Buying guide for Solar Generators

You’ve probably run out of power at least a few times in your lifetime. While such occasions are rare, they can be quite annoying, especially if you don’t expect them. If you want to ensure you have power right when you need it, a solar generator will do wonders.

Perhaps, you’ve heard about those unique, noiseless, odorless solar-powered generators, and you’ve always wanted to try one at home. The good news is that such backup power kits are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re at home or at a campsite, a solar generator will give youpermanent short-term backup power.

Best of all, solar-powered generator kits can completely match the power of conventional gas generators. These machines are suitable for your electronics, power tools, fridge, or TV. If you’re keen on buying a solar generator, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about solar generator kits as well as the best products on the market.

Types of Solar Generators

Best Solar Generators in 2021

Goal Zero Yeti 400

[usr 4.8]

“This portable power station will quickly turn into a solar generator for the optimal outdoor experience. You’ll hardly find a power source with better value than the Yeti 400.”


[usr 4.5]

“The Jackery Explorer 500W portable station offers a mix of outstanding power along with the option for free solar energy.”

SuaokiPower Station Generator

[usr 4.5]

“The Suaoki 400Wh power station generator will deliver formidable capacity with a user-friendly experience.”

Chafon CF-UPS018

[usr 4.3]

“The Chafon CF-UPS018 is the best choice for people who are looking for a mixture of price and decent output.”

Renogy Phoenix  with 20W Built-in Solar Panel

[usr 4.2]

“If you’re looking for a compact solar generator, the Renogy Phoenix 150W portable generator has it all. The portable generator with the built-in solar panel will do wonders wherever you go.”


[usr 4.1]

“Perhaps, you’re looking for versatility rather than power. In such cases, the PoweraddChargerCenter offers a wide range of outlets and adapters for all your electronics.”

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station

[usr 4.5]

“The Rockpals 300W portable power station with 100W solar panel is a great combo for outdoor use.”

ROCKPALS 350W Portable Power Station

[usr 4.7]

“If you’re willing to bet on a slightly more powerful combo, the Rockpals 350W generator will meet all your requirements.”

 Kalisaya KP601  Solar Generator

[usr 4.1]

“Sometimes, power is all that matters. In such cases, the Kalisaya KP601 558W solar generator will provide continuous charging source for days.”

Suaoki S270 Solar Power Station

[usr 4.0]

“If you’re looking for portability, the Suaoki S270 is the most featherweight solar power station you’ll ever find. Its 150Wh of output capacity is enough to power your tablets, phones, and laptop.”

 SolarOak PA1701 Solar Generator

[usr 4.0]

“Perhaps, you’re looking for a budget option for your occasional camping. The SolarOak PA1701 will readily power all your small electronics without costing you a fortune.”

Jackery Explorer 240 Solar Generator

[usr 4.8] 

“The Jackery Explorer 240 solar generator is another budget-friendly alternative to consider. The only difference here is that this unit offers much higher output at a slightly higher price.”

Best Solar Generators in 2021

GOAL ZERO YETI 400 Best for campsites, cabins and recreational vehicles.
JACKERY EXPLORER Best for power emergencies at home.
. ROCKPALS 350W Best for RV, campsites and other outdoor activities that require power.
ROCKPALS 300W Best for outdoor activities
Jackery  Explorer 240 Best for camping, tailgating or other outdoor activities
SolarOak PA1701 Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips 
SUAOKI 400 Wh Best for DIY projects, camping, ice fishing, contractors
CHAFON 330WBest for a variety of uses
RENOGY PHOENIX Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips such as hunting, camping, RVing, tailgating, etc
POWERADD CHARGERCENTER, COMPACT Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips 
KALISAYA KP601Best for campsites, cabins and recreational vehicles. 
SUAOKI S270Best for power emergencies at home.

Best for campsites, cabins and recreational vehicles.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 

Goal Zero Yeti 400 is quiet, portable power for base camps, cabins, and unexpected outages. This mobile power station allows you to live life off the grid, camp in luxury, or power through an outage. Moreover, you’ll get all this without the noise and fumes of traditional backup generators.


