Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2020

Sometimes you might need to repair things at your household which can be actually very easy provided you have the right tools to do it. But we always depend on a service man for doing these kinds of activities which is actually not a good idea because even for small repair work he might actually charge you quite a hefty amount. It might just be turning two or three screws to get your things fixed but we hesitate to do it.

In these kinds of situations, a toolbox might be very helpful and come to your rescue and can also save money for you. Even while buying a toolbox there are many factors which need to be considered so that you choose a proper one with suits your requirements. In most cases portable tool boxes are preferred by many people simply due to the fact that it can be shifted around to any place easily and also it has a wide variety of tools to do almost any kind of work.

Apart from the normal usage these tool boxes…

can also be used in case the owner considers it as a hobby and accordingly the tools inside the toolbox can also be customised to their requirements. Nowadays toolboxes are available for all types of people starting from A person who just wants to repair things by himself at his home to a professional contractor. These tool boxes also act as a very safe place for your tools and you need not search those tools whenever you need them as in most cases some tools are really small enough to be easily misplaced and this is exactly where this tool boxes play a major role.

Top 15 Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2020

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Main types of best portable tool boxes

Depending on the type of material used for construction tool boxes are divided into four types. They are plastic toolboxes, steel toolboxes, aluminium toolboxes and waterproof tool boxes.

Choosing a toolbox is also fun as much as using them but without a true research you might most probably choose the wrong one because most of them would not have any prior experience in using them.

Types of tool boxes based on utility:

So now let us see the different portable tool boxes that are available based on their functionalities and features.

Hand carry tool boxes

the hand carry tool boxes are the smallest ones that are available in the market and can be used for petty repair works in the home or a mechanic who needs a smaller number of tools. This type of tool boxes has smaller compartments within them so that you can easily organise your tools in an efficient manner thereby eliminating the need of placing them in a random manner and later on finding it difficult to locate them. the hand carry tool boxes are available in plastic as well as in metal containers so you will need to choose wisely based on the weight you can carry around. However, since they are extremely light in weight they cannot be used to carry large tools like saws and big cutters.

Top 15 Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2020

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Rolling tool boxes

When the number of tools you need to carry have just grown up in size, these type of Rolling toolboxes might very well come to your rescue. These tool boxes are very sturdy and rigid and so they can handle heavy amount of luggage compared to the normal portable tool boxes which can be carried in hand.

We can be moved around to any place like your suitcases since they have a handle and two wheels attached to the bottom. Now this kind of tool boxes are probably an overkill for someone who just needs to repair things at their home or a mechanic who does regular repair works outside his station. But this thing might be helpful when you are commuting for long distances and you also need to carry a huge amount of stuff.

So now let us see the different portable tool boxes that are available based on their functionalities and features.

Factors to be consider when choosing a  best portable tool box:

Portable Tool chest

Tool chests are the ones that have small drawers to organise various tools depending on the functionalities of those products. These are generally portable another handle at the top for easy transportation and it also set top played that can be used to store slightly bigger tools. these type of tool boxes generally has three to four years and they are mostly made of metal with few tools coming in plastic also.

Cantilever tool boxes

This kind of toolbox is quite similar to the normal portable tool boxes that you find in the market except for the fact that they open in a different way compared to the portable wooden tool boxes. They have a decker like system wherein shelves are placed on either side of the bottom container and they are stacked one above the other so that more tools can be stored compared to a normal portable tool box.


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Storage requirements

The amount of space you’re required to store all your tools is one of the most important criteria to be considered before buying a portable tool box. This is because if in case you accidentally by a smaller one then you might find difficult to carry all your essential tools at once and so the purpose of buying a toolbox is itself defeated.

(we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

Portability and weight

After deciding on the number of tools you will be using it also essential to think about how frequently you will be using it because since your toolbox is going to be possible you will need to be carried it all around with you and thus weight is a very important issue. In some cases, you can opt for tool chest with can stack multiple tool boxes. But in most of the cases it would be wise to split the total weight into multiple tool boxes based on the requirements and functionalities of its tools so that you need not carry all the tool boxes to all the places.

Toolbox material

The toolbox material is also an important factor because you will need to consider the different types of environment your toolbox will be subjected to. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct material which is used for the construction of the toolbox so that they can last a little longer and at the same time be light in weight for easy portability.

