Buying Guide for Rotary Hammer

Looking for a heavy duty, power infused drill that will make all your drilling jobs seem like a child’s play? Well with rotary hammer drill’s strong piston mechanism, even the thickest of masonry slabs are easy to drill through! Compared to regular hammer drills, the best rotary hammers drilling machines can drill for longer continuous periods and also, drill deeper holes in masonry, metal and wood among many other materials. 

Best Rotary Hammers in 2022

Best variable speed trigger

1. Makita XRH01Z


The Makita XRH01Z  comes fully equipped with the most high-tech features that any modern drill today should have! With a brushless motor and three mode functioning, the user is supported through and through for every need that the task puts forth.

Brushless motor

Perhaps the best feature of the Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT  is that it comes with a brushless motor that adjusts the power exerted by the drill according to the resistance senses by the drill. The integrated sensors in the drill help match the power needed to the resistance that the drill is exposed to.



Compact and ergonomic design

Overall built of the Makita XRH01Z 18V  allows for easy carrying to different work sites. Furthermore, its cordless feature allows for work in remote locations. The dual handles of the drill are shock absorbing which significantly reduces the tension in the user’s limbs created due to excessive vibrations.

Torque limiter

The Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT comes fully integrated with a torque limiting clutch that enhances the overall life of the drill by preventing excessive gear damage in any of the bits bind during usage. This is done via disengaging the gears automatically which also helps in protecting the user against unnecessary injuries.

Best Overall



Cordless and with vibration control technology, the DEWALT DCH273B  is built to be used in all the unconventional spaces that lack easy access to power outlets!

Vibration control

The lightweight and Shocks Active Vibration Control technology, the DEWALT DCH273B  makes it easy and convenient for the user when using the drilling for prolonged time frames. This is also a convenient feature especially when the drill is being used in overhead applications.


Rotary Hammer

Brushless motor

One of the best features of the DEWALT DCH273B is that it comes with a brushless motor which means that this drilling machine is not only cordless but has the capacity to adjust the power exerted according to the task at hand. The motor will extend more power fi it senses more resistance and vice versa.

Convenient storage

The DEWALT DCH273B  comes with a retractable utility hook that allows the user to hang the drilling machine when not in use. This is an ideal feature to have especially when storing away utility tools in an organized and convenient manner.


3. Makita XRH05Z

Without having to change different drills for different jobs, the Makita XRH05Z 18V allows users the comfort of choosing between multiple modes easily. Furthermore, you can easily work cordlessly for hours without having to change batteries.

Ergonomic handle and design

The Makita XRH05Z  comes with an integrated vibration absorbing handle that provides optimal comfort to the user when drilling. With reduced vibrations, the machine can be used for long hours without the need for taking a break. Furthermore, it increases the precision and overall control over the machine as well.

Dual lithium ion batteries

The dual lithium ion batteries of the Makita XRH05Z  provide the same power of that a corded drill. The batteries are not included in the packaging however, they can be easily purchased online. There are LED batter charging indicators given that help identify the charging levels of each battery separately in order to protect against overcharging.


Makita XRH05Z

Three mode operation

The Makita XRH05Z  is a three-mode drill that allows for three different kinds of drilling with only the flick of a switch. Users can choose between Rotation only, hammering with rotation and hammering only depending on the task at hand.


Best for performing tough projects on solid materials 

4. Makita XRH03Z


Being cordless with a three-mode operation base makes the Makita XRH03Z  is one of the most sought after drills in the industry! The dual shock absorbing handles with the lithium battery operation ensures not only convenience but also agility and robustness of the machine.

Three mode operation

The Makita XRH03Z  features three modes of drilling packed in one unit. The user can choose between rotation only, hammering with rotation or just hammering depending on the task at hand and only with the flick of a switch.



Torque limiter

While the Makita XRH03Z  Rotary Hammer features faster drilling with a well synchronized speed and torque, the manufacturers have also integrated a torque limiter that prevents injury n the user’s part as well as protects the drills gears in case the drill bits jam during usage. The torque limiter also helps control the level of the torque to make sure that the drill can be used on a number of different concrete sites.