The Yeti 400 Portable Power Station is a one-stop portable power solution. Though it has a modern appearance, its real focus is utility. The gray and black enclosure has bright yellow line highlights, providing contrast and pointing out the crucial parts.

To compensate for its 30 Lbs., the large, curved metal handles provide a comfortable grip. A thick, rigid plastic reinforces the hold around the corners in case of accidental drops or knocks.

The Yeti 400 uses a 12V, 33Ah / 396Wh replaceable sealed lead-acid battery (AGM). In a sense, it’s quite similar to car batteries.

The front panel of the Yeti 400 includes an LCD displayas an advanced feature. Needless to say, it will help you better understand and monitor your power consumption.

The Input side reflects the amount of power your Yeti 400 receives. In contrast, the Output side indicates the amount of energy flowing out of the solar generator. There are various indicators in Amps, Volts, Watts, Amp Hours, and Watt-Hours.

Besides, all of the Yeti 400’s connection ports are there, too. There’s an input port to charge the Yeti 400 using solar panels. It also includes a general-purpose AC adapter for charging, a 12-volt adapter compatible with wall outlets and car charger outlets.

As for output, there’s a collection of 12-volt ports, a pair of USB ports, and two grounded AC ports. The pure-sine wave inverter allows the solar generator to safely power almost everything under 400 Watts. Simply plug your appliances into the wall outlet at home.


No matter the charging method, the Yeti 400 will take the same time to recharge. Actually, the 2.4A USB ports may cut your cellphone charging time almost in half. Even if you’re using the two AC ports, you can still use the USB or 12V charging ports. In other words, you can set your phone for about 35 hours in total.

Overall, the capacity is enough to last several days for simple tasks. For example, you can charge your laptop, phone, or other small electronic devices.  Most of the time, you’ll only need to plug them in for an hour or two before reaching full charge.


The Anderson PowerPole ports on the side of the Yeti 400 are suitable for parallel chaining.That way, you can add another Yeti 400 for longer runtime and/or powering heavier loads.

Best for power emergencies at home.


The Jackery Explorer is the smallest and lightest 500Wh rechargeable lithium battery generator on the market. The machine excels in its ultra-portable design and provides quiet power for base camps, cabins, emergency backup, and unexpected outages.


The Jackery Explorer portable power station is yet another one-stop mobile power solution. Like the Yeti 400, this generator hasa modern appearance, butits real focus is utility. The gray enclosure has orange elements for better highlight. That way, the design provides a bit of contrast and points out the essential parts.Weighing significantly less than traditional power generators or other energy storage solutions, Jackery Power Pro packs much more power. What’s more, the sleek design & topside handle make this device easily portable.

This Jackery unit brings you 500W or the equivalent of about 140,000mAh. But this is not actually what you get due to the loss of capacity during energy conversion.This is especially prevalent with regular power banks as the power conversion fluctuates depending on what devices you’re charging. While this applies to this unit, too, you can safely power a few appliances.Keep in mind that whenpowering and charging devices simultaneously, you won’t reachmaximum output power capacity.

What’s more, there’s an LCD Battery Display at the front where you can check the battery level. The fastest way to revive this unit is by using an AC adapter or a solar charger.Typically, the unit recharges within 6 to 7 hours, but it may take longer when using a solar charger. You can also usea 12V/120W car system or 110/300W AC outlets.With the 85W solar panel, you can fully restore your generator in about 7 hours or less in full sun.

The unit includes a wide array of output ports. There’s a 110V AC outlet, two 12V DC 6MM ports, and a DC cigarette lighter socket for larger electronics. Ultimately, you can quickly charge laptops, lanterns, or TVs. There are also 2 fast-charging USB ports to charge electronics like smartphones and Bluetooth speakers.


In an emergency, JackeryPowerPro offers a large battery andprovides a reliable alternative power option. With its massive capacity of 500 Watt-hours (140000mAh), this machine can recharge your smartphones 40+ times. If you want to charge your laptops, you can do it around 3-6times. It can also power a TV or smaller appliances like a mini-refrigerator for more than 3 hours. An onboard powerful LCD flashlight offers a light for camps, cabins, and unexpected outages.


