Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

In this regard, an essential part of keeping any office building in perfect condition is regular electrical maintenance.

When you’re outside looking in, maintaining a commercial building doesn’t seem like a challenging task. However, things don’t look quite the same when dealing with a faulty electrical system.

Undoubtedly, the key to higher work productivity is to provide employees with a comfortable environment. As expected, the first thing you want to do is make sure the electrical system works properly. That way, you’ll ensure the safety of the employees, and you’ll prevent potential accidents.

Indeed, maintaining a properly-working system requires timely action. In this regard, we’ve lined out the key signs that imply the need to contact a commercial electrician.

When you learn about your office’s possible problems, you’ll learn how to identify and fix them, too.

1. Constant circuit breaker tripping

Perhaps, one of the most common electrical problems in offices is tripped circuit breakers. If this happens in your office, you must find out the cause as soon as possible. While some people choose to “fix” everything with a simple reset, it’s best to address the issue accordingly.

Unfortunately, in case of an overload, you might have a more complicated issue. In this regard, you must have a professional test for overloading and find the source of overload with special equipment. Another way your electrician can minimize the risk of injuries is to attach grounding wires to outlets and appliances. That way, all machines will have stable voltage levels as well as protection against overloads.

Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

2. Flickering lights

While it may look like a minor issue, flickering office lights can indicate something much bigger. Perhaps, you may be experiencing this daily. If that’s the case, there may likely be something serious going on with your office electrical system. After all, everybody hates having to frequently change bulbs and pay higher energy bills. Let’s not talk about the distraction and headaches and vision issues that flickering office lights create.

Luckily, a licensed electrician will help you deal with the issue. Usually, it could be the light bulb itself that’s causing the flickering. But if you plug in too many appliances into the same line, you’ll likely experience a power shortage. While this could cause an overloaded circuit, the problem may be in outdated wiring.

When the lights flicker in more than one room, there’s probably some serious issue that you need to address. Most of the time, it may happen because of poor cable connection. Whatever the case, you’d best consult with an expert and schedule a maintenance check immediately.

3. The office outlets are warm

Similar to home outlets, those in your office can also get warm to the touch. Whether you’ve just unplugged an appliance or not, this is a sign of an ongoing issue. Perhaps, you’d want to check all broken, cracked, or chipped outlets, too. The best you can do is call your local electrician to inspect and replace them if necessary.

Typically, this occurs while converting the voltage input to a storable output, or AC to DC. A safe way to do a quick test is to unplug the appliance and check the outlet temperature. After an hour, it should be at room temperature. If that’s the case, it’s highly advisable to avoid plugging too many units into the same circuit.

Still, you should call a professional to identify which outlets are in the same circuit-wire series. That way, you’ll know where you can and where you shouldn’t plug in multiple devices at once. Moreover, older properties often have high-ampacity breakers put in place of the older ones. This could lead to overloads in the level of current, which often results in warm outlets.

4. Sparks when plugging or unplugging appliances

As simple as it may sound, call your electrician immediately if you see any sparks coming out of your plugs. While this sign looks a bit scary, some people may completely ignore it. Of course, a brief spark because of a quick draw on the power outlet won’t do any harm.

However, when sparks start always coming out when you plug in or plug out an appliance, then it’s serious. Most of the time, the sparks’ reason is the excessive heat buildup in the outlets. Over time, this could lead to melting the insulation of the wiring and a potential electrical fire.

Another reason for the sparks is water exposure. Sometimes, older office buildings pose the issue of using worn-out outlets with loosened connections. In turn, this could also start an electrical fire. Let’s not forget about older cords and amateur repair jobs as other possible causes.

Electrical Maintenance

5. Old electrical systems needs Electrical maintenance

As noted previously, older buildings and outdated systems often hide tons of problems. Perhaps, your office is in an old building with decades-old wiring, wiring insulation, and outlets. Understandably, this leads to a higher risk of electrical malfunctions and problems. In such cases, the best way to prevent any electrical issues is to schedule regular maintenance checks.