Mostly aluminium tool boxes are preferred among many people in the market because they are light in weight comparable to that of plastic ones but the last a little longer. Plastic tool boxes can be used only for home uses as it might not be subjected to very harsh environments inside the house.

So, as you can see there are lots of usages for portable tool boxes since you will need to protect your tools and give it a safe place when you are not using it because tools are really costly nowadays. latest take a look at the different types of portable tool boxes available in the market along with their features and functionalities.

Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2020

1. Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box
2.RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart and Organizer Stack
3.Trademark Tools 75-4650 Oversized Portable Tool Chest
4. DeWalt DWST20880 Multi-Level Rolling Mobile Work Center
5. BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box
6.DeWalt DWST20800 Mobile Work Center Rolling Workshop
7. Husky 25 in. Mobile Job Tool Storage Organizer Box
8. Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box
9. XtremepowerUS Tool Bag Organizer
10.Contico 37" Portable Tool Box
11. Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon
12. Stalwart Mobile Workshop and Toolbox
13.  Tactix 321102 3 Drawer Steel Portable Tool Box
15. Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Toolbox
16. Keter Classic Tool Box 19" Portable Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution

1. Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22″, Rolling Tool Box

Contractors working on any construction projects are always sharing a common incident that they have lost their power tools while working on job sites. It is happening primarily because job sites are the hectic arenas of tools lying everywhere.

How many times do you find the right tool for the right situation? Are you fond of going back to your truck again and again for equipment? Or how do you organize your multiple tools, machines, batteries, and accessories in the workplace?

We have the answer to all of your questions because we reviewed a Modular toolbox unit that has high built quality, usually handled storage, setup, and cleanup tools.

Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box 48-22-8426 is a wheeled toolbox with an IP65 rating against dust and water. We are giving some insights related to its organization, convenience, and durability in our review later in the article. First, you should check the overview.

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box Overview:

  • Its dimensions 22.1 x 18.9 x 25.6 inches providing enough space to store essential tools.
  • All-terrain Wheels, 9″ (23cm) wheels can weight around 23.4 pounds suitable for handling loads on uneven surfaces at job sites.
  • Metal Reinforced Corners, provide extra safety on settling it casually. Add strength to the outer body at extreme temperatures.
  • Milwaukee Extension handle, is an Industrial Grade Handle easily collapsible with a push of a button. It is a telescopic handle with 14″ length.
  • Milwaukee 48-22-8426 is a Part of Packout Modular system, is fully compatible with other modular small and large storage units launched under the same brand.
  • Locking point is fully metal reinforced, and mounting another modular unit can be done with One-Key tick.

Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box

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Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box Review in Depth:

1. IP65 Rated Weather Seal:

People have a lot of misconceptions related to the IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. They are used to define the effectiveness of sealing against dust and moisture.

Our Milwaukee modular toolbox has an IP65 rating. In which the first number 6 determines that it has tested against dust, continuous airflow, and other particulates. And, the second number 5 describes its moisture protection against low-pressure jets of directed water.

We confirmed this claim because we carried it out in rain and debris, used it under harsh working conditions. We did not find any sign of moisture inside the toolbox. But one thing we noticed that its wheels exert dust easily while rolling over the floor surface.

2. Impact Resistant Polymer:

The whole Milwaukee Rolling box weighs around 23 pounds, but enough to carry 250lb of weight capacity. Do you think about how this is possible? Because it made up of Impact resistant polymers often used in military applications.

This kind of plastics is common because of their rigidity, moisture, and scratch resistance. Milwaukee Toolbox also has this durability feature. It can easily survive a 5-7 ft drop.

Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box

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3. Eye-Catching Design:

Milwaukee did one thing exceptionally well that makes it apart from their rival like Dewalt. Choosing the Red color of this Rolling toolbox. At first glance, you neither find any advantage of this color. But while working on job sites, you appreciate that.

Because of its red color, it looks bright, especially in low lightening conditions, which makes it easy to find tools placed inside. Not outside, Milwaukee makes a smart move by use of internal ribs. You can use plywood as dividers.

With a button press, the industrial-grade extension telescope handle is easily collapsible. On the bottom of the handle, you have a sturdy grip that helps to hold comfortably.

4. Padlocks & Organized Space:

One of the main advantages of purchasing Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox is it fully compatible with other modular storage units launched under the same brand name. Its lid has holes for padlocks. It provides a better lock-in system as compared to Dewalt Toolbox.

