Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack

Whether you want to have your household tools organized or you are a professional looking for how to be more effective and productive, the new tool bags that are offered today allow you to store everything you need and carry it with complete comfort. Some packs in which it is convenient to look for quality materials and practical designs that help you make your task easier. This bag has ample space to put even the most substantial tools you need, which you can transport.

What is the best electrician tool backpack in the market?

Having all your tools at hand is essential to work comfortably and avoid premature deterioration. Every excellent professional knows that taking care of the devices is critical and that having everything well organized saves time and inconvenience. If you know all this or if you have just learned it, surely the tips in our guide to buying the best electrician tool bag on the market are convenient to help you with this task.

Toolbag capacity

When we see any comparison of tool bags, one of the aspects that are usually used to classify them is the storage capacity. A tool bag designed for a telecommunications technician, who carries typically small and light parts, is not the same as that of a bricklayer or plumber, who needs space to place great tools.
Therefore, the first thing you should consider is what need of space do you have for your tools. That being the case, start by looking at the type of appliances you are going to put inside to make sure that everything will fit. If you have great tools, a small bag is probably not the most convenient.

Also consider the carrying capacity, especially if you have cumbersome tools.

Another aspect that helps us regarding capacity is having compartmentalized spaces for your things. If the chosen bag has pockets, it will be easier for you to keep the small objects or pieces that you have to follow, as well as having the most common tools at hand.

Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack, Durable Electrician Backpack with 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Waterproof Bottom, Removable Tool Carrier
  • Backpack with 48 total pockets to easily keep everything organized
  • Removable tool caddy with carrying handles and a D-ring for hanging
  • Aircraft cable heavily reinforces the handle as well as a heavy-duty zipper with lockable pulls (lock not included)
  • Made of durable water resistant 1680d ballistic weave material and a molded bottom to help protect from the elements
  • Hang the bag from the heavy-duty metal hook for easy access into the bag
  • Well-padded shoulder straps have a buckled chest strap along with lower straps that adjust for a perfect fit
  • Tool caddy has a zipper pocket and closed pouches for small tools and parts as well as open pockets and straps ideal for long drivers

Bag materials

Another critical aspect of a tool carry bag is the materials from which it is made. It is logical to think that these materials should always be resistant and offer a good grip for the tools, but again, in this case, we have differences.
One of the most common materials is the durable, water-resistant material, which although it represents an increase in the cost of the bag, the truth is that it provides one of the best resistance to the product. An opposition against external threats such as rubbing and all other problems of use, not to mention the internal protection to prevent tools from piercing the bag.

Transport comfort

A good and cheap tool bag has to be comfortable. Among other things because if the bag is not convenient, surely you do not even want to use it. A bag that causes discomfort, chafing, or is not easy to carry will surely do you no right other than to collect dust at home.
The good news is that those responsible for designing these bags have this question in mind to offer you quality products. This allows us to have handles to carry the bag comfortably, both by hand and when carrying the bag hanging by a belt. This belt will enable you to adjust the length so that you have maximum comfort during use.

Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack

Value for money

One of the best tool backpacks you'll get

What is the best heavy-duty tool backpack?

When carrying your tools with you, storing them, or transporting them where you need them, the tool bag is an excellent idea. Although for it to be effective, it is necessary to know which is the best tool bag based on your specific needs and preferences. So, if you want to see what you can find, do not hesitate to consult our selection of some of the best tool bags of 2020, currently for sale.

Klein Tool Master Backpack 55485 Specifications

This bag is one of the cheapest and best selling tool bags in the USA. This tool bag has an efficient and well-distributed design that will help you carry with you all the necessary tools you may need to carry out your projects.

Main Advantages:

If you want to have an option to organize all those hammers, screwdrivers, power strips, and drills you have at home, this Klein bag can be an excellent purchase option.


Having tools at home can be very useful, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. However, maintaining order when you have many can be difficult. When evaluating the design of a tool bag, it will be easier to decide if it suits you or not.

Klein Tools

Is a company dedicated to the field of construction – it offers multiple offers on tools and machinery of all kinds and, of course, tool bags. Klein Tools 55485 model is constructed of denier fabric and a rigid structure that will maintain the shape of the bag even if it is not loaded.
It is strong and durable, and thanks to the multiple internal compartments, you can organize all your tools so that you can find them more easily when you need them. It is primarily black but also has grey and yellow accents.

Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack


Since tool bags are precisely for storing and organizing, one of the most influential factors for some buyers is their capacity. To guarantee a successful investment, you must be aware of the ability to determine if it will be practical for you.In the case of the Klein tool bag, you should know that it has the highest load capacity.

Its dimensions are 11 x 13.5 x 19.5 centimetres, and it has internal compartments to order all the pieces, as well as open exterior pockets on the front, on the sides and back where you can locate the tools you use the most.

Pros & Cons

  • • Pockets: Its wide variety of pockets helps organize tools within this model with ease.
  • • Portable: You can carry the bag by its top handles to take it with you, but it also has wheels and a telescopic handle that facilitate its transport.
  • • Robust: Its sturdy seams and the high-density Nylon it offers to allow it to be a durable bag.
  • • Comfortable: With an adjustable shoulder strap with padding, you can carry it comfortably.
  • • Compact: Its size of 11 x13.5 x 19.5 cm makes it a compact and portable model.
  • • Amplitude: You can easily insert your tools, as it has been designed with a large top opening.
  • • Base: Since it offers a foam rubber bottom, machines are better protected in the event of a fall.
  • • Size: Some users may find the interior space a bit limited for the number of tools they need to carry in the bag.
  • • Capacity: For users carrying a large number of devices, it can be too compact.
  • • Supports: It would probably be more suitable if the eyelets to hold the strap was made of metal to offer more excellent durability.


How to use Klein tradesman pro tool master backpack bag


Tool bags have always been an essential tool to keep all your tools comfortably tidy and close at hand, so having one of these wouldn’t hurt. Being this way, once you have decided to acquire your tool bag, it will be essential that you manage to give it the ideal use to keep everything in its place, as well as to extend the useful life of it, so take into account our article Below described will help you get a little more familiar with the bag so that you can use it properly.

Store your tools properly

Depending on the model you have purchased, you can enjoy a variety of pockets ideal for storing from essential instruments to the smallest. Being this way, use the exterior compartments to store the tools that you use the most during your working hours or those whose function is essential. In this way, you will have more comfortable and faster access to each one of them to speed up the task you are carrying out.

Now, for the compartments located inside the bag, the first thing you should do is open the zipper, which will facilitate access to it. Then you can distribute the tools with more excellent dimensions and weight in an orderly manner, such as the electric drill, adjustment wrenches, tape measure, hammer, screwdrivers, and any number of implements you need to take with you.

Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack

Move your tool bag

Moving the tool bag will be easier than you imagine depending on the model you have purchased since some have an ideal telescopic handle to position it depending on your height and the comfort with which you prefer to carry it. Also, the wheels incorporated in its design will allow you to take it comfortably without having to make much effort.

On the other hand, if your model of bag is more straightforward, you can transport it from one place to another using its attachable handles or the adjustable strap to carry it on your shoulder, allowing you to have your hands free. At the same time, you walk, and you need to carry out any movement.

The most popular durable backpack brands

You don’t need to have tools everywhere in your home – there are unique bags that are made with high-performance materials to allow you to store your household tools to maintain order and prevent them from being lost. In this guide, we have mentioned one of the most popular brands that are specialized in the manufacture, manufacturing, and distribution of tool bags.

Klein currently offers a wide range of products where you can find lines of hand tools, power tools, equipment for workplaces, products for storage and accessories. Its products with the highest demand in the market measure instruments, lasers, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and pliers, storage bags, toolboxes, belt and tool sheaths, automatic drills, electric saws, hot air guns, kits electrical tools, among others.

One of the most prominent tool bags
Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack, Durable Electrician Backpack with 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Waterproof Bottom, Removable Tool Carrier
Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack, Durable Electrician Backpack with 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Waterproof Bottom, Removable Tool Carrier
One of the most prominent tool bags
Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack, Durable Electrician Backpack with 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Waterproof Bottom, Removable Tool Carrier
Klein Tools 55485 Tool Bag Backpack, Durable Electrician Backpack with 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Waterproof Bottom, Removable Tool Carrier


In the case of a tool bag, you must give it proper maintenance from time to time so that you can keep it as new. To do this, you simply have to remove all the tools present in it, and with a handkerchief, you will proceed to remove any dirt available both inside and outside the bag – in this way, all that remains is to reorder the tools correctly to continue using your bag.

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