Best Track Saws in 2020

Best  track saws, or a plunge saw is a power tool similar to the circular saw. The difference is that this saw moves along a track or a rail. These rails are usually made of PVC or aluminium. The rail can be clamped to the workpiece or table or it has a rubberised track on the underside that grips the work surface.

This is of great benefit as the grips absorb vibrations while the saw cuts the piece and lends stability to the saw. This brings accuracy to the work. This means you can cut the large sheets of timber into precise boards and pieces to make the furniture and panel pieces.

Simply mark out the lengths and breadths, place the guide rail and run the track saw along it.The saw can be bent at an angle to make an angled or miter cut and a bevel cut too. As the blade guard has a low profile these saws can cut flush to the surface. Due to its power and a higher rate of RPM, it can cut through hardwood, softwood, plywood, melamine, etc  like butter.As these are plunge saws, the depth to which they cut can be controlled.

When using other saws to cut heavy large sheets of material a rough cut needs to be made, then the finish cut is applied. But with the versatile track saw the work is done the first time due to the accuracy and precision.This means you can cut through thick lumbar and thin pieces of wood and other materials.

You can make doors, panels, tables, etc. In fact, the more you work with it the more uses you can think up. Besides making accurately measured cuts, they make smooth clean cuts that do not requiresmoothening or sanding. There are no splinters and the desired cut is achieved in a single pass due to the guide rail (we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the finish and brad nailers ).

The track saws come with modular guide rails up to 4 feet in length.

If you want to cut a longer piece simply add an extension for additional length. It is like a straight edge and your track saw is like a pencil  only it cuts as long and as deep as the blades dimensions.

The tracks or the rail act as a safety feature as the machine moves along these grooves. The additional safety feature is that the blade on the plunge saw retracts into a shrouded guard immediately as the pressure is released.

They are easy to operate, all the user must do is release the thumb lever, the motor assembly pivots and the blade is engaged to cut. There is a spring-loaded mechanism that plunges into the surface to cut. Or said in the conventional manner it is fed against the edge of the material.

These are ideal for all types of woodworkers, such as remodelers, interior designers, carpenters, DIYers, etc.

This is because they are portable, light and precise tools. The rubber grips on the underside of the rail eliminate the need for clamps.

Plunge saws have riving knives that follow the blade. This prevents the workpiece from binding on the blade to reduce the kickback. Track saws are virtually dust free, as the cover or the shroud on the tool traps the sawdust.

They even come with a vacuum hose that collects the debris in a convenient collection bag or container. The track saw also has an unlimited range to cut a miter at any angle. How every steep the angle be, simply lay the track across the wood and cut away.

The Limitations of a Track Saw

Even though a track saw is a versatile addition to any workshop it cannot make cuts deeper than 2 inches. It may not be useful in cutting many materials into smaller size as it may feel clumsy when cutting smaller pieces.

Best Track Saws

Features to Look for On A Track Saw….

When considering buying a track saw, look for these features on them.

Exact Alignment

You should be able to lay the track and make a cut along the line.

Clean Cuts the First Time

Be it plywood, MDF, solid wood  the track saw should make clean cuts without tears, chips, shreds, etc. This eliminates smoothing and sanding too.

Non-Slip Operation

The saw runs on a track with grooves, that prevents slippage. The underside should be lined by rubber grips so that the track does not require clamping down.

Long Cut Potential

Some of the tracks can be 144 cm long. You can buy additional connectors to cut longer pieces of wood. As the ends are squared it makes it easy to join the connectors.

Big Cuts in A Small Space

The track saw does not require infeed and outfeed space. Besides its ability to plunge cut various materials means you can cut a full sheet of plywood in less space.

Best Track Saws

Clean Operation

These saws have shrouds or dust guards that direct the dust away from the operator and vacuum hoses to suck away debris instantly.


The best  track saw should save space, be easy to store and carry around.

Battery Power

Such tools are power hungry beasts thus the motor should be about 1200 watts and more.

