Top 15 Best Table Saws in 2019

What are Best Table Saws?

Best table saws are an essential woodwork tools. It has a circular blade mounted on an axle. This assembly is driven by a motor that turns the blade to cut through the material. The blade protrudes from a slit in the table and the material is pushed against it. This pushing action not only directs the material but cuts through it. The blade can be moved up or down to vary the depth of the cut. Higher the blade protrusion the deeper the cut. The angle of the blade can be controlled to make a cut at an angle. A table saw has a base, a table with extension wings and rails with the rip fence. There is a motor, trunnions, gears to raise the tilt, the blade and the axle.

Know Your Table Saw

Thinking of buying a table saw? Here is a summary of its parts.

The base holds the working parts of the saw. These parts are the trunnions, the axle assembly, the sector gears and a motor. In the cabinet saws, all these parts are covered by an enclosure that extends all the way to the floor. While the open saws have only a metal box enclosing the above-mentioned parts. The legs extend all the way to the floor. Hybrid saws combine the features of an open and cabinet base. These are designed to reduce the noise level.

The table should be flat and made of a durable material. It should be properly supported to cut any workpiece. Usually, cast iron is used to weigh it down and give stability. The extensions may be made of the same material or stamped steel or “webbed” cast iron. The only drawback is that the lighter the saw the more it vibrates and shifts. The state-of-the-art methods of the foundries ensure precise flatness up to 0.0005 tolerance. The extensions extend to the right and left using wing bolts. These increase the work surface area.

The rip fence with rails should be well-designed to ensure an accurate cut. The rip fence guides the wood as it is being cut along its length. It can be positioned to any width to cut within the saws range. The fence rides or slides along the rails. These are attached to the tables front and rear edges. The fence keeps the blade parallel to the plane of the blade irrespective of the position of the fence.

The miter gauge and slot system are used to make crosscuts. The miter gauge is made of a metal protractor attached to a metal bar. The bar rides along a miter slot in the surface of the saw. The gauge can be set to crosscut between 30° – 90°. Some manufacturers offer add-on tools for repeatable incremental-angle positioning, stop blocks, longer fences, etc. These advanced features are useful for delivering precise crosscuts.(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Laser Levels)

The motor, the trunnions, the axle or arbor assembly and the gears are the essential mechanical parts of a saw. The robust quality of these components ensures the life and durability of the saw. It means it keeps the capacity to cut heavy and delicate stocks while adjusting and holding the settings.

BEST TABLE SAWSMost table saws are equipped with 1-5 horsepower, induction-type motors. Some models come with totally-enclosed-fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motors. These are enclosed against dust and other damaging debris.

The axle assembly is made of an arbor and sector gear to raise and lower the blade. The arbor or axle shaft holds the blade. Most saws use a 10-inch blade with an arbor diameter of 5/8th of an inch. Some saws may have a largerarbor to allow substantial bearings.

The sector gear is arc-shaped, and it operates in conjunction with the worm gear attached to the adjustment wheel that lowers or raises the blade. Some saws come with an adjustment mechanism that makes up for the slack in the gears to limit backlash.

The two trunnions and yoke hold the motor and arbor assembly with the blade in position. The rip fence and the miter slot are mounted here. They also absorb the vibration from the blade and motor and transfer it to the base or the table. The “wide stance” spans the width of the base, this improves the stability of the assembly.

The general rule is the more substantial the trunnions the better the saw. The trunnions should be mounted on the base of the saw rather than the underside of the table. When mounted on the base it makes aligning the blade with the miter slot and fence easier. While the arbor assembly, the motor, the trunnions and base stay bolted as one single unit.

Types of Table Saws

BEST TABLE SAWSThere are several types of table saws based on their portability besides other features. These are the main types of saws:

The portable table saws can be transported and stored easily. Besides they come with a collapsible or foldable design. They are ideal for light cutting jobs.

The contractor table saws are heavier and have a large work surface. They accommodate large workpieces like sheets of wood or plywood.

Cabinet table saws are ideal for large workshops. They machinery is covered with a cabinet making it heavy and immobile. This makes it the most accurate and powerful too.

The hybrids are a combination of various features. They are large, may not have wheels but are portable. They are smaller than Contractor table saws can be used in basement workshops.

