Best Tool Bags

Tool bags are available in different sizes and shapes which makes choosing one that fits you just right a little more complicated.

When we think of tools, we think of men bustling around the garage, looking into their tool boxes and swiftly taking out a number of equipment they are capable of using without any assistance at all. While many people still like to work in this traditional manner using a traditional tool box, a lot has changed since a boxes former days of glory. Nowadays items are built to be more intuitive and user friendly making it easy for anyone around the household to get their hands on a tool kit and hack away conveniently.

However it is easier to find one if you know what to keep a look out for. In order to make sure that your tool box provides you a good investment, first consider the advantages of using one compared to its more traditional alternatives:

Best Tool Bags in 2022

1.DeWalt DGL571 Tool Bag Best Overall
2.CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool BagBest for contractors
3.DEWALT DG5553 40 Tool BagBest for technicians
4. DEWALT DGL573 Technician's Tool BagBest for HVAC technicians
5. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1528 Electrical Tool CarrierBest Lightweight
6.Xtremepower Bag OrganizerBest Quality
7. Milwaukee BagBest for Heavy Duty
8. DEWALT DG5543 Best well constructed
9. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165 LargeBest for Electricians
10. Craftsman Tool Bag ComboBest for repairmen 

Listed below are our top choices:

Best Overall

1. DeWalt DGL571 

Design and Build

The DeWalt is a heavy duty tool bag with treaded wheels which make it easy to move it across different terrains. It also provides easy access to users because of its magnetic zipper that is attached to a telescoping handle that provides perfect access to the main compartment – also holds large interior tools i.e. power tools and accessories and its padded web makes it easy to carry around and powered by two AAA batteries. This equipment is produced by CLC (Custom Leather Craft) who are known to create quality products for maintenance technicians and those who want to do it themselves.

DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag, 18 in.
  • LIGHTED ROLLER TOOL BAG: This lighted tool bag features heavy duty treaded wheels for easy movement over rough terrain.
  • EASY ACCESS TO TOOLS: The magnetic folding zipper top of this tool bag conveniently attaches to a telescoping handle for full access to the main compartment.
  • LARGE TOOL BAG: The large interior of this lighted roller tool bag holds most large power tools and accessories.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: Padded web carrying handles make this lighted tool bag easy to carry.
  • HEAVY DUTY TOOL BAG: The LED light on this heavy duty roller tool bag is powered by two AAA batteries included.

Uses and Capabilities

This tool bag has a telescoping LED light handle which can be used in order to direct light into the working area of a bag in order to identify tools and parts. Its large interior compartment is able to hold large power tools and accessories while its LED lighted tool storage holds a 3 level LED light which can swivel. It also has two straps with a cordless driver, battery charger, carrying handles, sternum strap and back padding. All of these combined make this equipment ideal for those who work with tools professionally and even for those who like to meddle and fix things themselves (we have written a guide for choosing the best dual fuel generators).

Additional Features

The telescoping handles come in handy for transporting heavy loads. It has six multipurpose pockets inside and eleven outside which help organize the equipment and hand tools. The padded web carrying handles make carrying it all the more easier. The back is eighteen inches, weighs ten pounds and its dimensions are 19.5-inch x 13-inch x 16.5-inch.

The handle allows the user to unearth tools they may need but haven’t seen in a while and it can also be used to transport the bag from one place to the other. It possesses three levels of light output which can then be adjusted to illuminate a wider path or to look at work more closely. The light output is 39 lumens at most but the handle allows for quick portability of the tools plus the multipurpose pockets inside and out ensure that a variety of hand tools can be carried.

Best for HVAC technicians

2.  DEWALT DGL573  

Design and Build

The Dewalt DGL573 is a lighted tool backpack where the LED light can help the worker be directed to his work area very easily in order to identify their tools and parts. The light output can be extended to 39 lumens at most. The padded web carrying handles, adjustable shoulder straps, and large pads in order to create additional comfort. The base pad feet also helps reduce wear and abrasion. It has 41 pockets out of which the twenty eight inside can be used for multiple purposes while the thirteen outside can be used to organize your tools.

DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician's Tool Bag, 41 Pocket
  • LIGHTED TOOL BACKPACK: LED light can be easily directed at work area or into backpack to help identify tools and parts. 3 levels of light output on this tool bag allow adjustment for wide area illumination or close-up work, light output 39 Lumens max.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: This tool bag features padded web carrying handles, adjustable shoulder straps and large pads on back for extra comfort.
  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: Base pad feet are included on tool bag to help reduce wear and abrasion.
  • 41 POCKETS: 28 Multi-use pockets inside and 13 outside on this tool bag to help you better organize your tools.
  • STORE ALL OF YOUR TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES: This durable tool bag holds drills, extensions cords, pliers, screwdrivers, wrench sets, drill bits, testers and much more.

Uses and Capabilities

It is able to hold many tools and accessories such as drills, extension cords, pliers, screw drivers, testers and many more. The vertical pockets help keep the tools visible for quick access.

The large zippered pouch holds many pockets within it and the sizes range from large to small and make it easy to access all tools. It has six small slots, six medium slots, six large slots and then two mesh slots. The bag features four large pouches which make it even more convenient. It also has a strap which can be used to attach something to the bag as well as a name plate towards the back of the tool bag. It has been designed to be used by electricians, communication technicians, electricians, installers and repair technicians.

Additional Features

The sizes have a hook and two small slots which makes it easy to hold tools that in recurring use. The other side also has two more slots plus an additional Velcro pouch. The inside has one large open compartment but the four open pouches within it help to separate the tools in case of easy access. The key feature that sets it apart is its LED light and its ability to hold up 4 or more power tools as well as leave room for large bulky items e.g. an 18 inch level.

Best for for contractors 

3.CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 

Design and Build

The CLC leathercraft tool bag is a great way to organize your tools and accessories because of its fifty pockets that help support several large hand tools. It has a center compartment that is large and has the ability to carry many power tools and accessories plus separate outside compartments. It also has zippered side panels which prevent the tools from spilling over when they’re carried in a storage bag. The vertical pockets help the user keep the tools in their vision which also makes access much easier. The large multi-compartment carrier provides ample space for several tools, parts and accessories all of which are available within the space.

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag
  • STAY ORGANIZED: This tool bag from CLC features 50 pockets to organize all of your tools and accessories.
  • SUPPORTS LARGE HAND TOOLS: This tool bag has a large center compartment to carry multiple power tools and accessories and separate outside compartments.
  • SPILL PROOF TOOL BAG: Zippered side panels on this heavy duty tool bag prevent spillage of tools when carrying or storing bag.
  • QUICK ACCESS TO TOOLS: Veritcal pockets keep tools in sight on this durable tool bag.

Uses and Capabilities

It works very well for tradesman as well as installers who work in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC as well as general maintenance feels. Its roomy compartments on the inside have enough room for both power tools as well as hand tools which the spacious exterior has enough room for a selection of tools and parts. The bag also includes a large carabiner and a tape measure clip on the exterior. The vertical pockets as well as the seven exterior pockets help the contractor get to work immediately as he can locate critical tools without expending much effort.

Additional Features

The poly fabric body and poly ballistic trim and binding gives this carrier a more rugged built. The tool bag keeps the tool secure even when you’re on the move. It also has textured, padded shoulder straps that are adjustable hence providing a more comfortable and secure grip. The multi-compartment tools are also a great way for contractors and technicians to keep their tools organized. 


Best for technicians

4. DEWALT DG5553

Design and Build

The Dewalt DG5553 is a one of a kind tool bag with twenty eight exterior pockets, three flap covered pockets and a drawstring pocket to keep the smaller items from falling out of the bag. It is also durable because it is made of heavy duty polyester and ballistic poly fabric construction which includes base pads which protect the bottom of the tool box from water and debris. In order to increase the ease of carrying it, it comes with adjustable non-slip padded shoulder straps. It also has a pop-open design that makes it easy to access and also increases tool and parts visibility.

DEWALT DG5553 Tool Bag, 18 in. 28 Pocket, Multicolor, ‎Pack of 1
  • PLENTY OF POCKETS: This heavy duty tool bag has 28 exterior pockets, including 3 flap-covered pockets, plus one drawstring pocket to keep small parts from spilling out.
  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: Heavy-duty poly and ballistic poly fabric construction on tool bag includes base pads to protect bottom from water and debris.
  • COMFORTABLE: Adjustable, non-slip padded shoulder strap make this toool bag perfect for any job.
  • EASILY ACCESS YOUR TOOLS: This tool bag features a pop-open design that allows for easy access and visibility to tools and parts.
  • EASY TO OPEN TOOL BAG: This tool bag features a double-pull, heavy-duty zipper.