Dimensions 22.1 x 18.9 x 25.6 inches is enough to store anything up to 250lbs. But one thing keeps in your mind that the box is not square inside. These dimensions are a rough standard benchmark. You can place your tools, batteries, drivers, and blades.

5. Metal Reinforced- Power build Toolbox:

Some Rolling toolboxes are soft at the edges. And with a little wear and tear at Jobsite, they get damaged. We all know how harsh the production conditions are. Metal reinforced not only limited to corners but also utilized to connect wheels at the bottom.

Reinforced expands material strength by adding mechanical properties of a pure resin system. Similarly, Milwaukee Packout Toolbox has sturdy build even it exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions.

Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box

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Customers Questions Related to Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box 48-22-8426:

1. What is the maximum weight Milwaukee 48-22-8426 unit can hold?

Ans: For only this single rolling unit, 48-22-8426 supports maximum 250 lbs weight capacity. Do not put more prematurely will damage wheels or axles.

2. Do all the cases stack and latch together?

Ans: Yes, each piece is stackable because of the presence of holes in the padlocks.

3. Can wheels of Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Rolling Toolbox be removable?

Ans: No. They are 9″ all-terrain wheels, supports heavyweights. But they are non-removal because they are metal-reinforced at the corners of the toolbox.

4. Does Milwaukee offer Trays with the shipping package?

Ans: No, there are no trays stock inside the toolbox. You have to purchase these trays separately.

5. How weather-tight is the weather seal of Milwaukee Rolling ToolBox?

Ans: It comes with an IP65 rating, would capable enough to protect inside items for dust and water resistance.


Milwaukee Tool Box 48-22-8426 has designed by exerting two things in mind- Mobility and Strength. And they deliver it quite well without any compromise on build quality and price.

One thing you should keep in mind before purchasing this unit is that it only includes the rolling toolbox unit. If you need more storage, you have to order modular toolbox units separately.

Amazon routinely has massive discounts on wheel unit, modular small and large tool boxes, movable trays, and compartments. Why are you waiting? Let’s consider Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box 48-22-8426 as the best modular storage unit, on durability, strength, and price.

2. RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart and Organizer Stack


The second most widely preferred portable tool box is the one manufactured by RIDGID. This tool box offers a lot of features and functionalities equally in competition with the other brands. So, let us take a look at some of these features in detail as follows.


This portable tool storage cart has three compartments of different sizes which can be used for storing various combinations of tools according to the functionalities of each and every tool. The product measures 22.2 x 12.2 x 38.6 inches. The tool storage cart is made of high impact resin and has a heavy-duty construction which allows the material to last longer, as well as sustain in very tough environmental conditions and rugged terrains.


This tool storage cart has water and dust seal to prevent any foreign material from entering into the containers as well as prevent rusting of the tool components. Thus, we can very surely say that this storage cart is the safest place for keeping all your tools. Apart from that altering wheels are provided for moving the tool storage cart from one place to another. It also has a handle which can be used by the person to easily manoeuvre to different places.

Each box has a lockable system to ensure that you are tools stay theft free. Apart from that toolbox is designed in such a way that it cleans the dirt itself easily and doesn’t allow any unwanted material to stay on its surface for a long period of time. The lower box has wheels attached to it, along with an extended handle and can also store a certain number of tools. The middle box is used for tools and accessories storage and the upper box is generally used for storing smaller items like screws, nuts, and bolts.


  • Sturdy material used for construction.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Easily portable.
  • Lock system to ensure safety of the tools.


  • The compartments cannot be detached.
  • Additional compartments cannot be added to the main structure.
  • Not suitable for frequent outdoor usage.

To conclude, this tool boxes made by RIDGID certainly one of the best ones available in the market simply due to the fact that it offers many features and functionalities.

3. Trademark Tools 75-4650 Oversized Portable Tool Chest


The top pick for portable tool boxes is Trademark ToolsPortable Tool Chest. This portable tool box is the most widely selling brand among the customers. So, let us take a look at the features of this tool box.


The Trademark Tools Portable Tool Chest is designed in such a way that it can carry up to 3 portable tool boxes all at once. This portable tool chest has three boxes for easy detaching and quick transportation. The product measures 21 x 30 x 13 inches and where is a maximum of 33. 4 Pounds when fully and loaded. What is also quite study and rigid and can be used for storing a number of different tools in an organised manner. A pull-out handle is also provided so that you can and rec the tools used on its wheels just like how you would move your travel suitcases.