When Buying your Table Saw…


Consider these key features:

BEST TABLE SAWSThe blade guard protects from contact with the blade, kickbacks and flying debris from the blade.

The amperes refer to the power of the motor. The higher the amperes the higher the cutting power of the table saw.

The mobile stands offer mobility and stability to the table saw. This,in turn, lends accuracy to your work.

The shaft lock also is known as the arbor  hold the blade and shaft in place. This makes it safer easier to change the blade.

The rip fences should be extendible as this gives a higher rip-cutting capacity. Simply extend the fence when needed and fold it back after its served its purpose.

The micro-adjust rip fence may be a rack and pinion adjuster that gives you absolute control over cuts to obtain superior results.

The blower salso are known as dust chutes. they remove dust and debris from the workspace. A cleaner workspace lends clearer visibility and control over the workpiece. (we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

The laser indicator guides you to align the teeth to the cutting line.

Blades lend versatility to the saws.

The distinct types are:

  • Carbide tipped blades have a hardened finish at their tips. This reduces wear.
  • Rip blades are used to cut along the grain of the wood.
  • Combination blades are used for crosscutting, mitering and ripping woods.
  • Hollow ground blades are used to make clean cuts in materials like acrylic, etc.
  • Crosscut blades deliver crosscuts across the wood.

1. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36$$$$
2. Grizzly G0690$$$$
3. Bosch 4100-09
4. DEWALT DWE7491RS$$$
6. Rockwell RK7241S$$$
7. DEWALT DW7440RS$$$
8. SKILSAW SPT99-11$$$
9. DEWALT DW745$$$
10. Hitachi C10RJ$$$
11. Craftsman 21807$$$
12.Craftsman Portable Rolling Table Saw $$$
13.RockwellShopSeries RK7240.1$$$
14. SKIL 3410-02$$$
15. Porter-Cable PCC780LA$$$


1. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36

SawStop company makes table saws since 1999. Their saws carry a patented automatic brake system. This safety feature stops the saw within milliseconds of encountering the operator’s hand or body.

Design and Build

Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is a 1.75 horsepower contractor saw. It has a 36-inch professional T-slide fence made of thick gauge steel. It lends an expansive workspace while offering precise measurements with a lockdown minus the deflections.

There is an under-the-table shrouding with an optional blade-guard and port-adaptor that captures most of the sawdust. The two cast iron wings add a smooth finish and added versatility. The integrated mobile-base makes it easy to move the saw.

The 1/4-inch steel construction has two 10-inch wheels with 360° casters. The ergonomic single-foot operation helps lift the system in a single motion to position it easily. The compact system in wheels is easy to cart down the ramps, into elevators and uneven surfaces.


SawStop eliminates table saw injuries and accidents due to its automatic braking system. The safety system works in 4 steps. Detect – The blade carries a tiny electrical signal. When the skin meets the blade the signal changes as the human body is a conductor. This triggers the safety system. Stop An aluminium brake springs into the path of the blade bringing it to a complete halt. Shutting down the power and the motor. Drop – In the next 5 milliseconds, the angular momentum of the blade drives it underneath the table removing the risk of further contact. Reset–occurs in the next 90 seconds after you have checked the blade and replaced the cartridge. It is perfect for professionals and DIYers.


The Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 has a 60Hz, 1.75-horsepower TEFC motor. The cabinet footprint is 25.75 inches wide and 27 inches deep. The cast iron table is 20 inches wide and 27 inches deep. Each of the extension wings is 12 inches wide and 27 inches deep. The 10-inch blade tilts to the left. The maximum cutting depth of the blade at 0° is 3.125 inch and at 45° is 2.25 inches. The under-the-table-top dust collection port is 4 inches in diameter.

Additional Features

The SawStop Contractor saw comes with a stand, a T-Glide fence-system, table extensions, a pair of adjustable legs and a 10-inch blade. There are two stamped wings, a blade-guard assembly, a miter gauge, a riving knife, some blade wrenches and an owner’s manual. The saw comes with a year’s warranty.

Why is it the best of the lot?

