Projects You Can Do with a Circular Saw

A circular saw is one of the most useful power tools you can own. It has a round blade that can be handheld or mounted on a table. The sharp metal teeth of the blade allow it to make a variety of cuts on different materials. Height and depth can also be adjusted depending on specific job requirements.

For any beginner, handling a circular saw can be intimidating. Once you learn the basics, however, you can use it like an expert and experiment with different projects. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the best DIY projects that you can complete using a circular saw, among other tools.

1.    Pallet Shelf

Looking for the perfect way to keep your home or workshop organized? Then you might want to make a pallet shelf yourself. The size can vary, depending on what you intend to keep in it. If you have an unused pallet, it’s time to bring out the circular saw and create an impressive shelf. This is a small but rewarding project that can be done even by novices.

2.    Cabinets

Like with the pallet shelf, this is another circular saw project that can help you stay organized at home. However, it can be a bit more time-consuming and complicated, so we recommend this only to those who have a bit of an experience in DIY tasks. Even for making square cuts in a cabinet, a circular saw will come handy. You can use it in long boards and plywood for making long cuts depending on the size of the project you wish to accomplish.

3.    Utility Table

If you need a table in your home, you might want to use your circular saw for another DIY project. You can even use this utility table for sawing, providing a generous space and stable surface that holds the material you will be cutting. The circular saw will be used not just in cutting the top part of the table but even for customizing the legs to achieve your desired height.

Projects You Can Do with a Circular Saw

4.    Sofa Sleeve Cup

Have you always wanted to have a corner in your sofa where you can conveniently place a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer? If yes, then this project is for you. A small wooden sleeve can provide a flat surface where you can put almost anything that will fit in such space. You just have to cut three pieces of wood using a circular saw and glue them together. Don’t forget to sand and finish the wood for giving it a distinct character.

5.    Candle Holder

Candles don’t have to be boring. If you want to elevate the way they look, then you might want to build a rustic candle holder using a circular saw. Look for a solid slab of wood and cut it to the desired size using a circular saw. Add more character by using horseshoe or scrap metal as the edge or stand. Leave the wood unfinished if you want to achieve a more rustic appeal.

6.    Holiday Card Holder

Looking for a creative way to display all the holiday cards that you will be receiving for Christmas? Bring out your circular saw, look for a 2 x 4 wood board, and start your DIY project. Use a 1/8-inch-thick circular saw blade for creating a beveled cut, which is where you will be inserting the cards. To make it look even better, consider adding fairy lights for a dreamy look.

7.    Headboard

Bored with the way your bed looks? It’s time to spice things up by adding a DIY headboard. Use a circular saw to cut the wood into its desired shape and size, and you can instantly give your bed a new appeal. You’ll have something to look forward to at night! Use your imagination to decorate the headboard with anything that you please.

8.    Phone Dock

Sure, you can buy phone docks for cheap! However, there’s a different kind of fulfilment if you make one by yourself. Using a simple piece of wood and circular saw, you can create a makeshift stand for your phone or wallet. This will make it easier to watch movies or videos without holding your phone for a long time!

9.    Planter Box

If you have a green thumb and you love gardening, your next circular saw project should be a DIY box. Start small if you are unsure about your capabilities. Cut woods in different sizes and glue or nail them together to create a box. Once you are done with a basic project, take it a notch by experimenting with different shapes.

Projects You Can Do with a Circular Saw

10. Wall Art

When talking about wall art, a lot of people immediately think about a painting. However, if you want to be different, then you can also use wood pieces and create amazing patterns out of such. Use it like a Lego. Cut wood using a circular saw in different sizes and shapes. Attach them on the wall depending on the pattern that you like.

11. Wine Rack

For those who love drinking wine, a DIY rack is a great beginner-friendly project using a circular saw. This is also a great way to display your wine collection and show them off to your friends. You can use a cedar wood plank for this project. It is easily available and affordable. A drill is also needed for creating holes that will fit the head of the wine.

12. Lazy Susan

Take a traditional table to the next level by adding a lazy Susan on the top. Adding a rotating tray will make the dining table a combination of both form and function. This makes it easier to pass food around the table. A circular saw is the perfect tool for cutting wood in a round shape depending on the size that you will need. Make sure to work on the base so that it is stable and to make it turn smoothly.

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