How to choose the best power generator in USA?

Have you finally decided to buy a generator for the house? Would you like to buy one but you are inexperienced and afraid to buy the wrong one?

Perfect, if you need a power generator for professional purposes in USA or to be used at home in emergencies, we see what precautions to consider when buying to make the best choice.

Let’s get started right away!

What is a power generator used for?

Not everyone knows that a power generator can be used in various cases it is not meant for a single purpose. It is often used in camping, during festivals and festivals, in campers or at home.

We want to avoid getting bored with the various technical terms that will probably confuse your only ideas. Still, we only tell you that to produce current transforms mechanical energy through a motor thanks to the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is powered by LPG, gasoline, naphtha, or even photovoltaic panels.

If the explanation is clear to you, you can continue reading the next paragraph.

How to choose the best power generator in USA?

Let’s move on to the question, perhaps, the thorniest of all. How to choose the best power generator? Among the various features you can find, we have selected some that you need to keep in mind.

How to choose the best power generator in USA?

Most users are not familiar with the variety of generators present and sometimes make the wrong purchases. The power generators are not all the same each model has multiple characteristics that must be carefully examined to identify the model that best suits the needs and components that must be powered. The factors involved, as already mentioned, are many to consider: of the kind of fuel, from the noise, from the power required, from the dimensions, and many other factors. So here is a complete and straightforward guide to help you choose the best power generator, depending on several factors.

The duration of use

This is an aspect that is not often given the right importance. How long should you use the generator for consecutive? If you don’t use it as much, you can choose a less performing model otherwise, you have to opt for another more powerful at the same time more expensive.


We give you two examples to better understand the problem. Do you want a power generator that runs on gas or petrol? You may think that one is worth the other, but it is not so. The difference? Diesel ones are more suitable for industrial use, petrol ones for domestic use.


If you only look at the price, you risk finding yourself without accessories and, this would be a severe shortcoming. Consider that the power generator needs constant maintenance. Which, without fittings, will be very complicated.

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The power

The first data to check for your needs!

In the preliminary phase, it is advisable to ascertain the power to be obtained the first datum to be sought is the power that the generator can supply in full autonomy of operation. The power is measured in Watts and is the result of the product of the consumption of the object for the starting coefficient therefore, it is necessary to clarify these two concepts.

The consumption of the object indicates the amount of energy expressed in Watts consumed by the electronic device that must be connected to the power generator.

On the other hand, the inrush coefficient is the amount of energy expressed in watts necessary for the device in the so-called inrush phase to identify the moment when the machine starts, at this moment the device reaches the peak of energy required.

After carrying out the calculation in question, it is possible to proceed with the choice of a generating set based on this preliminary data. The other variables deriving from personal needs can be added.

Gasoline, diesel, or gas generator?

Based on this characteristic, current generators are substantially distinguished by three types of generators: petrol, diesel or LPG.

For the model that uses gasoline, we speak of a generator that must be used rarely or bought based on economic convenience as these models generally cost little.

The economic figure must not be misleading concerning the perhaps more expensive competition. The lower financial outlay is balanced by the cost of the fuel used petrol costs much more than LPG and diesel.

On the other hand…

the petrol-powered engine immediately manages to work at higher power levels and therefore, could be suitable for energy-efficient tools.

Among the disadvantages, however, there are the risk factors due to the complexity of the mechanisms that make up this engine that could break more easily, given the high levels of work at which the driver works. Secondly, it must be remembered that it has to do with the material explosive, which must be treated with all the safety measures it requires.

Among the advantages, however, we know that gasoline is easily available, petrol stations are located in a capillary way in the territory at the expense of, for example, LPG.

Many models have a lead-free green petrol generator with a valved engine, powerful head, and linear alternator, which has high reliability and can also be used in the industrial sector. These generators are usually manufactured in series differentiated by the power supplied by each model.

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The diesel generator is indicated for more intense use deriving from the more accessible fuel cost. In this case, the cost relating to diesel fuel is higher, but the costs, in general, are entirely amortized by the duration of the group.