This portable tool chest is one of the safest places for keeping your tools when they are not in use. Hitesh three compartments so that you can keep a lot of stuff inside it and also there are divisions present inside with help you to keep the tools in a proper manner so that it can be located later on very easily. This portable tool chest as easy glide wheels which allows you to transport all the materials at once if required or you can also detect the boxes easily and take that part alone instead of carrying all the things.

The toolbox is made of reinforced injection molded polymer and also as lock for each compartment Noida to ensure safety of the tools kept inside. Apart from that the construction is quite study since steel is also used along with polymer. Thus, with the help of this tool chest you can easily do any project and repair works either at your home or anywhere else, as you can take all the tools along with you or just the ones required, and also easily pack them and unpack them within a matter of minutes.


  • Detachable compartments for carrying only the components required.
  • Pull out handle and rolling wheels are provided for easy portability.
  • Sturdy and rigid in construction.


  • The toolbox is not waterproof.
  • Additional sections cannot be added to the tool chest.
  • Not suitable for camping.

So, to conclude the Trademark ToolsPortable Tool Chest portable to chest is one of the best products available in the market and provides huge functionalities compared to the other brands in the market. Thus, it can definitely be tried once and is surely worth the money you pay.


4. DeWalt DWST20880 Multi-Level Rolling Mobile Work Center


Want a portable tool that holds way more products than you think? Then here you go, DeWalt Multi-Level Rolling Mobile Work Center is the perfect choice for you. So now let us see some of the important features of this portable tool chest in the upcoming paragraphs.


This Mobile Work Center made by DeWalt is a very unique tool storage box and has a lot of compartments designed for the comfort of the user. The product measures 21.5 x 16.2 x 28.8 inches and raise a maximum of 25.1 pounds without any tools in it. It is designed to withstand the toughest conditions considering various environment into factor. Therefore, this tool chest can be used almost anywhere and still it would be easily withstand all kinds of wear and tear.


This product has three compartments for storing components and tools of different sizes. So, this one can completely meet all your storing needs because it has a lot of capacity for storing your tools. Heavy duty wheels have been attached at the bottom of the product for easy portability on the job site. Apart from this a metal pull handle is also provided with reinforced telescopic provision in order to hold the entire tool chest and maneuver it easily across various terrains. A pull-up latch is provided for the top compartment alone for a quick and easy opening.Even though the lower parts are made of plastic it isn’t completely waterproof and so careless usage might water to get inside and damage your tools eventually over a period of time.


  • Stores a lot of tools compared to other products.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Heavy duty wheels for moving the work centre on all terrains.


  • The lower compartment only opens halfway which in turn poses difficulty to reach things inside.
  • It cannot be placed against the wall.
  • Does not have a portable tool tray.
  • It is not completely waterproof.

To conclude this Portable Mobile Work Centre made by default is one of the best ones available in the market in terms of the features and functionalities offered and can definitely be given a try.


5. BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box

Here are some of the features of the BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box, which is one of the top sellers in the market when it comes to portable tool boxes.


This portable tool box made by Bostitch has a very unique feature compared to the other portable tool boxes available in the market. It is because it can be separated into two parts. The bottom bin can be separated along with the drawer and ball bearing slides. The toolbox along with the drawer and ball bearing slide can be used as another separate unit. Thus, in this way we can either come by and used as one entity or used as two different units depending on our usage. The product measures 13.6 x 30.6 x 19.2 inches and weighs a maximum of 18.85 pounds without any tools in it.


This rolling tool boxes 7-inch full rubber wheels at the bottom so that it can be moved anywhere easily on different terrains. The maximum load capacity that the product can with stand is 70 pounds. Apart from using it as a single entity the top compartment alone detaches as a separate Tool Box with or without the handle so that you can use it according to your convenience.The toolbox is also study in construction and is definitely a great one for everyday use. There are some limitations due to the fact that it is made of plastic but otherwise it is a very good product. It has heavy duty ball bearing slides so that any amount of weight can be moved around easily with very less effort.


  • Can be separated into two different parts.
  • Separate handles provided in case compartments are going to be used separately.
  • Wheels for easy portability.
  • Economical compared to the other brands in the market.


  • The plastic quality is comparatively low.
  • It is not completely waterproof.

In conclusion, this portable tool box made by Bostitch provides unique features and so if you are really in need of these kind of functionalities then you can opt for this portable tool box.

