Best RV Generators in 2020

Before we discuss best  RV generators, let us discuss RVs (recreational vehicles). Recreational Vehicles are motor or automobile homes. These are homes on wheels that may be in the form of towable trailers or one compact vehicle. They are intended for leisure and outdoor activities (camping, etc) , also used as mobile offices by entrepreneurs who travel to various sites such as – construction sites, tourist destinations, etc.

Thus, there are residential RVs with living spaces such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. And they are fitted with every imaginable amenity such as satellite receptors, LED TVs, water heaters, air conditioners, heaters, cooking ranges, etc. While the RVs fitted for business may have satellite telephones, TVs, fax machines, scanners, copier machines and every conceivable office facility.

Based on the type of recreational vehicle

They are classified as Class A, B, B+ and C vehicles. Most RVs are fitted with extendible canopies while others have slide outs that can be extended via hydraulic or electrical systems. The gears of the electric slide outs are powered by electric motors. All these require power to run. Thus, the basic requirement for any modern recreational vehicle with appliances and devices is a powerful RV generator.

A generator supplies the power required to run all the above-mentioned electronics. These contraptions have an engine fitted with a motor and an alternator that convert mechanical energy into electricity. The mechanical energy to run the engine is obtained from diesel, propane, LPS, gasoline, etc. While there are some models that use solar panels to generate and store electrical energy in batteries.

In the case of engines, the electromagnetic induction, induced by a magnetic field generates a push in the conductor, in this case, the circuitry. This push is the electromotive force or voltage that sets off a cascade of electrons in the wire that we call electricity.

Best RV Generators

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Best RV generators can be single, dual or tri-fuel generators

A single fuel generator runs on one fuel  it can be diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas. These are great options when you are planning and arrange for enough fuel, especially a propane or natural gas tank. As this option is easier to handle, transport has a long shelf life and burns cleaner. Yet diesel and gasoline are easily accessible from the filling stations that dot the highways.

If you are using diesel-powered generators, then they produce more power than propane. It is easy to store, non-explosive and burns cleaner than gasoline. If you are using gasoline, it is easily accessible and less expensive. But it is highly flammable, thus has a shorter shelf life. Besides, generators burn more gasoline than diesel making them less fuel-efficient.

Propane or LPG isan environmentally friendly fuel choice, minus the exhaust fumes, but the size of the tank can be an encumbrance. Besides the power output tends to be 10% lesser than produced by diesel and gasoline. As all the models have their pros and cons, it would be smart to study your power requirements to determine the required wattage and runtime. You can aggregate your requirement by using power wattage lists, online.  This will help you draw up the approximate fuel budget before you buy your RV generator.

Dual and tri-fuel generators  are preferred due to the convenience factor. Imagine driving through along the highway where there are no propane outlets, but then your generator runs on diesel and gasoline. So, all you must do is switch fuel until you hit a stop where you can reload the propane.

Best RV Generators

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Uses of  best RV generators

These machines, power anything that needs electricity. It could rev up your RVs batteries and all the appliances and other voltage sensitive devices. This is because the latest generators come with a built-in inverter that converts DC to AC. This AC is in the form of a pure sine wave that is required to run the most sensitive electronics. They can supplement as power back-up at home but are a great convenience while camping, tailgating or partying at a remote location where there is no access to the grid.

The other advantages of using a fuel with high calorific value are that it reduces greenhouse effect and global warming. This means less carbon dioxide emitted and a smaller carbon footprint. The largest cost of operating these generators is the fuel. As oil and gas are easily available, these generators are an economical option.

The integrated controls optimizethe substitution rate and an automatic and seamless transition between various fuel modes. This not only increases the versatility of the generator but also increases the fuel efficiency. The substitution rate is a critical parameter for multifuel (bi & tri-fuel) operation where a portion of the total energy is provided by propane. This means, higher the substitution rates the higher is the savings on the fuel cost.

Characteristics of  quality  best RV Generators

These are the features to look for in your RV generator. It should have a heavy-duty frame with four-point rubber mounts. These offer stability and anchorage beside these “ground” the vibrations making for a quiet operation. It should be portable with wheels and handles. It should be made of tough materials that can not only withstand extreme climate but also prolonged use.

There should be start-up systems such as recoil start and electric start. In the case of a multi-fuel generator, there should be a fuel selector to switch fuel. Thefuel tank should support at least 8 hours of running time on 50% load. It should have a good fuel capacity for enormous amounts of power generation over extended periods of non-stop use.-We have also reviewed  the Τop Best 15 Inverter Generators in 2019.

