Best 5 Dewalt 20V Tools

Dewalt 20V Tools : 2022 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Expert DIYers and professionals will agree – Dewalt is one of the best brands in the global market for power tools. From cordless drills to impact drivers, they have a wide selection of top-notch products for different tasks.

If you are looking for the best Dewalt 20V tools, we got you covered. Read this short guide and we’ll walk you through some of the top products available. We’ll also be listing their most notable features to help you decide what to buy.


Best Overall

Dewalt 20V MAX  (DCK940D2)


With nine tools in one set, this is a must-have investment for serious DIYers. You will even get a carrying bag to keep everything organized.


From an impact driver to a reciprocating saw, this kit comes with the most basic tools that you will need. They are all powered by a 20V compact 2.0Ah battery, which is also included in the kit. This means that you will only need one battery to power all of the tools that are included in this nine-piece kit.

A Set of Fundamental Tools for DIYers

If you are looking for value for money, it is hard to go wrong with this product. It has some of the most important tools that you will need in your arsenal. The kit includes an impact driver, a drill driver, a grinder, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, an oscillating tool, a Bluetooth speaker, a right-angle drill, and a work light to illuminate the job site.

Comes with Two Contractor Bags

Aside from the nine tools that come with this kit, you will also receive two bags. They are spacious to accommodate multiple tools. This will make it easy to keep all of your tools in one bag, especially if you need to work outside of your garage. Plus, the bag will keep dirt and debris away to prevent premature wear of the tools.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 9-Tool (DCK940D2)
2,441 Reviews
DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 9-Tool (DCK940D2)
  • DCD771 20 volt MAX 1/2 inches drill driver and DCF885 20 volt MAX impact driver
  • DCS381 20 volt MAX Lith recip saw, and DCS393 20 volt MAX Lith circular saw
  • DCS355 20 volt MAX Lith oscillating tool, and DCL040 20 volt MAX Lith LED work light
  • DCG412 20 volt MAX Lith 4 1/2 inches grinder, DCR006 20 volt MAX Lith Bluetooth speaker, and DCD740 20 volt MAX Lith 3/8 inches right angle drill
  • Includes 2) DCB203 20 volt MAX XR batteries (2.0AH)

Keep You Work Area Illuminated

If you have ever worked in a poorly lit area, you will know how frustrating it is. You might end up compromising precision. Good thing, this set is inclusive of a convenient work light that delivers an output of up to 110 lumens. More so, the impact driver that comes with this set has three LED lights for excellent visibility.

Listen to Music as You Work

For those who love listening to music, there’s another good reason to buy this set of tools. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker. The latter will allow you to establish a wireless connection and listen to music while you work. You can also use it for listening to instructions to guide you on a specific project that you are completing.

Durable Construction for Long-Term Functionality

For decades, Dewalt has been one of the most trusted names in the market for power tools, and it is easy to see why. Like many of those products, this tool set boasts durable construction. They have remarkable motors, which are known for their long service life. The components and design are well-thought, so we are confident that they will withstand the test of time.


Best Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT 20V MAX XR , Tool Only (DCS356B)


This cordless tool offers three speeds to suit different applications, allows quick change of accessories, and has a built-in light for illuminating the job site.


This oscillating tool is a great investment as it has multiple applications. You can use it for sanding wood, trimming pipes, removing old paint, grinding grout, and repairing windows, among other things. This model offers variable speed, a powerful motor, and an ergonomic design.

Comes with a Powerful Brushless Motor

Like many of the tools from Dewalt, the motor of this product is one of its best assets. The brushless motor delivers unrivaled power and a long service life. Plus, it can provide up to 57% more power compared to its brushed counterparts. Despite the remarkable performance of the motor, it isn’t too loud, making it easier to concentrate on your work.

Has a Convenient Three-Speed Selector

This is also a great option for people who are looking for versatility. We love the convenient selector, which will allow you to choose the desired speed depending on what is most appropriate for a specific task. By having several speed choices, it is easier to ensure the best outcome on every job.

DEWALT 20V Max XR Oscillating Multi-Tool, Variable Speed, Tool Only (DCS356B)
8,129 Reviews
DEWALT 20V Max XR Oscillating Multi-Tool, Variable Speed, Tool Only (DCS356B)
  • The 3-speed selector of DEWALT 20V tools allows users to choose their speed setting based on application.
  • Brushless motor of DEWALT oscillating tool delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed
  • Dual-Grip variable speed trigger of DEWALT cordless tools gives users ultimate speed and application control
  • Universal accessory adapter for use with most oscillating tool accessory brands. Oscillations/min: 0-13,000/ 0-17,000/ 0-20,000 OPM
  • Quick-Change accessory system allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
  • Bright LED illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting

Dual Grip Handle for Comfort and Control

Another notable feature of this product is the Dual Grip handle, which has been exclusively developed by Dewalt. The design of the latter is optimized to offer better control. Plus, it will make it more comfortable to use, even for extended period. The handle also has a rubber covering for shock absorption to minimize hand fatigue, even in the highest speed setting.

