Dewalt Combo Kits (DCK590L2)

Looking to buy the best cordless power tools of Dewalt drills?

Dewalt 20v max cordless drill combo kit (DCK590L2)


Well, they will help you choose between the different models depending on the use you will give to this tool and at what level (amateur or professional) you will use it.

Dewalt is a brand that has been in our homes and works for generations, you will surely want to know more about them, and that is why we are sure that you will love to know these little curious facts about their drills. Also, they will help you decide on your purchase.

What is a person without knowing everything about their useful drill? Someone who has not yet gone through our buying guide section, because here we will show you all the details and relevant information about the Dewalt 20v max cordless drill combo kit (DCK590L2). Something that will help you to make a better acquisition.

  • Drill type
  • Type of job
  • Voltage

Dewalt Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK590L2)

Drill type

Before acquiring your new Dewalt drill, you should think about what type of these you need, according to the working conditions in which you operate. The Chances are that one will work better for you than the other and, if so, why not take advantage and buy one that is worthwhile?

Wired The classics of classics, the Dewalt drill that cannot be missing in any home, and that works as long as you leave it connected to the power. It is precisely its active duration its greatest advantage, in addition to the excellent cost. Although if there is something uncomfortable, it is its movement when used and its wiring.

Wireless. If you like a silent, light, and effective things more, you should buy a Dewalt cordless drill, either a screwdriver, an impact drill, or both. Its Brushless technology makes them faster, and you will not have to deal with its uncomfortable cable, although with its battery of fewer than 5 hours and its price.

Light weight
Battery life
Value for money

Best for home-construction and renovation

Type of job

What do you need a drill for? To drill which material? The type of functionality of a drill should be another purchasing factor. This translates everything, it is why we want to buy one or the other.

Lightweight: If your work is light, made of soft materials like wood or small holes in metal and concrete, you don’t need a powerful machine, just a Dewalt drill that does the job. You can buy a wired or cordless screwdriver type where you can regulate the drilling torque.

Heavy: Do you need more revolutions and strokes per minute? Nothing to do the dirty work like the high-impact Dewalt drill. Its striking technology means it can handle the deepest drilling without forcing the motor. The best is the wireless version that allows you to use it without any complications.

Combined: Carpentry and construction professionals recommend having both a Dewalt screwdriver and an impact drill. The first can serve as a guide to open the holes where the impact hole will come to finish the job, screwing down to the depth. Thus it has a better finish and saves time.


Dewalt Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK590L2)



The more voltage, the more power…..

12V – 18V: These are the voltages commonly found in normal, mid-range drills and work perfectly for light jobs such as drilling wood and concrete (shallow depth) or placing thin and medium screws. An example of this is the DCD700AC2-B3 model.

20 V – 60 V Max: Dewalt brought out a line of drills with high voltages to be able to pierce any material at any depth, without the motor suffering at all. It was these that we recommended in our ranking list, such as the (DCK590L2) collection.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 5-Tool (DCK590L2)

  • The Dewalt 20v max cordless drill combo kit drill is one of the most famous and recommended by experts in the field of carpentry and construction and professional levels. They are known for their wireless power models up to 20V and 60V.
  • Being such a competitive market it is impossible to think that Dewalt will not have any competition, and it fights day after day with strong companies like BOSCH, Makita, and Black & Decker. However, it manages to beat them in its reduction of execution time and offering high-quality products at cheap price
  • The type of drill, according to its electrical connection, the type of work you need to perform (light, heavy, or combined), as well as the voltage of the machine, are some of the factors that influence the purchase or choice of a Dewalt model.
  • Jobs in the dark? This Dewalt model, like many others, has LED lighting in three modes to take advantage of all the light. This Dewalt DCK590L2 comes with 3 speeds optimized for fast applications. With a weight of 1.81 kg, this tool becomes the ideal in many workshops.
  • One of the highest performance models ranging from 0 to 38,250 BPM. This Dewalt cordless drill with a 20V Max drill/driver can handle any task you put in your way. It has an ergonomic handle to avoid getting tired in the middle of a job, protected by a rubber lining.