Ergonomic handles

The manufacturers of the Makita XRH03Z Rotary Hammer have added two ergonomic handles to the drilling machine to increase control and precision of the drilling site. Furthermore, there is also a two-finger large variable speed trigger to add to the user’s convenience and increase control of the drill when in use. The handles are built to be shock absorbent to reduce unnecessary vibrations and stress on the user’s limbs.


Best for heavy construction

5. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme

So, you’ve become tired of those poorly constructed and easy-to-break rotary hammers and now looking for a high-quality rotary hammer that may serve you for years?
Bosch 11255VSR Rotary Hammer is one of the best options  in the market. However, you must check the details of this tool before making a purchase.

We’ve tested this Rotary Hammer for a few weeks and we’re pretty surprised that the manufacturers have offered so many amazing features at such a reasonable price.

Design and Built

Bosch 11255VSR is made of high-quality, long-lasting material. It means it’s not only perfect for DIY jobs but you can also use it for professional purposes. It comes with the standard D-grip handle that offers more power while you’re using the tool. Moreover, it’s equipped with a removable front handle that can be adjusted accordingly.
The best thing about the front handle is that it offers more control over the operation. The user can easily cover the trigger with his two fingers. You can also set the maximum drilling depth of the tool by using the depth stop feature. We must say it’s one of the best options for working on vertical surfaces because it’s a lightweight product and it doesn’t put a strain on your arm during operation.




The professional contractors can use Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Rotary hammer for multiple operations like drilling, chiseling, and hammer drilling. This tool offers amazing performance even if you’re making a hole into concrete. SDS-plus bit system is something we really liked about this tool. This feature enables you to change the bit within a few seconds.
This tool doesn’t make you feel tired at all because the manufacturers have reduced the vibrations to an extent. In fact, it enables you to drill something more conveniently. You can use three operation modes with this rotary hammer.

Rotary Hammer Mode: This mode uses the “electro-pneumatic” hammering technology to provide a bigger impact force. It’s the most powerful option you can use with this tool.
Rotation Only Mode: This mode is used for simple concrete drilling because it doesn’t include the hammer action.
Hammer Only: If you’re removing the concrete built stuff, this mode can be perfectly useful for you. It’s a lot better than ordinary drilling.


Bosch 11255 Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer is an extraordinary tool for homeowners and professional contractors. It’s made of high-quality, durable material that can serve you for years.You’d love using this lightweight and easy-to-operate tool in different conditions. After knowing these details, you’d definitely be able to make an informed decision. If you still need some help, you can get in touch with us.

Best harsh worksite environment

6. Makita HR2811F

The Makita HR2811F is the epitome of safety and agility when it comes to getting the job done! The three mode operation of the drill makes sure the user can employ different modes to get the job done without having to change drills!

Torque clutch for safety

To enhance the overall safety of the user, the makers of the Makita HR2811F  have integrated a torque limiting clutch that ensures the unit stops working incase the drill bits jam during usage. This helps limit unforeseen injuries as the gears automatically get disengaged.



Three mode operation

One of the best features of the Makita HR2811F  is that it comes with a fully integrated three mode operation that accounts for a rotation only mode, hammering with rotation mode and a a hammering only mode which the user can change between with only the flick of a simple switch.

Faster and better drilling

The Makita HR2811F comes fully equipped with a sequential impact timing function that is meant to deliver timed hammering to increase precision as well as minimize overlapping bit impacts so that during rotation even the drill can produce 50% faster drills.

Best Portable and compact

7. Hilti 228061 TE 7-C

Whether you are planning on drilling through wood or through steel, the Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package is built to outperform its contemporaries with its impressive power, speed and high torque!

Three mode rotary hammer

Perhaps the best feature of the Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package is that it comes with three integrated modes that allow for a variety of different ways of drilling! With only a flick of a switch users can now perform normal drillings tasks, hammer drilling as well as chiseling tasks without having to invest in separate rotary hammers for each task.

Ergonomic handle

Drilling can be quite taxing on the user’s limbs hence, to make this job easier and comfortable the manufacturers of the Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package have added ergonomic handles that allow for easy and comfy gripping of the drilling machine for long durations without necessary breaks. The D shaped grip also fits quite adequately into the user’s hand hence providing better control over the machine.


