Top 15 Best Compound Miter Saws in 2019

What are Compound Miter Saws? The compound miter saw also known as the drop saw, chop saw or simply the miter saw is used to make accurate crosscuts. This specialized tool makes cuts at various angles. These saws have a blade mounted on a swinging arm that pivots to the right and left to make angled cuts. These crosscuts are made at a set angle that can be accurately repeated. These saws are popular as they are small and portable with a variable blade size between 8-10 inches. You may…

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Best Circular Saws in 2019

best circular saws

Best Circular saws are designed to cut through wood and proves to be a useful tool in various Do-It-Yourself jobs. They undertake a variety of cutting jobs such as ripping on-by material, trimming plywood sheets, or cross-cutting dimensional lumber. They can even be used to cut through ceramics, plastics, and even metal if the right blade is used.Professionals use best  circular saws to frame houses especially in locations that aren’t safe for using a radial arm or table saws. In this blog post, we will go through fifteen of the…

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Top 15 Best Miter Saws in 2019

best miter saws

Any workshop is incomplete without a best miter saws.The best miter  saw allows to make accurate miters and crosscuts in the wood by pulling a backsaw or a mounted circular saw down onto a board. The abrasive cut off saw and miter saw are commonly called chop saw or drop saw. The best miter saw’s blade is mounted on a swing arm that pivots up, down, left and right. You can make quick, clean and efficient cuts to make window casings, door frames, crown mouldings, picture frames, etc. In the…

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Top 15 Best Reciprocating Saws in 2019

best recr saws cover2

These are handheld saws that are used for remodelling and demolition. The cutting action is achieved through a push and pull or reciprocating motion of the saw. The best reciprocating saw is synonymous with oscillation saw, recip saw, hognose, Sawzall or Hackzall. Sawzall and Hackzall are brand names.The best Reciprocating saws is a term used for any saw that uses a back and forth motion for cutting this includes the scroll saw, jigsaw, rotary reciprocating saw, and sabre saw. They can cut through various materials such as wood, nails, PVC,…

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Top 15 Best Table Saws in 2019

What are Best Table Saws? Best table saws are an essential woodwork tools. It has a circular blade mounted on an axle. This assembly is driven by a motor that turns the blade to cut through the material. The blade protrudes from a slit in the table and the material is pushed against it. This pushing action not only directs the material but cuts through it. The blade can be moved up or down to vary the depth of the cut. Higher the blade protrusion the deeper the cut. The…

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