Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

Best Portable Digital USB Oscilloscopes

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a pro, an oscilloscope is essential for electrical work. It is a handy device that shows a graph depicting signals of electronic waves. You can use them even in automotive tasks. You will see the change in voltage over time, making it easy to measure electric currents. The result shows if circuits are working correctly or if there is an issue you need to address.

Traditionally, oscilloscopes are in the form of bulky devices. Over the years, they have become smaller and more portable, perfect for working anytime and anywhere. In this article, our focus will be on the best portable digital USB oscilloscopes. You can plug it into a laptop, computer, or compatible devices, and the data is displayed on the screen. The size is significantly reduced without compromising functionality.

Best Overall

1.  Siglent SDS1104X-E

Its impressive technical specifications to the user-friendly color display are packed with a plethora of features that make it stand out over the other products on this list.

While it is expensive, this is our favorite oscilloscope. Especially if you are a pro, we suggest choosing this device as it makes an excellent investment. From its construction to features, it is undoubtedly impressive.

This product has Super-Phosphor Oscilloscope technology, which enhances signal performance and fidelity. It has a serial bus decoding format, which presets tabular data for ease of understanding. Another excellent technical feature is 100Mhz bandwidth, which is made even better with the four channels available.

This digital oscilloscope has a Wi-Fi adapter, making it easy to connect to a computer. There is also a built-in color display, which is easy to see whether it is day or night. There is also a color temperature mode, which you will not find in the display of most of its competitors. The seven-inch screen offers an excellent resolution of 800 x 480.

Best Value for the Money

2.  Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E

With a front panel operation and strategic button placement, this user-friendly oscilloscope provides the best value for every dollar.

Initially, you might think that this product is expensive. While such is the case, it delivers excellent value for the money because of its features and functions. Even professionals will be happy with its capabilities and overall quality.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope



Since it is made by one of the most reputable brands globally, we are confident of its superior performance. From the bandwidth to the sample rate, it has impressive technical specifications. A quick look at the numbers will reveal that it is designed even with professionals’ needs in mind.

The 256-grade display offers excellent intensity for visibility. It also has a color temperature mode, which is not found in many of its direct competitors.

It is also notable that it comes with an easy-to-use front panel design. You can easily access the buttons that you need, and the screen shows pertinent information.

Best for Ease of Use

3. Hantek DSO5102P

If you are a beginner, this is a notable option as it offers straightforward operations. Despite such, it is a great choice even for professionals.

Buying your first digital oscilloscope? If that’sthe case, then this is one of the top products to consider. It might seem complicated when you see the device, but you will love how straightforward the operation is once you get the hang of it.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

The versatility of this product is also great. Whether you are a casual user or a pro, it has notable features to meet your needs. It handles different types of electronics, making sure that it performs the necessary tests.

However, if there is one disadvantage we would like to highlight, it would be that the software provided by the manufacturer is compatible only with Windows. If you are using other operating systems on your computer, you might want to consider another product.

Best for Advanced Display

4. Rigol DS1054Z

The most significant selling point of this product is its display, designed to ensure that you can see all channels and essential information on one screen.

A single screen provides all the information that you need to know from this oscilloscope. The incredible display remains bright day or night, so you do not have to struggle to read the results.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

It is packed with some of the most innovative technologies in today’s oscilloscopes, such as UltraVision. This improves memory depth. It also makes it more capable of analyzing complex data, making it a great choice if you want an intelligent oscilloscope.

Looking at its specific functions, one thing that stands out is serial triggering. This allows triggering the device depending on aseries of words or patterns. There is also a unique decoding technology, which will let you transform the waveform into a format you can easily decipher.

Best for Minimizing Background Noise

5. CDEK SDS1102X

Suppose you are worried about how the background noise can result in inaccurate readings. In that case, this oscilloscope is the best option to consider.

There are many reasons why digital oscilloscopes may end up providing unreliable data. Among those reasons, one of the most common is background noise. This model offers a practical solution against the latter. With its superior signal fidelity, it eliminates environmental sounds better than most of its competitors. The resultisbetter accuracy, mainly because there is low jitter.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

We also love how various triggering modes are available, making it a commendable choice if you like a versatile product. You can choose from decoding or serial bus triggering, both of which are reliable.

Another thing that we like about this product is the one-button interface, which simplifies the operation. There are many controls, but you only need to press one button to start the readings.

Best for Versatility


Known for its multi-utilitarian design, it offers multiple features that will allow you to use it in different applications.

The versatile design of this product makesit an excellent investment. It offers multiple functions in one oscilloscope, so you can use it in more ways than one. From manual to automatic measurements, it is capable of carrying out several functions.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

This product’s simplicity is another huge selling point, making it a good option even if you are a novice. The software is designed to figure it out quickly, unlike others that are frustrating to use.