As they are power-hungry they are corded however recent developments in cordless technology have brought battery powered variants into the market. These bring increased portability and flexibility to the market.

Variable Speed

To optimize performance and cut a range of varied materials you need variable speeds on your track saw.(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Laser Levels)

Soft Start

The machine without a soft start system will recoil on start-up. A machine with this feature will be accurate and more comfortable.

Electric Brake

With the self-retracting action of the saw most hazards of using a saw are removed but at the release of a trigger, the saw comes to a rapid halt.

Riving Knife

If you are going to be ripping timber or natural wood these safety features are worth your consideration. It stops them from closing around the blade preventing kickbacks, besides maintaining the distance between the cut sides.

Best Track Saws

Anti-Kickback Mechanisms

Some Best track saws come with a kickback protection. This integrated device prevents the saw from shifting backwards in the track. The benefit is that the machine will not jump out of position, but it can be a hindrance while setting the machine to cut.

Scoring Facility

This feature on the saw lets the operator make quick and easy shallow cuts on the initial pass. The feature comes on handy on materials such as laminates, melamine, veneers, etc which are prone to splintering and chipping. The material is cleanly cut on the second pass and delicate surface materials remain unscathed.


Some track saw kits may include guide rails there are transport cases, clamps, etc. With the right adaptors, the rails can be used with other tools like the jigsaw, routers, etc.

Best Track Saws in 2020

Best Track Saws 
1. Festool TS 75 EQ
2.Festool 201399 TSC 55
4.Makita SP6000J1
5. Grizzly T10687
6. Triton 926795
7.SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw
8.WEN 36055 Track Saw
9.Fartools CS 165r
10. VonHaus 1050W Circular Saw
11. Scheppach 590 1802 915 with 160 mm Plunge Saw System
12. Bosch Professional GKT 55 GCE
13. GMC GTS165-1400W Kit
14. BUILDER BD1214SP-1 1200 W Plunge Saw

1. Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

Experience another track saw by Festool. It delivers incredible power with accuracy in two models that can work with 9 types of blades.

Design and Build

The FestoolTS 75 EQ-F-Plus comes with guide rails that deliver precision. You get a perfect cut that is laser straight and splinter-free every time. The system is so efficient that you do more with less equipment. It also occupies lesser space. The depth indicator is finely adjustable and has two cursor lines.

These are for a precise material processing be it on the guide rail or off them. There are a guide-rail splinter guard and a replaceable integrated splinter guard that deliver zero tear outs. This reduces rework and saves loss or wastage of material. The spring-loaded riving knife is spring-loaded. It keeps the kerf open and keeps the material away from the rear of the blade.

This reduces kickbacks while cutting and gives more control to the operator. There is an opening to attach the vacuum to clear workspace. The slip clutch minimizes kickbacks this, in turn, reduces the wear of motor, gears and blade. It is easy to change the blades after a wear or to load other kinds of blade types.


The Festool 575389 delivers unmatched precision while executing carpentry and cabinetry jobs. The cut edge is splinter and burn-free. It is clean to glue then edges without further preparation. There are two machine sizes and 9 blade options thus the TS range can handle any sort of work and deliver optimal results.

It is ideal for many applications such as truing rough timber, cutting doors and window frames. You can cut matching panels and stacked sheet goods with this saw.


The FestoolTS 75 EQ-F-Plus is cut up to the depth of 2 3/4th of an inch. It requires 120 volts to function and delivers 1600 Watts of power.

Additional Features

The components included in the Festool 575389 box are a fine-toothed saw blade (HW W48), a splinter-guard, a flag window, a vision panel and a wrench. The saw is accompanied by a year’s warranty.


This power tool comes from Festool Group GmbH. This company has been operating for 90 plus years. This subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company helps tradespeople achieve their professional goals. As their power tools always help deliver exacting standards of results.