The SawStop has a patented automatic braking system. The 4-step braking system -detects, stops, drops and resets. Besides the T-glide fence offer precise measurements and lockdowns without deflection. The dust collection port removes the sawdust- a certified carcinogen – while keeping the work area clean. The cast iron wings increase work area and stability. The integrated mobility base lends portability to the system.

2. Grizzly G0690

Grizzly Industrial has a presence on retail, mail order and internet market. The company has won numerous awards for value and quality.

Design and Build

This table saw is the gold standard of table saws with a left tilting 10-inch saw. It is designed to the focal point of any workshop with each high-quality part made for performance. It has a 3 heavy-duty motor and a triple-drive belt on a heavy cast-iron table with wings. The entire assembly is carried by heavy cast-iron trunnions making it steady as a rock.

This cuts out the vibrations to make accurate cuts in all kinds of materials – heavy and light. There is a riving knife, a blade guard, a camlock T-fence and heavy-cast handwheels. There is a T-slot miter gauge, magnetic switch, a 4-inch dust collection port and is CSA-certified. There is a quick release device to change the riving knife, a splitter assembly and an easy glide fence system.

The knurled knobs adjust the fence and nylon-runners in the fence-head. There is a setscrew holding-table that inserts down and has adjustable screws on the inside. The cast iron top is ground-polished and precision-hardened.


The table saw can be used to make straight, bevel and miter cuts. Aligning the board with the fence will make square cuts. You can support long boards on extensions while cutting them. It is perfect for making crosscuts on the thick stock. The settings can be fixed to make multiple and repeated identical cuts.


The Grizzly G0690 has a 3-horsepower motor with a 112.8 ampere single-phase motor. The table height is 34 inches, the blade tilt is 45°. The extensions drawn out the table is 27 inches by 40 inches. The speed is 4300 RPM while the axle size is 0.625 inch. The maximum dado width is 0.8125 inch. The saw cuts to the maximum depth of 3.125 inches at 90° and 2.1875 at 45°. The maximum rip capacity to the right is 29.5 inches and left is 12 inches.

Additional Features

The box contains the bare tool and attachments with a one-year warranty.

3. Bosch 4100-09

It was Robert Bosch’s intention to alleviate hardships to promote the physical, moral and intellectual development of people. He supported a future-focused, result-oriented development that also led to a better lifestyle. All Bosch tools are the “core to the crew”.

Design and Build

Bosch 4100-09 is portable as it works seamlessly with the gravity-rise stand on wheels. It is designed for mobility on the job site supported by a single action setup and pack-up. The riving-knife and the anti-kickback pawls comprise the Smart-Guard System meant for protection. The barrier guard is a barrier to deter blade contact. It also offers an unobstructed view of the point where the blade meets the workpiece.

The Square-Lock rip-fence offers enhanced clamping for accuracy. The large aluminium top offers an increased work surface and material support with a 25-inch ripping capacity. Soft-start circuitry and circuit breaker prevent damage to the motor due to an intense start-up or tripping. While the constant response circuitry maintains the speed under load.


It is a job-site ready model with a heavy-duty construction mounted on wheels with composite rubber tires. The modular table saw has a blade guard and a riving blade that takes three positions. There are anti-kickback pawls for safety besides the barrier-guard assembly. The entire system can be assembled and disassembled in seconds and has tool storage, too.


The Bosch 4100-09 has a 15-ampere 4-horsepower motor with the no-load capacity of 3650 RPM. The model includes a 10-inch blade that is perfect for dado applications, fine and rough carpentry. The blade diameter is 10 inches and it has a bevel angle range of -2° to 47°. It maximum depth capacity at 45 is 2.5 inches and at 90 is 3.125 inches. The model has a 25-inch rip capacity for ripping 4 feet wide sheets.

Additional Features

The 4100-09 comes with a gravity-rise stand with wheels, a 10-inch carbide blade, a throat-plate insert, a rip fence, a miter gauge and a push stick. there is a smart guard system that has a barrier-guard device and anti-kickback pawls. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


DeWalt is a well-known manufacturer of power tools and accessories. Their tools are used the world over as their reliable tools are also backed by an extensive service and repair network.

Design and Build

The DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw is portability and functionality rolled into one model. The smooth and accurate roll and pinion fence system on the rolling stand quickens the fence adjustment process. Narrow rip cuts can be made using the patented support.

