5 Best Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating Saws: Top Picks and Buying Guide

Reciprocating Saws || value for money

Cutting wood, metal, plastic, and other materials require power and precision. For the best outcomes, you will need the right tools. Among others, one of the most important is a reciprocating saw.

Also called a sabre saw, a reciprocating saw is a handheld tool with a motor that powers backward and forward movements. It is a must-have for demolition jobs, such as when removing windows, doors, plasterboards, and joists.

If you are looking for the best reciprocating saws, we got you covered! Read on as we talk about some of the top products to consider. We’ll also list their most notable features, as well as a few pros and cons.

Best Overall

Dewalt DCS367B

A reliable power tool, it has a compact design to fit in tight spaces, keyless blade changes for intuitive operation, and variable speed trigger for comfort and versatility.

The winner of this review, this reciprocating saw is from a reliable brand in the global market for power tools. It has innovative features that make it deliver top-notch performance, even for the most demanding users.

What Makes It Stand Out?

It stands out because of its reliability. Even for professional applications, we are confident that it can handle the job. The 20-volt battery also makes it a great choice, which gives it up to 2.5 times longer runtime compared to many of its competitors.

Looking at its technical specifications will also make you understand why it is a top-notch choice. It delivers speed of up to 2,900 SPM, making it ideal for a wide array of tasks.

What We Like

There’s a lot to love in this product. For instance, it has a built-in LED, which provides illumination in dark areas. This makes it easier to see the material to ensure better precision.

We also like how it is compact. At 14.5 inches, it is not only sleek, but it also makes it easy to work even in tight spaces. Plus, the tool weighs only five pounds. Even with the addition of the battery, it is pretty comfortable.

It is also commendable because of the keyless 4-position blade clamp. The latter ensures quick blade changes, which makes any work simple.


Best Reciprocating Saws

What We Did Not Like

If there is one thing that we did not like in this Dewalt DCS367B , however, it would be that it comes as a tool only.This means that you will need to purchase the battery separately, which can be an added cost. It is also quite expensive, so it isn’t for those who are on a budget.

What are the Alternatives?

If you want one that already comes with a battery, then we recommend choosing the Black & Decker BDCR20C. Not to mention, it is also the most affordable on this list. If you are a newbie looking for your first reciprocating saw, such is one product worth considering.


Best Value for Money

Black & Decker BDCR20C

With its tool-free-blade change, pivoting blade shape, and electric stopping mechanism, this affordable reciprocating saw is an exceptional choice.

On a budget? Then this option is for you! It can compete head-to-head with many of its more expensive counterparts given its exceptional performance.

What Makes It Stand Out?

If there is one reason why you should choose this product, it would be its price. It is the most affordable of the five products in this review. Despite such, the reciprocating saw has a decent quality. It also helps that it is made by a reliable brand.


What We Like

One of the best features of this reciprocating saw is the pivoting blade shoe. It makes the tool more stable. As a result, it is easier to control, especially when you are working on tight angles and turns.

The electric brake is another feature that makes it incredible. This stopping mechanism makes it safe to use, especially if you are a beginner.

Additionally, it has 0 to 3,000 SPM. It has the widest speed range of the products on this list, which gives you more choices for different applications.

What We Did Not Like

While it is a great option, it has some drawbacks. For instance, one that you might not like is that the cutting length is pretty narrow at only 7/8-inch. With that, we recommend it only for light-duty applications.

What are the Alternatives?

For those who are looking for reciprocating saws with a longer cutting length, we recommend Makita XRJ04Z and Dewalt DCS367P1.


Best Corded

Bosch RS325

From its constant orbital action to the soft ergonomic handle, there are many reasons to choose this reciprocating saw.

While cordless power tools are convenient, some people may not like them because they can run out of battery. This means that you might end up frustrated and unable to finish your work. if you prefer a corded counterpart, this product is for you.


What Makes It Stand Out?

This model stands out from the flock because of its corded construction. Sure, it can be a hassle dealing with wires and finding a socket. Nonetheless, the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about draining your battery.

What We Like

Among others, one of its most notable features is the constant orbital action. The latter speeds up its ability to cut different materials, making it dependable as well.

Another thing that makes it impressive is its power-to-weight ratio. It weighs only seven pounds, but it has 12 amps of power.

The soft ergonomic handle is also a plus. Holding it is easy, even in the toughest applications, you won’t feel much of the vibration, ensuring your highest level of comfort.

What We Did Not Like

The portability of this model is one of the drawbacks. Since it is corded, you cannot use it anytime and anywhere. You will need a socket and electricity. This can be a significant limitation for contractors who work in different places.

What are the Alternatives?

For those who are looking for battery-powered alternatives, Dewalt DCS367B and Makita XRJ04Z are great options to consider.


Best Lightweight Body

Dewalt DCS367P1

Even if it is compact and lightweight, this high-end power tool packs plenty of features that make it ideal even for demanding jobs.