The unit comes with a Battery Management System (BMS). It improves battery utilization, prevents over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and undertake more safety procedures for complete protection.

Best for RV, campsites and other outdoor activities that require power.

3. ROCKPALS 350W Portable Power Station 

Perhaps, you’re looking for a more potent alternative to the 300W Rockpals power station. In such cases, the 350W will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. This compact all-in-one unit packs 288Wh Lithium polymer batteries for slightly better performance during power outages and outdoor activities.


As already noted, the Rockpals 350W power station has the same design as its 300W version. The difference here is the larger battery of 288Wh Lithium polymer batteries. The unit weighs 7.9 lbs. and can charge a smartphone about 30 times without effort. Moreover, it can recharge a laptop several times or power a 32-inch TV for a few hours.

Like its smaller alternative, this solar generator offers a compact size, ideal for your RV or camper. Best of all, you’ll get a reliable power source in events of emergency or power outage. Besides, this all-in-one portable power station offers excellent versatility for camping, traveling, or other outdoor activities. Simply use one of the QuickCharge 3.0 USB or a Type-C USB, and you’re ready to go.

If you want to recharge your solar generator while on the go, you can use the cigarette lighter port. Other than that, you can use either the AC outlet or one of the 3 DC ports. If you’re using CPAP, we strongly advise you to use a DC converter for optimal efficiency.

Of course, let’s not forget about the solar panel compatibility. The generator works with the standard 100W Rockpals solar panel. It’s the same water-resistant foldable unit that you can buy with the 300W generator version. Ideally, you can get two solar panels for even faster-charging capability.

ROCKPALS 350W Portable Power Station 


The functionality of this generator isn’t much different from its less powerful cousin. In other words, this Rockpal generator offers virtually the same versatility in terms of functionality. As you already know, this portable power station’s primary advantage is its compatibility with a 60W or a 100W solar panel. That way, this machine can quickly turn into a solar generator. Alternatively, you can fully charge it with a car charger.

When you plug it into a wall outlet, you can fully charge this generator within 8 to 10 hours. The pure sine wave inverter provides clean power suitable for all types of sensitive electronics. Consequently, microwaves and motors run faster, quieter, and more relaxed. What’s more, there’s a significant reduction in audible and electrical noise in other appliances like fans, TVs, and audio amplifiers.The gas-free configuration ensures quiet and exhaust-free operation.

Arguably, the 100W solar generator plays a significant role in the overall performance of this generator. Perhaps, the best thing about it is that it’s compatible with most solar generators. This means that you can use it interchangeably with all your Rockpals units and with other power stations, too. The solar panel comes with different connectors, including an 8mm DC adapter for Jackery and anotherfor Rockpals.

Moreover, you can safely connect the machine to your smartphones, GPS, digital cameras, etc. The built-in smart IC chip will quickly identify your appliance, maximizing its charging speed. At the same time, the technology will protect them from overloads and overcharging. You can safely monitor your USB ports’ charging current and modify them according to the sunlight level. Ideally, you’ll be able to convert up to 23.5% of the solar energy into free power.


Along with the 288Wh portable generator, buyers will get a power adapter, a car charger cable, and a user guide.

Best for RV, campsites and other outdoor activities that require power.

4. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station 

The Rockpals 300W portable power station offers the ultimate solution for an off-grid backup source. The unit can quickly transform into a solar generator with the Rockpals 100W solar panel in the package. The combination ensures hassle-free camping, travel, or only charging. Moreover, this portable solar generator’s mobile design makes this Rockpals model suitable for power outages and emergency situations.


Firstly, this solar generator comes in a compact casing that weighs a mere 7.3 Lbs. To some, that may seem a bit heavy but still featherweight enough to carry to your campsite. The generator has an extra small size that measures 7.5 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches. That way, you can easily fit it in your car trunk or even a backpack.

