How to use a hammer drill like a pro

A hammer drill is one of the most important tools you will ever need in all your construction and renovation projects.

 However, for the best results, you will also need to understand how to use it well. Remember that a hammer drill is a very powerful equipment. If it gets into the wrong hands, this can result in an accident.

However, you will also need to buy the best rotary hammers that are made of good materials. Here are tips on the proper use of a hammer drill.

Familiarize yourself with the tool

There are different kinds of hammer drills and you will need to understand them all. This is because they have a different amount of power, torque-speed, and rotation speed. Some of these tools also have a safe mode. By understanding all these functions, it will be easier to know how to use the tool.

How to use a hammer drill like a pro

Maintain safety

Whether you are a construction worker, engineer, or any other professional who is using a hammer drill, you will want to value safety. Remember that debris can fly from the hole you are drilling and get into your eyes. The tool will also emit dust that can get into your lungs affecting your breathing. You will also want to ensure that your fingers don’t get into the path of the tool.

Work slowly but steadily

You will also want to ensure that you are doing everything slowly but steadily. This will enable you to drill the perfect hole. You should start by marking the spot where you want to drill the hole – use a small cross or dot to mark the hole with a pencil – also punch the hole using a hammer or a nail.



After that, you should start drilling in a high torque, high-speed setting. Avoid drilling all the way through as this may cause the debris to get stuck in the drill bit and it may get hard to clean off the hole. Therefore, after you have drilled a third of your desired length, clean the debris and repeat the process for the other halves. Place a marking tape on the drill, to understand how much you will be drilling.

Make sure that you maintain a firm grip to prevent the back and forth slinging back that can cause the hole to lose a perpendicular angle.

Drill bits and plugs

When drilling, two of the major components are the drill bits and plugs. While the drilling plugs act as the normal plugs, they help in securing the screw tightly and sturdily. Plugs are also available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. To handle different sizes of holes, these are usually made of plastic or rubber.

After screwing a fastener in, this causes the plug to expand and push the hole’s inner surface that is putting the screw in place. Drill bits are available in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that they can drill various components and surfaces like softwood.

How to use a hammer drill like a pro

Bear in mind that no matter their strengths, drill bits can be subjected to pressure and heat. In case you notice any deterioration signs, you can replace these fast.

How to change a hammer drill bit

Before you start changing your hammer drill bit, you want to determine the right size of a drill bit. You will then need to open the chuck well for the drill bit to get in.  You will want the drill bit to only penetrate partly so that the chuck will have something to hold on to.

After installing a drill bit, you will want to tighten the chuck and ensure that it snugs properly. Turn the chuck to the next hole and ensure that it is also snug enough. This will ensure that the chuck has been tightened evenly and securely to the drill bit.

How about if the chuck is keyless? All you need to do is to hold the chuck during the tightening and loosening process. Therefore, no key will be needed.

How to maintain your hammer drill

Drilling requires you to know how to do more than just drilling a hole. You will want to know how to keep the hammer drill in the right conditions. Remember that the tool undergoes a lot of abuse and takes on heavy-duty tasks. You will want to take good care of it.

Therefore, you will want to clean the outer parts well. You can also unscrew the entire tool to clean the inner parts – also lubricate the motor and other moving parts using high-grade motor oil dont forget to ensure that the electrical circuit is working right.

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