Uses and Capabilities

This tool bag is easy to open because of its double pull zipper. This allows quick access to a lot of power tools. This is designed for cordless tools and others.

The wide mouth open gives the user room to pack away all their power tools, fasteners, hands tool etc. and when the bag is open or zipped closed, it can accommodate tools of all sizes. Its flat front pockets also make it easier to fit notepads, phones and even other flat documents. Its fourteen interior pockets include one zippered pocket which can be used to secure valuable items and to gain access to smaller tools without having to rummage through the bag.

Additional Features

The bag also has a base pad feet which helps reduce wear and tear. It also includes a measuring tape clip, which can come in handy during projects. It can hold up to 50 pounds of weight without any problems. Its approximate dimensions are 13 inches wide, 12 inches high and 21 inches long. With such a spacious bag, it is possible to carry drills, wrenches, hammers and other assorted tools without them damaging one another.


Best Quality

5.  Xtremepower US Bag Organizer

Design and Build

The Xtremepower US is built with water resistant polyester and crafted with quality material which makes the bag durable. It also has telescoping handles with wheels which increase maneuverability. It has an open mouth with dual zippers, nine external pockets and ten internal pockets. The dimensions are 18″ (L) x 10″ (W) x 15″ and the handle length is 17.5”. There are two available versions of this bag; a rolling bag and a backpack version can be purchased. The rolling bag can be used for a large working field because of its wheels and large tool capacity. All you have to do is roll with it, no shoulder strap necessary!


Users and Capabilities

It has five dividing rooms for belongings as well as external pockets which makes small items easy to grab and designed to be portable and convenient and is built with quality materials that hold the tools in place also has a built in back strap as well as support for extra comfort and weighs only 6.5 pounds and has a total of 36 pockets inside and outside which provide easy access.

It also contains a pocket designed to carry laptops. Because of the wheels, it is light and easy to transport from one place to another. Its large capacity and adjustable handlebar doesn’t hurt; no longer does a user need to go back and forth in their work space to carry tools, they simply need the bag to accommodate it all.

Additional Features

The padding provides extra back support when it is equipped with a dual zipper feature to ensure safe storage. It is also designed to open easily. With its functionality it also provides a sleek and modern look. The water lining also makes it easy to keep tools easy. The quality of the bag is excellent


Best for Heavy Duty

6. Milwaukee Bag

Design and Build

The Milwaukee Bag is an ideal addition to any handyman’s wardrobe. Its reinforced side handles are attached to the bag with metal fasteners which allows the user to lug them around across different job sites even if it is full of tools. Its reinforced bottom allows one to keep this tool bag on the floor or any other surface without worrying about the cargo being impacted by wear and tear.

The shoulder straps can help sling the bag across the shoulder which increases the number of ways in which the bag can be transported. Since the strap is removable it can be set aside if you’re in an area in which it can get tangled.

Milwaukee Bag 23x12x12nch

Uses and Capabilities

Its 6 interior pockets help one keep the tools separate from one another, they reduce the amount of jostling and bumping into each other the tools would suffer otherwise.

The zippers are also extra-long because of which they allow the user to pack the bag tightly while still closing it neatly because of its heavy duty zipper construction. This neat little tool bag will help you keep your tools in sight and is designed to hold several cordless power tools whilst still keeping them safe. Its construction also allows you to keep it in ruffed areas and the bag’s extra reinforcement and handles both are reinforced and attached to the canvas.

Milwaukee Bag 23x12x12nch Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag 6 Pocket (Basic)
  • REINFORCED HANDLES: The side handles are attached to the bag with metal fasteners, letting you lug this bag around the jobsite when it’s packed full of tools
  • REINFORCED BOTTOM: Keep this stored on the shop room floor or leave it on the ground on the job. The reinforced bottom of this bag will keep your precious cargo sealed from water and dust
  • SHOULDER STRAP: You can keep this slung on your shoulders for maximum ease of portability. The strap is removable, too, so you can set it aside if you’re in an area where it’s likely to get tangled
  • ORGANIZATION: 6 interior pockets keep your tools separated from each other, reducing bumping and jostling while the bag is in transit
  • HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPERS: The zipper system is extra-long, letting you pack this bag tight and still able to close it with the help of the robustly constructed metal zippers

Additional Features

It is easy to store this back pack as it is constructed as a rectangular prism shoulder bag and has central and fold down compartments with 55 individual pockets and straps that can organize a variety of tools and accessories also has two open pockets, a medium zippered pocket as well as a metal D ring towards the outside.