Best RV Generators

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The engine should produce at least 11 HP but the more power the better, this means they surge power of at least 7000 watts and running power nearing that. The panel should have 12V AC and DC receptacles to power your appliances. There should be outlets for battery charging and safety features such as a low oil sensor, temperature, Hertz & time gauges, voltage guards etc.

The multi-fuel generator should be able to run 100% on one type of fuel in the event when one is completely exhausted. This feature makes it dependable in all eventualities. The production and design should be EPA and CARB approved. This means they should meet air quality standards and operates quietly around 58 dBA. All these conditions are mandatory by National Park Service guidelines for camping grounds. Lastly, the generator should come with a year’s warranty and customer support.

Best RV Generators in 2020

Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt DH 
Champion Power Equipment 76533 
Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator 
Champion Power Equipment 100307
WEN 56310i-RV Super Quiet 3100-Watt
CAT RP3600 
Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 
Honda EU7000iS Generator 
Briggs & Stratton P3000
Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready 
Briggs & Stratton 30557 
Firman P03603 

1. Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt DH 

Economy Mode, Extended Run Time, Quiet Technology, and Clean Power are some interesting features you’d get with Champion 100573 Open Frame Inverter.

But you can get these features in some other inverter generators as well. Then what’s so special about Champion 100573?

Well, the remote control feature makes it prominent among others. You can easily turn it on and off from up to 80 feet away. Sounds pretty cool.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of something and the power runs out. What would you do? You’d immediately rush towards the generator to turn it on and then get back to the work. By then, it would’ve already been pretty late.

Sometimes, a few seconds can make a major difference. In these conditions, Champion 100573 offers peace of mind. Moreover, you feel more comfortable operating the generator from inside the home or RV rather than going out again and again.

Who is it for?

Champion 100573 open frame inverter is a suitable option for fifth-wheel RVs, remote camps, travel trailers, and tailgating. Also, it can be used as a strong backup during a power outage.

Champion 100573 is an ideal option for RV enthusiasts who like to enjoy more independence. You may also use it for outdoor festivals, open-air performances, and sporting competitions. The interesting part is you can use this inverter while performing several DIY jobs at home. It works as an incredible portable power source for camping and tailgating.

In simple words, it’s a multipurpose open frame inverter designed to facilitate people in different situations.

Champion 100573 Open Frame Inverter review

We tested this inverter generator in different circumstances and we really enjoyed its performance. Here’s the detailed review of the Champion 100573 open frame inverter to help you with making an informed buying decision.

Built & Design

Unlike other portable generators, Champion 100573 can easily be raised above the ground level because it has an open frame design. With its strong and rugged structure, it can easily withstand rough environments. So, you can confidently use it on camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

You can easily drag the generator to your desired location because it has a dry weight of 96.8 lbs. The folding handle and the wheel kit give you the freedom to displace the generator effortlessly.

The interesting part is that there are several light indicators on the generator that keep you informed if the oil levels are insufficient or if the generator is on overload. Thus, you can protect the generator from all types of damages. There are 3 AC outlets on the control panel along with 1 12V DC outlet that helps with charing your batteries quite easily.

And how can we forget the TT-30R receptacle that lets you use the generator for your RV without any modifications? Also, a dual-port USB adapter, key fob, and a funnel are included in this package.

Power & Performance

The generator delivers a running wattage of 3500W with its gasoline-fueled 224-cc 4-stroke engine. Moreover, you can enjoy double power by connecting this inverter to a similar inverter because it’s parallel capable. However, you need to purchase the ParaLINK for this connection because it’s not included in the package.

As we mentioned above, the generator gives you an excellent level of comfort allowing you to start and stop the generator remotely. If the remote control isn’t working or if it’s not in your range, you can start the generator with a simple and elegant electric starter. Moreover, you can use the conventional pull-start mechanism if the battery has run out.

The best thing about this inverter has a fuel consumption of around 0.17 GPH which means it can operate up to 17 hours with a full tank. Unlike standard portable generators, Champion 100573 inverter doesn’t make enough noise because it has a noise rating of 64 dBA.

You can use Champion 100573 in all the 50 states because it’s CARB-compliant and EPA-approved. The spark arrestor offers peace of mind while you’re using the inverter in forested areas. It’s also worth knowing that the inverter automatically turns off when the oil levels are low.


