Screen Endoscope Camera

endoscope CameraWhen working in narrow spaces, such as your vehicle’s engine or on the pipework in your home, it’s almost impossible to see inside clearly, isn’t it?

Best Digital Borescope Cameras

The digital borescope cameras are somehow similar to a gimbal because they have a digital camera installed on top. There is also a handle below the camera to firmly hold the device and buttons under the camera to get your desired results.

Moreover, you get an extension with the device that can be used to reach into the narrow spaces. Almost all digital borescope cameras have similar basic features, which is beneficial.

Best Borescope Cameras

Does that mean you can buy any endoscope camera that comes across your radar?

There are definitely features that make one product prominent among others. And that’s  why we’ve created this guide to aid you when determining which camera to purchase.

Best for monitoring your vehicle’s engine or HVAC systems

1. Ridgid CA-25 Handheld Inspection Camera

Ridgid CA-25 is a lightweight and compact inspection camera that can easily fit in your hand. Its design is similar to a basic handheld tool, or we can say it looks like a chargeable drill.The LED display shows you the areas you can’t directly see with your eyes.

And the borescope camera performs the magic by getting into the narrow spaces. We don’tthink it’s an ideal option for professionals because it comes with a non-extendable 4 ft borescope cable. You can use it for monitoring your vehicle’s engine or HVAC systems. But if you’reinto the business of plumbing or something similar, you should consider buying another product from the list.

Best Borescope Cameras

This best borescope camera lets you take photos and

Adjust brightness with your thumb It comes with a carrying case where you can keep the device safe after every use. It has a 2.4″LCD display where you can check the details of the problem. Although it’sone of the most popular borescopes, we believe it’s an expensive option.

There are plenty of other products that offer more features at a reasonable price. However, if you’relooking for a comfortable and convenient device, the Ridgid CA-25 inspection camera may be the right choice for you.


  • Lightweight and Convenient Design
  • Easy-to-Operate
  • Comes with a Carrying Case
  • Waterproof Camera


  • The LCD display is pretty small
  • Borescope cable has a limited length
  • A little pricey

Best for Plumbers and HVAC technicians

2. Facamword Industrial Endoscope Camera

Are you in search of a high-quality digital borescope camera that can take sharp full-color images?

Well, nothing can be better than the Facamword Industrial Endoscope camera because it captures high-quality images with its 1080p camera even in the dark. I still remember the day I had to open my vehicle’s air hose, cam sensor, and other parts just to find out if the butterfly was working correctly.

And after fixing these parts back, I had to reset the cam sensor settings using an OBD II device. It was a huge mess.If I’d had a borescope camera at that time, I would’ve never wasted so much time identifying and fixing the problems.

As mentioned earlier

Using this camera will prevent you from wasting time. The Facamword Industrial Endoscope not only captures images, but it can also record videos. This device stores everything on the SD card, giving you the luxury of checking the details on your phone, computer or laptop.

Best Borescope Cameras

Alongside the display, there are buttons you can use to adjust the camera’s setting.

The power button is found at the bottom of the control panel. You need to long-press the button to turn on/off the device. The same button is used to access the settings if required. Some buttons can be used to increase or decrease the brightness of the LED light.

By the way, did we mention that the camera is equipped with an LED light that shows clear details even in dark areas? It’sa great feature of this camera that makes your job easier. The OKbutton is used to take photos of the different areas, so you may comfortably check the details later.

This endoscope camera comes with additional accessories

That can be used to retrieve items. For instance, you can attach the magnet on the other end of the extension to pull out iron pieces from a drainage system or elsewhere. Similarly, if you’ve dropped your keys or anything else in a narrow place, you can attach a hook to the extension to bring it out.

The extension has a protective cap on top that protects the camera from water damage. The Facamword Industrial Endoscopeis recommended for plumbers and car enthusiasts. It can be used anywhere if you need to get into tight spaces. Based on our experience, the 4.3-inch LED display is enough for monitoring different images. But if you need a bigger view, you can attach the SD card to your computer.

You can either choose a single camera extension or the double camera extension.

The single-camera extension only displays the front view, while the dualcamera provides the side view simultaneously. It comes with a 1800mAh battery that can last up to 4 hours after a full recharge.


  • 4.3-inch LED display
  • Capture Images and Record Videos
  • 1080p camera


  • No Connectivity

Best for electricians, mechanics

3. Vastar Industrial Endoscope

we recommend this endoscope camera to everyone who needs a budget-friendly product for their needs.

