Solar Panel : COOCHEER 120W

best solar panel || COOCHEER Solar Panel 120W

So, you’re finally going on that camping trip.

Don’t tell me you haven’t yet purchased the COOCHEER Solar Panel 120W?

If you think that the power banks will accommodate your needs for charging your devices, you need to reconsider your thoughts. Without any doubt, you can easily recharge your smartphone or tablet 3-4 times if you have a good quality power bank.

But do you have any plans if the battery still ran out?

And how would you recharge or operate other devices like laptops, Digital Cameras, and Cooking appliances? Sooner or later, you’d agree that a portable charger like Coocheer Solar Panel 120W is a basic need for all your camping trips.

Best Solar Panel : COOCHEER 120W

Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof material
  • 4-in-1 Charging Ports
  • 10-in-1 connector cable
  • Equipped with Smart IC Chip
  • Cons
  • The Charging Ports have a cheaper look
  • Poor Performance on a Cloudy Day

COOCHEER Solar Panel 120W

Light weight
Value for money
Charging power
Easy to care
Easy to use

Coocheer Solar Panel 120W charger is perfect for keeping your devices charged during camping trips.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities

I’ve been using this solar charger for more than a year and I’m completely satisfied with it.

If you’re thinking the Coocheer Solar Charger is only suitable for camping, you must be mistaken. No matter whether you’re going for kayaking, fishing, mountaineering, or even a picnic, you can keep this solar charger with you to enjoy an extreme level of comfort.

In other words, this portable solar charger is designed can add more fun and entertainment to your weekend trips and other vacations.

Features Coocheer Solar Panel 120W

Now, let’s take a look at some important features of Coocheer Solar Panel 120W.


This solar panel is best known for its compact size. It comes with Four Considerably-sized solar panels that can accommodate your needs at different levels. At full extension, it covers an area of 4.6ft. The interesting part is that you can easily keep this charger in your backpack or carry it like a laptop.

It comes with large panels as compared to other products. The cutouts at extreme corners can be used attach the charger to your backpack or camping tent. You don’t need to open the entire charger if you want to charge a single device.

Simply, open up one or two panels and start charging your device. It means you can use it for a long time. The plastic film protects the solar panel from water damage.

Suitable for Various Weather Conditions

As we’ve mentioned above, you can bring the Coocheer Solar 120W with you when going for Camping, Hiking, Mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. That’s just because the solar charger is made of waterproof Oxford cloth. So, it can easily withstand different weather conditions.


We usually use this solar charger to recharge our smartphones and laptop. On a sunny day, the charger offers incredible results. But if you’re using it on a cloudy day, you shouldn’t put enough pressure on it as it won’t be able to meet your requirements. However, you can still recharge a single device with this charger.

It has the ability to convert 25% of the sun’s energy into free energy. It means you can enjoy super-fast charging speed with this charger. Normally, it takes an hour to completely recharge your smartphone. And that’s pretty impressive. You’d hardly find a solar panel of such caliber. When charging a laptop or tablet, you’d have to wait for almost 2.5 hours because of the bigger battery size.

Multiple Ports and Multipurpose Connector Cable

This portable solar panel comes with the 3 USB ports that can be used to recharge smartphones and tablets within an hour or so. The DC port helps with charging the laptops, Digital Cameras, and other appliances. You won’t have to carry any adapters or ac outlets you because the charger comes with the 10-in-1 connector cable.

No matter which type of laptop you have, you can use a suitable connector to recharge your device within no time.

Smart Charging

The reason why campers love this solar charger is that it protects their valuable devices from all types of risks. Its built-in smart IC chip automatically adjusts the charging speed based on the capacity of your device. Based on the sunshine conditions, it can automatically adjust the charging current of the USB/DC port. The best part is that it protects your device from overloading and overcharging.


Coocheer Solar Panel 120W charger is perfect for keeping your devices charged during camping trips. The durable material can withstand different weather conditions. The charging speed is amazing. The smart IC chip makes it a perfect choice for different users. We bet that you won’t run out of battery if you have this incredible solar charger with you.

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