  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Operates up to 17 hours with full tank
  • RV-ready Generator
  • CARB-compliant and EPA-approved


  • Remote Control’s range is just 80 meters


Champion 100573 is a lightweight and portable inverter generator designed to offer a high level of comfort and convenience. It’s a super-quite, eco-friendly, and economical generator you can use in different conditions. The wireless remote control feature has made it an ideal choice for RV enthusiasts and DIYers. You can also purchase it if you need an excellent quality generator at an affordable price.

2. Champion Power Equipment 76533Portable Generator

So, you need a powerful backup source for your RV and want to know whether Champion 76533 Dual Fuel Generator can accommodate your needs or not?

Well, you’d get detailed answers to your questions in this Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator Review.

Won’t you be surprised if we tell you that Champion 76533 isn’t just the ideal option for your RV but it also works as a perfect backup power source for home projects. Champion is known for producing the most powerful and efficient generators at affordable rates. And Champion 76533 is not an exception.

It’s a damn 3800-watt portable generator that won’t let you down at any step of the way. So, you can confidently rely on this generator if you need a portable and affordable generator for your RV and home projects.

Brief introduction of Champion 76533 portable generator

Champion 76533 is designed to maintain consistent power supply for your home and RV. It offers a perfect combination of portability, versatility, and convenience. This beast can make power generation more convenient than ever. Champion 3800-watt generator is the best generator in terms of power, efficiency, portability, and price.

After testing several other models of portable generators, we can confidently say Champion 76533 is the best option available in the market.

Here is the detailed review of the Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable generator we’ve prepared after rigorous testing.

Built & Design

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Portable Generator is designed to serve you for years because it’s made of strong and durable steel frame. The folding handle helps with dragging the generator to a nearby location without any hassle. The never-flat tires are designed to provide a higher level of portability and maneuverability.

The push start button enables you to start the generator within a second. So, you don’t need to build stronger muscles to start a generator anymore. In fact, a child can now turn on the generator but you should keep the kids away from your generator. Starting a generator in cold weather has never been easy. But Champion 76533 has eliminated this problem with the Champion Cold Start Technology.

You can also easily switch between the propane and gas with the help of a fuel selector located on the top left corner. The best part is that the generator doesn’t need any customizations. Simply, pull it out of the box and start using it straight away.

Power Generation

We tested the generator for a few weeks assuming it can only run light electrical equipment like fans, lights, smartphones, TV, and computer etc. And it worked pretty well without any disturbance. But the manufacturer has made some major claims about this generator.

So, we decided to run our refrigerator on the generator along with other electric items. And we were surprised to see that the generator didn’t go through any pressure. It kept running smoothly even after connecting the refrigerator. We ran the refrigerator and other items for 9 hours and didn’t see any signs of damage.

However, you should avoid using heavy equipment like iron and Room air conditioner because the generator isn’t designed for these items.

So, does that mean you can’t run your RV’s air conditioner with this generator?

Well, if you have an air conditioner of 15,000 BTU, you don’t need to worry at all. But if you have a bigger air conditioner, we won’t recommend running it on a generator.

You don’t need to worry about gas availability because you can use the dual fuel feature to switch to propane whenever you want. Champion 76533 is capable of generating 3800-watt on gasoline and it can continue running for up to 9 hours on a full tank. And if you’re using propane, the generator will produce 3420 watts for a period of 10.5 hours on a full tank.

The RV owners don’t need to worry about wiring and connections because it’s an RV ready generator. Simply, connect the generator to your RV using 120V 30A RV outlet and start enjoying a powerful backup source. You won’t even have to worry about legal issues because it’s EPA-CARB 50-state compliant.


  • Dependable Performance
  • Versatile & Powerful
  • Perfectly suitable for sensitive gadgets
  • Affordable & Convenient
  • Amazing power output


  • A bit heavy to lift for transport


Champion 76533 is an ideal option for RV enthusiasts who often like to go camping. The generator doesn’t only fulfill your needs of electricity on a camping trip but it also runs electric equipment in your home during an emergency. This powerful backup source of energy can serve you for 9-10 hours without any trouble. So, you can rely on this generator if you need a powerful portable generator at a reasonable price.


3. Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator RV Ready

This company has been powering homes around the world since a century. When you see the “W” of the Westinghouse you know that you are buying ground-breaking technology and dependability.