Design and Build

This Plunge-Cut Circular Saw is compatibility with the enclosed guide rails for making precise and easy-to-replicate cuts. There is a splinter guard that keeps both the sides of the cutting line clean. The spring-loaded riving knife prevents kickbacks. The FastFix blade can be changed easily and quickly to prevent any downtime of your tool. The Multi-Material Control (MMC) electronics and a triple-bearing motor lenda long life to the machine that is easy to handle. There is a dust port integrated into the machine for a quick clean-up making for a healthier work site.


The Festool TSC 55  is accurate, light and easy to handle. It can make the same cuts as the table saws, the radial saws and panel saws. It is useful in a wide range of applications where a plunging action and precision are required. The clean edge eliminates the need for sanding and smoothing. It can make straight, bevel and miter cuts. The portable design is ideal for flooring and precise cuts. It has a triple motor bearing, a smooth riving knife with a spring-loaded mechanism. There is constant speed monitoring that gives a consistent cut. And the FastFix blades are easy to change this saves time.


The Festool TS 55 EQ comes with a 55-inch rail and a maximum cutting depth of 2 1/8th of an inch without the guide rail and 1 15/16th of an inchwith the guide rail. You can make the depth adjustments by exposing only the part of the blade required to give the cut. The saw runs at a variable speed between 2000 – 5200 RPM.

Additional Features

The Festool Saw comes with a 55-inch guide rail, a 48-toothed carbide blade, a limit stop, a power cord, a splinter guard, and a Systainer storage cabinet. The unit comes with a year’s warranty.


DeWalt is a worldwide brand of power tools based in the USA. They make hand tools for the woodwork, construction and other manufacturingindustries. It is a trade name of the Black and Decker Inc., which is a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker.

Design and Build

The DeWalt FLEXVOLT works on a DCB606 60V MAX 6.0Ah Battery. It has a 6.5-inch circular blade. The track saw has a brushless motor that cuts through power hardwoods up to 2.125 inches thick. The zero-clearance cutting system delivers precise cuts. There is an anti-kickback mechanism i.e., a riving knife.

You can engage the dual-edged tracks for a straight cut in either direction. Due to the low-profile guard, there is a 90% dust extraction. The cutting capacity at 90° is 2 1/8th of an inch and at 45° it is 1 5/8th inch. Besides this cordless tool is easy to carry anywhere.

The tool is 10 inches high and 12 inches long. It weighs 12.5 pounds.To maintain your saw, avoid excess moisture and humidity to prevent rusting. Keep the saw blades cleaned and wipe them of all the debris. Use a nylon or brass brush to clean the blades.

Some professionals apply Formula 409 or ammonia. Avoid overheating the blade this prevents thermal cracks in the carbide. Never rest the blades on concrete or steel surface as this may dull the blade. Keep them in the protective wrappings or plastic or wood.


The DeWalt FLEXVOLT makes a straight cut and a plunge cut. Its ergonomics is such that it delivers the most precise and straight splinter-free cuts.


The DEWALT DCS520T1 can deliver a bevel cut at the maximum angle of 47°. The maximum cut at 45° is 1 5/8th of an inch while at 90° is 2 1/8th of an inch. The no-load speed is 1750 – 4000 RPM.

Additional Features

The DeWalt FLEXVOLT comes with a 60V MAX 6.0Ah Battery, a Blade, a Blade change wrench and a DEWALT T-stack kit-box. The tool comes with a 3-year limited warranty, a 90-day money back guarantee and a 1-year free service.

4. Makita SP6000J1

This power tool comes from Makita which was founded by Mosaburo Makita in 1915. The company began as a motor repair and sales outlet. Over the next 50 years, Makita built a steady reputation as a dependable name in power tools – fixed and portable.

Design and Build

The Makita has made precise cuts easier due to convenient features such as a large top-handle and an electric brake that improves productivity. There is a lock-lever fits the saw to the rail system. This mechanism keeps the saw on the anodized aluminium rail while cutting and positioning for a bevel cut.Theplunge-release lever is for the operator’s safety and comfort. (we have written extensively for the best generators brands)

The depth adjustment comes with a large scale that is easy to set. The 55-inch guide rail helps cut precise cuts minus the tears and shreds. The 6.5-inch blade turns on a 12-ampere motor giving the saw a large cutting capacity. The magnesium components weigh less lending easy portability. The electronic speed control helps maintain a constant speed 8under load and make a smooth cut.