Introducing another outstanding borescope camera for electricians, mechanics, contractors, and other professionals. It’sa remarkable tool for those who often need to get in the hard-to-reach spaces to inspect problems. We really love this borescope camera’s design because it provides a comfortable grip when you’reusing it.

The silicone edges of the device are designed to protect it from damage. The beauty of this endoscope camera is that you can record 1080p videos with it whenever needed. The LED lights let you explore dark areas more conveniently. The device provides an enhanced view of the object with its 4.5-inch screen.

It’s prominent among others because it has a 3000mAh battery

that can provide around 7 hours of endurance. You can turn on/off the device using the power button on the right side. The brightness of the LED can be increased using the rotator found above the power button.

If you look at the front panel, you quickly understand the features of the device. When it comes to taking a picture, you can press the center button only once, and it will take a photo. However, if you want to record the video, you can long-press the button to start recording. The Micro SD card’s slot is found on the left side, but you need to buy it separately because it’snot included in the package.

It’s one of the most affordable products available on the market. Still, it has all the fantastic features you usually get with the premium quality borescope cameras.


  • 3000mAh battery
  • Easy-to-understand panel
  • Affordable Price
  • Ability to record 1080p videos


  • SD card not included

Best for HVAC technicians

4. American Mutt Tools Industrial Endoscope Camera

So, if you’re a plumber or HVAC technician, you can record the video to show it to new team members during training.

This borescope camera has an attractive design And comes with a protective rubber shield that protects it from impact and damage ifit falls on the ground. The 4.3-inch screen provides a crystal-clear view of hard-to-reach areas. The 33-ft fiber optic cable helps with diagnosing the problems quite quickly.

Some people complain that they can’ttake high-quality photos with this device. The truth is that they keep the camera relatively closer to the damaged area while taking a picture. You should keep it at least 1.5 inches away from the object. Personally speaking, I keep it 4 inches away from the object to get a better view of the problem.

Best Borescope Cameras

This semi-rigid cable stays in its place and can easily bend according to the situation. The device is equipped with a 16GB micro-SD card that keeps information safe for a long time. The 3000mAh battery enables you to run the borescope camera for up to 5 hours. A hook, a protective cap, and a magnet are also included in the kit, so you may solve minor problems quickly.

Moreover, the 45-degree mirror lets you inspect

the areas that can’t be monitored from the front. Make sure that you carefully apply the protective cap when examining something underwater. No matter whether you’rean HVAC technician, a plumber, or a DIYer, this digital borescope camera can effectively solve your problems.


  • Waterproof design
  • Lengthy Fiber Optic Cable
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Design is a bit heavy

Best for monitoring your vehicle’s engine or HVAC systems

5. SKYBASIC Industrial Endoscope

Are you a 90’s kid?

If so, you won’thave any trouble understanding this digital borescope camera’s control panel. Its design is similar to the video game players we used to operate in our childhood. It has a basic yet attractive design. And the combination of blue and black adds a unique touch to its beauty.

When you hold it in your hands, it feels like you’re holding a digital camera. This industrial endoscope also has rubber edges that can keep it safe onimpact. The basic controls of this endoscope camera are similar to others, but there is something that makes it different from others.

If you press button on the left side of the control panel, you’dbe able to see a 360-degree view of the area you’re monitoring. You’ll rarely find this feature in other digital borescope cameras. Still, it’sone of the most cost-effective options available in the market. Another interesting point is that it has the Wi-Fi connectivity feature, which means you can see live results on your phone rather than using the SD card.

Best Borescope Cameras

It comes with a 32GB TF card where you can store all images and videos.

Moreover, you can use its 4.3-inch LED screen to see a live view of the inspection area. We’reliterally in love with the image rotating feature of this endoscope camera because it makes it a lot easier to identify the problems.

With its 2600mAh battery, you can continue using the device for up to 3 to 4 hours. The 1080p camera provides a clear view of the object even in dark conditions because it has LED lights installed on the lens’s edges. You can adjust the LED light’s brightness using the up and down button from the control panel.

The additional accessories, like a hook, magnet, side camera, and a protective case

can help fix problems more efficiently. The 5M fiber optic cable is stiff but flexible. It means it can easily get into places according to your needs and stay in place when you’retaking images or recording videos.