Design and Build

This easy to use iGen4500 gasoline generator offers innovative features at a premium price. The unit has fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons and a 224-cc engine. The expandable fuel capacity that extends the runtime. The unit is very quiet as it produces only 52bBA at 25% load. It also has a voltage response technology that gives an 18 hours runtime on 25% load.

The unit produces high-quality single sine wave power to power delicate electronics. The panel has an LED centre and built-in USB outlets, 2 household outlets (120V), and a TT-30R RV ready power outlet.This is a lightweight, plug and play that makes it extremely portable. The flat-free tires and extendable handle make transporting the unit a breeze.


The iGen4500 is suitable for DIY projects around the house and standby during power outage. You can take this faithful companion on your tailgating, camping and other outdoor adventures.


The Westinghouse brings you a rated power of 3800 watts and peak power of 4500 watts. You can power a gas furnace, coffee maker, modem and router, TV, sump pump, LED lights etc for 14 hours on a single gas tank.

Additional Features

The computerized double-conversion inverter converts the AC to DC via the alternator. This DC is manageable and regulated to produce a stable voltage. This DC is then reconverted to AC for use via the outlets on the panel. The unit has a built-in insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology that combines capacitors to control a system monitored by a microprocessor. The sine wave is monitored several hundred times per second to ensure a low harmonic distortion, making it safe for your sensitive devices. The Westinghouse comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime technical support.


  • Inverter offers clean power
  • Quiet
  • 18 hours runtime at 25% load
  • Expandable fuel capacity, extended runtime


  • Not parallel ready
  • Not dual fuel


4. Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel

Since 2013, Champion has been a leading manufacturer of a wide range of power equipment. The company has made a name in the manufacture of quality generators. The company makes both open frame and inverter generators. One of their most popular generators is the Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator.

This generator is marketed as one of the best RV ready generators. It is also marketed as a portable and dual fuel generator. But like any other generator, this Champion dual fuel generator also comes with some downsides. Read this Champion 100307 generator review before making a buying decision.

Summary of features

• A voltage of 120 V
• Cold start technology
• Intelligauge
• Propane/gasoline fuel
• Spark arrestor
• EPA emissions
• Recoil start
• Engine size of 224 cc

Design and build

The Champion 100307 generator comes in the traditional open-frame generator providing stability, and making it possible for the generator to be raised above the ground. This design has been built for rough terrains and heavy use in the outdoors. At a weight of 104.9 lbs, the generator is on the heavy side. However, it compensates for this with its wheel kit that makes the generator portable. It is started using the traditional pull-start mechanism.

The generator produces a noise level of 68 dBA which is a low hum similar to that of a vacuum. This can be considered to be an average noise rating for a device that produces a power of 3500 watts. The unit comes with a Volt Guard power surge protector that ensures the generator is protected from overload and keeps the equipment safe. The generator comes with a warranty of 3 years.

The tank of the generator is made of steel and has a capacity of 3.4 gallons. The Champions dual fuel generator comes with a fast-charging battery that will be fully charged in less than one hour. This generator has a wide range of features such as spark arrestor, Cold start technology, and intelligauge Volt Guard. It also comes with a number of accessories such as a 3.3 feet propane hose.

The unit comes with an RV outlet, ensuring that you can easily power an air conditioner in an RV. The spark protector feature makes it safe for use in forests. This Champion 100307 generator is carbon compliant and EPA-approved, making it a good choice for reducing the carbon footprint.


Power and performance

The Champion 3500 watt generator comes with a dual fuel function that enables the 224 cc engine to run on propane or gasoline. The dual-fuel technology of the Champion generator enables it to have an output of 120 V. When being powered by gasoline, it has a running wattage of 3500 W and 4375 watts for the peak wattage.
When being powered by propane, the Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator produces starting watts of 3950 W. When on gasoline, the generator will provide a runtime of 9 hours on 50% load time as long as the three to the four-gallon fuel tank is full. When on propane, it has a runtime of 10.5 hours when running on a 50% load time with a propane tank of 20 pounds. Therefore, while propane will deliver everything you need, the gasoline will deliver more power, making it a great choice for heavy loads.
The Champion generator produces enough power to run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. But it can also power all the essentials in your home. Switching between fuels in this generator is easy and there are no special tools required. This is because it comes with a patented fuel selector feature that allows you to easily switch between fuels. All you need to do is to flip the switch using the desired fuel type before starting.
While run time is definitely important, this will in most cases depend on the fuel capacity. Unfortunately, the Champion 100307 generator isn’t fuel-efficient as it has a rated fuel consumption of 038 GPH while at a 50% load.