The saw works at variable speeds between 2000 to 5200 RPM to cut smoothly through various materials. There is a torque limiter built into the machine that prevents burnout of the motor. The electric brake adds productivity. The underside of the rail has a rubberized grip that fixes in place to prevent slippage.


The Makita SP6000J1 can cut sheets of materials, do trim work, remodelling and finish work. Due to its compact design and magnesiumbody, it is not only ideal for workshops but also jobsites. The precision settings make it a quality tool for high-quality cuts. It is perfect for carpenters, furniture manufacturers, cabinet installers, stair installers, flooring installers, besides general contractors.


The Makita SP6000J1 can make straight, miter and bevel cuts between -1 and 48 degrees. It has positive stops along the angle at 22.5° and 45° –  large cutting capacity of 2.1875 inches at 90° and 1 to 1.5625 inches at 45° – make close-to-wall cuts at 11/16th of an inch. for precision, the machine allows making grooves at the depth of 1/16th of an inch.The saw can achieve variable speeds between 2000 to 5200 revolutions per minute.

Additional Features

The SP6000J1 comes with a 6.5-inch 48T Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade, a Hex Wrench, aa 55-inch Guide Rail and a Stackable Tool Case. The tool comes with a 30-daysatisfactionguarantee and a one-yearwarranty.

Due to its 12-ampere motor, a 6.5-inch circular blade that turns at a variable speed of 2000 to 5200 RPM.A large cutting capacity between 2.1875 inches at 90 degrees and 1.5625 inches at 45 degrees. Makes precise cuts of distinct types – straight, miter, bevel and flushed cuts as close as 0.0625 inches close to the wall. It also has a torque limiter and electric brake besides a light magnesium body. And more the Makita is the best of the lot.

5. Grizzly T10687 Track Saw

Grizzly industrial call themselves the purveyors of fine machines since 1983. Founded by Shiraz Balolia this company manufactures metal and woodwork machinery.

Design and Build

The Grizzly T10687 redefines a circular saw as its plunge cutting function eliminates the flip-up blade guards. The riving knife improves safety by reducing kickbacks and the risk of pinching. Without the rails, this saw cuts like other saws, but the optional rails make precise straight cuts for panels and floorboards.There is a saw blade with a continuous cutting depth limiter and an anti-kickback mechanism.

There is a 360° dust port to attach vacuum cleaners. The dust ports diameter is 1.5 inches and the machine weighs 11 pounds. It comes with a 120-volt motor that works at 9 amperes producing 1.1kW of power. The motor speed is 5500 RPM. The blade rime speed is 9070 feet per minute. It can make cuts at 45° and 90° with or without the rails.

These saws are meant only for wood-based materials and not metals, ceramics, aluminium or steel. Choose the right blade, as for general work a 14-blade circular saw is fine, but 48 teeth blade is more suitable for plywood and melamine. Adjust the cutting depth to maintain accuracy without damaging the blade and preventing kickbacks.The plunge cuts are safe and accurate even in the middle of the workpiece.


Grizzly T10687 is suitable to work with all kinds of materials such as hard and soft wood, MDF boards, laminates, melamine, etc. The track saw can make variable cuts up to 2.15625 inches. There is a built-in riving knife with an anti-kickback protection.


The maximum cutting depth without rails at 90° is 2.15 inches, with rail 1.97 inches. The maximum cutting depth without rails at 45° is 1.625 inches and with rail is 1.43 inches. The saw flushes up as close as 0.625 inches close to the wall. The saw blade is 160mm in diameter, with a 20mm bore and has 48 cutting teeth along the edge.

Additional Features

The Grizzly T10687 is a bare tool in the box accompanied by a one-year warranty.