Needless to say, putting your trust in an experienced electrician will give you much-needed peace of mind. The expert will examine any older wiring and insulation and replace it as needed. Another step is to make sure that your office can safely support the load you’re plugging in. What’s more, you may benefit from a safety switch that will add to your electrical system’s overall safety.

6. No LED downlights

A simple yet effective way to cut down the electricity bills is to install LED downlights. While this type of illumination is more cost-effective, it will also give your office a more modern look. Besides, LED downlights can significantly improve the lighting capacity in the entire building.

If you want to reduce the amount of energy circulating in your office outlets, LED is the way to go. Consequently, the considerable initial investment will prove highly cost-effective in the long run.

7. Smoke alarms

Arguably, smoke alarms are one of the most underrated electrical safety components in every office. They play an essential safety role, so they should be in perfect condition all the time. After all, an electrical fire can destroy not only businesses but lives, too. If you don’t remember when was the last time you updated your alarm or changed its batteries, it’s high time you checked it.

Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance


8. Buzzing noises

If strange noises are coming from your outlets or appliances, then you should check your circuit box. Buzzing outlets is a major cause for concern as it may come from your outlets’ cover plates. On the other hand, the issue may be in a faulty appliance or loose wiring. Either way, you should call an electrician to carry out a thorough inspection and identify the problem.

9. Visible signs of exterior wear and tear

So far, you should have a clear picture of what older office buildings may bring. The problem is that older office properties not only have older electrical systems but appliances, too. Furthermore, such facilities usually have high levels of moisture in bathrooms and storage rooms.

While this is not an immediate issue, it can possibly cause some trouble in the future. Fortunately, a simple assessment by an expert will reduce the chances of electrical hazards in their genesis. For example, you can start by dealing with any moisture in your office. That way, you’ll eliminate the possibility of short circuits and other damage to your electrical outlets and wiring.

10. Heavy-duty equipment

Nowadays, most businesses start with a small investment. Over time, they may expand and buy more specialized equipment. If that’s your case, you may have added some lighting, digital cameras, or more powerful computers to your office. However, more office appliances may mean more power output. In this regard, you’d want to have such gear installed by a licensed electrician.

Typically, most business owners ignore this step and continue working without installing wires in proper conduits. Instead, they choose to spread all the wires under rugs or directly along the floor. As you can imagine, this makes the entire office look like a bomb site, and tripping accidents are somehow inevitable.

11. The office feels warm needs Electrical maintenance

You’ve probably noticed that your office feels oddly warm. Perhaps, the electrical outlets and switches’ surfaces feel warm to the touch and may show discoloration signs. Believe it or not, all appliances emit small amounts of warmth. In turn, faulty outlets or electrical appliances can work at much higher temperatures. As previously mentioned, hot sockets can be quite hazardous, so it’s best to call your local electrician.

Electrical Maintenance

12. Renovation is on the way

An office renovation is a natural way of expanding any business. Indeed, all business owners want to add some elegance and style to their office. But before you start your renovation project, make sure you consult with a professional electrician. That way you’ll get expert advice regarding your office electrical system.

Usually, renovations involve all aspects of the room and building reconstruction. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sort out the location of all electrical outlets as well as the appliances. After all, you wouldn’t like the idea of having to rip through the newly-installed drywall just to change the wiring.

Final Thoughts for Electrical maintenance

All in all, it’s clear as a day that electrical maintenance can save you lots of headaches. Altering the office environment is part of every business plan. What you need to put in there are regular maintenance checks. While you may not see the need first, you’ll undoubtedly reap the benefits shortly.

Without a doubt, the first and most apparent perk of regular electrical maintenance is the reduced energy bills. A thorough assessment plan will help your business by lowering costs. Moreover, it will reduce the risks and enhance the overall safety of your office. As a result, you’ll eliminate overhead and energy wasters. You’ll also prevent any possible interruptions, providing your employees with a safe and efficient work environment.

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