The power to cut through soft and solid wood comes from the 15-ampere motor. The fence rail is telescopic as it extends and retracts making it easy to transport. Besides the flip-over feature help cut narrow rip cuts. The rolling stand can be broken down and set up easily for easy portability.

All the components are designed for stability using excellent quality materials. It features heavy-duty wheels that are easy to roll over curbs, debris and steps. The 26.25 inch by 22-inch table is made of an excellent material for support and stability. There is an onboard storage space for easy access to the machine components and push stick.


The DEWALT DWE7491RS is ideal for making bookshelves, entertainment centres, cabinets, rip filler boards and rip hardwood floorboards. It is perfect for trim carpenters who work with wainscot, mouldings, etc. As this machine rips and crosscuts lumbar. It can be used to make deck boards with rail caps and railings. It can be used for remodelling and cut 4×8 square feet, 3 inch and 2×12 square inch materials. It can be used to make dados, mortise, rabbets and tenons.


The maximum cutting depth is 3.125 inches at 90 and 2.25 inches at 45. There is a 2-inch dust port to attach a vacuum cleaner. This keeps the work area clean improving visibility. It has a 32.5-inch (82.5cm) rip capacity it cuts through the material for shelves and moulds.

Additional Features

The DeWalt table comes with a 24 tooth, 10-inch carbide blade, a push stick, a rolling stand and a miter gauge. The model is supported by a DeWalt warranty.


DeWalt is a brand name by Black and Decker Inc, a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker. It is a well-known American brand that makes hand and power tools for woodwork and construction works.

Design and Build

The DEWALT DW744XRS is a versatile 10-Inch table saw. It comes with a pair of rolling stand making it a portable design. It has a powerful 15-ampere high torque motor that spins at 3650 RPM. Site-Pro Modular Guarding (SMG)System is for an easy setup and other applications. It is a tool-free adjustment with application-specific components.The saw’s fence configuration enables a hugerip capacity. It can cut dados and make deep cuts at 45° and 90°.

The rack and pinion fence rails are for fast, accurate, and smooth fence adjustments.The telescoping design of the rails extends to 24 inches supporting full sheets for ripping. When retracted they make for a compact design fortransportation. There are other components and push stick along with a dust collection port that takes away the sawdust.


The DEWALT DW744XRS offers application-specific setups and has a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. The model is loaded with a push stick,miter gauge, a rolling stand and a 10-inch carbide blade with 24 teeth. The model has been designed for a job site and outdoors work. The stand raises the top to 30 inches off the floor which is the ideal height to make controlled and accurate cuts.


The DEWALT DW744XRS has a 24.5-inch rip capacity. It can cut dados up to 0.8125 inches wide. It can cut 3.125 inches deep at 90° and 2.25 inches at 45°. It has a 26.5-inch and 19.25-inch table-top that supports a wide range of applications. It has a 2-inch wide dust-collection port. The table weighs 58 pounds and portable due to the rolling stand. The saw can be rolled to the job site on heavy duty wheels and steadied on a pair of heavy-duty aluminium stand pairs. It has innovative features like folding legs that raise your table top 30 inches off the ground.

Additional Features

The DW744XRS comes with a rolling saw stand, a 10-inch carbide blade, a miter gauge, a push-stick and the standard DeWalt warranty.

6. Rockwell RK7241S

This table saw comes from Rockwell Tools. This is a line of power tools owned by Positec Tool Corporation. They call their tools ZeroQuit tools as they are made of rugged components that guarantee performance even in the toughest conditions on demanding locations.

Design and Build

The Rockwell RK7241S offers the deepest cuts in this class of saws. There is a laser indicator that adjusts the tilt of the blade for a precise cut. The fold-out fence is for maximum rip capacity with extra wide cuts.

The saw is supported on a completely assembled trolley for enhanced portability. The wheels and stand are foldable for easy transportation.


Rockwell RK7241S cuts a rip, miter and bevel cut. The other components serve other applications like cutting square cuts, etc. The folding fence makes extra wide cuts. The laser indicator not only guides the cut but also adjusts the blade tilt. Just adjust the angle of your saw and place in the laser line. You can cut a straight cut, a bevel cut and a miter cut in this manner.


