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Fluke t6 1000 electrical tester

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Troubleshooting electrical gears can be a timer consuming task that potentially causes a lot of hazards. These systems need too many precautions to take measures. But with time, these traditional methods must need to be changed.
Today’s electrical equipment is more advanced with their functioning. Do you remember it is unlikely to measure voltage without test leads? Or you need outside help to hold tester and leads together.
There is also a potential risk to expose directly with the wire to find out if a line is live or not. Now we have a more secure and reliable option to do all these by Fluke t6 1000 electrical tester. It comes with advanced FiledSense technology. We discussed it later in the article.

Fluke T6 1000 Electrical teste

Value for money
Easy to use
Easy to read

As a brand, Fluke has a wide range of modern-day electrical gears in its product portfolio.

In-depth Review For Fluke T6 1000 Electrical Tester

1. Mature Interface with best Form Factor:

If you owned any Fluke meter earlier, we would notice that it has a clean UI to operate. With this T6 1000 electrical tester, it represents a folk design. With a clean and uncluttered user interface, it also highlights necessary markings without any issue.
From the front, function selection dial can easily switch among Current, Voltage, Resistance, On/Off, and others. We noticed it shut off automatically after 15 minutes of use. Besides, It also has a warning light indicator for 30V, and two buttons sidewise.
One yellow button that displays the frequency in FieldSense Mode, while the black one is to toggle the backlit display. T6 1000 electrical tester also has a hold button to freeze the readings temporarily on the display screen.

2. Life-changing FieldSense Technology:

We are considering that Fluke has used advanced technology while designing their products. And with Fluke T6 1000 Electrical Tester, we have witnessed FieldSense technology.It is truly a breakthrough because T6 1000 Tester detects an electric field and display voltage. However, other open fork testers use a magnetic field to show results.Even, you can measure voltage without using test leads. FieldSense lets you put open fork over any conductor or wire (perpendicular to forks) to take measures.

What our testers say...
"While reviewing, we found an interesting fact related to this tool. Measurements may vary with test leads, and FieldSense (98% accuracy) All details related to its efficiency is already shown in manuals."

3. The display is detailed and reliable:

One of the basic features, electrical testers lack is to show readings without any trouble. We reviewed several testers in past years and noticed that the Fluke T6 1000 tester has a big blue screen.
And, it shows voltage and current concurrently. All the readings show are in digital form. It represents readings with units (V for Volt and A for Amp) and with field type. (AC or DC)
It comes with a backlight display that you can activate easily by tapping on the black button. However, the display screen turns into green if readings are valid.

4. Well designed for Commercial purposes:

It weighs only around 1.1 pounds and requires 2 AA batteries to operate. You can use it for domestic purposes. But in our review, we found it best for commercial only. You can use it for running for 200 hours.It is compact and has removable 4mm probe caps. You may have to purchase test leads separately. It works on all kinds of electrical devices, like resistors, probes, rods, circuits, and multimeters.

5. Other notable features:

While reviewing, we found an interesting fact related to this tool. Measurements may vary with test leads, and FieldSense (98% accuracy) All details related to its efficiency is already shown in manuals.However, a 17.8mm jaw opening of the Fluke T6 1000 kit is wide enough for any appliance. We tested it with wires, and line splitters measure up to 200 A on 4/0 wires. It works quite well.At its back, a section labeled as Ground Contact put your finger on it. It helps you to get more accurate readings while using Fieldsense.

Pros & Cons

  • FieldSense technology to provide readings without making any physical touch.
  • Backlight display to check measurements quickly.
  • Measurements are bold and green lighting used to represents correct readings.
  • HOLD button is best to freeze readings while operating.
  • It contains test leads storage space at the backside.
  • True-RMS voltage and current, capable of using for both AC/DC.
  • Removable AA batteries give 200 hours of uninterrupted usage.
  • Fluke TPAK Magnetic Meter Hanger easily embedded to extend core operations.
  • Standard two years warranty for USA customers.
  • No test leads included in the shipped package.
  • Expensive tool for domestic users.

Customers FAQs for Fluke T6 1000 Tester:

1) Does Fluke T6 1000 tester come with Test Leads?

Ans: It depends on where you have purchased it. If you buy it from Amazon, then Yes.

2) Does It come with a case?

Ans: No, the shipped package comes without any case. But you can purchase a C150 case. It is compatible.

3) Has Fluke T6 1000 Tester come with a warranty?

Ans: Yes, It has Two years warranty globally. But extendable for Four years (only USA customers) within 45 days of purchase.

Final Wrap up:

The Fluke T6 1000 Electrical tester with FieldSense Technology is a significant meter technology providing a safe and quick use. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced technicians.It offers plenty of features that help you to get the job done quickly like, a high-voltage indicator, a light-up button, and Fieldsense. We highly recommend it for commercial uses.

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