. Protective rubber corner guards for drop protection.

Just touch the end of the thermocouple to the object to measure the temperature that will be displayed on the LCD. There is a grip on the edge of the entire multimeter that makes it slip-resistant. The other features on the multimeter are low battery indicator and continuity buzzer.


The AstroAI runs tests on diodes and transistors to measure current, resistance, voltage, continuity and more.  This DMM can also be used to assemble, diagnose, and repair wiring and circuitry anywhere.


The AstroAI can measure DC Voltage ranging from 600mV to 600V and 1000V. And AC Voltage ranging from 600mV to 600V and 750V. It also measures temperature in Fahrenheit (-40 to 2000°F) and Centigrade (-40to 1370°C).The multimeter also measures DC current from 600μA to 600mA. It has Transistor hFE type – PNP & NPN (lb≈2μA – Vce≈1V). The DMM measures resistance ranging from 600Ω to 6MΩ,capacitance ranging from 60nF to 60mF and frequencyup to 60MHz.


  • Meets EN61010-1 CAT III 600V, CATII 1000V standards
  • Good sample rating at twice per second
  • Best for DIY
  •  Auto-Ranging capability, and True RMS for measuring both AC Current and Voltage
  • Current, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency,Tests Diodes Transistors, Temperature


  • Cannot measure AC current

11.  Klein Tools MM600

Best for electricians

This auto-ranging DMM measures AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature, continuity and capacitance.

Safety is a paramount feature highlighted in the Klein tools since 1857. All their meters meet the safety standards and exceed expectations when it comes to performance.

Design and Build

The LCD display is wide and well-lit with a display rate of 4000 counts with the sample rating of 3 times per second. It can survive a drop from 6.6 ft or 2 meters. The model is 7 inches in length, 3.3 inches in width and 2.3 inches in thickness. It weighs 0.90 pounds or 410 grams. This orange and black MM600 has a full range dial. The panel has a low battery indicator and an easy access battery compartment. It also measures duty-cycle and tests diodes. The Kline MM600 has a minimum, maximum and relative modes that increase the usability. The screen-hold and ranging feature help monitor and decipher signals accurately. The auto-off feature shuts the meter after 30 minutes of idling.

The meter is edged with rubber grips to make it slip-resistant.


This model is meant for use in basic, low and controlled electromagnetic places such as businesses, light industrial job sites and home.


The Klein can measure AC and DC voltage up to 1000V and frequency between 1Hz to 500 KHz. It measures AC and DC current up to 10 amperes, capacitance up to 1000µF and resistance up to 40MΩ. It also measures temperature ranging from Fahrenheit (0° to 1000°F) or Centigrade (-18° to 538°C).


  • It is CAT II and IV compliant
  • Easy to use dial and buttons
  • True RMS
  • Low impedance
  • High capacitance
  • Tough build
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery and fuse replacement compartment
  • Measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40MΩ resistance
  • Built to endure a 6.6′ (2 m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site


  • No bar graphs

12. Klein Tools MM400

Best for electricians

The Klein MM400 has been designed by electricians thus it has a clean design that is easy to use.

Design and Build

The meter tests various fields with a wide range including temperature and capacitance. Though the span of capacitance goes up to 200µF only.The buttons have a maximum and minimum function that is useful in finding discrepancies in signals. There is a data-hold and a range button to switch to manual ranging. There are two HRC ceramic fuses on the MM400 as an overvoltage protection – one for high 10A circuit and the other for a 500mA circuit.

The backlit LED screen is sharp and clear at 4000 counts that renews at 3 times per second.The low current circuit has been incorporated besides temperature ranges. The continuity monitor is auto-ranging and has a beeper. The unit is ruggedly built with a rubber grip and a flip-out stand for a handsfree operation. The battery can be changed from a separate compartment and lead wires are supple.


This is an auto-ranging true RMS multimeter with a wide range and functions that measure voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and frequency. It is meant for a commercial and residential purpose and light industry.


The Klein measures AC voltage between 4 – 600V and DC voltage between 400 – 600V. It measures DC and AC current from 400µA to 10A. It detects resistance from 400Ω to 40MΩ, frequency between 10Hz-50kHz and has a capacitance range from 40nF to 200µF. The duty cycle ranges from 0.1 to 99.9 percent. It can detect temperature in Fahrenheit (0 to 1000 °F) and Celsius -18 to 538°C.


  • Auto-ranging
  • Readings in microamps
  • Clear display
  • CAT-III 600V
  • average RMS
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment
  • Measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40 MΩ resistance
  • Measures temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle, and test diodes and continuity


  • No true RMS which is necessary for variable drives
  • No bar graphs

13.  AstroAI AM33D

Best for DIY

This is an electronics company that makes components and tools for computer hardware and other electronics.

Design and Build

The AstroAI AM33D is laden with features such as data holding and a large LCD screen that renews three times per second. There is a large backlit LCD display for visibility in low light areas such as tunnels, cable cabinets, etc. The screen has a low battery indicator that prevents your work from coming to a halt.

For a continuity test just touch the two points on the circuit with the leads and the screen will show the result. All the AstroAIs have a fuse for overload protection covering all ranges. There is a data hold button to take and record measurements. It freezes the data on the screen while you note it down.

There is a kickstand for hands free work and a protective rubber sleeve that absorbs shocks in the event the meter falls from your hand or a height. It can withstand a drop of up to 6 feet. This model meets all the IEC61010, CAT I 600V, CAT II 300V compliance tests and has double insulation.


The AstroAI AM33D helps measure current, voltage, continuity, frequency and current. It is equipped for transistor and diode testing too and can be used to troubleshoot household issues with fuses, outlets, wirings also can be used to test general-purpose and automobile batteries. And test automotive electrical problems such as the circuits and charging system finally can also be used for electronic toys and other training in electronics.


This AstroAI can conduct diode test, continuity test and has a square wave output. It measures a DC voltage between 200mV to 200V and AC voltage from 200V to 500V. It measures DC Current between 2000μA and 20mA and resistance up to 200KΩ.


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Data hold
  • Low battery indicator
  • Overload protection
  • Continuity test
  •  Data hold and large digital display with backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas


  • Does not read AC current
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