In terms of battery capacity, this portable power station comes with a 280Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack. While it’s not the most powerful battery out there, it’s powerful enough to charge the newest iPhone about 28-29 times. Besides, this machine can easily power more demanding electronics, too. Whatever the type of electronics, this Rockpals power station will meet all your needs during power outages or outdoor activities.

What’s more, the compatible 100W portable solar panel offers unmatchable versatility against conventional generators. The foldable design and convenient handle of the solar panel allow for easy carrying while on the go. Besides, the kickstand’s adjustable angle will catch up to 25% more sunlight than flat-laying models usually do.

Let’s not forget about the durable and water-resistant design of the solar panel. The Oxford cloth will ensure optimal endurance in all weather conditions. That way, you won’t have any trouble using your solar generator for camping, hiking, and many more. Just make sure you keep the junction box dry because it’s not waterproof.


It’s safe to say that this widget is compatible with all types of ports in terms of functionality. In total, this Rockpals generator has 4 USB ports, two of which are QuickCharge 3.0 compatible. Undoubtedly, the USB 3.0 and 30W USB-C PD output for a 40% faster charge, perfect for all PD electronics. There are also standard 12V ports with an AC power outlet. However, there aren’t any USB-C ports, which may be a bit frustrating.

Furthermore, the Rockpals 300W portable power station comes with a handy LCD screen. It indicates which ports have power and how much energy they pull through. Needless to say, this feature makes it easier to keep track of your battery life. There are also two built-in lights for outdoor or emergency use.

As for the solar panel, the built-in MPPT technology allows for fast solar recharge rates. Ideally, it would take 5 to 7 hours for four times faster full recharge. What’s more, the unit is compatible with most solar generators on the market. Moreover, you can make a parallel connection with the same 100W solar panel for even more power. You can use the 12V AC adapter, a USB-C 30W PD, or a carport for optimal convenience.


As additional features, buyers can enjoy the Battery Management System (BMS), which improves battery utilization. It also extends battery life through different protection levels. These features include overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, and overheating protection. Thanks to the pure sine wave function, you can safely charge your appliances without audible and electrical noise.

Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips 

5. SolarOak PA1701 

The SolarOak Portable Solar Generator is a 155Wh Lithium-ion Battery unit with an entirely silent and emission-free electric generator. It is a solar hybrid generator with a pure dual modified sine wave output. It can efficiently power up your lights, cellphones, tablets, appliances, or other electronics without overloading them.


In terms of design, the PA1701 features a 42000mAh high-quality Li-ion battery with a long lifespan. What’s more, it has high-temperature resistance and portable slim size. Its structural dimensions are6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches, and it weighs approximately 4.85 pounds.

As previously noted, this portable power storage is a hybrid solar generator. In other words, it can use both solar energy and 110V home outlets ora 12V car cigarette socket. Either way, it takes around 7-8 hours to reach full charge. Besides, it uses 100W solar panels for charging up using solar energy.

The generator is capable of charging multiple devices at once using its numerous output ports. It features 2 110V AC outlets emitting modified sine waves and possessing ma peak power threshold of 150W for laptops, hairdryers, TV, etc. It also has 3 12V DC ports, including cigarette lighter cables for car-powered widgets and 3 5V/2.1A USB ports.

SolarOak PA1701 


The 42000mAh high-battery capacity allows this hybrid generator to charge or power a wide variety of appliances like laptops andTVs. Compared to its size, it is highly efficient as it packs a massive amount of power. It is a suitable alternative for emergency power backup for home, travel, camping, or CPAP machines.


For safety, the PA1701 solar generator uses the onboard Battery Management System (BMS) for improved battery utilization. That way, it also prevents over-current, over-voltage, and overheating.

Best for camping, tailgating or other outdoor activities

6. Jackery  Explorer 240 Solar Generator

This Jackery portable power station is a compact power source that can quickly charge your smartphone or laptop. If you connect it to a solar panel, it will soon turn the sunlight into free energy. That way, you’ll get an infinite source of electricity while outdoors or during events of emergency.At this low price range, you’ll hardly find a better solar generator on the market.