The Rockwell RK7241S works at 120 volts and 60 Hertz. It houses a 15-ampere motor that has a rated no-load speed of 4800 RPM. It has a 10-inch blade size with the maximum dado blade diameter of 6 inches and width of 0.4375 inches. The maximum depth capacity is 3.5625 inches at 90° and 2.5625 inches at 45°. The maximum rip capacity to the right is 30 inches and left is 11 inches. The table is 28.5 inches wide and 19 inches deep and weighs 73.7 pounds.

Additional Features

The Rockwell RK7241S comes with a 3-year warranty. The package includes a saw with a laser, a miter gauge and a 10-inch blade with 24 teeth. There is a blade guard, a riving knife, a dust bag, a rip fence, a push stick and a set of blade wrenches.



This bundle by DeWalt contains two items. There is a DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand and the DWE7480 table saw. This set hopes you enhance your productivity and efficiency on a jobsite and at your workshop.

Design and Build

The rolling stand is just 33 pounds. It comes with a heavy-duty kickstand which is the right mix of steadiness, mobility and storage. The adjustable rear feet level the saw. The quick-connect brackets latch on to the saw and are easy to load and unload. The wide stance base and legs offer support and stability for a better control of the material. The quick release levers and foldable legs lend to the portability.

The DWE7480 table saw has a 10-inch saw and a Site-Pro Modular Guard (SPMG) System. The onboard storage offers easy access to the SPMG components. The fence adjustments are accurate, fast and smooth. The saw sits on a metal roll cage for enhanced durability. These components can be attached for a variety of applications.

The 24-tooth, 10-inch carbide blade enhances the quality of the cut. This model is appropriate for 0-45 degrees bevel cut application too. The table coating reduces the friction between the piece and the table for a smooth cut. There is a 2.5-inch vacuum port that removes the sawdust from the table ensuring better visibility and safety.


The DWE7480 table saw makes 24.5-inch rip cuts. It can make a large variety of shelves and trims.


The DWE7480 table saw has a 15-ampere motor that produces 4800 RPM. The 10-inch blade has an arbor size of 5/8 inch and has 24 teeth. The blade cuts 3.125 inches deep at 90 and 2.25 inches at 45. The maximum rip to the right is 24 inches and to the left is 12 inches.

Additional Features

This DWE7480 table saw comes with a DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand. All DeWalt tools come with a three-year warranty, one-yearfree service and 90-day money back guarantee.



Skilsaw is making power tools since 1924. They invented their flagship power tool – the first portable circular saw. Skilsaw is a subsidiary of Chevron Ltd.

Design and Build

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 features the legendary Worm Drive that quadruples the productivity. It delivers a 3.625-inch cut and a 30.5-inch rip capacity at maximum torque. There is a rugged rolling stand on wheels with easy-load handles. The 16-inch wheels offer unsurpassed mobility over all terrains making it easy to load and unload from the truck.

There are a precise rack and pinion fence that adjusts for measurements quick and smooth ensuring accurate cuts.The dust port takes away the debris to clean up the workspace. The outfeed and the left support allow you to make larger cuts single-handedly.

There is a stand handle to push the saw smoothly into the truck bed or on the job site. The Dual-Field motor runs cooler due to the dual copper windings that increase the surface area for heat loss. This keeps the motor 40% cooler for you to run it longer.


It cuts through full sheets of timber and plywood. As the saw is loaded on wheels it can be carted on a job site or a workshop. This saw is ideal for cross-cutting and ripping while working with hard, soft and engineered woods.


The SKILSAW SPT99-11 comes with a 15-ampere Dual Field Motor turns at 5000 RPM that makes 3.625-inch cut and 30.5-inch rips. It means it cuts and rips 4 times faster. The 16-inch wheels make it easy to cart the saw anywhere. Simply load, unload and cart, pull up the stand, complete your work and pack up to leave.

Additional Features

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 comes with a rolling stand, a 24-Tooth carbide blade, a miter gauge, a smart guard system including an anti-kickback device. There is a dust elbow, an insert plate, a push stick, a wrench and rip fence. The saw comes with a 180 day stay true guarantee and a one-year warranty.


