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Tips For Buying an Electric Chain Saw

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Before buying an electric chain saw, you’ll want to consider how it will work in your situation. This will include safety features, weight, power, and price. Here are some tips to choose the best option for you. These tools are a great way to get started with home woodworking. Buying one is a great investment for any homeowner. Buying online is an easy way to get the best price, too. However, you should make sure to read the product description and check for any warranty information.

Safety features

One of the most important safety features of an electric chain saw is the brake, which stops the blade upon release of the trigger. Most of these saws have safety throttles, which prevent the chain from rotating accidentally when the trigger is released. Another important safety feature is a hand brake that engages automatically when the saw is hot-started on the ground. These chain brakes are designed to prevent kickbacks, sudden movements, and falls.

In the event of a malfunction, the chainsaw could jam, which could lead to an uncontrollable fall of the tree. In addition, the saw might start unexpectedly, causing the operator to spend time under the potentially dangerous tree. In addition, the chain could be damaged if it hits concrete floors, which can blunt the chain. Safety features of electric chain saws can prevent these incidents by eliminating the need for training and practice.

Although safety gear is an integral part of any electric chain saw, accidents can still occur. Despite all precautions, you should wear heavy-duty work gloves to protect yourself from electric shock. Alternatively, you can buy insulated gloves, which can be purchased for around $25 to $50. If you need to use a chainsaw outdoors, make sure you use a buddy-handle cord to prevent it from getting too close to the blade. Lastly, make sure your chain saw has GFI outlets to avoid electrical shocks.

Another safety feature of an electric chain saw is the chainsaw’s exhaust. Its exhaust helps to divert hot gasses away from the operator. However, a faulty exhaust can lead to kickback by exposing the operator to dangerous exhaust levels. Integrated spark screens are a crucial safety feature in most chainsaws, and they also reduce noise and vibration. Furthermore, the EU and some jurisdictions require the presence of chainsaw warning labels on the product. These warning labels warn the operator of the dangers of kickback, and they recommend wearing protective clothing when using the tool.


Before you make your final choice of electric chain saw, you should consider how much weight it will add to your project. Chainsaws are heavy and they can easily overwhelm the uninitiated. The weight of an electric chain saw will be anywhere from nine to fifteen pounds, depending on the model. The weight of the chainsaw will also be an important factor to consider, as the chain and bar will add to the weight. It is best to purchase an electric chainsaw that has lightweight, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications before buying.

Another factor to consider is battery life. While corded saws are lighter, battery-powered saws are more expensive. If you’re not sure how much you’ll need, you can also consider purchasing an extra battery for a small additional fee. If you’re looking for more cutting time, the 5Ah battery will last longer than a four-amp-hour battery. However, you’ll have to pay extra for the extra battery, which is about $150.

Another factor that determines the weight of an electric chainsaw is the material used in its construction. While gas chainsaws are often made of heavy metal, electric saws are made of plastic and feature compact electric motors. In addition to this, electric saws use copper wiring and heavy magnets. These components are expensive, so you’ll need a long extension cord to recharge the battery. But while they are more powerful, they also tend to be heavier.

Electric chainsaw blades are also an important consideration. Chainsaws with larger blades will be more efficient when cutting large trees. However, there is no perfect size for every project. In the end, the ideal size of a chainsaw depends on the cutting task and the user’s experience. For lightweight jobs, a chainsaw with a blade of 14 inches or less will suffice. For medium-duty work, a blade that is sixteen or larger is preferable.


When it comes to cutting down trees and other types of vegetation, an electric chain saw has many advantages over gas-powered chainsaws. For starters, it is easy to start and does not require any prep time. Electric chainsaws have a reliable start and lower maintenance costs. Most models are also lightweight. In addition to the many advantages of an electric chainsaw, there are a few things you should know before you use it.

Before using your electric chainsaw, be sure to check the internal gears. If they are not rotating smoothly, it could be a broken tooth or a worn-out sprocket. If the internal parts of the chainsaw are clogged, debris could also be blocking the lubricating hole. Also, make sure that the bar and chain are properly aligned and not deformed. If there is an unusual noise coming from your electric chainsaw, remove the housing and check for debris and broken teeth on the gears.


An electric chainsaw will not cut it for professional tree work, and you’ll have to invest in a professional model. Prices for professional chainsaws range from $600 to more than $2,000. While an electric saw is perfect for light pruning, they’re not ideal for cutting in trees, which requires a specialty tool. Fortunately, there are several affordable models available that will do the job just as well for home users.

The price of an electric chain saw varies widely by brand. You can find a budget-friendly version for occasional use for about $200 or a top-of-the-range one for $350. Depending on the amount of use you plan to get out of the saw, you can choose a saw with features you’ll use regularly. If you’re not planning on using the saw regularly, consider investing in a chainsaw that is designed for heavy use, such as on a farm or ranch. The prices of these tools vary, but many have all the features that you need.

One of the biggest benefits of electric chain saws is that they are convenient and easy to use. Some models feature push-button starts, and others feature cords. However, battery-powered saws are heavier than corded chain saws, and you might have to work harder to maneuver them around. If you’re not sure which one to buy, consider an electric chain saw that has a smaller, lightweight design. The weight of a corded saw will be similar to a battery-powered one, so you can choose based on how much work you want to do.

While you should buy a corded model for your heavy-duty cutting projects, an electric chainsaw with a battery option is a more economical choice. The latter uses lower voltage, which means that it’s not suitable for a wide range of tasks. However, corded chainsaws are ideal for professional use. If you plan on chopping wood, an electric chainsaw with a lithium-ion battery can work wonders.

Cordless vs. electric chainsaws

When deciding between electric and cordless chainsaws, you have to consider several factors. First, consider whether you prefer one that weighs less than ten pounds or one that weighs as much as 12 pounds, including the pole. Then, think about how versatile you’ll need a chainsaw to be. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key differences between these types of chainsaws.

Battery chainsaws have several benefits. They’re easier to operate and are better for casual firewood cutting. They can also be used for cutting downed branches or small trees. Another major advantage of cordless chainsaws is their low maintenance. Because you don’t have to mix gas or deal with power cords, you can use them for longer periods without having to worry about recharging them.

The DeWalt cordless chainsaw is one of the most powerful battery chainsaws on the market. Its 14-inch bar is suitable for falling small trees. It weighs just 12.2 pounds and has a chain brake to prevent kickback. This chainsaw has an automatic oiler, a wraparound handle, and good battery life. You can also find other battery chainsaws at a variety of online retailers and in local hardware stores.

Both corded and cordless electric chainsaws operate on A.C. mains. Before operating your chainsaw, it’s important to remove all loose parts and drain the gas. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining and cleaning your chainsaw. In addition, you must wear protective gear such as gloves, safety goggles, thermal wear, and a protective vest. And if you’re using a gas-powered chainsaw, you should use the proper fuel.

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