Recently, Digital Trends gave the Jackery Explorer 240 the “Best Portable Power Station for use in the outdoors” award. Of course, many alternatives may boast much higher battery capacity. Still, this unit holds it down with a compact size and 240Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack.  The solid handle will make carrying and operating this machine a breeze.

It has dimensions of 5.19 x 9.05 x 7.67 inches and a weight of mere 6.8 Lbs. That’s less than any solar generator in this power range. Needless to say, this machine offers incredible portability for the ultimate outdoor experience. There are 2 USB-A ports, 1 AC outlet, and a DC carport, enough to power your phone, laptop, or mini cooler.

Similar to the 500W Jackery generator, this unit has an LCD Battery Display, too. If you want to recharge it, simply use an AC adapter or a solar charger. You can use the Solar Saga 60W solar panel for a full recharge in about 6-7 hours.

Jackery  Explorer 240 Solar Generator


Even though there’s no solar panel included in the package, you can use a compatible one for eco-friendly clean power. Of course, you can always use a wall outlet, a car outlet, or another generator to power your machine. Ultimately, the built-in MPPT controller will ensure you get the best out of this generator for maximum recharging efficiency.

What’s more, the pure sine wave inverter will ensure optimal performance without excess audible and electrical noise. Now, you can safely power your phone, tablet, or laptop without the risk of damaging your appliances in the process. Typically, you can charge 4 devices simultaneously.


In the package, buyers will get the standard AC adapter and a car charger cable. They will also get a user guide that will help them operate their Jackery 240Wh portable power station. The model comes with a 2-year warranty for a longer user experience.

Best for DIY projects, camping, ice fishing, contractors

7. Suaoki  Power Station Generator

Suaoki’s portable solar generator is lightweight, quiet, and with zero-emissions. It’s a user-friendly solution for unexpected blackouts or power outages. With a maximum capacity of 444Wh, this mini powerhouse can satisfy a diverse range of power demands.


The Suaoki 444Wh Portable Solar Generator comes in a portable design with dimensions of 5.5 x 9 x 9 inches. It weighs only 12.35 pounds and features a convenient handle on top of the unit for easy carrying. Even though it weighs much less, this generator packs much more power than one can expect.

The generator has a sturdy aluminum alloy shell body. It also uses a sturdy plastic component for the input and output ports that make it ideal for safe usage.The easy-to-use design makes the use of the generator comfortable in times of emergency. Simply plug in your devices to appropriate outlets, and you’re ready to go.

What’s more, the Suaoki 444Wh features an LCD display to visualize the generator’s power levels and output power consumption. It enables you to see the actual battery usage, charging and discharge rates,and status. The LCD display panel also features three buttons with separate, individual light indicators for switching the power modes. The switches consist of a Master power button, a DC power button, and an AC power button.

You can charge your Suaoki Generator using DC power, 120V AC power, or via the Suaoki solar panels. However, you must buy the solar panels separately. Either way,the Suaoki 444Wh Portable Solar Generator has a highly versatile output and can accommodate most of your devices. In total, there are two 120V AC outlets, two DC ports, and a cigarette lighter socket for your mini-fridge. It also provides four USB ports to charge your electronic gadgets. This unit also provides a jumping starter port for 12V vehicles.

The 300W, 600W continuous pure sine wave AC inverter produces an output wave, equivalent to your regular home outlet.


This solar generator’s battery offers a reliable backup power source for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, it can rechargesmall electronics more than 30 times. The unitcan also power a TV or a mini-fridge for more than 2 hours.


This unit’s design comes withbuilt-in circuit protection. Its Battery Management System (BMS) feature guarantees protection against malfunctions or accidents from over-voltage, over-current, and overheat.

Best for a variety of uses 

8. Chafon CF-UPS018 

The Chafon CF-UPS018 UPS is an all-in-one 346W compact UPS battery backup power inverter. This portable power supply comes with a high capacity for camping, CPAP, emergency backup. Arguably, this tool is ideal for charging and powering cameras, lamps, phones, laptops, TVs, mini-fridges, etc.