Another performer by DeWalt. This table saw has a blade with a 10-inch diameter. It has a Site-Pro Modular Guarding (SPMG)System that can be modified for specific applications that deliver quick and accurate cuts. The portable design is enhanced by a 15-ampere motor that makes a 20-inch rip.

Design and Build

DEWALT DW745 delivers a consistent performance due to the high torque powerful engine. It cuts through pressure treated lumber and solid wood with equal ease. It has a large rip and cut capacity. The rack and pinion adjustment are accurate with a telescopic design that makes measurement adjustments quicker and easier.

There is a guarding system that is easy to set up and modify for a variety of applications. The table surface reduces friction for easy gliding of the material while cutting. The rolled-steel cage base offers a steady base for improved durability. The cast iron table-top is designed for accuracy and precision.

The motor is supported by an overload protection system to deliver a powerful performance even with hard, frozen or wet woods. There is a bevel lock edged with a large scale that is marked for easy and accurate adjustments.


The DEWALT DW745 can make rips, straight, bevel and miter cuts between 0 – 45. The saw has a portable design this means you can work anywhere. This DEWALT weighs only 45 pounds, making it easy to transport from workshop to job site. The added convenience of storing the tools onboard adds to the utility. The 2.5-inch dust collection port allows you to connect with the vacuum keeping the work area clean.


The DEWALT DW745 comes with a 15-ampere high torque motor that spins at 3850 RPM. It has a 20-inch rip capacity and can make a maximum cut of 3.125 inches at 90 and 2.25 inches at 45.

Additional Features

The unit comes with a set of blade guards, a miter gauge, a push stick, and a 10-inch carbide blade(24T). The DeWalt comes with a 3-year warranty and other standard services by the company.

10. Hitachi C10RJ

Technology has been a common thread that binds the Hitachi brand. Besides the superior design and durability the knowledge share behind all the divisions is incorporated in their designs. Durability gives longevity to their tools.

Design and Build

The Hitachi C10RJ has a 15-ampere engine that produces 4500 RPM for toughest applications. The soft start functions lessen the noise and recoil on the start-up of the motor. The blade comes to a standstill as soon as the electric brake is applied.

The 40 toothed 10-inch carbide tipped blade has a high cutting capacity. The bevel range is between 0° – 45° and while at 0° it comes 3.125 inches and 2.25 inches at 45°. The table top is 28.75 inches by 22 inches without the feed out support of 28.75 inches by 2 inches.

This stabilizes the material. The 3/4-inch T-slot miter gauge has a large scale with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° and 60° to both sides. There is an overload protection to prevent damage to the motor. And a dust port to take away the dust.


The Hitachi C10RJ is engineered for cross-cutting and rip-sawing hardwood, plywood, ordinary wood and composite woods. The saw can deliver all kinds of cuts. The roll and fold stand have sturdy legs for an easy setup and pack up. They also offer stability while making the cut.

The stand has wheels that make it easy to move the saw-rig over even and uneven terrain. The table saw comes has a soft start, a large, low-friction work surface.  There is an electric brake besides telescopic table extensions to support large sheets. There is an onboard toolbox for easy storage.


The Hitachi C10RJ delivers a 35-inch rip capacity to the right and 22 inches to the left. The maximum cutting capacity at 90 is 3.125 inches and 2.25 inches at 45. The maximum dado width is 8.8125 inches.

Additional Features

The saw comes with a blade, a blade-guard assembly, an anti-kickback pawl, a mitergauge, a push stick, a rip fence, the outfeed support and a pair of blade wrenches. There are a 5mm, 4mm and 2.5mm Hex Bar wrench along with a 2-year warranty.

11. Craftsman 21807

This brand was originally owned by Sears now managed by Stanley Black & Decker. With more than 90 years of development and innovation in the line of gardening and lawn tools. This company was founded is 1927 and is a trusted name.

Design and Build

The Craftsman 21807 has a solid table in the middle that supports projects. The table saw is loaded with features like the laser track that lines along every cut. There are a T-slot miter gauge and a 10-inch blade with toughened carbide tips. There is an extensible out-feed to support the workpieces giving you more control.