6. DeWalt DWST20800 Mobile Work Center Rolling Workshop


Want a portable tool box that will allow you to carry all your essential tools to anywhere you go? Then this rolling mobile work Centre is the perfect choice for you. So, let us see the features offered by DeWalt for this particular model.


This mobile work Centre rolling workshop made by DeWalt is designed to have 4 work levels for storing multiple items in each category and also in an organised manner.

The product measures 29 x 16.5 x 22 inches and where is a maximum of 21.4 pounds without any tools in it.


This portable tool box has a top tool compartment that can be opened to place important components and a tray above it for keeping frequently used items which are smaller in size. Apart from that it also has an organiser section at the middle to keep tools in ordered manner. There is a large bottom bin which can be used for storing tools that are bigger in size like the power tools. A single front pull-up latch is provided which is used to open the entire unit in order to access the tools.

Apart from that a telescopic handle is provided for holding the Rolling workshop and also for easy manoeuvring of the entire kit without any difficulty. Side handles are also provided so that you can lift the entire tool chest in case you can’t lift it up with the handle and move it above the stairs. In order to with stand a heavy loads ball bearing slides have been provided for ensuring smooth opening of all the compartments and also heavy-duty wheels are provided to move the work centre on any terrain.


  • Sturdy and rigid construction.
  • Side handles and Telescopic handles are provided for easy manoeuvring.
  • Heavy duty wheels for transporting across any terrain.


  • Plastic quality is cheap and very flimsy.
  • Slightly heavier than the other products in the market.

So, to conclude this portable tool chest made by DeWalt offers a wide range of functionalities and is also economical. Thus, you can use this portable toolbox to comfortably store all your tools at the same place and move them without any difficulty.

7. Husky 25 in. Mobile Job Tool Storage Organizer Box

A product with innovation will alwaysbe welcomed into the market and it would easily gain every customer’s attention. Such a product with exclusive features that can serve as a better platform to pack all your stuffs is this husky toolbox. The notable extra features of this toolbox are discussed below.


This toolbox by husky is designed to have a whole storage chamber area is split to 18 customizable compartments. This well-designed tool box has 3465 cu. in. of total storage capacity for organizing and storing your tools and accessories.It can be used in any platform and can fit any types of tools and accessories.


The top lid area of this toolbox provides you a cantilever lid that provides integrated organizers. This feature enables you to keep your tools well organized in compartments based on size or purpose that can be changed if needed. The base unit has the capacity to accommodate power tools separately. The metal handle bar can be extended and the wheels are provided at the bottom for providing a better mobility.

Apart from that, to provide safety to your tools and accessories a padlock is provided. Dual latches are used for this purpose to provide extra safety. It has heavy duty construction to withstandbulky loads also. The compartments are differentiated in sizes so that you can keep smaller itemsseparately for easy pick up and larger items separately to prevent damage of the tool. The outer chamber is extremely durable. This outer rigid structure can help tools to be protected from heat and abrasion.


  • A cantilever lid with integrated organizers
  • Dual latches and padlock for safety
  • Wheels and handle bar for increased mobility
  • 18 customizable compartments.


  • The toolbox is not waterproof.

This toolbox by Husky with all these features can give you a better experience in organizing your tools and accessories. This product with new cantilever feature is attracting many customers and for sure you will also love this product once you start using this toolbox.

8. Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box

You will always a prefer a product which could serve its purpose at its best. Additionally, it has to have some outstanding features embedded in it. The toolbox is a product where design has much more factors to account like space, easy pick up, safety,easy handling and so on. If you could get all these in a product you would definitely buy without even having a second thought. Let’s see what interesting features this toolbox has come up with.

Design and functionality

This plastic tool box has a central locking mechanism for maintaining security as well as stability during travel. The interior is organized to maximize the amount of available space, and it has a tool divider for the easy compartmentalization of your tools.The dimensions of this toolbox are 24.25 x 16.3 x 41.7in inches.


The topmost bins slide so that the main bin underneath can be revealed, and this system allows users to store their most useful tools on the top portion of the tool box. Heavy tools and rarely used items can easily be stored below. The ball-bearing sliders allow you to gain access to these tools without removing the top bins. The polypropylene resin construction offers durability, and it is not affected by any chemical agents and provides heat resistance.

There is a separate compartment for storing large hand tools with removable divider, and there is a separate integrated organizer with two removable bins on lid along withcompartments for storing smaller tools and hardware. There is an extendable handle for easy mobility and central auto locking mechanism to improve safety.