  • Voltage and battery type: Voltage in 20V with lithium battery
  • Drill weight: 14 pounds without battery attached
  • Vibration level: 2.5 m / s² is generated
  • Autolock: Change bits easily.
  • Chuck clamping: Min capacity 1 and max 10mm
  •  Reciprocating saw with key-less blade clamp allows for quick blade change
  •  LED work light delivers 110 lumens
  • Turning torque: 20 + 1 adjustment
  • 20 Volt Max circular saw with 6-1/2-inch  blade 
  • LED light: In case it catches you at night, its LED light will make night work easier.
  • Power Tool Type: Cordless. 20V Max hammer drill with  3-speed  transmission and self-tightening chuck

How much does a Cordless Dewalt drill cost in the USA

Dewalt cordless drills is between USD 300 to USD 400  these generally have batteries that last a short time. If you are looking to increase the battery operating time, as well as higher revolutions per minute.

20V L-shaped rotary hammer drills cost from USD 349 to USD 499. Another way to buy these tools is through the kits  these usually bring, in addition to rotary hammer drills, impact screwdrivers and bits.

Dewalt Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK590L2)

What is the difference between the Dewalt Cordless drill and those of other brands?

Dewalt is a brand of great recognition in the world of DIY, carpentry, and professional construction. The drilling market is fierce and special when there are brands as good as BOSCH, Makita, and Black & Decker. The big difference between these and Dewalt is that the latter is the best in electric portable drills.

One of the wonders of the Dewalt’s is that despite using Brushless technology, like many others, its double gear reduction manages to reduce the execution time up to 75%. Something that has been seen in the comparison tests between Dewalt and other products is that it manages to drill through the concrete faster than others.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK590L2)

A huge plus is its max line lithium-ion batteries, which range from 20 V to 60 V, far superior to most other drill brands. Unfortunately, these batteries do not last as long as that of other manufacturers. The Dewalt drill price is also the most affordable.


  • Excellent cordless drills
  • Low execution times
  • Good customer service
  • More than 5 years of shelf life
  • Design: This cordless drill has a very light and ergonomic design.
  • Easy handling: Very simple and intuitive to use.
  • cheap cordless power tool combo kit
  • Absolute comfort: It is due to its ergonomics, especially its grip, it avoids fatigue in hand.
  • Portable: Thanks to its size, it is very easy to transport it wherever you go, it also has a briefcase for storage and transport.
  • Battery life: With a single charge, it is possible to screw 150 screws.
  • Optimal Tightening: Its tightening torque is optimal, the two-speed gear improves your work of drilling and screwing concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Autonomy: Thanks to its lithium battery it is possible to work continuously for up to an hour, since it comes with a spare battery, the autonomy time increases.
  • Fair size: Its measurements allow the drill to be worked in areas of difficult access, despite its size, it has great power.
  • Modernity: It has a chuck with automatic locking, facilitating the change of bits and other accessories.
  • With a reversible twist: Ideal for screw driving and unscrewing tasks.
  • Various speeds: You can choose between 20 speeds to work on different materials.
  • Compatibility: Other accessories from the professional Bosch brand can be used.
  • LED Light: don’tfinish off because of lack of light  it comes with an integrated LED to finish even in dark places.
  • Total ergonomics: Adaptable to the shape of the hand, thanks to its ergonomic design of the handle, great grip due to its Softgrip system.


Batteries with short charge compared to other brands

  • Not suitable for too thick concrete: You can drill almost all kinds of material  however, the concrete only is not too thick.
  • Accessories: The accessories included are not at drill height.
  • Its wireline drills have lagged behind other brands

What guarantee does Dewalt have, and how can I make it valid?

The Dewalt guarantee has three sections. The first is about 90 days of satisfaction, if in the first 90 days of buying a Dewalt drill, it does not meet your requirements, you can exchange said tool for another one with a greater capacity, just making the difference.

The second aspect of the guarantee is that you will have 1 year of official repair from Dewalt. While the third is 3 years against factory errors. 


To finish, we are able to affirm that cordless drills became essential tools to hold out both DIY jobs reception and professional tasks. the quantity of brands and models that you just can find within the market cover needing to be used, and adapt to any or all varieties of budgets. We hope that our purchasing guide is beneficial for you to form a conscious decision.

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