champion generators inverter: Champion 100573

Economy Mode, Extended Run Time, Quiet Technology, and Clean Power are exciting features you’d get with Champion 100573

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Champion 100573

Economy Mode, Extended Run Time, Quiet Technology, and Clean Power are exciting features you’dget with Champion 100573 Open Frame Inverter.

These features are available in some other inverter generators as well.

What’s so special about Champion 100573?

Well, the remote-control feature makes it prominent among others. You can quickly turn it on and off from up to 80 feet away. Sounds pretty cool.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of something and the power runs out. What would you do?

You’d immediately rush towards the generator to turn it on and then get back to work. By then, it would’ve already consumed quite a bit of time.

Sometimes, a few seconds can make a significant difference. In these conditions, Champion 100573 offers peace of mind. Moreover, you feel more comfortable operating the generator from inside the home or RV than going out again and again.

Who is it for?

Champion 100573 open frame inverter is a suitable option for fifth-wheel RVs, remote camps, travel trailers, and tailgating. Also, it can be used as a strong back-up during a power outage.

Champion 100573 is an ideal option for RV enthusiasts who like to enjoy more independence. You may also use it for outdoor festivals, open-air performances, and sporting competitions. The bestpart is you can use this inverter while performing several DIY jobs at home.

In simple words, it’sa multipurpose open frame inverter designed to facilitate people in different situations.

Buying Guide for RV generators

Champion 100573 Open Frame Inverter review

We tested this inverter generator in different circumstances, and we really enjoyed its performance. Here’sthe detailed review of the Champion 100573 open frame inverter to help you with making an informed buying decision.

Build& Design

Unlike other portable generators, Champion 100573 can easily be raised above ground level because it has an open frame design. With its strong and rugged structure, it can easily withstand rough environments. So, you can confidently use it on camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

You can easily drag the generator to your desired location because it has a dry weight of 96.8 lbs. The folding handle and the wheel kit give you the freedom to move the generator effortlessly.

Interestingly,several light indicators on the generator keep you informed if the oil levels are insufficient or if the generator is overloaded. Thus, you can protect the generator from being damaged. There are 3 AC outlets on the control panel and 1 12V DC outlet that quickly charge your batteries.

And how can we forget the TT-30R receptacle that lets you use the generator for your RV without any modifications? Also, a dual-port USB adapter, key fob, and a funnel are included in this package.

Power & Performance

The generator delivers a running wattage of 3500W with its gasoline-fueled 224-cc 4-stroke engine. Moreover, you can enjoy double power by connecting this inverter to a similar inverter because it’sparallel capable. However, you need to purchase the ParaLINK for this connection because it’snot included in the package.

As we mentioned above, the generator gives you an excellent comfort level, allowing you to start and stop the generator remotely. Suppose the remote control isn’t working or not in your range. In that case, you can start the generator with a stylish and straightforward electric starter. Moreover, you can use the conventional pull-start mechanism if the battery has run out.

The best thing about this inverter is that it has a fuel consumption of around 0.17 GPH, which means it can operate up to 17 hours with a full tank. Unlike standard portable generators, the Champion 100573 inverter is relatively quiet as it has a noise rating of 64 dBA.

You can use the Champion 100573 in all 50 states because it’s CARB-compliant and EPA-approved. The spark arrestor offers peace of mind while you’reusing the inverter in forested areas. It’salso worth knowing that the inverter automatically turns off when the oil levels are low.


Champion 100573 is a lightweight and portable inverter generator designed to offer a high comfort and convenience level. It’s a super-quiet, eco-friendly, and economic generator you can use in different conditions. The wireless remote-control feature has made it an ideal choice for RV enthusiasts and DIYers. You can also purchase it if you need an excellent quality generator at an affordable price.

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