Key features

Here are some of the key features that come with the Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator.
• Cold Start technology. This feature ensures you can start the generator fast in the cold winter weather.
• Intelligauge meter. This feature allows you to track the hertz, voltage, run-time hours, and status of the generator and, therefore, keep track of the power out. This feature will also enable you to keep track of the maintenance intervals.
• Outlets. The Champion 100307 generator comes with 1 120 volts 30A outlet for an RV and 2 120 volts 20A outlet for a household.
• Low oil shut-off. This Champion generator comes with a VoltGuard and low oil shut off that helps to protect against overload. This offers you peace of mind when using the unit. The oil capacity of the unit is 0.6 quartz.

Pros and cons

If you are wondering if the Champion open frame generator is a good choice for you, here are its pros and cons.

What we like

• Comes when RV-ready
• Affordable
• Dual fuel
• Portable
• Low noise levels

What we don’t like

• No electric start button
• Not fuel-efficient
• A bit heavy


The Champion open frame generator comes with a powerful engine that can prove useful for powering your RV. We also like the many great features such as the intelligauge, the cold start technology, and the low oil shut off that comes with this Champion dual fuel generator. One of our big concerns concerning the generator is that it’s not fuel-efficient. However, this may be understood considering its big and powerful engine. With a wattage range of 3000 to 4000 watts, this generator is a good choice for heavy-duty use. The noise level of 68 dBA is within the acceptable range.

The generator’s weight of 104.9 pounds is also a concern especially if you are searching for a lightweight and portable generator. However, as you may guess, many of the generators that are made for heavy-duty use are usually heavy. The fact that it comes with wheels also enhances its portability. Therefore, these downsides aren’t a deal-breaker and we recommend this generator.

4. WEN 56310i-RV Super Quiet 3100-Watt RV-Ready Portable Inverter Generator

We know that’s not enough for making a wise decision. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed review to put your mind at ease. So, without any further ado, let’s take at what you can get with WEN 56310-i portable inverter generator.

Power Output

WEN 56310i delivers a running wattage of 2800W with its 212 cc WEN OHV 4-stroke engine. What we really like about this generator is that you can connect it to a second unit if you need more power. However, you’d need a WEN 56421 Parallel kit to make it happen.

This generator can accommodate your electricity needs for almost 7.5 hours with a full tank. It’s worth mentioning that it has a fuel capacity of 1.85 gallons. The best part is that you can charge your sensitive electronics using this generator.

What we don’t like about this generator is that it doesn’t have that electric starter feature. It means you’d have to apply some force while trying to start the generator.


WEN 56310i is a lot better than the typical open frame generators in terms of design. Its closed inverter generator design makes it perfectly suitable for recreational use. You can easily pull it out of your garage whenever you need a power backup. Simply, grab that strong foldable handle, raise the generator up, and carry it with wherever you want.


WEN 56310-i allows you to charge your batteries with its 12V 8A receptacle. Similarly, you can quickly charge your tablets and smartphones using its two 5V USB ports. This portable invert generator comes with the TT-30R receptacle which means you can start using it with your RV right after pulling it out of the box.

Automatic Shut-off

The generator automatically shuts off when it’s on overload or if the oil is running low. Thus, you’d get a perfect peace of mind. The generator shows warning signs before shutting off so you may save your important data if you’re running any devices on it.


WEN 56310-i is CARB compliant which means you can freely use this generator in open surroundings like camping sites, recreational areas, and also close to the house. You can even use it in forested areas as it comes with a spark arrestor.

So, you need top quality, easily affordable generator for your RV.

Why don’t you buy the WEN 56310-i RV-ready portable inverter generator?

This generator successfully makes an amazing first impression with its appealing modern design. But don’t worry, the manufacturers have not only focused on cosmetics but they’ve provided all the essential features one may expect from a portable inverter generator.

No matter whether you need a solution for your road trips or need a perfect backup for your basic households, WEN 56310i is the highly recommended option for you.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Long-Lasting 212cc engine
  • Parallel Capable
  • Quiet for its power (57 dBA)
  • CARB Compliant


  • No Electric Start
  • A bit Challenging to Add Oil


Based on our experience, WEN 56310i is a powerful generator for RV users. It can also provide an amazing backup for your house. It offers some interesting features that can accommodate your needs in different situations. If you need more information about this generator, we’d be happy to help you.