Inside, there are also a deep pockets with an elastic band especially good for carrying water bottles. The outside pockets are padded and have enough storage space for laptop or tablets. This gives the user around 14 inches width which means that it can handle laptops up to 16 inches.


Best well constructed

7. DEWALT DG5543

Design and Build

The Dewalt DG5543 is an easy tool access bag with a pop up design and a spacious interior section which allows for enough space for the user to access tools and parts. It is durable and made from heavy-duty poly fabric construction. With thirty three pockets it allows for hundreds of different organization options which also include a flap covered pocket with a hook and loop closure.

It also has abrasion rubber feet and with its adjustable shoulder strap, it is easy to carry no matter where you go. The 16 inch design DEWALT tool bag has been manufactured by CLC, known for its top of the line products.

DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag, Black
  • EASY TOOL ACCESS: This tool bag features a pop-open design and large interior compartment to allow for easy access to tools and parts.
  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: This tool bag is heavy-duty poly fabric construction to stand up to any job.
  • 33 POCKET TOOL BAG: With 33 pockets in this heavy duty tool bag, this tool bag allows for hundreds of organization options, and includes one flap-covered pocket with hook & loop closure.
  • BASE PROTECTION: Durable tool bag features abrasion resistant rubber feet.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: This tool bag is comfortable to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Uses and Capabilities

It has fourteen interior pockets which include a zippered one which ensures that the user’s valuables are safe and sound (making it an ideal choice for contractors). This tool bag is also built for durability with its easy double pull, heavy duty zipper which makes it easy to outperform most other tool bags. It is also made from sturdy poly and ballistic poly fabric constructions which gives it the strength to outlive most other bags.

It has four base pads at the bottom which prevent the bag from getting spoilt by wind and dust. The bag also has a large mouth which is what makes the tools easy to access. It also prevents the users hands from getting all scratched up and he can seamlessly reach in to the bag in order to extract the larger tools out. The ballistic poly fabric provides a flexible touch and is stronger than traditional fabric.

Additional Features

THE CLC Dewalt tradesman bag has reinforced corners, edges and a bottom base bag which further protects it from wear resistance. The bag has been designed to last for a very long time while the adjustable non-slip padded shoulder strap and non-slip handle make it comfortable to carry the bag.

Its thirteen interior pockets include a zippered pocket which protects the valuables while still keeping it within sight. Its twenty exterior pockets allow the user to organize their tools in a myriad of ways. The exterior flap has a hook and loop closure as well to guarantee extra protection of the user’s items.


Best for Electricians

8. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165

Design and Build

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165 can be imported globally. It is made from a durable polyester construction that is sewn together because of its heavy stitching. It also has plenty of pockets (12 multipurpose pockets inside as well as 10 outside that can be used to organize tools and accessories).The bar tacking and stitching keep the bags together at stress points. The bag creates classic styles with functional features and can work for all kinds of craftspeople who want to ensure quality in their work.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165 Large BigMouth Bag, 22 Pocket
  • 22 POCKET TOOL BAG: This tool bag has 12 pockets inside, and 10 outside organize tools and accessories.
  • EASY ACCESS TO TOOLS: This tool bag opens wide for easy access to contents.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: With padded reinforced web carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, this tool bag is comfortable to carry.
  • HEAVY DUTY TOOL BAG: Heavy duty stitching and bar tacking at all stress points on this tool bag are included for added durability.
  • DURABLE TOOL BAG: This tool bag is made with 600D polyester construction sewn together with heavy stitching for maximum durability.

Uses and Capabilities

The tool  bag is 16 inches and has twenty pockets, padded handles and a shoulder strap. Its twenty pockets work well for organization and allow for space to carry larger tools. The bags dimensions are 16″ L x 8½” W x 10″ H. This tool bag is fantastic for holding craft supplies, tools and other equipment due to all its pockets to suit any user’s needs. Its tough 600D polyester construction also increases its durability and its box shaped design keeps it from tipping even if it has a lopsided load. The electrical tape strap and the measuring tape add to the experience and make the bag completely versatile and organized.