Firstly, the Chafon CF-UPS018 UPS is compact and featherweight. The unit weighs only 7.4 pounds and has an ergonomic handle that allows you to carry it easily. Moreover, the machinecomes with a battery capacity of 346Wh. The pure sine wave AC inverter is perfect for powering standard household appliances as well as other widgets.

Perhaps, the best thing about this portable generator is that you can charge it using a solar panel. Simply take a 40W-100W solar panel, a 12V cigarette charger cable for cars,or a household wall AC outlet.The UPS comes with a puresine wave AC inverter, 3 three-prong 110V receptacles, and 4 DC 12V Ports in terms of output. There are also 4 USB ports, a 1W Led flashlight and an emergency jump starter for car batteries.

The AC inverter produces an output wave equivalent to a regular home outlet as per safety standards. It also comes equipped with an eco-protector, fireproof ABS material diaphragm, and smart energy-saving technology. Ultimately, it adds more value to the UPS as an eco-friendly and pollution-free power source.


When it comes to functionality, the Chafon UPS shows excellent portability. It comes with a large battery that offers a reliable backup power source for indoor and outdoor usage. This feature makes it a highly reliable choice for protecting high end, valuable electronics like PlayStations, PCs, and laptops. What’s more, it is ideal for preventing data loss due to electrical accidents.

Its 346W Lithium-ion Battery allows the generator to function as an Off-grid power supply for camping CPAP or emergency backups.


This unit’s design comes with a built-in BMS unit that provides significant protection from short-circuits, overcharging, and overloading. Other than that, this generator saves a lot of energy by maximizing efficiency.

Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips 

9. Renogy Phoenix  with 20W Built-in Solar Panel

The Phoenix portable generator is an all-in-one portable solar power system. It’s compact, featherweight, and specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications,and ideal for emergency events. It combines two highly efficient Renogy 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panels and can expand to 120 watts with additional PVs.


First and foremost, the Renogy Phoenix is the size of a briefcase. It has dimensions of 16.24 x 11.95 x 3.94 inches and weighs just under 13 pounds. There are two robust latches and a large handle for superior portability while carrying the machine.

There is a single power switch on the top that turns it on. Also, two separate buttons control the AC/ DC current flow to the outlets on the side. The LED display on the top relays information about the charge levels. That way, the solar charger ensures optimal charging conditions and energy efficiency.

The battery is replaceable and has a lifecycle of about 1500 charging cycles. You can find it under a plate on the bottom of the unit. It has lithium-ion NMC or nickel-manganese-cobalt cells. What’s more, it uses a puresine wave inverter for converting power from AC to DC and vice-versa. You can combine it with two 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panels and expand up to 120 watts with additional PVs.

You can find additional ports for charging the Phoenix’s internal 14.8V/16Ah LI-ion battery bank on the left side. They include an AC plug, a 12V input, and two ports for attaching additional solar panel inputs.

On the right side, behind a cover plate, there are 4 5V/2.4A USB ports, 2 X 12V/3A ports, and a 12V/12.5A cigarette socket. There’s also a standard 3-prong 110V AC outlet that can provide 150W max continuous output.

The Phoenix also features a 3W LED light with three modes – full power, dimmed, or flashing for emergencies.


The Phoenix is ideal for on-the-go powering of appliances during a weekend trip or even in an emergency situation. Usually, the unit can charge your typical cell phone devices up to 32 times and 5 full laptop charges. Its pure wave inverter ensures safety for all types of devices.


This solar generator offers features that enable the device to charge far more efficiently using minimal solar charging space. Instead of going for massive PV cells, it comes with compact Monocrystalline Solar Panels. Of course, you can expand the system by chaining additional panels for an even faster charging experience using solar energy.

Best for for emergencies, power outages and outdoor trips 

10. PoweraddChargerCenter 50,000mAh

The PoweraddChargerCenteris a versatile backup power source for camping, reading, emergency lighting, or fieldwork. It’s a viable alternative to conventional generators and serves as an eco-friendly power source in emergency events.


