Bosch Power tools: RS325 Reciprocating Saw

Design and build

TheBosch RS325 Reciprocating Saw comes with a lightweight design that ensures easy access to the tight corners. The saw measures 17.8 inches, making it a good choice for cutting in those challenging positions.

When it comes to compact saws, weight is a major consideration. With a weight of 7 pounds, the Bosch reciprocating saw packs a powerful punch that can tackle various heavy-duty materials. It is particularly a good choice for use in overhead positions such as ceilings as it minimizes fatigue and increases productivity. The 120 V tool comes with an electrical cord.

The recip saw also features a soft ergonomic handle that enables you to hold it securely and comfortably when cutting. It also comes with a rugged blade holder system that helps to grip the blade well, ensuring reliable performance and an easy change of blade. It comes with a warranty of one year.



Many of the best reciprocating saws in its size have a motor that ranges from 4 to 6 Amp. With a 12 Amp motor, the Bosch RS325 reciprocating saw is one of the most powerful tools in its class. You will rarely find a handheld reciprocating saw that will cut metal as well as the Bosch RS325.
Due to its high power to weight ratio, the reciprocating  saw  can cut a wide range of tough materials easily and fast. It features a regular rotating action and a variable speed trigger that makes it easy to work with different materials. Whether you are using the tool to cut overhead piles, metal panels or, window frames, the 12-amp reciprocating saw will perform well.

This is because it features a fixed foot, lightweight design, and an effective blade holding feature that makes it easy to change the blade. The tool can handle tough materials without loosening. The box comes with a saw, blade, and a carrying case. The saw uses a brushless motor that is easy to maintain as compared to motors that need carbon brushes to work.

While orbital action is beneficial for some cuts, the aggressive motion makes it vibrate more. This is an area where the Bosch RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw – US has done well as it has reduced the vibration to the minimum. You can also reduce it further by keeping your sole strongly on the material you are cutting.


With constant orbital action, the Bosch RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw – US, ensures fast cutting of tough materials such as metal. When cutting light materials, you can adjust the speed from 0 to 2800 spm. The variable speed trigger ensures fixed speed adjustment for the most efficient cutting of different materials. While the stroke rate of 2800 SPM is not the highest, it still matches well with tools in the same price range.The Bosch RS325 has a stroke length of 1¼ inches. This is considerably good as compared to other saws with a stroke length of one inch.

Features for bosch power tools

• Constant orbital action. This is a setting that brings in an elliptical motion to the usual back and forth movement when sawing. This feature ensures that more material is chewed when cutting through wood
Fixed foot. This solid and robust design ensures vigorous use without losing stability. You will not experience any loose foot problems during use.
• Tool-less blade changing system. The tool also features a tool-less blade function that makes it easy to change blades.


Conclusion for bosch power tools

Bosch has made a name in the production if good tools that can easily stand against the leading tools. The Bosch RS325  is a fairly sturdy tool that is also easy to use. The tool-less blade changing system is a great feature that ensures minimal interruption to your task.It’s rare to find a medium-duty reciprocating saw that cuts metals well. The Bosch RS325 is one of the options that perform well in this area. The manufacturer would have done better by including more than one blade with the tool.

This way, you can easily change when it breaks off. Whether you are a professional or DIY hobbyist, you will find this tool to be a great addition to your toolbox. Overall, this is a great tool that will easily chew through various materials.

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