Additional Features

The inner compartment works well for carrying power and large tools. The outer compartment can hold many tools and the tape measure clip can be used in the exterior part for tool protection. The tools can be accessed easily and they come with a strong construction as well as poly fabric. The top portion is secured with a zipper and the textured strap adds to the comfort.


Best for carpenter’s

9. WORKPRO W081023A

Design and Build

The Workpro is a close top storage tool bag with an adjustable strap which makes it easy for the user to access the content of the bag. It is also easy for them to carry hand tools and other items that are small to medium sized. The top of the bag is zipped and once opened it has a wide open mouth which makes it easy to approach tools.

It also has a rubber foam bottom which allows one to keep the bag sturdy and protect the contents of the bag from falling out and breaking. The outer mesh pockets are perfect for storing personal items, smaller tools or even accessories.

WORKPRO Close Top Storage Tool Bag, 18", Black/Red, W081023A,Black&Red
  • Adjustable strap allows for easy access to contents
  • Ideal for carrying hand tools and other small to medium items
  • Top zipped wide open mouth for easy approaching tools
  • Rubber foam bottom keeps bag sturdy, protects contents from hard falls
  • Outer mesh pocket stores personal belongings, small tools & accessories

Uses and Capabilities

This tool bag is 18 inches wide and is constructed with rugged polyester fabric. It has six pockets inside and seven pockets along both its sides. Each pocket is 5.25 inches deep and all are equal in size. These pockets work well in terms of organizing wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, meters and other accessories. It also allows the user to keep the gear organized and safe without having to rummage through an entire bag simply to locate a plier.

The pockets are suitable to locate wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, meters and other accessories. If the top of the bag is kept open, the dimensions are L x 8-inch W x 10.5-inch H. It also has an extra padded handle and an adjustable shoulder strap which increases one’s comfort when they carry it. It is also PE padded and has an anti-frictional base to protect it while the 600 denier fabric increases the bag’s durability and allows them to carry heavy loads.

Additional Features

Its 600 D polyester material is used to make pockets which are then used to carry tools. The adjustable strap and large open mouth also provides easy access to the tools while its heavy stitching also increases the durability of the product, making it easy to carry it from work site to another. The bag is ideal for carrying small to medium items e.g. hand or carpenter tools. The bag also features a rubber foam bottom that protects the tools and the outer mesh pockets keep the belongings you want to keep in close access.

Best for repairmen

10. Craftsman 9-37537 

Design and Build

The Craftsman has a wide mouthed zipper top, heavy duty construction and zippers with three mesh and three regular exterior pockets. What works really well for this tool bag is that it is a combination set designed by Craftsman. There are two bags available, one is 13 and the other is 18 inches and each are available in wide mouth zipper tops. The big tools can be placed inside so they are secure while the smaller tools can fit easily in the sturdy mesh pockets on the outside of the bags. The three interior and three exterior mesh pockets are constructed with heavy duty flexible material which takes up lesser space than a stiff tool bag.

Craftsman 9-37537 Tool Bag Combo, 13"/18"
  • Wide-mouth zipper tops
  • Heavy-duty construction and zippers
  • 3 mesh and 3 regular exterior pockets

Uses and Capabilities

The zippers are extra-long and protect the bag from rips and tears even if they are exposed to pointed ends or sharp edges. When the bag is opened, one can see everything inside the bag very easily due to its wide open mouth.

No longer do you have to grope around looking for tools in a bag. Although this tool bag might just be able to carry only a basic set of tools, the bag can hold everything securely and it is great for home maintenance and everyday projects. Its technical specifications are 13”/18”, it weighs 3.5 pounds and has 12 pockets. Its warranty only covers defects.

Additional Features

While the bag might not give the same reliability as other more heavy duty purchases, it is good for the price it has and helps keep all of one’s necessary tools within each. The top zipper allows them to secure heavy tools easy and the bag is constructed such that it is long lasting and easy to carry. Small and large sized tools are easy to store and carry in this bag and this large zipper can be opened with all the tools easily available and within your reach. The smaller items can be stored in mesh pockets and the combo can be carried separately or even together.

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