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CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor (CMEC6150K)

In the present situation, the homeowners are entertaining a lot more of DIY projects firstly for the joy of it secondly, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and independence of being able to tackle your issues and thirdly the most important reason that it proves to be economical. Air compressor USA has gained immense popularity, and if you are intending to invest in one, you need to know the details about it.

Air compressor is a device that converts power in potential energy stored in the form of pressurized air. An air compressor has a cylinder, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, and valve head.


Craftsman Air Compressor


Easy to use
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How to use the 6-gallon air compressor CMEC6150K?

Using the pancake air compressor is very simple. The compressor has a knob on the air compressor. It is placed near the water outlet this needs to be turned counterclockwise to close it. It requires to be connected with the air hose. As per the setup, there could be quick connecting fitting or thread in the threaded outlet port, the quick connect fittings make the fast change-outs.

After this switch off the air compressor, the off switch points upwards. Now the pancake compressor needs a circuit that is best suited for the current draw of the compressor. The circuit requires to be dedicated at 15 amp circuit. Now switch on to the “auto” position, this allows the air compressor to fill the tank.

It will automatically shut off as it reaches the upper limit of the pressure switch.

Now attach the desired tool to the other end of the air compressor hose. As per the setup, it can either snap-in quick connect fitting or thread to the end of the hose. Now very simply grasp the regulator knob and turn it clockwise till the pressure gauge reads the rated pressure for the air tool that is used.

The tools are now ready to be used for the intended purpose, and after the work has been accomplished, the switch needs to be turned off. After the work has been done, it is required that the drain valve on the bottom of the tank is opened to let the air out. It is usually opened by thumbscrew counterclockwise. Unplug the air compressor and keep it to use in the future.


Craftsman Air Compressor


The features that make it the most loved air compressor are as follows:

Excellent quality- Made in the USA with Global Materials in Jackson, Tennessee, this speaks of the best quality materials and the working of the air compressor. Therefore one can surely invest in the compressor, as the product professionally inspected and tested, then it is made available to the consumers.

  • Portable– the 6-gallon pancake air compressor is lightweight and, thus, the most portable compressor and stored air.
  • Zero maintenance– the air compressor is a durable, oil-free pump for long life, and it requires no maintenance.
  • Pressure– 150 Max PSI to guarantee sufficient cut-in this ensures pressure for a wide variety of applications.
  • Quick recovery time– the air compressor has very little recovery time with 2.6 SCFM 2 90 PSI.
  • Warranty– it comes with 90 days limited warranty.

Craftsman air compressor accessory kit (CMEC6150K)

Comes with 13 piece accessory Kit it includes 25’ x ¼” PVC air hose with coupler and plug assembled, tire chug with plug, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, blow gun with OSHA safety nozzle, rubber tip, three inflator adaptors.

6-gallon tank size- the compressors have tank size ranging from 1 to 6 galloons. The larger tank size has more capacity to hold air, and this will allow using more air before the pressure drops and the time to refill the tank arises.

6-gallon air compressor review is a way to help you decide the best compressor for and how to make the most of it. It will not be an exaggeration to claim that craftsman air compressor is an essential part of any DIY kits that we all love. 6- gallon air compressor is comparatively small in size as compared to its massive counterparts.

The compressor works best for air filled tool use. For short tasks of the grease gun, roofing, nailer etc. the craftsman compressor 6 gallon is the best option. apart from the before mentioned tasks the compressor can help with auto tire inflation, gauge finish and other similar chores where the small size air compressor can accomplish the task.

Pancake or Hotdog or Wheelbarrow style?

The 6-gallon air compressor comes in three popular choices being Pancake, Hotdog, and Wheelbarrow. The three have different features and attributes. The 6-gallon pancake air compressor (CMEC6150K) has the benefit of their weight. Of the three types, Pancake air compressor is relatively light and portable, thus carrying and working with them is easy.

However, being lightweight results in their being high on the noise level.

Therefore for occasional garage works or tire inflation, the best option will be a Pancake model.Before signing off, it will be fair enough to comment that the Craftsman 6-gallon air compressor (CMEC6150K) is the best home-based air compressor. The air compressor is perfect for most of the tasks, maintaining portability and functionality. The unit is suitable for the DIYs and will prove to be worthy of its price.

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