The diesel engines have a remarkable resistance to wear of the materials and mechanics and therefore allow them to make significant initial investments and then amortize them over time. These engines do not require too accurate maintenance and can work at full speed lower with the same performance.

It must be remembered that unlike petrol, diesel is a certain flammable but not explosive material this characterizes it in particular as a material that is at least more manageable and safer to preserve.

The disadvantages associated with…

The use of this power supply mainly concern the decibels emitted, the diesel-powered generators are noisy, much noisier than those with petrol.

The less popular models on the market include those powered by gas. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses, these generators present a noteworthy list of advantages linked to the costs relating to the purchase of the power generator and consumption, which turns out to be lower than diesel and petrol.

Furthermore, a gas supply turns out to be environmentally friendly as a generator of this type emits an almost non-existent percentage of exhaust gas, and the fumes emitted are not as unpleasant as those relating to other supplies.

The rotation speed

The second fundamental characteristic after feeding concerns the rotation speed. Also, in this case, the destination of use of the generator comes into play the two technical data to be taken into consideration are, therefore, the rotation speed and the frequency stability.

The first datum refers trivially to the revolutions that the engine manages to accomplish within a minute the RPM gives this measurement.

The traditional 60 Hz power generators work by reaching a rotation speed between 1800 and 3600 RPM, going down to 50 Hz instead, the speeds have a range between 1500 and 3500 RPM.

The first category includes…

the most sophisticated engines that can reach important measures they are industrial mold machines, indicated for intense and continuous use over time.

On the other hand, the second category refers…

to smaller two-pole machines, which do not require too rigorous maintenance and can be used for trips outside the city or for small energy events.

The second datum in question regards the frequency stability, which is the frequency fluctuation linked to the motor. The advice is to choose a variation that settles on ± 0.5 Hz.

If there is a need to power electronic devices, a proper clarification must be made generic generators do not supply stable electrical energy such as that which is provided in a home. This feature could damage an electronic device is connected.

To overcome this problem, generators are available on the market with an Inverter technology, which is, therefore, able to stabilize the quantity of electricity supplied.

Silent power generators!

As previously mentioned, these generators are quite noisy, and for this reason, they are under the protection of the law, which limits their use beyond a certain threshold considered damage to the human ear, for this reason, it is better to check the decibels emitted by the machinery.

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Type of output current

All current generators supply 220V 50hz alternating current comparable to that which is regularly used in homes, but unfortunately, this is not as stable as the domestic one. Therefore it is generally recommended to use current generators only to powerless delicate machinery, such as drills, grinders, etc.

To overcome this problem, AVR cards have been created to clean up and stabilize the output current to allow you to power even the most delicate instruments, such as computers, telephones, TVs, etc.

Inverter power generator – Inverter generator set

As we have just said, the current supplied by a generator is not perfect and clean as home electricity can be so if you try to connect some electronic devices, such as a PC or TV, they could very likely be damaged, causing real economic damage. As the current is not perfectly stable, it damages the electronic devices, which are very delicate.

You can remedy this problem by choosing an inverter generator that supplies stabilized current, that is, much cleaner and more stable current. The first to develop this type of inverter technology was Honda, which allowed the feeding of the most delicate appliances through the regulation of the energy flows and bringing them to the same level of electricity as the power outlets of the home network. Most portable silenced generators are inverter-based, capable of producing up to 7000W of easily transportable energy and operating any instrument, such as a laptop or smartphone, or supply power to your motorhome. Therefore, the inverter power generator supplies electricity based on the needs of the connected appliance, significantly reducing consumption and increasing its longevity.

Scope of use

It is not said that the same generator can be the best for anyone, but above all, for any situation. in fact, the choice must be made concerning the needs and the field of use. In large companies or inside public structures, where it is necessary to ensure long-term energy continuity, the generators are driven by 4-stroke petrol or diesel engine capable of operating continuously even for long periods. Unlike for domestic use, the user’s needs are quite different, such as ease of transport and a certain level of silence.