  • Stiff and Flexible Fiber optic cable
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 360-degree rotator
  • Cost-Effective option


  • The extension isn’tlong enough

Best for HVAC technicians

6. Depstech 2.0 Wireless 

Depstech Wireless Endoscope camera has a sleek and stylish design and easily fits into your hand. You just need to turn on the device using the power button and then connect it to your phone, and install the official app on your phone before you could start using this device you must download the app on your phone to continue using different features of this endoscope camera.

With the 2MP HD camera, you can get a clear view of the targeted area.

Fortunately, it has a 2200mAh battery that provides 5 hours of endurance. The semi-rigid cable provides flexibility and support at equal levels, making it easier for you to check the problem.

This borescope camera is quite popular among car and HVAC technicians. Moreover, plumbers also love using it on different spots because it has a waterproof camera that can provide an underwater view. However, you should avoid taking it deeper than 3.3ft because, at that point, the camera cannot sustain accuracy.

Best Borescope Cameras

You can recharge the device within 6 hours and then start using it accordingly. The fast charging speed is one of the primary reasons why professionals like using this device. Like every other borescope camera, it also comes with additional accessories like a hook, protective cap, and a magnet.

With these accessories, you can get the job done much faster. Thus, you’ll have enough time to focus on other projects rather than wasting time on a single project. And if you’rea DIYer, you may use this time to have some fun instead of working on your vehicle all day long. Unless, of course, this is your passion.


  • High-Capacity Battery
  • Waterproof Design
  • Stiff and Flexible Cable
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • No LED Display

Best for industry technicians

7. Teslong Dual Lens Inspection Camera

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the Teslong Dual Lens Inspection Camera is a beast in this industry. It contains all the critical features of a borescope camera and includes some additional features you don’tget with other products. For example, it comes with an industrial-grade grip that provides you with more convenience while you’re using the device.

Similarly, it provides much better resolution than the other endoscope cameras.

It enables you to see a 140-degree view of an area because it has a built-in side camera. Moreover, it comes with a carrying case that helps to keep all the accessories safely in one place.

The LED lights aren’tjust included in the front camera, but the side camera also has its own LED light. Furthermore, you can connect the device to your smartphone using Wi-Fi mode. If you need to switch to the side camera, you simply press the Mode button from the control panel. By pressing the same button, you can get back to the front camera view.

Best Borescope Cameras

The LED display is protected with high-quality glass, so it stays safe from scratches and other elements even in harsh conditions. Interestingly, you can adjust the screen’s angle according to your needs. This borescope camera comes with a built-in light that lets you monitor the external environment when the need arises. The 32GB TF card helps keep a record of the entire process.

If you’re working for an organization, you can show the images and videos to describe how you fixed a particular problem. It comes with a 2300mAh battery that is enough for providing a better run time. According to our experience, it works for 5-6 hours after a full recharge.

This endoscope camera is expensive, among others, because it comes with features you don’tget with a standard borescope camera. Still, we believe that the manufacturers should consider reducing the price so that more users may take advantage of this device. However, if you can afford to buy it, we can guarantee you it’sone of the best digital borescope cameras you’llever use.


  • Built-in lamp
  • Adjustable Screen Angle
  • Industrial Grade Grip
  • Dual Lens Saves Time


  • The price is a bit high

Best for contractors, and other professionals

8.  ScopeAround Industrial Endoscope

ScopeAround Industrial Endoscope looks like a modern smartphone. Its control panel has more buttons than a smartphone because it’snot a touchscreen device. So, all the functions are utilized using the buttons. This dual-lens camera lets you monitor the front and side view without having to use a 45-degree mirror.

Switching between these camera modes is pretty straightforward.

You need to press the button from the connector that is inserted into the device. It will quickly start providing aview of the other side. If you’rechecking a problem in the dark, you can turn on the LED lights installed on the lens. Then you can use arrow keys to increase or decrease the light.

You can take high-resolution photos and record videos with the 1080p camera. Although it has a 2500mAh battery, it only provides a running time of up to 4 hours. This leads to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the battery’s quality. Under normal circumstances, a 2500mAh battery should certainly provide 5 hours of endurance. Another possibility is that our running method was a bit aggressive, causing the battery to quickly drain.

Best Borescope Cameras

However, it’san affordable camera you can get with the dual-lens feature. The 16.4 feet semi-rigid cable enables you to get smoothly into the pipework and other tight spaces. The cable is designed to maintain its structure no matter the situation. However, the cable is flexible enough to get into close-areas.