Weighing only five pounds, this is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight reciprocating saw. Even with the battery attached, it won’t be a burden to hold.

What Makes It Stand Out?

As mentioned, the biggest selling-point of this product is its lightweight design. Even when you have to work for an extended time, you will love how it won’t easily result in user fatigue.

 Compact Reciprocating Saw

What We Like

One of the best things about this reciprocating saw is its compact body. This way, it is easy to fit in small spaces. You can cut quickly even between studs.

We also like how it has an adjustable speed from 0 to 2,900 SPM. You can select the one most appropriate for the job.

Plus, it has a built-in work light. The latter comes in handy when you are working in dark areas.

What We Did Not Like

If there is one thing that we did not like in this product, it would be is price. Such is understandable because it is from a great brand and it has innovative features. However, for those on a budget, it is too much.

What are the Alternatives?

For cheaper alternatives without compromising quality, Black & Decker BDCR20C is a great option. Even better, it already comes with a battery, which increases your savings.


Best for Cutting Length

Makita XRJ04Z

From the tool-less blade change to its Extreme Protection Technology, this is another reciprocating saw that should be on your radar.

Wrapping up our review is another impressive option from a reliable manufacturer. It is also cordless, making it comfortable and portable.

What Makes It Stand Out?

If there is one reason why you should choose this product, it would be its cutting length. It cuts at a length of up to 1.25 inches, which is a bit longer than the other products mentioned above.

Best Reciprocating Saws

What We Like

Like the other products on our list, it also offers a tool-less blade change system, which simplifies its operation. It is quick and effortless to switch from one blade to another, depending on what the job needs.

Along with the battery, the unit weighs only 8.3 pounds. Such is lightweight, so it reduces operator fatigue. As a result, you can also easily control the tool while being comfortable.

Plus, it has Extreme Protection Technology, which is responsible for its durability. It enhances dust and water resistance, so it can withstand even tough environments.

What We Did Not Like

While it has a good cutting length, some people might be unhappy over how the cutting speed is only from 0 to 2,800 SPM.

What are the Alternatives?

If you want one that offers more options for cutting speed, then it is best to consider Black & Decker BDCR20C as an alternative. The latter has a speed range of 0 to 3,000 RPM.


Analysis and Test Results

For a fair evaluation of the products mentioned above, we have evaluated some of the most important factors to consider. Here is the result of our test.

1.    Value

No doubt, a lot of people will decide based on price. Especially if you are a DIY enthusiast and not a professional contractor, you might want to settle with something cheap but without compromising quality.

If price is an issue, then you should go for Black & Decker BDCR20C. It is the cheapest of the five products in this review. The best thing is that it is already inclusive of a battery. Meanwhile, the second most affordable is Bosch RS325.

On the other hand, the most expensive is Dewalt DCS367P1. Do not let the price discourage you. Aside from being made by a reputable brand, it has many top-notch features, as noted in the review above.

2.    Speed

Several factors impact the power and performance of the reciprocating saw. Among others, it can be influenced by its speed. The faster the saw works, the more powerful it is. Not to mention, it will also be more suitable for more discerning applications.

The speed of a reciprocating saw is expressed as strokes per minute or SPM. In most cases, it will range from 2,600 to 3,300 SPM. In the five products in this review, the one with the highest speed range is Black & Decker BDCR20C, which has 0 to 3,000 SPM. Meanwhile, both Dewalt DCS367B and Dewalt DCS367P1have 0 to 2,900 SPM while Bosch RS325and Makita XRJ04Z and 0 to 2,800 SPM.


3.    Cutting Length

Like the cutting speed, the cutting length is another crucial consideration when evaluating the possibilities. It dictates how narrow or wide the reciprocating saw can cut at a given time. The products in this review do not have much difference in terms of their cutting length.

The model with the longest cutting length is Makita XRJ04Z, which is 1.25 inches. Meanwhile, both Dewalt DCS367Band Dewalt DCS367P1cut at 1.125 inch. The cutting length of Bosch RS325is 1 inch and 7/8-inch for Black & Decker BDCR20C.

4.    Comfort

It is a must to look at the different features to ensure comfort. Most of them have ergonomic handles, making it effortless to grab the tool. They also produce minimal vibrations, even in the highest settings.

Another thing that you should look at is the weight. The lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be. Of the five products in this review, the lightest are Dewalt DCS367B and Dewalt DCS367P1. They are both five pounds without battery. Even with a battery, they are easy to hold. Meanwhile, the heaviest is Makita XRJ04Z, which weighs up to 8.3 pounds.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DCS367B is the winner in this review of the best reciprocating saws. It is a cordless and lightweight tool, so you can ensure comfort and portability. It uses a 20V Max battery, which is compatible with other Dewalt tools as well. Even for demanding jobs, it will deliver an unrivalled performance.

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