  • Compartmentalized bins and tool divider inside for organizing tools
  • Extendable handle for ease when rolling and central locking mechanism for security.
  • Two Removable Bins on Lid.
  • Ball Bearing Slides allows better accessibility.
  • Large hand tools compartment with removable divider.


  • The toolbox is not waterproof.

Keter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. A product from such a big company will be undoubtedly the most selling one in the market which evidently tells you that you can buy this toolbox with trust.

It’s hard to choose the best out of numerous types of products that serves the same purpose. But once you find a unique feature that could convince you the most, then you would surely opt for that product. One such a product with specific features that stands out of all is XtremepowerUS. This multi formed product would gain your attention with the below features.


This tool bag organizer manufactured by XtremepowerUS comes in two different forms. One is the rolling bag version and the other in backpack form.

When your tools and accessories are heavy you can use rolling bag version. With the wide area it could fit all large tools and you can roll it so that you need not feel the heavy load. And comes next the backpack with many side zips and pockets which can be used to put tools in place. The product measures 18 x 10 x 15 inches and weighs a total of 13 pounds in the empty stage. This measures around 18″(L) x 10″ (W) x 15″ (H).


This toolbag organizer is aalso provided with a separate chamber for keeping laptops. In numbers, there are 36 total pockets inside and outside the toolbag. There are wheels and handle bar provided so that you can use to roll out easily ensuring comfortable portability. The tool bag comes with a padding for strong back support and is also equipped with a dual-zipper feature to ensure safe storage. Similar to the backpack version, the rolling bag also comes with 14 internal pockets and five divided chambers so that you can personalize the place for your items. The toolbag is made up of heavy duty polyester that can be used for long term with a waterproof resistance.


  • Backpack and rolling bag version
  • Multiple chambers and several pockets
  • Dual zipper for safety and padding for back support.
  • Waterproof and heavy duty.


  • Some longer tools might not fit into the space provided.

Nothing can give you better feeling if a product makes you feel more comfortable along with serving its purpose. XtremepowerUS will be the best choice and it will definitely worth the money you pay.

10. Contico 37″ Portable Tool Box

Have you ever thought of buying a toolbox that can provide a single platform to fit all your tools and accessories? Here comes Contico toolbox with much larger capacity that you can ever imagine. It’s not that a toolbox should provide space but also easy way to organize your tools. Let’s have a look at the features of this Contico toolbox to see why this is so preferred in the market among the customers.


This toolbox made by Contico is designed to be portable in nature. The primary material used for construction of the toolbox is Material Structural Foam. The product measures 37 x 21 x 20 inches. The toolbox has metal hinge pins which are rustproof for enabling easy opening and closing of the top lid. The toolbox has a matte finish to give it an aesthetic look.


This Contico toolbox comes with a very large space and roughly has a holding capacity of about 12274 cubic inches in volume. The exterior surface of this toolbox is made of foam whichensures durability and heat resistance to the toolbox. To keep your tools safe, it comes with a lock cylinder. Two handle bars are provided with the toolbox so that even heavy load can be lifted safely without any difficulties. The holding weight capacity of this toolbox is 250 pounds which allows you to store all heavy items. The toolbox is provided with foam on the exterior to even prevent abrasion. Thus, in this way, the lifetime of the toolbox can be improved to quite an extent.


  • High capacity toolbox
  • Exterior surface is foam made that gives durability
  • It can withstand weights of up to 250 pounds


  • The toolbox is not waterproof.
  • Only a single chamber is provided, not much extra trays.

This is a toolbox with excess of space where you can put all your stuff. You can make use of this toolbox to keep similar sort of tools inside this. Thus, this tool box is worth your money and can definitely be given a try.


11. Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Want a tool storage text which is really enormous? Here you go there this mobile Chester manufactured by Stanley is one of the best products in the market for storing all your essential tools. So, let us quickly take a look at the features offered by this product as follows.


This portable tool chest is particularly designed to be big enough compared to all the other products available in the market so that you can essentially store every single tool you have with you. This product measures 34.25 x 20.47 x 18.9 inches and weighs a maximum of 30.2 pounds. This tool chest is made of structural foam and can therefore which stand harsh environments in your workplace.