6.Triton 926795 TTS1400 Track SAW 1400W

Triton tools have been delivering the benchmark in precision woodwork since 1976. They have been manufacturing award-winning premium tools for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers. Here is another one of their best.

Design and Build


The Triton 926795  TTS1400 comes with a mode selector that allows a change between the scribe, free lunge and blade change mode. The scribe mode prevents splintering and tearing. The carbon brushes can be changed easily this extends the product life. It can make a bevel cut between 0°-48° and has dual bevel quadrants for a stable and precise cut. (we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Brad Nailers)

The tool comes with a variable speed between 2000 – 5000 RPM. It delivers a constant speed and has a soft start. Both the features are designed to optimize the cutting conditions of each material they cut. The dual-alignment cams align the saw and the track to make precise cuts. The anti-kickback mechanism prevents jolting while performing cuts.

There is added stability with the guide rails locked in place while performing bevel cuts. The precise depth of cut can be set up to 60mm. The cut indicators can mark the exact positions on the workpiece. The blade change mode and the power switch lock-out make it easy to change the blade. The plunge lock secures the blade inside the guard.


The TTS1440 is perfect for long, straight cuts. The flat design of the blade housing helps make cuts flushed close to the edge of the wall or the workpiece. This makes it ideal to work with hardwood flooring and trimming doors.


The Triton TTS1400 works at 12 amperes and delivers a power of 1400W. The no-load variable speed is 2000-5300 RPM.The blade diameter is 6.5 inches, the bevel range is 0°-48° and the blade type is 60 TCT. The depth of cut at 90° with the track is 54mm, without a track is 59mm. The depth of cut at 45 degrees with the track is 38mm and without a track is 42mm. The efficient dust extraction has a universal vacuum adaptor with a 360° outlet.

Additional Features

The Triton TTS1400 comes with a 6.5 inch, 60 TCT blade, a bevel range of 0°-48° and a 3-year warranty.


7.  SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw

This saw is marketed by Woodstock International. They are a wholesale supplier of metal and woodwork machinery. The Shop Fox W1835 has been designed to provide trouble-free service for years to come. It is ruggedly built and passed through a rigid quality control protocol that ensures safe operation.

Design and Build

The SHOP FOX W1835comes with a continuous cutting depth-limiter. This is perfect to make the plunge and straight cuts. The plunging action eliminates the need for flip-up blade guards while riving knife prevents pinches and kickbacks. The cut indicator arrows denote where the cut will start and stop when the blade is completely extended. You can get more accurate results with the guide rails – these are not included here. The low-profile blade guard lets you cut as close as 5/8th of an inch close to the wall.


The Shop Fox is easy to handle and lightweight. It is perfect to cut lumber, slices and trims sheets. The saw cuts through a variety of materials, precisely. It is light and portable but has an anti-kickback protection. It delivers precise straight, miter and bevel cuts at 45° and 90°. There is a dust port to vacuum the debris.


The SHOP FOX W1835 has a 9-ampere motor that works at 120 volts. It revs up to 5500 RPM and the blade rim speed is 9070 feet per minute. The saws maximum cutting depth at 90°  without a rail is 2.15625 inch and with rail is 1.96875 inch. The maximum cutting depth at 45° without a rail is 1.625 inch and with rail is 1.4375 inch.(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Laser Levels)

The bevel gauge lock makes bevel cuts between 0° – 45°. There is a primary and secondary handle for more control over the cut and depth.The dust port diameter is 1.5 inch for the vacuum hose to be attached. Due to the low blade guard profile, the saw cuts as close as 5/8th of an inch close to the wall.

Additional Features

The SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw comes one carbide tipped blade, 6 feet cord and a two-year warranty.


8. WEN 36055 Track Saw

WEN has been making power tools since 1951. It was founded by Nick Anton is known for bringing electricity and tools together. Their engineers have been designing everyday tools such as the soldering gun, chainsaw, the jigsaw, the engraver, wet-wheel sharpeners, etc. They pioneered then random orbital technology that is seen in most buffers, polishers and waxers.

