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Dewalt DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT is features-powered with little exception.Carpentry, craft, or building and fixing things at home, tools made our life easy. But people have a myth for a long time that power & hand tools cost a substantial amount of money.

Sometimes, they do cost a lot. Like, if you have a big construction business, it does need to purchase big machinery to operate. But what about powerful tools, you need to repair your kitchen or window frames. You may never have to use hand tools again for these small home repairs and other necessities.

Dewalt FlexVolt Air Compressor Kit


Air compressor is always best to use versus pneumatic nailers that meet all homes’ and office’s repairing.

In addition to this, it is lighter, facile to maneuver and uses effortlessly with other tools, extend its functionalities.

And, if you are looking for any Air compressor for inflating tires, DIYs painting, we are glad to recommend you Dewalt FlexVolt 60V Max Air Compressor. It has a 2.5 gallon capacity and has a tenor to operate at 135 PSI.


Value for money
Battery life
Light weight
Easy to care

Best for your DIY or commercial projects

Read our full review if you are considering this Dewalt Air Compressor model DCC2560T1 to buy.

Dewalt Cordless Flexvolt 60V Max Air Compressor :

1.1 Tank Size & Compressor’s Cycles:

Dewalt 60V Cordless Compressor has only 21.5 lbs weight that makes it highly portable. With its 2.5 gallon tank, it went from 0 to 135 PSI in 2.24minutes in completing one cycle. Dewalt company claims 1,220 nails per charge.

Wait, we tested it. You can nail 1,220 only when you use Dewalt 18 GA Brad Nailer DWFP12233. But, nailing does not standalone dominated by Air Compressor only. But it also depends upon these factors:

  • Weight and Size of nails you used.
  • Type of Nailer you used to punch.
  • Type of wood you knock.

While using, when pressure draws to 100 PSI, Dewalt 2.5 Gallon Air Compressor took 23-25 seconds to recover it to 135 PSI. Also, its one-turn knob is adjustable to desired PSI. It can deliver 1.2 SCFM at 90 PSI and 1.5 SCFM at 40 PSI.

Dewalt FlexVolt Air Compressor Kit

1.2 Build Quality:

The unit has a user-friendly layout, even easy for any user to operate. On the left side, Its pressure gauge’s needle doesn’t jump more often. On the right side, you regulate the pressure needed.

It also has a safety valve present on the left side. When the pressure inside the tank increase, you can drain it.

Dewalt Flexvolt Cordless Compressor has excellent build quality. The compressor comes with a durable roll cage. It is enough to protect its gauges, switch, and battery from any drop damage. Its rubber feet prevent it from walking while in use.

1.3 Power Source:

Dewalt has a wide range of compressors under its Flexvolt line. And this Dewalt flex volt 60V is just one of them. Any online reviews miss this acknowledge this feature. But we are going into depth while reviewing every product on our website.

The Dewalt Cordless compressor has battery operates on 60V, here is the catch,

  • It operates on 2ah current at 60V.
  • Also, it works on 6ah current at 20V.

Its lithium-ion battery stays the whole day with a single charge under moderate use. While reviewing, we used it with 18 GV brad nailers for at least 9 hours continuously.

1.4 Noiseless Operations:

Dewalt Cordless Air Compressor has an oil-free pump standard and brushless motor, making it perfectly noise-free while using. On using it in the (small) garage, the compressor is noticeable.

While in the living room and kitchen, we recorded 91 DBA (decibel) standing next to it.

From 1 meter distance, we found the compressor generated 86-88 dBA. Quite noiseless for average American households. But you may stress while using it in bathrooms and small rooms.

Additional Benefits of buying Dewalt 2.5 gallon Air Compressor:

  • 3 Years Manufacturing Warranty: Dewalt origin belongs to America since 1924, and they best know as a Top company among all Construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries. With this Cordless model Dewalt DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT, they are 100% sure about its build quality. That’s why it comes with 3years manufacturing warranty out of the box.
  • 1 Years’ Service Free: Amazon does not give any free service, but its official manufacturer does. In this case, you should visit their official website, Dewalt.
  • 90 Days Money-back Guarantee: It also comes from the original seller Dewalt. You should check this on their official website.

Why you should consider these factors before buying …

In our Dewalt Cordless Air Compressor Review, we found it convenient for three factors. These three factors are enough to make your mind to buy one.

Oil-Free Air Compressor: Because of the absence of Oil-lubricate, Dewalt 60V Cordless Air Compressor is smaller and lightweight as compared to other Oil-lubricated Compressors available in the market. They are a popular choice for many homeowners, who value their comfort ahead while working with Air Compressors.

Portability: It weighs only around 21.5 pounds. Also, this Dewalt unit works with a 6ah battery at 60V. In our review, we marked it works up to 9h on a single charge on moderate use. Value if you are considering air compressor for indoor use and pumping car tire only.

Value of Money: It would be essential for many users if you have a fixed budget. It only costs you around $300.

 Conclusion for dewalt air compressor

In the USA, the fight between Top Cordless Air compressors is definitely going to end because of Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor. Because of its lightweight, portable, and affordable nature. Its durability and dedicated Flexvolt feature enough lead to convincing buyers.

Also, if you want an Air Compressor that has not any worry of managing long hoses and replacing nailers for fiding power outlets, Dewalt Cordless Flexvolt 60V Air Compressor is the best choice.

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