FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera

Best Thermal Camera for SmartPhones users

FLIR One Gen 3

So, you want to capture thermal images with your phone?

FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera is designed to fulfill your needs. This innovative, affordable, and user-friendly thermal camera comes with all the amazing features you may expect in an advanced thermal camera.

With this thermal camera, you can easily find the source of different problems like moisture diffusion, leaks, and severe heat. No matter whether you have an iphone or an Android device, you can connect this device to your phone and start diagnosing objects like a pro.

We’ve prepared this detailed review to answer the possible questions that may appear in your mind. Hopefully, you’d be able to make an informed decision after knowing these details. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera Review.


FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera


Design & Built

FLIR One Gen 3 is a flat, rectangular camera that can be attached to your phone or tablet within a second. This device can easily turn your phone into a sophisticated thermal imaging device.

The IR sensor is located on the lower portion of the device used to pick up the heat. And the optic sensor is located right above the IR sensor. Optic sensor picks up the details of images that you’re looking at.

So, when you point your phone towards an object, it combines the signals from IR sensor and Optic Sensor to give you a clear view of problems an object may have. This device doesn’t draw power from your phone but it comes with a built-in battery that enables you to use the device for 45 to 60 minutes.

So, if you’re a normal user, you won’t have to worry about battery usage at all. But if you’re a contractor, you’d probably have to carry a battery with you all the time. Also, the device doesn’t automatically turn on when you connect it to your phone.

There is actually a power button located at the bottom of the device that is used to activate the device before you start taking images with it.

You don’t need to worry about whether the device will connect to your phone or not because there is a dial under the connector that can be used to adjust the size of the connector according to the phone.


Now, let’s take a look at how different features of this thermal camera work.

MSX Technology

MSX technology enables you to read a label within the IR image. So, you won’t have to switch between the thermal and digital images again and again to measure the thermal detail. Thus, you can easily identify the area that is creating a problem.


FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera



You can use FLIR app to access different features of this thermal camera. The FLIR app automatically turns on as soon as the FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera is attached to the phone. Now, whenever you point the camera towards an object, the thermal camera will show the details of that object on your mobile’s screen.

The blue color shows the cold part, the yellow color highlights the mild parts, and the red color highlights the heated areas of an object. Now, if you see a red area on your screen, it doesn’t mean that it’s overheated and it’s about the blast. It just shows that a particular area is producing more heat than the others.

You can easily check the heating level of that particular area if you want to make sure that it won’t blast due to excessive heat. You’d see a pointer on your mobile’s screen. You just need to drag the pointer to the red area and it will tell the exact temperature of that area in real-time.

Recording Heat

Recording the heat of an object is quite easy. The app basically works like a normal smartphone camera. You just tap that button in the middle and it will take an image. The image is automatically stored in the FLIR app along with the details. The best part is that you cannot only capture images with this device but you can also record videos or perform time-lapse recordings.

You can also share the images and videos on different social media apps but you’d rarely use this feature. The FLIR One Gen 3 is designed to provide essential support in skilled jobs such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and construction. And it does its job very well. However, if you want to show thermal images to your friends, you can use that share feature whenever you want.


  • Available for Both iOS and Android
  • Effective Thermal Imaging
  • Strong and Durable
  • Auto-Focus


  • Short Battery Life

FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal Camera Review


FLIR One Gen 3 Thermal camera is the perfect option for smartphone users. You can attach this device to your smartphone and check the readings on your phone’s screen with the FLIR app. It’s equipped with MSX technology which means you can identify the problems within a few seconds. The best part is that you can enjoy incredible features of this device at a reasonable price.

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