Buying Guide for Rotary Hammer

High speed and torque

The Hilti 228061 TE 7-C 120-volt Rotary Hammer Drill Package is an ideal drilling machine made for individuals that work with wood or steel. This is because the machine comes packed with a high speed at 740 rpm and corresponding high torque at 4200 BPM which packs in impressive power without tiring out the user. The drill works its magic while the user controls its direction and movement via the ergonomic handle provided.

8. Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2″

Simple and portable, the Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2″ (13 Mm) Hammer Drill allows users to accomplish most arduous tasks in optimum time without excessive fatigue cancelled out by the shock absorbing dual handles given in the drill.

Dual ergonomic handles

One of the best features of the Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2″ (13 Mm) Hammer Drill is that it comes with dual over-molded comfortable ergonomic handles that all for better grip as the vibrations are significantly reduced along with the overall fatigue associated with managing a drill for long hours. The dual handles allow for better control as well so that the user can make drills according to precise measurements.


construction projects

Two mode function

Accommodating two modes of drilling allows the Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2″ (13 Mm) Hammer Drill to pack enough punch in a small portable size so that repetitive arduous tasks become easy to accomplish. Two modes are usually a great size and work well with most drilling jobs revolving around metal and wood.

Highly durable

The Milwaukee 5376-20 1/2″ (13 Mm) Hammer Drill utilizes some serious superior quality engineering enterprise with an all metal gear case as well as a long-lasting metal chuck that makes sure this drill can last longer than any of its competitors! Its compact and lightweight body makes sure that the drill can be used in tight spaces and handled easily without worrying about precision and control.


Best for DIYers projects

9. ENEACRO  Rotary Hammer Drill

Well, you’d need a powerful Rotary Hammer Drill to complete this project successfully. And ENEACRO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is the best option you can choose.We’ve prepared a detailed review of ENEACRO SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Drill. Hopefully, you’d find it easy to make an informed decision after knowing these details.

Design and Built

ENEACRO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is a lightweight and durable tool made of aluminum. Although the appearance doesn’t matter in case of power tools, we’d appreciate that the manufacturers have chosen the color scheme wisely. That’s why it looks very attractive at first glance.

The drill comes with a unique design that is supposed to keep the dust away from the motor. Those who’ve used a hammer drill before must be aware of how difficult it is to protect the motor from dust in the dusty conditions. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this aspect while using ENEACRO Hammer Drill.

The D-Shaped handle offers a comfortable experience while allowing you to adjust the speed with your finger. You can also hold the 360 Degree Adjustable Handle to enjoy more stability while using the tool. The important thing about this tool is that it has a built-in cooling system that prevents the motor from heating up even if you use the tool for prolonged hours.

With ENEACRO Rotary Hammer Drill, you won’t have to use a key to change the bits. You can simply pull the keyless chuck a bit ahead and rotate it with your hand to remove the bit. We’re pretty sure it will help with improving your overall performance.

Buying Guide for Rotary Hammer


ENEACRO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill enables you to use four different modes including hammer-only, drill-only, chisel, and hammer drill. We used this tool to remove the old mortar shower pan. The project was a bit long so we had to use the tool for a long time. We completed the job accurately and the operator didn’t feel tired at all.

We must admit that the vibration control system is one of the most remarkable features of this tool that offers maximum stability while you’re using the tool. The comfort, stability, and accuracy we’ve enjoyed with this tool are absolutely amazing.


ENEACRO Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with the 13 Amp motor and it has the ability to reach up to 820 RPM. We must say it’s one of the best options for construction projects.

This rotary hammer drill is powerful enough for making holes into the concrete and removing tiles. You can perform some other amazing tasks with this drill.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Four Different Modes
  • 2 months Warranty
  • Keyless Chuck


  • Price is a bit high
  • User Manual Needs some Improvements


Based on our experience, ENEACRO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is the  option for those who are planning to start a DIY project. The tool has some unique features that are hardly found in this category. Although the price is a bit high, you’d never regret buying this tool.

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