This mobile chest made by Stanley has a large pull out wide Steel handle with a soft grip so that you can move the entire tool chest without any difficulty. As mentioned before this mobile tool chest has an enormous capacity and can store a volume of 50 gallons which is probably the largest in the market. The product also has two 2-inch by 4-inch groove on the lid which can be used as a ruler for measurement purposes. In order to move the tool chest, it has to be slightly tilted and kept vertical so that the handle can be pulled out and it can be rolled out on its wheels. The wheels can with stand movement on any terrain and hence you need not be worried about your work environment. The tool chest can also be locked so that the safety of your tools is ensured.


  • Enormous storage capacity
  • Grooves provided on the top of the lid for measurement purposes.
  • Handle and wheels are provided for easy portability.


  • The plastic quality is cheap.
  • The latches provided are really thin and so it can be cut easily.
  • The tools cannot be placed in an organised manner.

To conclude this portable tool chest is one of the best deals you can get in the market if you really need something that can store and enormous number of tools and also enable you to take them along with you.

12. Stalwart Mobile Workshop and Toolbox

This portable tool box made by Stalwart is one of the best ones available in the market simply due to the fact that it offers may features compared to the other brands in the market. So, let us take a look at those in detail as follows.


This product is heavy duty in nature but at the same time it is also easily portable. The product measures 24.5 x 18 x 10.5 inches and weighs a mere 11.05 pounds only when it is empty. It is perfect for those people who need to keep their tools in place either at home or for those mechanics who need their tools along with them while visiting places outside. The toolbox is made of Polypropylene along with metal.


There are 3 small storage boxes with small compartments for storing many items of various categories and sizes. There are 24 compartments in total in these 3 small storage boxes. Apart from that there is a removable top storage for storing frequently used items. Two removable trays are also provided for storing small tools in place. Provisions for keeping the extension cords in place are also given with the help of cable hooks. In this all those messy wires can be kept in one place in an organized manner. The product also has a fold down handle that helps the person to manoeuvre the toolbox across any terrain without any difficulty.


  • Many compartments are provided for keeping various tools in an organized manner.
  • Handle is provided for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Removable storage boxes are provided for taking only those items that are required.


  • The plastic used in the construction of the storage box is flimsy.
  • Cannot withstand loads above the threshold limit.

To conclude this tool box would serve as a great deal for those people who need their tools to be kept in a structured way and at the same time also need an economical product. This tool box made by Stalwart offers great features and functionalities and can definitely be given a try.

13.  Tactix 321102 3 Drawer Steel Portable Tool Box

Here are some of the unique features of…. Which makes it a popular choice among the consumers.


The portable tool box made by Tactix is designed to look like a professional tool box for people who have everyday work with their tools. The entire tool box is made of steel completely and has aluminium drawers attached to so that the tools can be accessed easily. The product measures 21 x 10 x 13 inches and weighs a maximum of 23.8 pounds without any tools in it. This toolbox has three drawers which are made of aluminium for organising tools according to their functionality.


In order to ensure safety of your tools the toolbox as heavy-duty steel bolt latch which ensures that your tools remain theft free. The toolbox is designed to look very professional and as a small handle at the top of the left to enable it to carry along with you just like a suitcase. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty for this portable tool box which itself tells the fact that this product can be trusted and reliable.

The aluminium drawers have ball bearing slides so that the operation of pushing in and pulling out the drawers is really smooth and quiet. Foam pads are also placed in every drawer to ensure that the bottom layer of the drawer does not get damaged due to the sharp ends of the tools. Apart from that there is a tall angled lid which is provided for increasing the strength and also to accommodate large sized items in the top bin.


  • Aluminium drawers are provided with the ball bearing slides.
  • Heavy duty Steel latches are provided for ensuring safety of the tools.
  • Lifetime warranty is provided for the product.


  • Only a single handle is provided which cannot be used in case the tool box is fully loaded.
  • Cannot be used to carry a lot of heavy tools.
  • The metal is a bit flimsy and therefore cannot carry a lot of tools.

To conclude, this portable tool box is ideal one if you are looking for an inexpensive one which can help you to carry your day to day essential tools.

14. DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box

Looking for a perfect fitting space for your core tools? Then DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box is the right choice to carry. More than a usual tool box with a single compartment, it offers extra space and protection by providing additional compartments. The detailed information of the tool box is listed below.


We always want our tools to be protected from external factors and that is where this durable exterior wall come into play. This four mm thick durable wall is foam made. This toolbox offers a three-compartment structure which means that you can stack and connect up to 3 tool boxes together.The load capacity of DEWALT toolbox is 44 pounds. The product measures 17.6 x 11.75 x 11.7 inches.