Power generators for home power outage

Today, day in and homes of each of us is being invaded by electric devices of various kinds. Of course, some of these have become essential just think of the refrigerators, the stoves during the winter, the hobs others less but still relevant such as televisions, appliances, phones, and more. Precisely based on this premise that sometimes some people consider buying a home power generator.

One aspect that distinguishes a home from other electrical appliances is the presence of numerous, so to speak, sensitive devices, such as TV sets, game consoles, mixers, fans, and many others. These, as they are susceptible to voltage fluctuations, require a very clean current, and therefore portable inverter generators are an excellent solution in terms of current quality and noise. Furthermore, precisely because they are intended for low consumption users, they are developed with a 2-stroke petrol engine, thus allowing significant savings in consumption and space occupied.

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Portable power generators

Small and extremely light: these are the characteristics that distinguish a portable generator. That makes it easy to transport, wherever there is a lack of electricity to power small electrical devices. These generators have particularly compact dimensions, about 50% lower than traditional models you can always bring them together and solve those small problems that arise suddenly. Generally, their power does not exceed 2.0 kW, and this is the reason why it is not possible to power devices with high energy consumption. Still, they can be the right solution when you need them sporadically: whether you are organizing a small party under the house or leaving for a fantastic camping holiday. Inexpensive and always at hand.

Power generator for campers

The generator for campers represents a point of reference for many campers, for camping lovers, and in general for all those who love trips outside the city.

The needs for those who decide to purchase a power generator are the most disparate: from powering the lights for the lighting of the camper and the outdoor area to powering an air conditioner to cool the environment, up to providing electricity for to be able to watch television in the evening. On the other hand, there is always this continuous search for greater comfort in every situation, and even during your holidays, having a small, easily transportable inverter generator available is an element that many of us do not intend to give up.


A very important element to consider before purchasing is the voltage of the current generator, i.e., the type of supply therefore, we will find single-phase or three-phase generators on the market.

Three-phase and single-phase generator

THE Single-phase current generators are mainly used in the home by supplying a maximum of 230V, which is precisely the energy that is supplied in the normal home network. It is clear, therefore that with these generators we will be able to connect all those electrical appliances that are usually connected to the wall socket of the house such as light bulbs, refrigerators, phones, radios, etc. and in any case respecting the load limits of the generator set.

Unlike the three-phase current generators, they supply up to 380V by connecting them directly to the industrial socket. Therefore the three-phase generator is used to power more powerful machinery (such as construction mixers, column drills, etc.), which usually have an absorption around 6 kW.

If the need is to use the electric generator for both domestic and industrial current, there are current generators capable of supplying both 230V and 380V. In fact, on the market, there are generators on which there are two electrical outlets: one blue that supplies 230V energy (single-phase) and the other in red that provides 380V (three-phase).

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Does the power generator make noise? The decibels reveal it to us

Reading the decibel value is extremely important in order not to find yourself with a current generator that is too noisy to use. Especially for those who live in an apartment building or intend to use the generator in areas where specific regulations must be respected, this feature plays a fundamental role. Plastic protection that wraps it like a wrapper can give some models a particular silence.

Obviously, in these models, also called silenced, there will still be openings near the alternator and the exhaust to allow heat and fumes to escape outside. Generally, the models fueled by LPG and CNG they are less noisy. It is possible to have an instrument that produces 2/3 kW of energy with 60/70 decibels (corresponding to the noise of a person speaking loudly). In order not to find yourself with an unusable appliance because it falls within too defined noisy parameters, therefore, it is good to check the presence of any resolutions of your municipality and the decibels of the power generator that we are going to buy.

Where to place the power generator for home power outage

Where is it best to place your power generator? Let’s start by saying that if it is used to supply energy to a market stand or power a boat, its location will be mandatory outside and in a non-inclined position. The important thing is that it is placed in open spaces, even if its use is reserved for a home since the exhaust smoke does not remain inside the house.

It is also advisable to avoid placing it near doors or windows, as emissions may inadvertently enter the interior. Finally, to prevent problems caused by atmospheric agents, it is possible to protect them with special casings.

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