Undoubtedly, this portable solar generatoris possibly the smallest and lightest power generator on the market. The built-in dense Samsung/LG 18650 batteries ensure safety and portability. What’s more, you can use the 40W-100W solar panel, a 12V charger cable,or a household wall AC outlet.

The ChargerCenter offers a 50000mAh built-in dense Samsung/LG 18650 A-class Li-ion batteries in terms of capacity. Moreover, the built-in Texas Instruments Tech with Battery Management Systems (BMS) eliminates any potential risks of damage.

The portable generator features all standard output modes. Users get a 12V car socket,  a 110V AC outlet, and 3 fast-charging USB ports with Quick Charge technology. You can recharge the machine using either a DC Car Charger, Solar Panels, or household AC Input.

Another great feature is the DC / AC Voltage Step-down function. While the DC Output is suitable for laptops, the AC outputs are perfect for smaller electronics.What’s more, theVoltage Step-down function will continue charging, even when you are in 220V voltage regions.

Let’s not forget about the LED flashlight. It’s ideal in cases of emergency or when you’re in dark conditions.


The best thing about this portable generator is that it’s compatible with almost all smart electronics. This makes the ChargerCenter a versatile power station with 10 different adapter settings as output ports. That way, it can quickly charge multiple and varied types of gadgets and devices.

What’s more, it also packs sufficient power to offer 16 charges to an iPhone smartphone. If you own a MacBook, this charger can also give off nearly 4recharges to your laptop.


In the kit, the Poweradd comes with 2 free replacement fuses to ensurecontinuous work without interruptions. There’s also a car charger and an AC adapter. Finally, the onboard advanced Texas Instruments (TI) chips provide complete protection from electric surges, over-current, over-voltage, and overheating.

Best for campsites, cabins and recreational vehicles. 

11. Kalisaya KP601  Portable Solar Generator

The Kalisaya KP601 makes your camping experience more comfortable, enabling you to use electrical devices on the go.Unlike any other archetype product, the Kalisaya solar generator is a featherweight, portable, and comes with an integrated solar panel. What’s more, the solar panel is flexible, compact, and turns in all directions for maximum charging efficiency.


The generator comes in an easy-to-carry briefcase with the option for quick revival. The 40W solar panel is flexible and allows easy turning in all directions for easy charging. The Lithium-Ion battery comes with built-in features like Low Battery Cutoff/Overload Protection and has a max capacity of 558W.

The standard charging methods include DC power from a 12V/24V car and AC power from a 100-240V power outlet. Best of all, you can use a solar panelby attaching it to the system. For optimal solar charging, you must angle the boards at the appropriate latitude. Simply follow the instructions in the user manual.

As for the output, this solar generator has 4 USB ultra-fast charge ports that can accommodate all kinds of accessories. There are also 2 12V DC ports for attaching light bulbs. The Kalisaya Mini Power kit comes with an AC/DC wall charger, a car adapter, and a 40W solar panel.


TheKP601’s reliable solar panel and Lithium-ion battery can charge an average iPhone 93 times. Moreover, it can charge your electronics daily and even power 10 nights of full LED lighting.

This unit is compatible with Kalisaya Daisy Chain Connector, which allows you to connect multiple solar panels to the KaliPAK. It is an ideal tool for partly sunny or dimly lit conditions to capture maximum solar energy.


As an additional feature, there’s a built-in Bluetooth transmitter to keep an eye on the energy consumption.

Best for power emergencies at home.

12. Suaoki S270

Designed and engineered by battery experts, S270 is a stylish and compact solar-powered power bank with AC/DC/USB outlets. It is a viable alternative to gas generators, offering a tiny yet potent power backup. The Suaoki S270 can charge or power a wide range of appliances, gadgets, and electronics.