For a wider kerf, the extendable supports and a quick moving fence let you rip sheets up to 24 inches wide in one smooth motion. The wide base is stable thus the table handles heavy pieces well. it has a 15-ampere motor that works at 120 volts and runs at 5000 RPM. The saw is portable due to the clamps that allow the table to be broken down quickly.

The dust collection bag can be removed and emptied quickly. The miter gauge is indexed at 15 and helps make accurate repeatable cuts. There is an onboard storage to keep the miter gauge, rip fence, etc. There is a pair of roller wheels that lend portability to the table saw.


Craftsman 21807 can rip sheets, slot boards and build perfect boxes. This table is the nucleus of any workshop but can be detached to lend it portability.  The saw can make all kinds of cuts – straight, miter, bevel and rip. You can even widen the kerf using this saw.


The Craftsman 21807 makes has a maximum dado width of 0.5 inches and diameter of 6 inches. The maximum cutting depth at 45 is 2.5 inches and 90 is 3 inches. The rip capacity to both the sides is 24 inches.

Additional Features

The Craftsman 21807 is accompanied by a 36T carbide-tipped blade, a pair of AAA batteries, a dust bag, some blade wrenches and push stick. The table saw comes with a one-year warranty.

12. Craftsman Portable Rolling Table Saw with Mobile Wheeled Stand

TOP 15 BEST TABLE SAWS ON 2018Craftsman of Black and Decker build power tools and storage systems. Their products empower doers and endure a long dependable service.

Design and Build

The Craftsman Portable saw is a powerful table saw with a 15-ampere motor that makes a rip, miter and bevel cuts. There is a sturdy miter gauge with clear graduations along the scale. There is a sturdy rolled steel easy to set up a stand with wheels and handles for instant mobility. There is a lever lock that releases slides and locks again for fence adjustment.

This lets you cut different lengths and breadths accurately. There is a separate fence scale to read the blade to fence measurements. There is a blade tilt and raise mechanism that for a rack and pinion adjustment. It also has safety features like the antikickback pawls, the riving knife and the blade guards.


This Craftsman Table saw is fitted with a folding stand with wheelbarrow like wheels. This means you can transport it anywhere. Set it up to do the job anywhere, do your job and repack to return home. The stand has two wheels to the front and a steady stand to the back. This ensures that your saw is stable to give you accurate cuts.

The folding stand also saves storage space. There is an extension to the right side with a miter and fence for making accurate miter and square cuts. While the blade shroud protects you from cuts and debris flying into the face. It is further facilities by a 2.5-inch port where a vacuum can be attached to remove and collect the sawdust.


The Craftsman Rolling Table Saw is greyish silver in colour due to the die-cast aluminium body. There are extensions made of steel. The saw runs on a 15-ampere motor that runs on 120 volts of electricity at 60 Hertz. The no-load speed of the motor is 5000 RPM.

Additional Features

This Craftsman saw comes with an extension, an out-feed, a rip, a miter, one blade, a blade guard, blade wrenches, a push stick and a stand.

13. RockwellShopSeries RK7240.1

TOP 15 BEST TABLE SAWS ON 2018This table saw comes from Rockwell Tools by Positec Tool Corporation. This is a China-based company that makes power tools.

Design and Build

The Rockwell ShopSeries has a 13-ampere motor that spins a 10-inch benchtop saw. This is a lightweight, sturdy saw that weighs 35 pounds. This model is brown in colour and sits on an iron stand. It is a corded-electric model with a 13-ampere motor that works at 120 volts and 60 Hertz. The smooth cast aluminium table top is 400 square inches of work surface.

It comes with a stand on wheels. There are features like a safety on/off switch, a quick release rip fence, an easy blade adjustment. The thin kerf tungsten carbide blade makes bevel cuts at 45, can cut up to 3 inches at 90 and 2.5 inches at 45. The model weighs 45 pounds with dimensions of 26.5 inches by 22.5 inches by 12.4 inches.


The Rockwell is light at 35 pounds lending it portability between job sites and workshop. This saw is perfect for a variety of woodwork such as making cabinets, cutting frames and other Do-It-Yourself projects. There is a rip fence, a push stick and a miter gauge that let you make a perfect cut at every pass. The dust collection port and large on/off switch lend enhance control and safety.