For comfortable lifting, each unit has a handle on top connected to durable side latches so as to provide safe stacking. It includes a removable interior tray where all essential things can be placed and can be taken out in case of emergency very easily.This also provides heavy duty metal latches and hinges to withstand maximum load.The long handle bar on top of this toolbox provides easy carrying. You can use this T-stack as a top portion of any of the other tool boxes.

It can provide you a secured place to store your tools. Additionally, removable covered cups are also available to store small accessories. There are dividers fixed that serves the purpose of organization of drills and bits.


  • Three tool boxes can be put together and stacked.
  • Removable interior tray that can be used to keep all necessary things.
  • Comfortable handling of each unit with a separate handle
  • Heavy duty metal latches to improve durability


  • This T- stack toolbox is non-compatible with other tool boxes.
  • The toolbox is not water proofed.
  • Each separate unit does not have an individual lock.

To conclude, this DEWALT TSTAK toolbox provides the user a best way to store and organize tools.Parts and accessories that the customer would get real satisfaction using this.

15. Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Stanley is known for its excellence in providing quality products by subjecting their products to continual testing and analysis. This toolbox from such a reputed manufacturer, will always fits the purpose as best as it can. And always the features of a product from such a big producer will always be unique which are listed below.


This versatile toolbox provides you an extra-large space where you can put all your tools and accessories. In addition to this, tote tray with 3/4 length is given to keep larger tools. The toolbox is water proofed which can reduce the chance of rusting. To increase durability, the toolbox is coated exteriorly with thermoplastic resin and flake mica. This feature can also prevent abrasion. A V-groove with a ruler on the top of lid that can hold materials like pipes and lumber in place for efficient cutting. This product measures 28 x 12.6 x 11.6 inches.


This toolbox can be used to store power tools, hand tools and even extra-large items. Apart from this storage space, it also offers an additional space at the bottom of the toolbox where large and heavy items like power tools can be stored. To keep your tools safe, this features a large metal proof latches that provides you convenient locking. The tool box is also equipped with a tough soft-grip handle and ergonomic hand lifting resources to allow for easy carrying of heavy loads.


  • Extra-large space capacity and a tote tray to keep larger tools
  • V-shaped groove with ruler to hold materials while cutting
  • Rugged and durable exterior surface with waterproof
  • Metal latches and handle for safe handling of tools.


  • No color variant, only black color is available.

With all these features this versatile toolbox would definitely be convenient to carry your tools and accessories well packed. All kinds of professionals will surely be aiming at such kind of toolbox and for those here it is. Thus, this toolbox can be definitely given a try considering the various features it provides to the consumers at an economical price.


16. Keter Classic Tool Box 19″ Portable Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution

Either it be for home purpose or for job the tools we use should be organized in such a way that it should be reliable. Unless until you find a single platform, this is going to be tedious. The Keter toolbox can provide such a platform where you can find this task to be easier. This portable Keter toolbox comes with the below mentioned features.


The exterior of the Keter toolbox is made up of polypropylene resin which provides a rugged outer case. This polypropylene resin has the ability to prevent abrasion, withstand heat and provides durability.

More than a rigid material it’s also flexible. On top of the toolbox, you can find small chambers with lids on both the sides of the handle bar where you can store small accessories like nuts,bolts and screws.The toolbox measures around 18.99 L x 10.24 W x 9.84 H in inches and weighs a maximum of 3.9 pounds only when it is empty.


To make the portability easier, a rigid handle bar is provided that also provides you safe handling of the toolbox. In order to find the most frequently useda removable interior utility tray is provided for accessing those tools easily.A Lid stopper is also provided to hold the lid open while you work. To keep your tools safe and secure, space for padlock is provided. The toolboxcan hold accessories and tools weighing up to 40 pounds. A simple construction with all necessary features gets classy with red-black colour scheme.


  • Rugged resin outer case to provide rigidity.
  • Lid organizers on either side to provide place to hold small tools.
  • Removable interior utility tray and handle bar at the top.
  • Lid stopper to hold the lid while working and a padlock for safety.


  • One common platform for all types of tools.
  • Only one-color combination is available.
  • The toolbox is not water proofed.

No job is difficult than organizing the essential things and if a product could bring it easier way, one would always opt for that. With all these convincing features listed above, you can make sure that the Keter toolbox serve its purpose at its best.