Best Generator Brands in 2019

best generator brands

At this day and age, most of us consider electricity a life essential. This is precisely the reason many are looking for the best generator brands that can provide them a reliable source of back up power. If you are currently looking for one that you can use for your household, outdoor recreational needs or your place of business, knowing more about these best generator brands can certainly help you come up with the best choice. Common Types of Power Generators  There are two basic types of generators. A portable…

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Top 15 Best RV Generators in 2019

best rv generators cover

Before we discuss best  RV generators, let us discuss RVs (recreational vehicles). Recreational Vehicles are motor or automobile homes. These are homes on wheels that may be in the form of towable trailers or one compact vehicle. They are intended for leisure and outdoor activities like camping, etc. They are usually parked at RV parks, camping grounds, etc. They are also used as mobile offices by entrepreneurs who travel to various sites such as; construction sites, tourist destinations, etc. Thus, there are residential RVs with living spaces such as kitchen,…

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Top 10 Best Propane Generators in 2019

best propane generators

The generators that run on propane are known as best  propane generators. They may be single fuel or bi and tri-fuel. When they are single fuel, they are fuelled by propane only. When bi-fuel they may run on propane and gasoline or propane and diesel. When tri-fuel, they may run on propane, diesel and gasoline. Propane is a hydrocarbon with 3 carbon and 8 hydrogen atoms (C3H8) in its molecule. Water boils at 100°C and turns into steam. While propane boils at -42°C to become vapour. Propane is called Liquefied…

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Top 15 Best Camping Generators in 2019

best camping generators

Best  camping generators are electricity producing devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.This mechanical energy is produced by engines that run on fossil fuels such as LPG, gasoline, diesel, etc. These engines have a motor attached to an alternator that produces electricity. An electromagnetic induction is set up in the engine that causes electricity to flow through the wire andpower your appliances. The motor turns at the 3600 RPM to produce a standard current of electricity. A standard current is usually 12 volts at 50 or 60 Hertz. This…

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