The table saw is built for value and performance. It brings superior design and engineering your workshop, enhancing your output. This is a reliable precise, easy to use a model with innovative features to aid the completion of your projects. This is a perfect companion for homeowners and DIYers.


RockwellShopSeries RK7240.1 has a 25 inch by the 20-inchdie-cast aluminiumsurface on a sturdy metal stand. It is strong and durable yet easy to transport. There is a thin kerf tungsten carbide blade with a 10-inch diameter. It bevels to 45 and cuts up to 3 inches at 90 and up to 2.5 inches at 45.

Additional Features

RockwellShopSeries RK7240.1 comes with a rip fence, a blade wrench, a miter gauge and a push stick. The table saw is supported by a 2-year limited warranty.

14. SKIL 3410-02

Skil power tools is a subsidiary of Chevron Ltd. They are a leading manufacturer of electric power tools and their accessories. They cater to the professional and DIY market.

Design and Build

The model has a 15-ampere motor that powers through a variety of woods making rip, bevel and miter cuts. The sturdy steel stand can be folded away or drawn up to for a quick setup. The cut height is 3.5 inches and the motor let you cut 4 times faster through the hard and soft wood.As it cuts through a variety of woods it is perfect for woodwork and carpentry projects.

The EZ view measurement system is assisted by a self-aligning rip fence for accurate setup and measurements for accurate cuts. Robert Bosch is the sellers of this product. They warrant the original purchaser that this Skil saw will be free of defects in workmanship and material for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.


The SKIL 3410-02 is ideal for woodworkers and DIYers who want to tackle big projects around the house. You can rip long boards to the required width and crosscut smaller pieces. You can bevel and miter pieces. It cuts to the depth of 3.5 inches and kerfs through four times faster. The work area is 20 inches by 26 inches cast aluminium with a self-ripping fence. It has an easy view measurement system to help you make accurate cuts. This table saw can be set and dismantled quickly due to the heavy duty stand and quick mount system.


The SKIL 3410-02 has a 10-inch blade that spins at 5000 RPM at no-load. It is powered by a 15-ampere motor rated at 120 volts and 60 Hertz. It makes a bevel cut between 2 – 47. The maximum cutting depth at 45 is 2.5 inches and at 90 is 3.5 inches. It has a maximum dado width of 0.867 inches.

Additional Features

The SKIL 3410-02 comes with a carbide-tooth blade, a pair of blade wrenches, a steel folding stand, a rip fence, a miter gauge and a 3-year warranty.

15. Porter-Cable PCC780LA

Porter Cable manufacturing company have a proud heritage of innovation in power and pneumatic tools. A subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, they are a well-known name in portable circular saws, belt sanders and band saws.

Design and Build

The Porter-Cable PCC780LA comes with a 7-inch blade that has a no-load spin of 2800 RPM. It has a maximum rip capacity of 17 inches which the best in the class. It is a tabletop battery-operated tile cutting saw. The battery comes with a charger and has a maximum charge of 20 volts. There is an onboard miter-square that help make a repeatable rip and miter cuts. There is a water container beneath the cutting surface that keeps the work surface clean. The splash guard keeps the water from splashing on the operator. To empty the water container simply pull the plug after use to drain the water. The cordless power offers mobility and portability. The battery charge indicator shows the remaining battery life.


The PCC780LA powers at 20 volts. It is a 7-inch cordless Table-Top Wet Tile Saw. The saw brings you a world-class performance and convenience meant for professional tile setters, DIYer or remodelers. It is a compact machine that can be set up anywhere to do facilitate you to do a professional quality job.


The Porter-Cable PCC780LA has a maximum battery power of 20 volts. The machine can deliver 150 cuts of 3 inches by 6 inches of a ceramic tile per charge. It is a 4.0Ah Lithium battery. The cast metal surface. The cart gives the operator the best-in-class, on-the-table cutting capacity. The surface supports up to 17 inches of tile while delivering an accuracy within 0.0625 inches over a cut of 12 inches.

Additional Features

The PCC780 is a 7-inch wet saw it is powered by a PCC685L 20V MAX 4.0Ah Battery. It comes with a PCC699L Charger and a 7-inch Porcelain Tile Blade. There is a Miter Square, a Blade Wrench and a three-year warranty, 1-year free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.

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