This device comes with a 4.5-inch LED display that provides a broader view of the object. Thus, you could monitor the parts of your automobile when diagnosing its engine. The interesting part is that it comes with an ergonomic holding bracket that keeps the device in place while you’re inserting the borescope cable into an object.


  • Dual Lens Camera
  • High-Resolution Images and Videos
  • 2500mAh battery
  • Ergonomic Holding Bracket


  • Battery life isn’timpressive

Best for electricians, mechanics, contractors

9. Teslong Dual Lens 

Teslong Dual Lens Endoscope Camera comes with a convenient and attractive design. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide more comfort while you’re using the device. The exciting thing about this device is that you can control it with one hand. The other hand can be used to push the borescope cable into the problematic area.

The borescope cable is attached to the connector on top of the device. You can turn it on/off with your thumb because the power button is mounted on the handle. Similarly, you can turn on/off the LED lights using your thumb. However, if you’reusing additional features of this tool, you might have to spare the other hand to adjust settings. If your preference is to keep one hand free, you would need to secure the device some where to maintain one-handed use.

The dual-lens camera helps with reducing the time

while allowing you to inspect the problem in greater detail. This device also comes equipped with a built-in microphone to permit you to record sounds. So, if you’re trying to find the source of a weird sound from your vehicle’s engine, this device can be beneficial.

Another benefit is that the camera lens andthe LED display are waterproof and shock resistant. It means you can use this device under almost every condition. The 32GB TF card can also be used to keep a record of your work for professional purposes.


  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Comes with 32GB TF card
  • Waterproof camera and LED display


  • The price is a bit high

Best for DIY projects

10. Depstech 5.0MP 

The Depstech is a via bleoption for those who don’twant to spend a considerable amount of money on the Borescope Camera. This Wi-Fi endoscope is reasonably priced and gets the job done correctly. This endoscope is different from others because it doesn’thave an LED display. It is also relatively small in size. In fact, it’s so tiny that it can easily fit into your pocket. However, this is not possible when the endoscope cable is directly attached to the device.

The Depstech 5.0MP borescope camera is connected to your phone through Wi-Fi. As soon as you turn on the device, the Wi-Fi is activated and shows you the signals’ strength.You need to install the official app on your phone to use the different features of this device.

Right below the Wi-Fi indicator, three dots show the life of the battery. The panel is easy  to understand. The orange button is used to take photos and videos. The other two buttons are used to zoom in and zoom out according to the need. If you look at the left side, yousee the power button along with the LED switch.


Best Borescope Cameras

It’s an ideal option for plumbers and HVAC technicians because it comes with a 32ft Semi-Rigid Cable. Generally, it can be used in almost every operation. Therefore, it’s a recommended option for professionals. Although the camera is waterproof, the device isn’t. Consequently, you should keep it safe from the elements.

We really love this device’s zoom function because it enables you to get a clear view of something even from a distance. So, if you’refacing problems with pushing the cable inside, you can check the details from a distance.

The device does n’t come with the SD Card, and it doesn’t even support one. However, you can save the data on the app and access it whenever you want.


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 32ft Semi-Rigid Cable
  • 1-3X Zoom Function
  • Wi-Fi Enabled


  • It can’t be operated without a smartphone

Best for quick inspections

11. Anykit Store Dual Lens Endoscope

Anykit Store Dual Lens Endoscope is also an ideal choice for inspecting different angles of an object in a narrow space. This endoscope comes with a 5-inch LED display, which means you can monitor objects more accurately. The photos and videos can be saved on the 32GB card if needed.

You can easily hang this device on your backpack or elsewhere using a lanyard. The unique feature of this device is that it has Auxiliary LED lights on the top. So, if you’re inspecting something in the dark, you can turn it on to see the object’s external view. And the camera also has the LED lights around it that provide a bright picture of the internal surfaces.

Best Borescope Cameras

It also has a built-in microphone and speaker that helps with recording and listening to different objects’ sounds. As you know,it’sa dual-lens camera. So, whenever you need to switch between these modes, you may press the “M”button from the control panel.

The only problem with the device is…

That it has a 5.5mm cable. The manufacturer doesn’tgive the option of buying a longer line. The device has a 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery that can operate the device for 4 hours consecutively.


  • Dual Lens Camera
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Auxiliary LED lights
  • 5-inch LED display
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker


  • Borescope Cable is very short

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