5. CAT RP3600


CAT generators have a proven reputation in power markets due to a consistent performance, reliability, durabilityand economy. This is supported by the fact that CAT equipment is used in the most demanding conditions around the world. In fields such as mining, construction, manufacturing and other operations – commercial or residential.The CAT RP3600 is one such application of their expertise that is ideal to meet the power needs of your RV.

Design and Build

This RV ready 212cc OHV engine with cast-iron sleeve. The unit has a fuss-freedesign with a LED-lit single-side operator’s station. The panel has an automatic voltage regulator, a low oil shut off sensor supported with a manual fuel shut-off. There is an auto tip-over fuel shut off protection even though the unit is weight balanced so tipping over is a rare possibility.

The unit has 5 covered outlets that protect them from the elements. There is one RV-ready 120V 30A outlet so no need for extra adapters and four standard household outlets.The unit is set on a rugged solid steel frame with never-flat tires. It has a hinged, padded bar-handle that can be drawn up from the side to move the unit or pulled down to lie along its side.  The frame has a minimal maintenance design that also lowers the vibrations lessening the noise levels.


The CAT is the epitome of the brand motto – Weather the Storm, Work Anywhere, Energize your Fun! Making it perfect for home and outdoors.


It runs for 13.5 hours on one 4.5-gallon tank at 50% load. The RP3600 has a recoil start and offers running 3600 watts and starting 4500 watts of power.

Additional Features

The CAT support sets the benchmark for the industry with its 24/7, multilingual call centre support.They also have an online help centre that is enhanced by video tutorials. Every box comes with the unit plus the tools and maintenance kit to prolong its life and utility. After you have bought the CAT register for a 3-year warranty for parts and an authorized sales & service centre support. Otherwise, a standard 2-year limited warranty applies.


  • LED lit control panel making it visible in low light
  • Waterproof outlets covers
  • Digital voltage & frequency display
  • Overload protection


  • Not parallel ready

6. Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator


The Westinghouse has been pioneering product that have raised our standard of living since last 130 years. Their generators can power anything and go anywhere.

Design and Build

This unit houses a 212 cc, 4-stroke, OHV engine with cast iron sleeves that extend engine life. The recoil start is designed for easy start-up and fuel efficiency. The engine has a fuel gauge and an automatic low-oil shutdown to protect the engine when the oil is low.  The WGen3600 features an intuitive control panel with an automatic voltage regulator and circuit breaker. These protect against voltage swings and help prevent an overload to the generator.

There are three outlets – one 5-20R 120V Household Duplex outlet, one RV-Ready TT-30R 30A outlet, and one L5-30R 30A outlet. The unit is EPA, CARB, and CSA Compliant.It is mounted on a steel frame with additional roll bars to protect the fuel tank. The wheel kit has 8-inch solid rubber wheels and a single fold-down handle for easy transport.


The WGen3600 is ideal for recreational vehicles and other outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, etc. It can also supplement as a standby at home.


The Westinghouse offers a surge power of 4650 watts and running power of 3600 watts. The runtime is 12 hours at 50% load on a 4-gallon fuel tank.

Additional Features

This plug-and-play comes with engine oil, a toolkit, an oil funnel and a user’s manual. The unit comes with durable rubber outlet covers. The company offers a 3-year warranty, a nationwide customer service and a lifetime support network.


  • Strong power output
  • Powers steadily
  • Portable
  • Fuel efficient


  • Not parallel ready
  • Could be dual or tri-fuel too

 7.  Honda EU7000iS Generator

This generator comes from Honda, a well-known brand that makes automobiles, motorbikes, aircrafts and power equipment. They are the largest manufacturers of the internal combustion engines. And the EU7000iS generator brings you their amazing GX390, 389 cc, 11 HP, 4 – stroke engine from Honda.

Design and Build

This genset incorporates the first application of electronic fuel injection in its design. The result is greater fuel efficiency and an easy start up without a choke. This also means that this unit has a longer runtime. This genset can run up to 6 hours on a full tank or around 18 hours at one fourth the load. Thus, Honda has increased the runtime of its model by 25% and improve the fuel efficiency by 20% due to this application.

The EU7000iS brings to your RV, 7000 Volt-Amperes of enhanced commercial grade power that has 2.5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). This means that all your appliances and sensitive devices such as a smartphone, computer, TV, etc., can be powered safely. This is due to the constant current of the stable sine wave generated by the multipolar inverter system.

