Use Green Energy in the Office

The truth about Green Energy

How to Use Renewable Energy in the Office

Businesses are at the forefront of going green. In many countries, they are the ones most proactive in being eco-friendly. Understandably, they have to do so to minimize expenses and maximize profitability. This is also a good way to build a solid business reputation and overtake the competition. To go green, one of the best things to do is to use renewable energy.

From natural gas to coal, a lot of businesses rely on traditional and non-renewable energy sources. If you are thinking of making a difference while saving the planet, it is time to consider alternative sources. Keep on reading and we will talk about how to use renewable energy in the office.

The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Let’s start by making a strong case for the use of renewable energy. For sure, many of you have already heard about renewable energy, but a few are probably convinced that such is the way to go. If you are not yet completely convinced to tap renewable energy sources, below are some of the benefits that might make you change your mind.

·     Cut Costs: By using renewable energy, your business significantly cut its costs. It can be costly in the short-term, especially considering the equipment needed. However, in the long run, it is worth every dollar. It will take a few years before your investment will pay off.

·     Improve Business Image: When you are using renewable energy, you are doing something good for the environment. This is a good way to build a solid reputation, and in turn, can translate to better profitability.

·     Go Green: As a business, you have a social responsibility, and that includes promoting what is good for the environment. By using renewable energy, you are being proactive in creating a positive impact to our planet.

Use Renewable Energy in the Office || Green Energy

Types of Renewable Energy Businesses Can Use

Given the benefits mentioned above, you are probably convinced by now that you should use renewable energy. However, take note that not all renewable energy sources are the same. To help you decide what is suitable for your business, we’ll quickly talk about some of your options below.

1. Solar Energy

Out of all the energy sources in an office, solar is perhaps the most popular. Of all those that are mentioned in this article, it is also the most realistic and cost-efficient. All it takes is the use of solar panels and you can harness the energy from the sun and use it as an electricity to power the office.

You will need photovoltaic cells or solar panels to start harnessing energy from the sun. They are installed on the roof, angled to yield the most solar energy. Devices like Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller are also an important part of the solar set-up. MPP solar track optimizes the energy created by the system. It extracts the maximum power possible from the PV cells.

Using solar panels in an office is more than just a way to go green. It is also an excellent strategy to cut costs and increase profits. More so, like other renewable energy sources, it can improve business reputation. Best of all, it cuts carbon emissions, making it good for the environment.

If PV cells are too expensive, using a solar generator can also be promising. However, take note that unlike traditional generators, solar generators have lower power output.

2. Wind Energy

It uses wind to provide mechanical power to wind turbines. When the wind blows, the turbine is activated. The blades capture the kinetic energy from the wind. This will turn into a mechanical energy. There is an internal shaft in a gear box that then powers the generator to create an electricity.

3. Hydro Energy

As the name implies, it refers to the use of hydro or water to create electricity and power appliances or equipment. There are hydropower plants that are equipped with generators and turbines, among other equipment, to provide clean energy. This is more popular in big businesses and industries instead of corporate offices.

4. Geothermal Energy

This is one of the least common renewable energy sources used in offices. It is more common in industrial plants and similar large-scale applications – powered by the heat from the earth’s sub-surface from the rocks and fluids that are buried deep in the ground and a lot more complicated than those mentioned above.

Tips and Tricks for Embracing Renewable Energy in the Office

To maximize the benefits of renewable energy, here are some things you will need to do.

Start with an energy audit :  This will give you a realistic picture of where the office currently stands. In turn, you will know the best things to do to get where you want to be.

·     Do a cost-benefit analysis : It is important to weigh the pros and the cons before jumping into the bandwagon. Some renewable energy systems can be too costly to implement, especially in a small office with minimal power needs.

·     Work with the experts : Ask inputs from people who know better.This way, you can formulate better strategies and be assured of reaping the rewards of your initiatives to go green.

·     Mind your equipment and appliances : Make sure that they have Energy Star certification. Look at their technical specifications to be sure that they are energy efficient. Pay attention to care and maintenance.

·     Consider what is available: For instance, while solar energy is good, it may not work in all offices, especially in places where it is often cloudy. When the sun is not out most of the time, solar panels are useless.

·     Create a clean energy strategy: This must go beyond using renewable energy in the office. It includes a proactive approach towards going green. It should include training employees and partnering with the right vendors to establish a green supply chain.


Use Renewable Energy in the Office


By now, we hope that you learned a thing or two about how to use renewable energy in the office. The most important is to choose what type to take advantage of. The most popular is solar energy. By installing solar panels, you can enjoy a renewable energy source in the office. More than being green, it also helps in cutting costs and maximizing profitability, among other notable benefits.

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