6 Reasons Commercial Electrical Maintenance Is Important

The Importance of Electrical Maintenance

Poor Electrical Maintenance

Running a successful business is not an easy feat. While many have dreamed of being triumphant entrepreneur, only a few are lucky to achieve reality. There are many things that you have to take care of, such as satisfying your customers and overcoming the competiti

One thing that you should not ignore is electrical maintenance…


Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, bakery, clothing store, or manufacturing facility, among others, electrical hazards abound. Without proper interventions, you are risking the safety of your employees and the public. More importantly, we’ll also discuss some of the things you need to do.

1.Put Health and Safety at Risk

Whether it is for employees or customers, health and safety are important considerations in a business. It is crucial to promote workplace well-being for a more productive workforce, making it easier to achieve business goals. However, such is impossible when there is poor electrical maintenance. The failure to properly maintain electrical systems in a business is tantamount to sacrificing the welfare not just of the employees but of the general public as well.

When there is improper electrical maintenance, a lot of things can happen, which will affect mostly employees or those who are directly involved. For instance, if a certain equipment is not maintained properly, the user can be at risk. It can cause electrocution and fire. Employees will feel unsafe when they are working, and this can also negatively impact their productivity.

To promote a healthier and safer workplace, aside from maintaining electrical systems, it is also crucial to train the employees. More importantly, they should be provided personal protective equipment, which will keep them safe and comfortable as they carry out their job duties.

2.Reduce Productivity

A more productive workforce results in a more successful business. Productivity, however, is not easy to achieve. From investing in the most innovative technologies to providing adequate training, businesses must have a proactive approach to enhance productivity. Nonetheless, when there is poor electrical maintenance, productivity can suffer.

There are many things that can happen when electrical systems are poorly maintained. For instance, the lights in the office may blink and dim, which can cause eyestrain. This will make it more difficult for people to work. Meanwhile, this also means that there can be problem with equipment. It will not run as smoothly as the user would have wished. In turn, this results in inefficiency at work. It will be impossible to finish the task on hand in time when equipment is suffering from electrical problems. Also, electrical problems will mean that the heating and cooling systems are not running properly. Employees will be uncomfortable, and this is another scenario when productivity declines.

3.Pay Hefty Fines

Businesses must meet the necessary compliance requirements. This will vary from one country or city to another. Make sure to research what the law says regarding electrical systems, including maintenance. Otherwise, the business can be slapped with a hefty fine. This can disrupt business operations and can have a huge financial repercussion depending on the extent of the non-compliance. In most cases, it does not just mean settling fines, but in extreme violations, it can also mean revocation of business permit.

Regular testing and inspection are must-haves for proper electrical maintenance. At the minimum, it should be done once a year or depending on what the law states. In some instances, you have to put stickers or labels to determine the last inspection date. This will help regulators to check if your business has been following the requirements. You should work with a licensed electrician who can give the green light, saying that the electrical system is safe and sound.

4.Business Reputation Suffers

Building a solid reputation is a priority in many businesses. This will help in overtaking the competition. Especially if you are new in the industry, this can be a bit of a challenge. The other players are already well-established, and hence, it is difficult to create a positive image and attract your target market. This is even more difficult if you do not pay attention to proper electrical maintenance. Because of the latter, your business can suffer from unfortunate situations, such as a fire. It can also affect health and safety of the workers. Some people will assume that this is tantamount to negligence, and hence, your reputation suffers.

Once your reputation is put into a bad light, your profitability will be affected. So, make sure to maintain your electrical system so that there is no accident or any unfortunate situation that can make people think that you are not doing your best to protect your customers and employees.

5.High Energy Cost

Profitability is the main goal of a business. It is achieved by investing in marketing, producing top-notch products, and exceeding customer satisfaction, among other things. Additionally, this is also possible by making sure that electrical systems are well-maintained. This is because proper maintenance will result in more efficient energy consumption, and hence, this means lower utility costs for the business. All things equal, when energy expenses are reduced, profitability is increased.

When you pay attention to proper maintenance, appliances will be running efficiently. From computers to manufacturing equipment, maintenance is important so that they will run smoothly and without demanding more energy than what is necessary. This will have notable impacts in the long run.