Besides preventing damage to sensitive circuitry this reliable generator runs quietly at 60 dBA. This feature is accomplished through a split triple chamber construction, a centralized intake/exhaust system and an Eco-throttle design.

The Honda design is enhanced by an iMonitor display that shows performance data like the hours of use, the status of battery charging, low oil sensor, and other onboard diagnostics. The panel has two power circuits – one 120V and one 120V/240V outlet. The power available to each outlet depends on the position of the voltage selector.The dry weight of the unit is 262 pounds and the unit is mounted on standard wheels with an extensible handle for easy transportation.


Besides the basics, the modern RVs are equipped with sophisticated lane-departure warning systems and adaptive cruise with a collision mitigation technology supported by an onboard computer. They are enhanced by other luxury items like bar, spa, retractable slide outs and sky lounges, etc. All these are run by electric motors and require power. These generators are powerful enough to support these features on your RV.


It produces a surge power of 7000 watts and running power of 5500 watts. The 5.1-gallon tank can run up to 18 hours on a full tank.

Additional Features

This genset runs on gasoline, thus has a low-oil shut-off sensor with an LED light. As it has an electric start the battery is included. There are a fuel gauge and an hour meter. There are 4 power outlets and the unit is mounted on a standard set of wheels. The unit comes with a 3-year warranty and an owner’s manual.


  • Has an AC breaker built into the inverter
  • It generates electricity by a multipolar inverter system
  • Quiet, durable and easy to use


  • No onboard battery charger
  • No remote-start available

Why it is the best of the lot

With the improved electronic fuel injection and multipolarinverter system, this is a definite improvement on the essential characteristics of an RV generator. As this generator has exceeded expectations because of innovation it is the top of the lot.

8. Briggs & Stratton P3000

This model comes from Briggs and Stratton, who enjoy a 100 years history of making small engines. This generator is a part of their P3000 PowerSmart Series.

Design and Build

The p3000 has a 171 cc OHV engine enhanced by Quiet Power Technology(QTP).  This technology automatically adjusts the engine speed according to the power used. This, in turn, reduces the load on the engine making it quieter and lessens fuel consumption. The noise level is at 58 bBA at 25 percent load.

The intuitive StatStation LCD display provides readings of the performance metrics such as the number of hours of use and the power consumed.  It also offers maintenance data for air filter, oil and spark plug change.

The inverter makes a single sine wave that is gentle on your sensitive devices. The panel has four 120V household receptacles and one 12V-5A DC receptacle. There is a USB port and a parallel port to plug in another unit and increase output. The telescopic luggage style H-handle and 6-inch wheels offer easy mobility.


These quiet portable generators are meant for the tailgating, camping and for emergency power at home. It is best for power-on-demandthan continuous use.


The P3000 offers a running power of 2600 watt and starting power of 3000 watts. The runtime is 10 hours at 25 percent load on a 5.7-gallon tank.

Additional Features

The unit has a dedicated parallel port to connect another unit to double your output. This genset comes with a 24 months limited consumer warranty.


  • Inverter technology
  • Lighter
  • Quieter


  • Could come with a parallel ready kit
  • No engine oil
  • Not CARB compliant

9. Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready

Champion has designed and engineered this reliable digital hybrid genset to power your RV adventures. They are a well-known brand since decades and provide an exceptional customer service.

Design and Build

This Champion Digital Hybrid is an innovation as it reduces the noise level by 50 percentdue to the Quiet Technology. The unit has digital components that are used in more advanced inverters. It has a smaller footprint as weighs 20 percent lighter than the previous model. Thus, it is quieter, lighter and smaller.

The inverter operates at 64 dBA measured from 23 feet. Due to the advanced inverter, you can power your sensitive electronics with clean power i.e., less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).The cold start technology ensures it revs on frigid days. Plus, it has the reliable 224cc engine that gives a runtime of 17 hours at 25% load on a full 2.9-gallon tank.

The Quick Touch Panel allows faster access to controls. The Economy Mode reduces power consumption and monitors in real-time. As the load reduces or the engine idles the operation becomes quieter and burns less fuel. This, in turn, extends the life of the engine and improves fuel economy.

The unit has 4 outlets – one 120V 30A RV (TT-30R), two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R) and

one 12V DC automotive-style outlet with a dual USB adapter. The battery-charging cables are included.


