Key features of high-quality Impact wrenches

The nuts and the bolts can be tightened with just the adequate amount of force through an Impact wrench, which can never be the case with hand tightening. As for loosening, it is indeed possible to loosen a nut, but it consumes a lot of energy and time. Injuries might result in anattempt to loosen a fixing. An Impact wrench would make this process a breeze and easily loosen a machine-tightened fixing.

Whether the wrenches are assisted by air pressure or electrical power, the amount of power applied is much more considerablethan what the human body can transfer through its hands. One can also avoid the possibility of injuries this way. Using an Impact wrench would make life much easier for such applications, such as securing things like a shelf that would hold heavy items, bike-holding brackets, and other things that require firmsupport with a bolt.

Safety and Security

Those professionals who work on equipment like lawnmowers, small engines, or cars would also find them extremely useful. The lug nuts on the car tires are usually very tight, and rightly so, to prevent them from coming off while the car is moving. Impact wrenches are ideal for such work. Nuts and bolts on lawnmowers and other small engines can also be tightened or loosened in similar ways. This is extremely important as when the engine vibrates, a loose nut or fixing would just come off. A safe engine operation is thus assured using Impact wrenches. (We have also written a comprehensive guide about thefinishandbradnailers.)

The Types of Best Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are available in two maincategories, which relate to the power of the torque produced by the wrenches. These are the electrically powered Impact wrenches and the air-powered Impact wrenches, also known as Pneumatic Impact Wrenches. The electric-powered ones are further subdivided into Corded Impact Wrenches and Cordless Impact Wrenches.

Air Powered (Pneumatic) Impact Wrenches

Compressed air is used to power these. These were designed originally to power the Impact wrenches. These wrenches take power from compressed air cylinders and are available in different drive sizes such as 0.25″, 0.375″. 0.05″, 0.75″ and 1″. The latter produces a torque of 3,000 ft/lb. The power of the torque is higher for larger drive sizes. The biggest advantage of these Impact wrenches is that they can be used infar-flung areas or sites where there is no power.

Moreover, these are small and can be utilized in tight spaces. However, these are hard to fine-tune when it comes to power adjustments. They could be at a disadvantage when very little power is required. Excessive power could lead to problems like breakage and damage to fixings.

Corded Electric Impact Wrench

These are wired to the electrical power source. Although the Electric Impact Wrench was the first designed, theyhave been primarily replaced by Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches. However, these are still available in high-power ratings with drive sizes of 0.75″ and 0.50″. Their bodies are more extendedthan pneumatic wrenches due to the electric motor’s housing in the Impact wrench body. These wrenches can be used long hours continuously, and the power regulation is easy, thus enabling them to deliver low power. At places where there is no power, they cannot be used at all. (We have written extensively for best jigsaws.)

Cordless Electric Impact Wrench

These Impact Wrenches are not connected to an electrical power source. Instead, they utilize Ni-Cd or Lithium-ion batteries and are thus rechargeable. The batteries give power in the range of 18 to 28 volts. These are now very popular as they are portable. They are ideal to use at various sites where no electrical power is available. However, because of the limited amount of battery power, they are not as powerful as the Pneumatic.

Key features of high-quality Impact wrenches

Which Impact Wrench to choose?

The type of Impact wrench required for a specificapplication would depend on the kindof usage needed from the tool. At a remote location, if high power is required, a Pneumatic Impact Wrench would be required. If the power requirement is low, then a Cordless Impact Wrench would be the ideal choice. However,the batteries either need to be changed or recharged frequently.Similarly, at places where power is always available, Corded Impact Wrenches could prove to be the best option, especially if continuous operation is required. Thus, the choice of the type of Impact wrench to use depends on the application requirements.

Key features of high-quality Impact wrenches

The various key features of high-quality Impact wrenches are listed below. This will help in your decision to select the right type of wrench. Various terminologies that show the rating of the Impact wrenches whether, these are pneumatic, corded, or cordless, are also mentioned here.

High Torque

The rotational movement is governed by the torque. Torque should be at least 200 or above. Below 200 would lead to poor performance.

High Rotations per minute (RPM)

A rating of 3,000 plus Rotations Per Minute (RPM) is best. The higher the rating, the more the Impact wrench’s ability to fix or unwind the screw. Lower power rating could slow down project execution. This rating should be high even if the torque is low.

Impact per minute (IPM) rating

Like RPM, the IPM rating needs to be high for high-quality Impact wrenches. The reason is that maximum ‘contact’ is required to hold and push down a fixing while tightening or even while loosening it. If the Impact wrench becomes too expensive for both RPM and IPM ratings, a balance could be compromised. The more the IPM, the better contact between the tool and the fixing. However, low IPM could be tolerated if both RPM and torque are high. In case all three have high ratings, these would lead to the best possible Impact wrench.

Besides the ratings given above, the portability and lightweight nature of the Impact wrenches are also important. Moreover, trusting a veteran brand thatis already established ensures quality performance as well.

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