Change Accessories in a Snap

Dewalt is always a step ahead in thinking of the needs of its users. That said, they designed this oscillating tool in such a way that changing accessories can be done in an instant. You will be able to do so without the need for any tool. With quick blade changes, you will be more productive in your job. Not to mention, there is also a universal adaptor. This will let you use several oscillating tool accessories.

Bright Light for Better Precision

When you are working in poorly lit areas, the accuracy of the work can be compromised. Worse, it can also be unsafe. Luckily, this oscillating multi-tool comes with a built-in work light. The latter will provide the necessary illumination so that you can do you work better even in dark areas.


Best Cordless Drill/Driver



A compact and lightweight tool, this is great for working even in tight spaces. This drill/driver combo has a high-speed motor and an ergonomic handle.


Whether you need a drill or a driver, this is one product that should be on the top of your list. It offers cordless convenience and superior comfort. From its weight to its design, the tool is optimized to ensure a great user experience, even if you are a beginner.

A Great Choice for Tight Spaces

It is challenging to work on tight spaces, especially if you have a bulky tool. Most will probably not fit in small gaps. Luckily, this model is designed in such a way that it is compact enough, making it great when you are working in an area with limited space. The best thing is that it does not compromise the performance in any way.

Choose from Two-Speed Variations

This is another tool that we commend for its versatility. It is great for handling different tasks since you can choose from two speed ranges. You can set it at 0 to 450 or 1,500 rpm. There is a convenient speed selector, so you can quickly adjust the functionality based on what is more suitable for a specific application.

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Delivers a Strong Grip

Another good feature of this product is its superior gripping strength. This will minimize the chances that the bit will slide off the material you are working on, which is important for ensuring your safety. It comes with a .5-inch ratcheting chuck, which also have carbide inserts to cling powerfully as you drill or drive.

Offers Adjustable Torque Control

As the user, you will have a complete control of the unit. One of the features you will enjoy is the 16-position torque control. You can quickly customize the torque position for better consistency. This will also allow you to work on different materials easily and use screwdrivers of various sizes.


Best Impact Driver



With its lightweight design, built-in work light, and exceptional warranty, this is one of the best power tools to buy.


Need help installing fasteners? You don’t need to complete it manually. This tool is the perfect solution. From its powerful motor to lightweight body, there are endless reasons why it is a favorite tool even amongst professionals.

Built-in Light for Illumination

This is another tool from Dewalt that comes with a built-in light to illuminate dark areas when you are working. We also love how the lights have a 20-second delay. This means that even after you release the trigger, the lights will not automatically turn off. There is still enough time to check the work area.

DEWALT 20V Max Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch (DCF885C1)
14,497 Reviews
DEWALT 20V Max Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch (DCF885C1)
  • Compact (5.55 front to back), lightweight (2.8 lbs) design fits into tight areas
  • 3 LEDs with 20-second delay after trigger release, provide visibility without shadows
  • One-handed loading 1/4 hex chuck accepts 1 bit tips
  • Backed by dewalt's 3 year limited warranty

Ergonomic Design for your Comfort

When you are looking for power tools, comfort is a primary consideration. If that’s the case, then you have another good reason to choose this product. We love the ergonomic design of the handle, so it is easy to hold. You won’t feel the vibrations too much and you can become more productive. You can use it even with just one hand. It is compact and lightweight, so it isn’t a burden to operate the unit.

Backed by an Extensive Warranty Coverage

As it is common with the other Dewalt tools, this product is backed by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you can enjoy reliable support from the manufacturer. They will not be confident to offer such a coverage if they are not confident of the quality of their products.

Why it is Important for Tools to Have a 20V Battery?

Among others, convenience is one of the biggest selling points of 20V battery in power tools. You do not need to have a wire that connects the tool to the power source. This means that you will have the freedom to move while also being able to bring the power tool anywhere work needs to be done.

More so, power is another good reason for a tool to have a 20V battery. It packs plenty of power that will last for a long time. This will make sure that you accomplish a given task even before the battery runs out. Without a powerful battery, your work can end up being frustrating.

Lastly, a Dewalt 20V Max battery is good to have in a power tool because of its flexibility. If you own other Dewalt power tools, you can use the same battery in many models. This means that you do not have to buy another battery.

Essential Considerations When Choosing the Best Dewalt 20V Tools

While the options are plenty, it does not mean that they are all the same. As you trim down your choices, here are some of the most important factors to think about.

  • Size and Weight

These will dictate how large and heavy the tool is, which will be indicative of your comfort. In most cases, the more powerful tools are bulkier. In recent years, however, Dewalt has found a way to make their tools compact and lightweight while making sure that performance is top-notch.

  • Motor

Aside from the battery, the performance of Dewalt power tools will depend largely on its motor. Find a model with a high-torque motor that can handle even the most demanding applications. While powerful, the motor must be quiet and should not generate a lot of vibrations.

  • Handle

This is one of the most important part of any power tool as it will impact your comfort. Make sure that it has an ergonomic grip, making it easy to hold, even for a long time. A rubber grip is a must-have to prevent slipping while also minimizing vibrations. In turn, it prevents hand fatigue.

  • Accessories

Depending on the type of the power tool that you are buying, it will most likely come with different accessories. For instance, if it is a drill, there may be different bits, which will make the power tool suitable for versatile applications.

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