Design and Build

The WEN delivers maximum precision at 12 by 6.625 inches. The slotted grooves allow for precise sliding across the included grooves. It can make a plunge cut between 0 – 2.15625 inches on a spring-loadmechanism. The riving knife extends and retracts on a spring to prevent kickbacks. It can makebevel cuts on 1.625-inch-thick boards. It also features two 27.5-inch track and an adaptor. The WEN Track Saw provides the same results as a panel or table saw. It is portable and compact with a simple 55-inch no-slip rubber-backing track. This track prevents slippage. steadying the machine from the vibration ensuring a steady clean cut.


The WEN 36055 makes smooth and clean cuts while ripping plywood, building furniture, trimming doors or any other application. It also makes long precise cuts and plunge cuts. The 9-ampere motor with a 6.25-inch blade turns at 5500 RPM to power through solid wood. It makes straight, miter and bevel cuts at 45° and 90° in boards up to 1.625 inches thick. The depth gauge can be set between 0 – 2.15625 inches. There are slotted grooves for a perfect slide across the track that has been included.


The WEN 36055 has two 27.5-inch tracks with track connectors.There is a 1.5-inch dust collecting port that swivels at 360°. There is a depth adjustment stop and a track saw stabilizer. The self-retracting riving knife keeps the cut steady and track stop prevents jumps or other mishaps. The machine has a bevelling base and a 2.15625-inch cutting capacity. The 24-tooth, 6.25-Inch Carbide-tipped blade cut through most wood-based materials with ease.

Additional Features

The WEN 36055 comes with two 27.5-inch tracks, one track saw stabilizer, an adaptor and a two-year warranty.

9. Fartools CS 165r

Fartools make and export DIY and stationary machines, air treatment appliances like heaters, fans, etc since 1990. They sell outdoor lighting and wooden products and garden furniture.

Design and Build

The Fartools CS 165r comes with a track rail and a 24 toothed carbide blade with a 16.5 mm diameter. As it is carbide hardened it is multifunctional. It has function selector that cuts straight, bevel or miter cuts. The other functions are grooving, blade change, plunge blade, etc. There is a dust collection port where the vacuum can be connected. This ergonomically designed machine powers up at 1200 watts and spins at 5500 RPM.

The adjustable stop plunge blade is accompanied with three tracks 165 cm long that fit via a connector. The ergonomically designed anti-vibration handle reduces work stress. There are a reducer-set and a locking plate. While the easy access spindle lock holds the blade. Overall the system aims at accuracy in work while keeping the security of the operator in mind.


The Fartools CS saws through boards of wood, hard timber and other varieties of wood. The track rails ensure that you always get a straight cut. The precise path ensures accurately cut boards, panels, laminates and veneers for various carpentry and construction jobs. The progressively calibrated system allows the operator to control the plunge cut and provide safety. You can make straight cuts at 90 degrees and angled cuts between 0° – 45°. The function selector lets you choose between blade change, plunging blade or grooving.There is a parallel cutting guide and a dust outlet for a vacuum hose to be fitted.


The Fartools CS 165r can make cuts at 45° and 90°. The cutting capacity at 90° is 54 mm with rail and 59 mm without rail. While the cutting capacity at 45° is 38 mm with rail and 43 mm without rail.

Additional Features

The Fartools CS 165r box includes an Allen key, three pieces of rail and connectors, besides a blade there is a three-year warranty.


10. VonHaus 1050W Circular Saw

VonHaus make workwear and appliances that make your life easy such as cordless drills, hand tools such as saws, grinders, etc. Their tools are easy to handle and maintain.

Design and Build

The VonHaus Plunge Saw is the easiest way to make complex cuts. The lightweight guide rail plus the plunge saw ensures straight cuts. The guide strip along the edge makes it easy to place the bladeprecisely on the cut line, regardless of the angle. As it is a plunge saw you can begin cutting from anywhere on the sheet this reduces wastage. All the lightweight components may this a portable model that will assist you in the workshop and on the jobsite.