This solar generator uses standard Lithium-Ion batteries with a maximum capacity of 150Wh. Surprisingly, the housing structure uses solid plastic materials, weighing merely 2.9lbs. The power bank is a bit cumbersome. The unit overcomes this shortcoming with a retractable, strong handle at the top of its body. Also, there is a light bar at the top that shows its charging or charged states. Unfortunately, it does not offer its discharge rates.

Still, the S270 offers plenty of charging options. You can use theSuaoki 60W, 100W solar panels via DC 3.5X2.1 to MC4 connector. Alternatively, you can usea wall outlet or plug the generator into your car 12V socket.

As for output, the S270 power bank comes with 4 USB ports, including one fast-charging QC3.0 technology. There are 2 110V ACoutlets for small home appliances, 4 DC ports, and 1 caroutlet.

The output charging ports include 4 5V/2.4AUSB ports, 2 X 12V/3A ports behind a cover plate on the right side. There’s also a 12V/12.5A cigarette socket and a standard 3-prong 110V AC outlet that can provide 150W max continuous output.

The unit’s built-in battery management system (BMS) enables voltage control, temperature control, and advanced safety operations, ensuring optimal safety. It also features a torch for emergency lighting.


Needless to say, the S270 is a multi-functional charging/power unit that allows multiple products to be charging at one time. This solar generator can easily supportdifferent widgets like laptops, fans, a CPAP, phones, and many more.


The built-in MPPT solar charge controller helps the unit adapt to optimal voltage levels for efficientsolar recharge.



A solar generator is a compact electronic box that consists of three integrated components. The casing includes a charge controller, batteries, and an inverter.Since there’s no solar component in the generator, you must buy one separately.

In reality, the solar generator is just a battery-powered generator. In other words, it will operate just like a backup generator as long as it has batteries. Of course, the best solar generator brands will offer more extensive runtimes and better overall performance.

The best thing about solar generators is that you can charge their batteries using external solar panels. You can also use either a regular 110V wall outlet or a charger. Bear in mind that not all solar generators have the same specs. In other words, some models may only allow one or two charging modes.


Arguably, the first thing to consider when buying a solar generator is whether it’s a portable or a home generator. As the name implies, a portable generator can maneuver from one area to another. For example, you can move it from your RV to your home or home to a campsite. On the other hand, a home generator is stationary and sits outside of your home.It’s usually ready to kick in as soon as the power goes out.

Another feature is to consider the type of charging. Usually, there are two main generatorcategories: Traditional and Hybrid.

Typically,traditional solar generatorsrequire a solar paneling system for battery charging. This means that they may take longer to recharge, especially if there’s no direct sunlight. What’s more, such cases may prevent the machine from getting a full recharge.

On the other hand, hybrid generators feature seamless transition or even collaboration between two charging methods. When you’re in a hurry, you can simply power a portion of its battery at home. After you take it off, you can attach it to the solar panels on the roof of your vehicle. This feature allows charging while on the go.


There are many reasons whysolar/hybrid generators are better than typical gas generators. A few of the significant advantages include the use of multiple solar panels. While this feature increases the powering comfort, it sets these generators quite a few notches above gas generators. Ifthe solar/hybrid generator isn’t fast enough, you can use a wall or car outlet as a charging source.

What’s more, these machines are considerably cheaper in the long term.While they may cost more upfront, they offer a lot more benefits and higher efficiency. Besides, solar/hybrid generatorsprovidemore excellent value for their relatively lowprice tag.Last but not least, these generators are entirely eco-friendly and have zero pollution capabilities.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that solar/hybrid generators provide a cost-effective, reliable, convenient, and eco-friendly power source.

The Verdict

All in all, it’s safe to say that solar generators are considerably more efficient than their conventional predecessors. Indeed, their ability to transform solar energy into electricity has numerous benefits. Whether you choose to get the powerful Kalisaya KP601 or a more portable alternative, you’ll have an enjoyable outdoor experience.

What’s more, solar generators like the Yeti 400 and Jackery Explorer 500 will provide proper backup in emergency events. Of course, let’s not forget about these machines’ simple charging properties. Ultimately, you’ll quickly switch between tasks for optimal efficiency of your portable power station.

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