It is also impressive because of the LCD screen. It has 20-group storage to display more information despite being compact. More so, the screen is in a front panel with all the useful buttons in strategic places.

Best for Portability

7. SainSmart Mini DSO213

Work anytime and anywhere with this portable oscilloscope. With its compact and lightweight body, this is ideal for those always on-the-go.

The small body of this product is its best asset. This is the most portable of the products on this list, which means you can bring it anywhere. Despite being small, it has a color screen that will show data you need to know when using an oscilloscope.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

With its portability, simplicity follows. There are no complicated buttons, unlike the products we have earlier mentioned. Instead, it has a simple screen. The screen has quick updates, which also means that you will be seeing more accurate readings. It has plug-and-play functionality, so using it is as straightforward as using a smartphone.

More so, we love the increased bandwidth and sampling rate. Those functions are quite impressive considering the size of the product.

Best Multi-Language Support


This is another top-notch digital oscilloscope that should be on your radar from its automatic function to multiple languages support.

One of the best things about this model is its support for multiple languages, including English, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, French, and Spanish. Regardless of the language, it is user-friendly and promises top-notch performance.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

Feature-wise, one thing that has captivated our attention is how it needs only a single click, and the screen will show all the measurements you need to read. At a given time, the display will show up to 30 measurements.

It has various built-in functions, so you can use it for different applications. For instance, with waveform zoom, you can have a more detailed view of the waveforms, resulting in the more accurate analysis. Meanwhile, with the auto cursor, you can determine the differences between two waveforms in an instant.

Best Touchscreen Display

9. Kecheer Rechargeable Digital Oscilloscope

The high-contrast and easy-to-read screen offer touchscreen functionality instead of chunky buttons, making it a modern-looking oscilloscope.

Anyone who has used an oscilloscope before will probably be familiar with the kind of product that comes with several chunky buttons. This isn’tone of them as it has a modern design. It has a bright touchscreen, which also delivers excellent responsiveness.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

More than having a touchscreen display, we also commend the ultra-thin body of this oscilloscope. It easily fits in a bag and you can bring it anywhere you need to work.

The USB interface is also worth mentioning because it is humanized. This means that it is straightforward to operate, even if you are a beginner. You can quickly share the screenshots on your computer for secondary verification.

Best for Budget-Conscious Buyers

10.  Cheffort Oscilloscope

This pocket-sized digital oscilloscope promises exceptional performance without breaking your wallet.

Wrapping up our list is an option designed for budget-conscious users. While this oscilloscope is economical, the performance is not compromised. The best thing is that it has a compact body, making it great if portability is your primary concern.

Buying guide for digital storage oscilloscope

The display is pretty basic, which is one thing that we expect at its price point. This is not as bright and responsive as its higher-end counterparts. Nonetheless, despite being small, we like how the display shows the most important information we would like to monitor.

Lastly, it has exceptional battery life. This means that you can use it for an extended time without worrying that the battery will drain. The best thing is that even with the battery attached, the unit remains lightweight.

How to Choose the Best Portable Digital USB Oscilloscopes

Especially if you are a first-time buyer, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Do not be confused with too many oscilloscopes available. To help you trim the options to include in your shortlist, here are some factors to think about:

  • Type of USB Oscilloscope: You will have two main choices, the first one being a microprocessor-based USB oscilloscope. It has a built-in microprocessor, which is the one responsible for conducting the readings. Data has to pass through several stages, creating a bottleneck. If you want a more accurate option, then it is best to choose an FPGA-based oscilloscope. It processes more information in a given time, which means that the results displayed are more accurate.
  • Bandwidth: A high bandwidth is one of the most crucial considerations, directly linked to better accuracy. The Five Times Rule is critical, which means the chosen device’s bandwidth should be at least five times greater than the signal that will be read. It significantly minimizes the margin of error.
  • Sampling Rate: Another important technical specification is the conversion of input signals to discrete values. It is best to choose a device with a large frame rate, which means that the readings will be more accurate. You should also look at the minimum sample rate.
  • Memory Capacity: This is reflective of the sample readings that the USB device can store. The higher the memory rate, the more sampling rate you will capture for the reading. This is especially important for professionals.
  • Probes: These are the ones responsible for taking the measurements from the source. Their quality directly impacts the results. From synchronization to the grade, see to it that the probes will help in yielding accurate results.
  • Software: USB oscilloscopes can come with pre-packaged software. Read reviews from the other users and learn from their insights. Choose user-friendly software so that using the device will not be frustrating. Look at the software’s functionalities so that you can make the most out of the device.
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