How to Build a Soundproof Generator Box

Soundproofing your generator can help to absorb, decrease, or diffuse sound waves so that they don’t get into a room.

While generators provide us with a power source when there is a blackout, they can also be noisy. If you have a noisy generator, you will want to know how to soundproof it. Since it has several layers, it is effective in reducing the sound.However, you should take note that soundproofing is different from sound absorption. Soundproofing is what helps in sound absorption. Here is a guide on how to build a soundproof generator box.

How to Build a Soundproof Generator Box

Principles of soundproofing your generator

For the best results when soundproofing your generator, there are four principles you need to consider. These are:

  • You will need to use a heavy and thick material as it’s perfect for blocking sound.
  • You will want to use damping compounds such as Green Glue to successfully achieve damping. This can be a great way of handling the low-frequency noise. For the damping principle to work well, a damping compound should be put between 2 rigid panels like plywood. These should be screwed together.
  • This refers to making a gap or separating. When soundproofing, your goal should be to leave some space between the plywood and the walls of the room where you will be working. These gaps will help to reduce the sound vibration, leaving you with a good quality sound. The resilient channels are great material for soundproofing. These can impact the noise because when the sound gets to them, it tends to vibrate between channels preventing it from passing through the wall.
  • Acoustic foam is the perfect material for soundproofing

Materials needed in building a soundproof generator box

Soundproofing your generator is one of the best ways of reducing noise pollution.  There are several things you need when building a soundproof generator box. These include:

  • A ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper
  • Mass load vinyl
  • MDF sheets
  • Green glue sealant
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Handle
  • Nail and screws
  • A table or circular saw

Steps in building the soundproof box

There are several steps involved in building the soundproof box. These are:

  • Take the generator measurements

Before you start building your soundproof generator box, you should remember that there are different sizes of generators. This is why your first step should be to take the measurements of your generator box. Ensure that you give several inches allowance for the material you will use to soundproof the box.

  • Cut the MDF sheets

Using the measurements you took before, cut your sheets/boards. Ensure that no side is cut more than it should be. If unsure, make sure you have marked the measurements on the fiberboards using a pencil and ruler and cut accordingly.

  • How to cut out the box

You have written down the measurements and your MDF (medium density fiberboards)sheet ready, it’s time to cut down. While it’s not a must for you to use the medium-density fiberboard, this will surely help. Remember that you need the material that will perform well in noise cancellation. While plywood can also work, it might not be as effective in noise cancellation as medium density fiberboards.

How to Build a Soundproof Generator Box

  • Create ventilation holes

Air is needed for the generator to run properly and therefore, you will want to ensure that there are some holes in the soundproof box. Let’s assume that everything is ready and the ventilation duct is in your hand. Measure the diameter of the ventilation duct. Mark some circles on your MDF.

Ensure the first hole is at the top, preferably near the sides than the center. The second hold should be on the other side of your MDF that will act as the wall. Ensure that the four walls are well surrounded at the top.

  • Add the load of mass vinyl

The goal of minimizing the sound is to create layers of free space and materials. The mass loaded vinyl is a good choice for this proposal as it acts as an insulator. Take the MDF measurement and cut the mass loaded vinyl using them. Glue the material you have cut inside the MDF. The first layer is already complete.

  • Sealing

This is where the green glue sealant will help.  Apply it well on the edges. This will ensure that there no holes or gaps that remain uncovered to compromise your soundproofing.

  • Add another layer of foam mat

One of the reasons why foam mat is preferred is because they have a soft surface that will prevent the sound from bouncing off.

  • Make the soundproof box

It’s now time to assemble the wall using screws or nails. The advantage of screws over nails is that you can easily make changes later. You may also add some hinges at the corners, providing you with better access to the generator when necessary.

  • Ventilation ducts installation

The reason why you are installing the ventilation ducts is to ensure that the generator will be getting enough air so that it doesn’t overheat. Ensure that you invest in some flexible ducts that are also long enough as sounds tend to travel in a linear path. It curves and bends in the ventilation ducts and this helps to decrease the sound.

Ensure that the ventilation duct is tucked into the hole you made earlier when making the walls of the soundproof box. You should ensure that these are placed at the right place and are tight.

  • Paint the soundproof box

To add some fun, you should ensure that the soundproof box has a unique look. You can decorate it a bit. Painting the soundproofing box can also help to further soundproof it. You can also add a handle at the top to make the box portable.

Final thoughts

Noise can have a negative effect on our health. With generators being some of the noisiest equipment in our homes, you can see why soundproofing your generator is always a good idea. If you find the process to be a bit challenging, you can consider getting a top-rated quiet generator. But if you plan to soundproof you can follow the above steps in building a soundproof box for your generator.

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