Cat RP12000E Portable Generator

Here’s a more detailed insight on the pros and cons of the Cat RP12000E.

Generator Cat RP12000E

Best for performing tough projects

Nowadays, portability is essential for small-time businesses. Of course, nobody will benefit from low-power devices. In such cases, the best solution is a mix between the two. It delivers 12kW of reliable power suitable for small contractors with considerable energy needs.Perhaps, the all-copper portable generator produces high-quality power, perfectly safe for sensitive electronics. Now, you can get all the work done and use your table saw or hammer drill without any issues.

Generator Cat RP12000E

Reputable Brand
Easy to carry
Noise level

Best for performing tough projects


  • Fits in the Price Range

Arguably, customers will pay no mind to a product unless it has an attractive price tag. In this regard, the RP12000E fits well into the price range for its class. Perhaps, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on this portable generator. Most of all, every buck will be worth it.

  • Durability

Secondly, you should make sure you’re buying a durable product. After all, you’ll be carrying it here and there, so it should be able to withstand some wear and tear. Thankfully, the Cat RP12000E is just what you need. The construction uses a metal-made tank and a copper frame for enhanced durability. What’s more, the portable generator comes with two bolted steel wheels that never lose air.

  • Powerful Engine

When it comes to power, the Cat RP12000E boasts an impressive 15,000W as a starter. Consequently, you get a stable 12,000 running watts ideal in case of power outages. The gasoline-fueled 670 cc OHV V-Twin engine can deliver both 120V and 240V.

Overall, you can power machines such as belt sanders, air compressors, table saws, and hammer drills. Just start it via the electric starter. Moreover, you can use the LED-lit operator panel to work even in the dark.

  • Top-notch Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime

If you’re looking for a long-lasting portable generator, the Cat RP12000E comes with a 13.2-gallon gas tank. Thanks to the 670-cubic centimeter overhead valve engine, you can get a  source of power for your tools. At a 50% load, the RP12000E can work for around 11.7 hours. Just fill-up the tank and enjoy the 1.13 GPH fuel consumption. Besides, the electric-start dial will relieve you of the annoying pull-start mechanism.

  • Portability

In terms of portability, the Cat portable generator gives the buyer the perfect chassis for rough environments. Designed for demanding outdoor use, the RP12000E employs the standard open-frame structure. Perhaps, you are bound to get enough support and stability to safely raise it above ground level.

Of course, the machine’s 348 lbs may come out a bit heavier than expected. Still, there’s a wheel kit and a folding handle for easy maneuvering. Generally, the lifting hook on top of the frame makes excellent use for loading and unloading the portable generator.

  • Versatility

If you’re looking for versatility, this generator has everything you need. Perhaps, the RP12000E comes with the whopping nine outlets. Out of them, there is one twelve-volt 8.3-amp cigarette lighter style receptacle. Additionally, buyers get three 30-amp, two 50-amp receptacles, and two GFCI duplex outlets. Practically, it can charge virtually anything from batteries to phones and even entire homes.

What our testers say...
"Perfect for the small contractor or homeowner with big power needs "

  • Loaded with Features

Furthermore, buyers are going to love the tons of features on this portable generator. For example, the Cat RP12000E has a comfy meter indicating statistics like the voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours. They are essential for monitoring the status and activity of the machine. As previously mentioned, you can use the LED-lit panel to operate the generator during night time.

As a standard, owners can benefit from the built-in fuel gauge for an easy check of the fuel level. With every purchase, there’s an owner’s manual that will help you start using the gadget right from the opening. There are also a battery charger, funnel, tool kit, and oil all included in the product package.

  • A Safe Solution

Speaking of features, you can’t help but mention all the safety measures that the manufacturers have implemented. One of the essential precautions is the automatic voltage regulation function. Perhaps, it helps the portable generator maintain consistent power. If the oil level drops, the low-oil shutoff mechanism activates to prevent possible malfunction.

However, there’s one unique safety feature – the spark arrester. It’s handy in forested areas where a small sparkle can start a massive fire. Thankfully, this arrester prevents such mishaps. Moreover, it keeps your hands from getting burned. All in all, you get all this with a generous three-year warranty from Caterpillar.


  • Not So Lightweight As Expected

Even though it’s relatively maneuverable, this portable generator is one of the heavier contestants in its class. Without a doubt, some generators are far more lightweight. Most of all, they are in the same 10,000 to 14,000 running watts category.

  • Low Fuel Efficiency

If you’re in search of an efficient machine, don’t buy the Cat RP12000E. Of course, the runtime parameter is of high importance, but you shouldn’t neglect the fuel consumption. In this regard, this portable generator doesn’t impress much. Perhaps, there are far more gasoline efficient products in this power range. Therefore, you should carefully consider this factor before you choose a power bank.

Final Verdict

All in all, RP12000E is a formidable force that can give life to your small-time business. Of course, you can use it to support your campsite or power your house if the electricity cuts off. Ultimately, you’ll have a reliable portable generator at your disposal, all at a reasonable price.

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