The VonHaus saw makes a cut 28 mm deep while running on a track of a total length of 1360mm by 100mm. 340mm by 100mm sections are linked by connectors. The purpose of this saw is to deliver straight cuts minus the shredding and splintering. Select the right blade for the right job from the three enclosed in the set.

You gain further control of your job due to the variable speeds that are required to cut several types of materials. It is perfect for working with hardwood and delicate materials like laminates and veneers, too. Last but not the least the dust extraction via the vacuum makes for a clean and healthy workplace.


The VonHaus 1050W Circular Saw has a diameter is 110mm and a blade bore of 22.2mm. The maximum cutting depth is 28mm. While the track dimensions are 700mm in length and 115mm in width. The saw achieves the no-load speed of 12000 RPM on a motor of 1050 watts.

Additional Features

The VonHaus Circular Saw comes with four track pieces that measure 340mm by 100mm, thus the total length is 1360mm by 100mm. The other accessories are a 5mm Hex key, a 3mm Hex key and a dust connector. There are three blades – a 110X22.2X1.8-40T TCT Blade, a 110X22.2X1.8-20T TCT Blade and a 110X22.2X1.9mm-9T diamond saw blade. There are a carbon brush, three track connectors and two clamps. Last but not the least the unit comes with a 2-year warranty.


11. Scheppach 590 1802 915 with 160 mm Plunge Saw System

This track saw system comes from Scheppach. Their slogan is “good working” and they stand for premium products that deliver modern and high-quality functionality. It was established in 1927 and since then the company has become a woodwork machinery specialist.

Design and Build

The Scheppach Plunge Saw System is three saws in one. It can be used as a plunge saw to make precise plunge cuts – instead of a circular saw bench to cut parallel panel sizes also portable circular hand saw for other cutting purposes. The rail systems come with a connector and a clamping device. There is a splinter-free protection and a rubber strip on the underside of the rail so that it does not slip. This machine has a power output of 1010 watts. It is a single speed machine without a brake. There is a dust extraction port at the rear end.


This Scheppach Plunge Saw System delivers professional results even in the hands of amateurs. As a plunge saw it is perfect for kitchen worktops which are only possible with these kinds of saw systems.It is ideal for edging up to 6 mm from the wall and other types of operations. It achieves cuts like the circular saw bench making parallel and trim cuts. Due to the swivel load mechanism, it can make the miter and compound cuts due to a step-less angle adjustment. This saw is ideal to work with natural timber, plywood, chipboard, MDF and double coated boards.


This saw has a maximum plunge cutting depth at 90deg without guide rails is 55 mm.There is an angle adjustment between 0°- 45°. The maximum cut at 45° without rail guide is 40 mm or 13/16 of an inch. The close to wall cut is up to 16 mm. There are two guide rails 160 mm wide and 700 mm long.

Additional Features

The included components are the guide rails, rail connectors and a 24-toothed circular blade. The system comes with a 2-year warranty.

12. Bosch Professional GKT 55 GCE

Bosch was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Germany. It is a multinational electronics and engineering company. The company started from power tools and has diversified into every imaginable field that requires engineering and electronics.

Design and Build

The GKT 55 GCE delivers precise work due to the exact setting of the cutting angle and depth. It makes cuts 57 mm deep at 90 deg and 42mm at 45 deg. The saw blade loaded on a spring ensure a controlled plunge cut while the guide rails assure straight precision.The dust extraction is essential not only for the operator’s health but also lets the person see the workspace clearly. The noise reduction blade is another plus on the model.


The GKT 55 GCE is powerful and accurate as it makes highly precise, clean cutting while keeping the operators comfort in mind. It has a 1400-watt motor with an adjustable speed. The motor has electronics that ensure constant speed while enduring cutting load. This powerful saw makes a short work of cutting solid wood, panels, plywood, etc.

It also cuts glass, aluminium, acrylic and other materials. It is made of high-quality material and components to make the precise blade and a matching rail system. The saw has accurate settings for depth and angle that ensure accurate cuts. There is a 360 deg swivel dust extraction port to keep the workplace spick and span.