Poor Electrical Maintenance: A Danger for Your Business


6. Lose Customers

This is especially the case in service businesses, such as restaurants and hotels. It is also applicable in retail stores. As a result of poor electrical maintenance, lights may not function properly. The same thing is true when it comes to heating and cooling systems. As a result, customers are dissatisfied.

Imagine this. You have a restaurant. However, because of lack of electrical maintenance, your lights are flickering. Or worse, it is the peak of the winter season, but your heating system is not working. The dining experience of your guests will be negatively affected. They will be unhappy. Aside from not going back to your restaurant, they might even share a bad review and hence, it can drive people away from your restaurant. In the long term, this will hurt your profitability.

Here’s another scenario that might make you lose customers. This time, let’s take it from a manufacturing facility. Because of electrical problems, which could have been avoided if you only paid more attention to proper maintenance, production is affected. You cannot produce a certain number of products. Hence, you are unable to meet the orders. Your customers will be unhappy, and they will look for someone else who can fulfil their obligations.

7. Minimize High-Cost Repairs

To be a profitable business, one of the most important priorities is to keep the expenses in check. While there are many things that can increase business expenditure, one of the most common is an electrical problem. From busted wires to broken equipment, damages can be apparent and will be costly to repair. The failure to repair the electrical problems is even costlier. It can result in serious damages like fire, which will be more expensive to address.

When it comes to electrical systems, prevention is better than cure. This is exactly why maintenance is a must. The more the electrical system is maintained, the lesser is the possibility that they will exhibit serious problems that will be expensive to solve. Many of these repairs can cost thousands of dollars, which can hurt your cashflow. While maintenance also requires spending money, you should not hesitate to do such because it is a necessary investment that will have a huge impact on business performance.

8. Be Overtaken by Competitors

This is one thing that can be a culmination of all the factors listed above. Being a competitive business requires hard work. You need to be proactive to stay ahead of the game and become the preferred provider of your customers. Some might not realize, but poor electrical maintenance can hinder this from happening. If your business is prone to electrical problems, the quality of the products and services will be affected, and hence, your competitors can be far ahead of you.

Earlier, we have mentioned that poor electrical maintenance is one of the reasons why you will lose customers and your reputation will suffer. These are also exactly the reasons why you cannot be ahead of the competition! So, take the time to check your electrical system since it can have a huge influence on the success of your business.


Poor Electrical Maintenance: A Danger for Your Business


The Best Things To Do

By now, you should know that poor electrical maintenance is the culprit to many business problems. So, the next thing you should be concerned about is how to minimize impacts. In this section, we’ll talk about some of the best things that your business can do.

1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment

More than investing in maintenance, it is also important to have the necessary PPE, especially to the most vulnerable workers. This should be provided to those who are facing the highest risk in their jobs. This is also one way to demonstrate the compliance of the business to existing laws. Make sure that the PPE is comfortable. Otherwise, they will hesitate to wear it.

2. Conduct a Routine Inspection

As a part of regular electrical maintenance, thorough inspection is a must. Check the wires and outlets, making sure that they are not damaged. See to it that the appliances and equipment are functioning as they should. If there is any problem, address them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the problem can be.

3. Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Electrical maintenance can be burdensome. To minimize the time and effort required, it is best to invest in top-notch equipment. Initially, the cost is high. If it has high quality, then it means that it won’t be easily prone to wear, which will also minimize the effort necessary when it comes to maintenance.


Poor Electrical Maintenance: A Danger for Your Business

4. Train Your Employees

Electrical safety in a business is a shared responsibility. This means that everyone should be working hand in hand. By providing the necessary training, employees will be aware of what they can do in maintaining an electrical system. They should also be aware of the dangers that can happen when they do not actively participating in electrical maintenance.

5. Hire a Licensed Electrician

Electrical issues are problems that businesses should never take lightly. With this, it is important to work only with competent and licensed electricians. If you do not have an in-house electrician, which is likely the case in most small businesses, do not hesitate to hire one. This is a necessary expense that can provide you with peace of mind and make sure that the electrical system is well-maintained.

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