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Genesis GMS1015LC 1 Compound Miter Saw

You can quickly and efficiently complete almost any job when you have this tool.You can cut at a variety of angles up to 45 degrees! Aside from ease of use, clean-up is also a breeze, unlike others that can be a burden to clean after the job is done!

Design and Build

With dimensions of 19.5 x 16.25 x 15 inches, this is a space-efficient miter saw. This is the perfect choice even for small workshops. It will give you plenty of space to move around. Plus, at only around 24 pounds, this is also a lightweight miter saw. Not to mention, the base is made of die-cast aluminum, which is also responsible for its lightweight construction. Even if you need to move the miter saw around, portability isn’t a problem.

Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Value for money
easy to assemble,

Precision cuts made easier – that is what you can expect when you are using this miter saw.

When you receive the saw, there is already a 60T carbide blade installed.

This is incorporated in the tip of the steel blade, which is expected to increase its functional life by up to ten times. It minimizes wear on the main part of the saw while assuring sharpness.

Another good design feature is the addition of a 1.5-inch dust port. This will collect the dust from the material you are sawing. Dust may be tiny, almost invisible, but it is a risk. It causes eye and skin irritation, as well as respiratory problems. Even with the dust port, see to it that you are wearing proper protective equipment as you work. More so, the dust port makes clean-up a lot easier while also minimizing wear on the components of the miter saw.

The miter saw also features two extension wings. This will expand the size of the base, and in turn, you can hold larger


Whether you are working on picture frames, crown moldings, shadow boxes, and baseboard trims, among others, this is a highly functional miter saw. It is also worth noting that there are nine precision stops, allowing you to set your material in different positions. These stops are pre-set based on the angles usually used in a miter saw.

As it is common with top-notch miter saws, there is also a built-in laser light. You don’t have to do the measurements manually. The laser guide will eliminate guesswork while also improving accuracy. Even better, there are already two batteries included in the package so that you can immediately power the laser feature of this miter saw.


It might be small, but it is powerful to handle a wide array of materials in small projects. On average, it can cut 2×6 wood. It can cut a compatible material to a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

The 15-amp motor that comes with the unit makes it capable of handling light to medium-duty applications. Its motor will run the blade at a maximum speed of 4,600 rpm. Take note that this is a no-load speed. Even with a load, however, the speed of the motor is pretty impressive.

Additional Features

Here are other features that you will find in the Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw:

Spindle Lock: This is a useful feature for making quick blade changes. When you have to switch the blade to work on a different material, you will be happy to know that you can do so in almost an instant.
Electric Brake: It is one of the most useful safety features needed in a miter saw. Through the electric brake, the blade will instantly stop a few seconds after you let go of the trigger. This comes in handy in terms of preventing accidents in the workspace.
Blade Guard: To make it even safer, there is also a blade guard. It prevents you from accidentally cutting or piercing your fingers. The best thing is that it is transparent, allowing you to quickly check the cutting process.
Two-Year Warranty: You are covered by the manufacturer two years after its purchase. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the warranty to be sure that you will be eligible.

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• Affordable: This product proves that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy exceptional quality. It is economical, but this does not mean that the performance is compromised. Looking at its features, it is easy to believe that it is worth every dollar you will be spending.
• Compact and Lightweight: As mentioned earlier, this is a small miter saw that fits even in limited spaces. The best thing is that it won’t occupy too much space in your work area. It is also lightweight, which means that it is effortless to move around when needed.
• Quick and Accurate Cuts: If you are using a miter saw for the first time, no need to worry! It is designed with the needs of beginners in mind. We love how it comes with locking positive miter stops, making it easy to set the material in place. As mentioned earlier, there is also a laser guide, which will make things a lot easier for you.


• Non-Sliding Design: One of the biggest drawbacks of this product is that it is non-sliding. If you are working on a project with wide materials, it is better if there is a slider. This miter saw from Genesis does not come with rails that you could adjust forward and backward to increase the cutting capacity as needed in a job. There is an extension wing, but there is nobuilt-in slider.
Not for Large Projects: There’s no doubt that it is powerful, but given its size and price, it is not for industrial applications. This is more suitable for hobbyists or even for professionals but only in small projects. If you need a miter saw for more demanding jobs, we recommend that you choose a larger model.

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