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Best for medium to heavy-duty work

Hilti 03478184 TE 3000 AVR

Hilti tools  best demolition jackhammer available on the market. This electro-pneumatic tool delivers the power expected from an air tool without a compressor or adding weight.

With a weight of 65 pounds, this demolition jackhammer delivers high-impact energy. It is compact yet efficient and exceptional to use, making it the best available in its class.

The Impact Force and Weight

The Hilti TE 3000 features the impact energy of 68 joules which is useful for rapid progress and big demolition jobs that involve concrete. The impact force is really good for a jackhammer with its size and weight of 65 pounds.

Reduction of Vibrations

This demolition jackhammer produces minimal vibrations and makes up to two-thirds fewer vibrations when compared to conventional tools. This results in greater comfort while working and an increase in productivity.

Other Features

The performance is exceptionally high, which is up to 6 tons of concrete breaking per hour. It is easy to operate, versatile, ready to use, and easy to transport. This makes it ready to use within minutes.

Best Demolition Jackhammers

The Applications

The Hilti TE 3000 is suitablefor medium to heavy-duty demolition jobs for concrete slabs and foundations. It is usefulfor breaking up the asphalt to build roads, repair work, and laying pipes.

It also efficiently works by removing the concrete for utility connections and rebar connections.


This jackhammer has a free 2-year service agreement from the date of purchase. The product has a 20-year warranty against parts and manufacturing irregularities if bought from an authorized dealer.

It is always important to weigh a product’s pros against the cons to decide about your purchase.


  • Light in weight and comfortable to use
  • Minimal vibrations that increase efficiency
  • A good impact force
  • Exceptionally high breaking performance
  • Easy to operate, versatile, ready to use, and easy to transport
  • Low operating costs
  • Compressor not required


  • Comes with a plastic container that doesn’t house the bits
  • The cord is on the shortside
  • The power tool may not start or may cut out during operation with a blinking red LED error
  • Needs regular maintenance work

Hilti tools

All in all, the Hilti TE 3000 demolition jackhammer is the best-in-class. It is the right choice for those looking for an efficient, easy to use, durable, and compact demolition jackhammer for medium to heavy-duty work.

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