The unit can power everything on your RV be it the electric motors to power your slide outs, or appliances and power tools. It is a plug and play at home and on the road.


The Hybrid produces a starting power of 4000 watts and running power of 3500 watts.

Additional Features

The unit comes with a 0.6 quart of 10W-30 engine oil. It is enhanced with a lowoil shut-off sensor. The parallel ready kit is optional. It includes a standard 50A RV outlet and a clip-on connection that allows you to increase your output. All Champion models come with a 3-year warranty and a free lifetime technical support.


  • Quiet technology
  • Digital component
  • Smaller footprint
  • Clean power due to inverter
  • Comes with 10W-30 engine oil
  • Parallel ready


  • Does not have a dual or tri-fuel facility

10. Briggs & Stratton 30557

This generator is a part of an impressive inventory designed and manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. Their power equipment is marketed and serviced in over 100 countries on all the continents. Their merchandise is known for unswervingefficiency.

Design and Build

In this generator Briggs & Stratton bring you the 390 cc, 13 HP, Honda GX390 OHV engine.

This unit has a recoil start, thus no battery required. The full GFCI-protected panel has one 12V DC battery charger, one 120V 30A locking outlet and one 120/240V 30A locking outlet.

The other features on the panel are an hour meter, a fuel gauge for monitoring the gas levels. There is an automatic idle regulator that ramps down the engine to save fuel and prolong engine life. The Super Lo-Tone Muffler scales back the operating sound.

The engine has a built-in automated voltage regulator that steadies the voltage for sensitive tools and electronics.The Power Surge Brushless Alternator provides that extra surge of power to start multiple motor-driven appliances and tools, simultaneously.


The Briggs & Stratton 30557 is a portable generator that runs on gasoline. It produces instant electricity to power your essential electronics and appliances. The power surge alternator produces 25% more surge wattage. This is sufficient to run couple of more power tools or appliances at the same time. This unit is an essential for an RV, power outage or during a natural disaster.


This genset has a 7-gallon tank and can fuel the engine for a 10-hour constant operation at 50% load. It offers a surge voltage of 8125 watts and rated voltage of 6500 watts.

Additional Features

The special circuit breakers are OSHA compliant. The unit is EPA and CARB compliant. It comes with a quick start guide and operator’s manual. all the units come with a two-year limited consumer and a 90-day commercial product warranty.


  •  Honda GX390 Engine
  • Automatic idle control
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Power surge alternator


  • No electric start
  • Not parallel ready
  • Not dual fuel

11. Firman P03603

Firman Power equipment offers power anywhere anytime. It powers all your fun activities be they camping, RVing, etc. Or work activities such as job sites, offices and homes. All their equipment is built to last and feature large fuel tanks, long runtimes and excellent service.

Design and Build

The P03603 makes a running power of 3650 watts and surge power of 4550 watts. It is powered by gasoline and has an electric start supported by a remote control. The unit has a 208-cc Firman MaxPro series OHV engine with a cast -iron sleeve.This 4-stroke engine has a 12V button-start with recoil. The unit has an electric start supported by a wireless remote. The remote has a range of 55 yards and the battery is included.

This Whisper Series quiet muffler with spark arrestor offers safe operation,especially in dry conditions. The engine comes with a low oil warning system that automatically shuts down when the oil is running low.There is a 5-gallon fuel tank that provides 14 hours of runtime at 50 percent load. With the built-in fuel gauge, it is easy to monitor the fuel level. The Volt-Lock automatic voltage regulator provide clean safe power and protect the appliances and devices.

The panel has a TT-30 RV receptacle that connects to the 30A RV cord. This cord is not included.

The panel has a digital display that monitors frequency, voltage and hours of operation. Thecircuit breaker keeps you and your electronics safe. The unit is fitted on a heavy duty, one-inch tubular frame and 8-inchflat free tires. This makes the unit safe and easy to transport.


The Firman is meant to power RVs and serve as a backup power for home during emergencies.


The Firman P03603 give a surge power of 4550 watts and running power of 3650 watts. It runtime is 14 hours of runtime at 50 percent load on a full tank.

Additional Features

The unit comes with engine oil, oil funnel and toolkit. There is a 3-year residential warranty and 90 days commercial warranty on the unit.


  • muffler with spark arrestor
  • digital display to read voltage, frequency and hours
  • automatic voltage regulator


  • not parallel ready