DEWALT Compound Miter saw (DW715)

DeWalt DWS715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter saw

At 40lbs, it is a lot lighter than the DEWALT DWS780 that is without a doubt, yet it despite everything ensures quick and exact cuts for all positions. In the container, 

Like with the DEWALT DWS780 this gadget was perfectly stuffed and stacked. All things considered; it is as yet worth referencing exactly how cautious you ought to be while expelling it from the crate. Wounds are a major no-no at this stage, particularly when you are prepared to take care of business.

For such a generally low value, I was more than shocked to see the number of creative highlights the DEWALT DW715 advertised. The following are not many that stood apart for me.

Features of DWS-715

Built with a keen and ground-breaking plan, the DeWalt DWS715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter saw makes certain to be an extraordinary buddy that will give you the best and best cuts that you will ever make. This compound miter saw, much the same as each DeWalt item, is made distinctly from excellent materials and highlights propelled systems for improved cutting execution.

The DeWalt DWS715 is a solitary incline compound saw that is outfitted with a ground-breaking 15-amp engine and a 12-inch carbide sharp edge for exact cutting. This machine can slice through practically any material and can make quick and exact cuts extending from crosscutting, cutting encircling, or trim, just as miter-cutting. The DeWalt DWS715 saw accompanies a flexible miter detent produced using treated steel, and it has 11 positive stops that you can browse. Besides, it is built with an exact miter framework and a machine-based fence for upgraded cutting exactness and precision.

DEWALT Compound Miter saw (DW715)

Value for money
Easy to use
Safety Features

It is a mix of intensity and simple to-utilize highlights that have pulled in specialists and learners the same.


DEWALT DW715 Compound Miter saw


Bevel Capacity and Portability

Explicitly intended for speed and precision, the DEWALT DW715 is perfect for various applications. The saw can move perfect 45-degree angle slices through timber matching 2×8 inches. It permits you to set up angle cuts somewhere in the range of 0 and 48 degrees to one side and incline cuts somewhere in the range of 0 and 3 degrees to one side. It gives added ability to delicate tasks.

What’s more, the DEWALT DW715 has an uncompromising steel slope that stops at 0, 33.9, 45, and 48 degrees. Finding and setting slopes points is unquestionably significantly faster and simpler with this machine. If there is one thing I like about the DEWALT DW715, it must be its versatility. Its lightweight makes it simple to convey and ship. Tipping the scales at just 40lbs and with an implicit convey handle, moving the machine around the place of work won’t be an issue.

Great and Powerful Design

The structure is very not quite the same as the DEWALT DWS780. The DEWALT DW715 has an increasingly healthy plan that permits it to convey a flexible arrangement with ideal precision for various applications. Not at all like the DEWALT DWS780 that has a flexible treated steel detent plate that offers 10 positive stops, has the DEWALT DW715 provided 11.


• The saw is calm and cuts quickly.
• It has a simple to peruse miter scale. It’s sufficiently large to peruse the sawdust and wood chippings.
• The 32-tooth edge will make it simpler for you to slice through wood quicker.


You should be pondering whether the DW715 has got imperfections. All things considered, yes. I surmise the main con I have about this saw is that it doesn’t accompany a laser. I mean at this value, it ought to, at any rate, attend a laser to give you where you are cutting.


DEWALT DW715 Compound Miter saw


Final Wordings

DeWalt DWS 715 is an exceptionally confounded looking bit of gear. Be that as it may, the modern appearance didn’t prevent clients from going gaga for it. Intended to be a precise sawing machine, this machine from DeWalt has gotten a horde of positive reactions with minimal negative ones. It is a mix of intensity and simple to-utilize highlights that have pulled in specialists and learners the same.

The handle, which is a fundamental piece of the structure, has been lauded upon, particularly for giving versatility to the saw machine where, else, it would have been difficult to move it around. The locking pin gives wellbeing, and it very well may be controlled immediately when affixing the cutting edges. The workability of this gadget is noteworthy, and in any event, for home use, it is innocuous and straightforward to store. For both individual and expert ventures, this i the ideal instrument for molding woodwork.

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