Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

You’ll rapidly come upon impact tools when you dive deeper into your demand and/or enthusiasm for tools. They’re both impacting tools and comparing the impact driver and impact wrench might help you pick the proper equipment for the job.

Impact Driver:

An impact driver is a mechanical device used to quickly and conveniently drive screws. The Impact Driver is used to insert fasteners of almost any size and face kind, including flathead, Star, Square, Torx, Philips, and so on.

The most common power tool for drilling a holes in metal, concrete (masonry), wood, and other objects is indeed the power drill. We used to use Power Drills for drive screws until Impact Drivers became popularized. Due to its own hammering action, an Impact Driver is even more effective and protective for all of this job.

The shaft only revolves at the required speed in a normal power drill. In the instance of such an Impact Driver, however, the chuck does not spin but instead acts as a hammer upon that screw, applying extra force towards the screw head even without using your hand. You also can drill holes with an impact driver, although I recommend getting the distinct drill and driver equipment.

For several experts, the coupling of a drill as well as an impact driver is quite handy. You may use the drill to drill holes and indeed, the impact driver to insert screws into one of these holes.

Both wired and wireless electric impact drivers are offered. Wireless impact drivers have become increasingly popular throughout professionals and DIYers alike. Because they are wireless, the voltage level influences their efficiency, compliance, and strength. 12V, 18V, and 20V are by far the most common battery voltages.

Impact Driver Key Features:

  • Screws are driven with this tool.
  • Torque is higher than a standard power drill.
  • Both wired and wireless electric versions are available.
  • To drive screws using extra power, use a hammering operation.
  • From $50, you can get a high-quality rechargeable impact driver with a 20V battery.
  • One of the most popular drive chucks is 1/4″ hex drive.

Impact Wrench:

Wrenches are frequently used to loosen or tighten fasteners such as bolts and nuts. A torque wrench is a more upgraded version of a standard wrench since it allows you to accurately adjust the torque of a bolt or nut in foot-pounds or Newton meters.

However, all of those are largely hand tools. The Impact Wrench is indeed the power tool version of all these. A pounding motion loosens or tightens nuts and bolts using a power tool (typically electrical, but also sometimes pneumatic).

They resemble an impact driver in appearance, but their performance numbers are vastly different. The impact driver is far more strong than both a power drill as well as an impact driver.

We must be cautious while using impact wrenches because of the enormous amount of power involved, and if you really are operating on a sensitive product or substance, the pounding motion may cause damage. Impact drivers are commonly used in automotive, metalworking, architecture, and other related industries.

The chucks are a significant method to distinguish an impact driver from an impact wrench. The chuck on an impact driver is usually 1/4″ hex drive, whereas the chuck on an impact wrench is usually 1/2″ square drive. Additional drive sizes and adapters to transfer through one size to another are available, but these are the most prevalent.

Impact Wrench Key Features:

  • Use this tool to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.
  • A vital tool in the automotive and metalworking industries.
  • Hammering action is available to effortlessly drive big bolts and lug nuts.
  • Has far increased power values than an impact driver or even a drill 1/2″ square. One of the most popular driving chucks is the drive.
  • Both wired and wireless electric versions are available.
  • From $80, you can get a high-quality wireless impact wrench with a 20V batteries.

Comparison | Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench:

Usage: Impact drivers are used to drive and remove fasteners from hardwood, stone, and metals, whereas impact wrenches are used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts.

Drive Styles and Mechanisms: Impact Drivers use a 1/4″ Hex Drive Chuck, whereas Impact Wrenches use a 1/2″ Square Drive Chuck. Each of these hand tools contains a hammering mechanism that boosts the driving force.

Sources of Energy: Both wired and wireless electric impact drivers as well as impact wrenches are offered. Impact wrenches also are accessible as pneumatic tools which operate on pressurized gas/air, which can be more commonly used in big garages & auto repair shops. The wireless models are famous because of their convenience and mobility and typically come with 12V, 18V, and even 20V battery storage.

Torque and speed:  Impact drivers typically have a speed from over 3,000 RPM, while impact wrenches have a frequency of slightly about 2,000 RPM. When it comes to torque, the impact wrench is the obvious winner. Tightening torque (maximum) for wireless impact wrenches is 800 ft-lbs. (9,600 in-lbs.). Torque figures for impact drivers are typically 200 ft-lbs (2400 in-lbs) or higher.

Size: Both impact drivers as well as impact wrenches have a similar appearance and are roughly the same shape. Impact drivers, on the other hand, are slightly lighter than impact wrenches with equivalent configurations.

Which Tool Should You Use?

Now you have a clear understanding of what is an impact driver and an impact wrench. These power tools perform completely distinct functions, and you may need to acquire both based on your job.

If all you do is drive screws into wood, metal, or other difficult objects, you’ll need an impact driver. We recommend purchasing a wireless impact driver since the battery may be reused with certain other power tools from the same manufacturer.

Impact wrenches are used to drive strong bolts, lug nuts, and other similar products in autos, metal industries, and other related operations. If you require both these power tools, get wireless equipment from the same manufacturer with the same batteries capacity.


Impact Wrenches and Impact Drivers are mainly two power tools for driving screws as well as nuts/bolts, accordingly. Both of these gadgets have a similar appearance, yet their functions are vastly different. There are variances in speed, torque, chuck type, and pricing as well. We have seen a side-by-side analysis of Impact Wrench versus Impact Driver in this tutorial, along with its characteristics, variations, and uses.


What may an impact driver be used for?

Impact drivers have two functions.

  • To tighten and loosen fasteners with a greater rotating torque need.
  • Hexagonal shank drill bits are used to drill a hole in hardened steel.

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