The Bosch GKT 55 GCE needs a rated power input of 1400 watts. The no-load speed achieved by the motor is 3,600-6,250 RPM. The saw diameter is 165mm and the bore diameter is 20 mm. The saw can cut at 45 and 90 degrees at a maximum depth of 42 mm and 57 mm respectively. The length is 31 m and the heightis 24 cm and it weighs 4.7 kg.

Additional Features

The Bosch GKT 55 GCE comes with a set of guide rails, a circular saw blade (165 x 1.8/1.3 x 20mm with 48 teeth), a 1 x L-BOXX and a one-year warranty.

13. GMC GTS165-1400W Kit

The Global Machinery Company is committed to delivering innovative power tools. The company was established in 1997 and has experienced phenomenal growth due to their commitment.

Design and Build

The GMC GTS165 saw has a die-cast aluminium base. There are blade guards and a dust port to attach a vacuum. The blade diameter is 165mm with a borehole of 20mm. The blade has 48 tungsten carbide teeth that cut composite and natural woods with ease. The saw comes with a 1400mm extruded aluminium rail track that has a non-slip base underneath. There is a low-friction glide strip on the upper surface that allows a fast and repeated, straight cut.

The handle with on/off switch and spring-loaded blade allow for a smooth vertical plunge cut making this saw ideal for internal cuts. The variable speed of 2200-5200 RPM can be engaged at the turn of a dial. The blade can be changed at the turn of a lever. The depth and bevel adjustments can be made on the scales using the adjusters. There is electronic monitoring of speed that prevents overload.


The GMC GTS165 can be used to make the plunge, bevel, miter and straight cuts. As the blade is coated with tungsten carbide it can cut through most materials. The cutting capacity at 45 degrees is 42mm and at 90 degrees is 57mm.


The GMC GTS165 has a variable speed of 2, 200 – 5, 200 RPM. It can cut up to 57mm at 90° and 42mm at 45°.

Additional Features

The GMC GTS165 saw come with two hex keys, two tracks of length 700mm and a connector for joining these tracks. There is a pair of clamps, a canvas bag, a pair of carbon brushes and a manual. There is a two-year warranty that can be extended after registration on the official website.

14. BUILDER BD1214SP-1 1200 W Plunge Saw

This track saw comes from Builder Innovation. They make portable power tools such as drills, saws and sanders. And other pneumatic tools such as window vacuum cleaners and paint sprayers.

Design and Build

The BUILDER BD1214SP-1 is a circular plunge saw with a 1-metre rail. It is ergonomically designed and is 76cm in length, 31cm in breadth and 31cm in height. It works at 240 volts at 1200 watts. The no-load speed is 5500 RPM and the blade diameter is 165mm with 24 teeth. There is a guide rail one meter long. This is ideal to make straight cuts.

As the blade is on a spring-loaded assembly it can make plunge cuts in the middle of a sheet. The cutting capacity at 90 degrees with rail is 42mm and without a rail is 54mm. The cutting capacity at 45 degrees with rails is 38mm and without rails is 42mm.


BUILDER BD1214SP-1 can make plunge cuts in all sorts of woods such as timber, engineered wood, joist, rafters, plywood, laminates, etc.  It can make straight, miter and bevel cut using the angles between 0°-45°. The machine delivers an exact track alignment due to the no-slip operation.

The cuts are always clean minus the shredding or burns. If the length of the rail is not sufficient you can supplement it with more length and link them with connectors. There is an outlet to attach the vacuum cleaner for a zero-mess operation.


BUILDER BD1214SP-1 1200 W Plunge Saw comes with a meter-long rail. This means you can make a straight cut using this saw. Besides this, you can make a plunge cut, a bevel cut and a miter cut.

The cutting capacity at 45°with rails is 38mm and without rails is 42mm. The cutting capacity at 90°with rail is 42mm and without a rail is 54mm.

Additional Features

The BUILDER BD1214SP-1 box contains a saw and one-meter rail and a 3-year warranty.